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      Founder/CEO, HEARTcom Services
The High Touch HEART of High Tech


Intro Overview:

Culturing the Worldwide Foundation
heartware for 'The Alliance' of alliances
on the network of networks, the Mother of all
networks, the Internetwork 'chalice' for the
Spirit that matters, the 'Father' of Good Will
as focuses pure intent for conscious ascent
along more enlightened 'lines' of
both form, the
'Law of the Angles of G.O.D.',
and frequency, the
'Language of the Angels'
(our better nature).
Those who are aware of the 'Source Code'
for 'The Alliance' will appreciate how

is a holographic model of natural law as also
"geometrizes" (frames) multiple 'dimensions
of affiliation
' for
United Sovereigns of Earth...
for a 'Whole Systems Upgrade' on Earth...
and for raising the 'gold standard' for civility as upgrades our core Constitutional freedoms with the Currency of Conscience at the heart of universal law as a natural language for the
            Constitution of Conscience.


The Organizational Model for the Heartcom Network

The more information we have, the greater is the need to get it all in order.  This is the greatest need of the Information Age, organizing all information
along more enlightened lines that 'frame' or otherwise culture our individual and collective
Conscience in our social networks.

See: 'We Have the Power... Always Will.'

This is a timely 'trendfit' now as the knowledge explosion goes exponential with so many of us contributing as producers and creators of information in  e-mails, blogs, social networks and our new global village of instantaneous
interactive Internet capabilities.

A new Conscience of ourselves as a
living-loving whole is emerging and
must be nurtured and cultured to
make it so.

Those who have tuned-in to the conscious evolution trends of humanity are well aware of the advances in communications technology that have brought global civilization to this point of heartware capabilities for 'crowd source' decision-making processes... for upgrading 'consent of the governed' in our instant-everywhere and interactive global village.

Conscientious common sense may be uncommon
Unity Conscience is the natural trend that is
moving towards the union of global humanity
United Souls: the United State of 'US'
as the
United Sovereigns of Earth.

This informal 'nonlinear' movement without a name is 'the force' of 'Source' - the 'Unified Source Field' - that has its own agenda for Earth's evolutions at this time.  This 'web of light' is the 'InnerNet' at the heart of the Internet. It is the 'Source' of the intelligence of 'Creator' as the entire Spirit of the Great Light of angelic beings, ascended masters and cosmic hosts of stellar magnitude that most of us can barely conceive.

Native cultures throughout history were well aware of
the 'Great Spirit', a connection with Creator-Source,
whereby we are all accountable in the 'web of life'.

"Man did not weave the web of life; he is merely a strand in it.
Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself."
~ Chief Seattle

My own personal experience 'On the Path', to unveil the mysteries of 'Creator-God-Source', has led me on an extraordinary journey that introduced the early version of heartware to ten agencies of the federal government on Capital Hill back in 1974; that true story is HERE.

I've been at this a long time. I may have been ahead of the times, but times change. Capabilities change. And now the 'platform' for heartware is installed and operational worldwide with handheld smart phones, laptop tablets, and desktop computers.

Now this power to connect our social networks
with heart coherence, the heart of heartware,
is defining 'web 3.0'... with a

We now have a global village in principle. Time and space have been virtually eliminated. Global crisis now compels global solutions. And in principle we all know that the higher the practical application of 'Great Love' for connecting with the Great Spirit, the greater the results.

Heartware provides the interactive interface
gateway from cyberspace to inner space
whereby natural law/language involves
and evolves personal and planetary
Conscience in form & frequency.

Of course, this 'Currency of Conscience' is disruptive to the status quo paradigm paralysis that is 'Dense, Unconscious and Heartless" (D.U.H.), also known as 'normalcy bias' that resists change within corrupt social institutions that have been privatized for profit and control by covert means that can't stand the light of social Conscience. But that goes with the 'territory'.

This is the territory that social networks
must naturally navigate in order to
culture our social

This ‘MetaSolution’ for global evolution revolution is the
Emerging Blueprint for a Golden Age:

maps for navigating the vast unchartered frontier
 of Inner Space; the InnerNet at the heart of the Internet.

  -Seize the Vision – the ‘high ground’ of ‘Higher Power’; 
the ‘Power of Love’ that heals all.

 - Embrace the Virtue – higher Conscience for Wisdom;
focused attention with pure intention.

 -  Act with Valor  make the Vow of, by and for LOVE;
the whole-holy spirit of love-in-action.

    - Claim the Victory  conscious evolution for mankind;
       involving/evolving individual/collective Conscience.

 - pure intention as ‘good will’ that will
- pay attention with ‘focus’ of and for
- love’s retention (heart coherence) with
- conscious ascension (mind of )
 - in a ‘unity dimension” (common sense)
              honoring the ‘
Creative Ascent Process’
                as the
CAPstone of attainment mastery’:


Serious students of the order of the universe eventually discover
that geometry in its purest form is the hidden law of nature.
It is more fundamental than mathematics, for verily,
all the laws of nature can be derived from the
nature of sacred geometry as frames
the constitution of language in
the many dimensions of
of one universal

The 'clockwise' upward 4-quad spiral of
 'Conscious Evolution' known as
'The PowerShift':

 - pure intention  
  Liberating the 'Currency of Conscience' so we naturally 'wake up';
        seeing extraordinary opportunity in a 'Whole Systems Upgrade'. 

