The 2022 Great Turn-Around Series

The Shift Has Hit the Fan - Aquarius

See also: Aquarian Frequency Shift
  and 'Deep Shift Happens'.


May 10, 2022 / Heartcom Network

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Saint Germain on the Alchemy of Love

The Energy Has Shifted - All hands on deck!
3 minutes on the abortion issue 'weaponized'
in the battle to restore our core freedoms.

May 3, 2022 / Bannons War Room
"It does seem like there's a cultural shift,
where the energy has shifted,
 where our side, the side of Good,
the side of Freedom is now winning
but it requires all hands on deck..."
~ Monica Crowley
Full transcript HERE.
Note from CR: This is some very brave
and prescient truth-telling. We need
more alpha females like this.

Seize the Vision and Claim the Victory of
the 'Deep Shift' (Great Turn-Around)

Winning from the Beginning with Vision of Victory

The Emerging Aquarian World Order
~ Big Picture Ascent Coordinates ~
Recommended for advanced ‘Initiates’
(Communicants and ADEPTs)

A meditation on ‘mediation’
~ the future of Net reality ~
 culturing social conscience
in our instant-everywhere-
  interactive social networks.

We are the media for mediation of
'conscientious common sense'
~ Aquarian sensibilities ~
Effective Sensory Perception.

Note from CR:
Following are screenplay highlights for a
video I’m working on… to explore the
 new frontier of ‘Quantum Reality’
(5D Aquarian InnerSpace).

Let’s take it from the ‘top’:

The Aquarian Quantum Age
Global rEVOLUTION...

  from Deep State to High State,
  and outerspace to innerspace.

Mainstreaming 5D

This global Aquarian movement
 - from the Internet to InnerNet -
  is morphing the quantum matrix
   from 3D to 5D 'just in time' (4D);
    the infinite eternal here and now.

Navigating the last frontier
from galactic to atomic.

~Space, ~Time, ~Relativity, ~Conscience

1977 (7,601,648 views)
A quantum ‘source field’ perspective on
the 'kingdom of heaven' (outerspace)
'within you' (inner space conscience);
 as above (galactic), so below (atomic).

Your inner sense of innocence
 - pure intention -
is the heart of the 'InnerNet',
the worldwide 'Web of Light'
Web 3.0 Internet).

Seize the Vision - the Big Picture
Virtue and Valor for the Victory
  of global
rEVOLUTION... upgrading
Conscientious Common Sense 
 with an overview to understand the
of the 2022 Great Turn-Around

WHO the true Patriots of Aquarius Are:
"We the People”... 'US' of Earth
 (United Sovereigns)
affirming, confirming and determining our
global unity in diversity; co-creating with
a unified field of personal and planetary
sovereignty in a coherent High State;
The Alliance of alliances on the
 InnerNetwork of networks.

WHAT will define and refine 'Aquarius';
The 'Unified Field' as Quantum Reality;
The Quantum Age as Aquarian Age;
Quantum Science as Natural Law;
Aquarian Law of the ‘Angles
(Geometric Ordered Divinity)
Language of Angels
at the
heart of Aquarian

Full Spectrum '5D' TLC:
Pure Geometry Thoughtforms
'Geometric Ordered Divinity'
Effective Sensory Perception
 via interactive
TeLeComm for TeLeCommunity,
TeLeConscience, TeLeCare 

Net Reality as a Quantum Field;
 Upgrade of Core Net Freedoms;
Spherical Identity -
Law of One;
Heartcom Identity -
With Heart;
Universal Interface - Heartware.
Linking the Light for 5D TLC.

HOW the rEVOLUTION Will Progress
through RESONANCE (above/below);

Sombrero Galaxy, similar to our own
 Our solar system is about 2/3rds out
  from the Great Central Sun, orbiting
across the Galactic Plane into the
quantum field known as Aquarius.
The Vision - Big Picture Reality

Sept 3, 2014 / nature video (7,641,831 views)
Laniakea: Our home galactic supercluster

We are in the Universe and
the Universe is in 'US'
United Sovereigns.

The Vision - Pure Intention
of, by and for self-governing
 Global TeLeCommunity;
5D Aquarian TeLeComm
of a self-correcting and
'self-elevation' (ascent)
nature for our personal
  and planetary salvation.


The Vision - Focused Attention
 Global TeLeConscience;
The universal 'Language of Light'
for general enlightenment with
'education of the heart';
Coherent Wisdom of the Crowd;


Upgrade of our core Net freedoms
for involving and evolving our
individual and collective unity

The Vision - Sustained Retention
Global TeLeCare:

Global holistic healing with free,
online, universal TeLeCare.

