Christopher L. Rudy

Box 1081 ~ Emigrant, MT 59027

Resume: Management Experience

Employee Relations:  Experience with personnel placement, optimal teamwork,
                                         conflict management, incentive programs, and personal development

PerformaxTraining - Certified as a consultant by Performax Systems International (1981) for personal and corporate profiling and development.

Psycholinguistics - Training at the McGrane Institute (1982) in Management & PR

BiodataTraining- Management training for my holistic health team by Dr. Ross Stewart ('86), developer of the most advanced system of neurolinguistics as an employee management tool and communication skill.

Business Development and Management:

  • Developed & managed Rainbow Natural Foods Store & Eatery (1978-82):
    7 employees, 120 co-op members, community PR, annual festival booth.

  • Co-founder, Cernitin America (1983), involving their operations manager and Olympic gold medalists Mary Lou Retton and Julianne McNamara, resulting in $22 million in sales their second year and 20,000 distributors nationwide. 

  • Developed Knoderer Chiropractic Center Holistic Services (1983-1988):
    managed multiple modalities, hundreds of clients, guest speakers, and PR 

  • Developed and managed UltraMedics™ Holistic Health Services (1990-93):
    managed a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) of affiliate practitioners and managed the PR and preventive health care for hundreds of clients. 

  • Developed and managed UltraFood™ America (1993-2000), brokering Swedish Pollen Extract (SPX) to North American nutrition companies, custom manufacturing of private label SPX products, ad campaigns for clients, design, manufacturing and marketing of my own UltraFood™ line of supplements, numerous trade shows, and Y2K services with web site and Internet marketing.

  • Creator/Founder of Natural Life News Directory (2000) 

  • Communications Director for Dr. Len Horowitz of Tetrahedron Publishing (2001);
    National PR, scheduling dozens of radio talk shows, mailing list management and consultant on his holistic health products.

  • Office manager for Colloidal Silver Manufacturer, Wayne Rowland (2001-2002);
    Coordinated office set-up, computer system, order processing, distributor materials, managed front desk, trucking deliveries, product promotion.

  • Publisher of GeoNotes News (2002-2008)

  • Founder, HEARTcom Services (2002-present), with 100 plus websites featuring HEARTware as a model of cyberethics standards for web 3.0.

  • Creator/Producer/Host of the BBS Radio Talk Show Cosmic LOVE (2005-present), streaming live to 63 countries for 9 years, all shows archived.

  • Upgraded UltraMedics Services (2008), to include peer-reviews medical research behind advanced neutraceuticals for health care.

  • Blogger / Heartcom Network (2008-present), Networking for the Net worth of a More Enlightened Net reality

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