  - focus attention
Liberating our five core Constitutional freedoms as we 'wise up';
      rebooting social Conscience in social networks with 'Web 3.0'.

- love's retention
 Liberating the holistic healing breakthroughs in order to 'rise up';
      free on-line 'crowd source' standards for 'Universal Self Care'. 

         - global ascension  
   Liberating the clean 'free energy' technologies as we 'stand up';
 raising the standard for a global economics of abundance.

This 4-way integration of the four sides of the “pyra-mid of Civility"
fire in the middle of all-connected global civilization)
is the HEAT we are feeling in order to see the LIGHT of the
CAPstone” (Creative Ascent Process) to guide us like
Lady Liberty’s torch leading us to safe harbor…
the consensus of 99 percent of humanity
that we will have 100 percent victory
as we center and connect with
fire of pure intention
to wholly Occupy


The Organizational Model for
the Heartcom Network

Introduction at: 'Executive Summary'

The same heartware interface for real-time mass-to-mass interaction is also a 'voting process' for electing representatives within any social network.

Since Heartware's provides a definitive objective process for culturing
Conscience through the origination and e-valuation of video programs within any social network, those who master this process are the 'Communicants' who can be recognized and elected to 'councils' that represent any business, education, health care or other special interest community network.

Imagine what that will look like, an upgrade of our horse-and-buggy representation process, with thousands of global network communities that share the same cyberEthics criteria for uniting hearts and minds with conscientious common sense as truly serves that which is best for all.

Optimizing that potential for self-correcting self governance with self-mastery principles and processes will naturally culture 'self-elevation' of any social network to a higher standard of REAL community rather than 'virtual' or 'pseudo' community.

Dr. Scott Peck pioneered this concept of 'Community Building' with his book, 'A World Waiting to Be Born: Civility Rediscovered', and his book, 'The Different Drum: Community Making and Peace'... BEFORE the Internet made it possible with unprecedented heartware capabilities.

Now, the vision alone of HOW that opportunity is optimized can naturally set the course to make it so.  For example, consider the many social networks with thousands or millions of people engaged in 'processing' the core issues in government, education, health care or the economy.

By bringing the light of social Conscience to the conversation, 'The Alliance' of 'lightworkers', 'lightweavers' and 'lightbearers' is strengthened and dark-side insanity is naturally neutralized. With abundant 'light' of a conscious nature prevailing in our social networks, and economics of abundance will naturally thrive. 

Disruption of status quo corruption may
resist with resentment and revenge
 for a time, but social Conscience
is the reward in the process.

The 'ADEPTS' who have mastered the universal law/language concepts that define heartware are well aware of the challenges that come with the opportunity. The 'poor in Spirit' will always be with us. But freedom and opportunity for global humanity is our divine destiny. And to the extent we can conceive it and believe it, we can achieve it.

For decades I've considered the best 'representation model' whereby global Netizens could participate with a heartware interface for interacting in real-time or with the replay of videos that could be responded to at any moment of compelling context. 

It doesn't take a genius to realize how heartware can qualify and quantify heart coherence and mind congruence of a more enlightened nature that empowers social Conscience in our social networks. But as with any new concept of an in-depth 'holistic' nature, there's nothing more powerful than a clear compelling vision of how it will work, why it must work, and what that will look like as a 'bridge' between our collective hearts and minds.

Whether as a tool for culturing consensus within a management team of 12 or a social network of a million, heartware brings a more fully 'present'
Conscience into the conversation. Conscientious 'servant leaders' will become self-evident as those best qualified to represent hearts and minds.

The synchronization of election cycles - for electing 'reps' - can take on numerous forms, but with the accelerated rate of change, a year is a long time for any social network. For a large social network, heartware could be utilized each month to elect one member to a 'Board of Directors Round Table' to rule on issues most worthy of network community 'processing'.

There could be as many representation models as there are social networks, but there are some 'classic' models that monthly rotate decision making powers to a board of seven plus the chair for the whole board. Explaining that is beyond the scope of this introduction, but suffice to say that models I refer to are universal in nature and as global as we make them.

I would love to produce a video that makes these concepts clear and compelling for the "United Sovereigns of Earth" (USEnet) which is an informal network of 'The Alliance' of alliances on the network of networks, the Mother of all networks, the physical Internet 'chalice' for the spiritual InnerNet web of conscientious common sense - Unity Conscience.

If your heart is in the right "place"
(inner space heart coherence),
you are already an informal
affiliate of 'The Alliance'.

I'm not asking for donations, just your support
with pure intention, kind attention and your
fearless faith contribution to 'heartware'
as a blossoming rose at the heart of
 our conscientious common sense.

Here's to global freedom and opportunity
for upgrading our social Conscience;
Net reality with heart coherence
and the power of

at the heart  of global

~ Christopher

Seize the Vision, Embrace the Virtue,
Vow with Valor and Claim the Victory
of the Power of Wisdom with "Love"

 - Quantum Computing with a Heart -
 For Health Freedom as Determines
  Life Over Death for Global Netizens

(USC's Health Assurance Policies)
With a Flagship Model of Global
TeLeComm Applications for
The 'Chalice' for our
 Global Holistic Health


For more on the constitution of
 global conscious rEVOLUTION,
see, 'Net Reality Activation'.