The Vision - Conscious Ascension;
the 'Creative Ascent Process';
for local and global
utilizing the 'gold standard'
(Conscience Currency);
Conscientious Common Sense;
 a Healthy-Holy-Whole System;
The Heartware Project.

The Vision - 5D Comprehension;
'Understanding the Overview'
(Upper brain to lower);
'From left brain to right'
(inear to -nonlinear);
'From backbrain to forebrain'
(hindsight to foresight)

To Whole Brain Activation of the
personal/planetary holodeck;
3D=>5D codes 'in time' (4D).

WHEN Aquarian Will Rule;
The Golden Rule-Law-Language
for Every Golden Age.
The higher the concept of universal
Laws of Light and the Language of
With as the Rule,
Love Rules.

Enlightened Self Interest;

As each one wakes up, wises up
   and rises up in ‘frequency’
    - interactive 5D
TLC 'frequently' -
it raises the frequency of all for  
self-correcting, self-elevation as
evolutionary ascent ‘salvation’.  

This 'Currency of Conscience'
for the Next Economy is
dedicated to the
 One Eye...


Whole System Integrity;
High Frequency -in-action;

Co-Creative Ascension Process;
Unity State - United Sovereigns;
 Quantum Reality - Unified Field;
 Communications Comm-union;
 Unity-in-diversity Comm-unity;
(Freedom and Opportunity)

"Either we all hang together, or most assuredly
we will all hang separately."
~ Ben Franklin, outset of the American Revolution,
now going global with a systemic upgrade of
Five Core Internet Freedoms.

Keep in mind that fearless faith
neutralizes faithless fear re:
# 1 Most Censored Subject:
Why does Washington want to risk
nuclear war with Russia?

May 5, 2022 /
Fear of death is the prime motivator in the
  psychology of subservience to tyranny
Note from CR:
Faith in the process of evolutionary ascent
 is the Power of Love for coming up higher

  Overcoming fear of death is a process
 of fearless faith with pure intention to
      wake up, wise up and rise up (ascend),
'SIN' (Stuck In Negativity),
   in this processing of the fully Present
NOW... the ascension process of
  the suffering sinner~saint syndrome;
transcending victim dictum with
victory virtues - 'PMA'
(Positive Mental Attitude)
overcoming negativity of
STUCK... 'in the box'
(compartmentalized thinking);
  the inear, ogical, eft-brain
  'etter of the aw'
(of )
   when out of balance with the
nonlinear - '' (spherical)
     'Spirit of the Law'
(in ).
Common sense tells us that
   the excessive letter of the law
'killeth' the spirit of the law.  
     Conversely, if your mind is too
    open, your 'brains will fall out'
       (no reason or logic whatsover).

But when there is a balance of
 -eft brain and -right brain,
then there is a synergy in the
trinity – – as is greater than
the sum of triune -- parts;

Synergy of the Law
(via ).
   The WHOLE brain-mind of
    is integration of these 1st principles
   of natural law 'biomimicry' within us
    - and in the
hemispheres of Earth -
   in all four archetypal dimensions as
    naturally define & refine ascension
in the 5th dimension 'CAPstone'
(Creative Ascent Process);
'Integration of the Law'
( atONEment);
the alchemical key
to 5D Net reality.


Pure Intention focuses attention
with retention
for conscious ascension in the
5th dimension of full-spectrum
eternal progression as
 Evolutionary Ascent:

  In the larger scheme of eternal soul progression,
is for giving - preventing regression.
Relations of relevance and ultimate reverence
will thin the veil or by default mean severance.

  Culturing Conscience is the Prime Directive.
To Know Thyself is the best self-corrective.
To Heal Thyself is the practical expression
For Servant Leaders - intent on 'reflection'
(as above / so below).

 Your soul will know better, not just believe.
Ascension is what Conscience achieves.
   The Higher State of you conceive,
  The greater the results with fears relieved.

 Praying, and working for what is the best.
  Hatching blessings like a bird on its nest.
  Forgiving past failings, whatever the test.
   Laughing at your mini-me, all in good jest.
    Seeing the good and letting go of the rest.

~ From Evolutionary Ascent

So Keep the Faith – See the Good
and Make it So!
~ Christopher

PS: Bonus for those who read this far…
he Aquarian Master Saint Germain on
Love is the Alchemical Key:

May 4, 2022 /
David Christopher Lewis gives a discourse on violet light.   
The colors at the core of the violet light are blue and pink.
Blue represents the will of God and pink the love of God  
Divine love is the key to all alchemy. This is beloved Saint 
Germain's teaching. Love is the key to alchemy because    
 when we consecrate all we do to divine purpose, it's an act
  of love to the divine. This is a deep-mystical understanding
  that take's us deeper into true Selfhood; Christ awareness.
Take the time to be aware of the God-Presence within you.