2021 Aquarian Spring Prelude Series

The end is the beginning
in the timeless now.

  2022 Great Turn-Around Series

Cosmic Podcast
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Jan 1, 2022 / Heartcom Network Compendium:

Resolve to 'Re-Invent Yourself' in the New Year

The Great 2022 ‘Turnaround’
(Repentance, Revival, Recovery)

The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.
But are those ‘needs’ according to natural law and
natural immunity for our optimal public health…
Or has the natural order of the universe and
Constitutional government been turned
upside down by a relative few who
are desperate to lock us down
for our total control before
we wise up & rise up,
turning on them?

It’s time for the Great 2022 ‘Turnaround’.

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with a New Year's message from Gautama.

You may be shocked to know how BIG.

2022 is a critical time of collective judgment.

New Year - New Opportunity

  Few see the opportunity with every problem.

More common is 'SIN' ('Stuck In Negativity)
 as sees the problem with every opportunity.

    Great problems and opportunities face us.
   And this is the year in Aquarian Spring when
  the High State transmutes the Deep State...
    as in alchemical-metaphysical transmutation.

   A Great Awakening is happening worldwide.
The instant-everywhere interactive Internet
   has cultured our common sense 'Net reality'
 to increasingly transcend divisive dystopia.

So let's claim the victory of 2022 by simply
 choosing the greatest good for the greatest
number who are 'heart coherent' (spiritual)
   with their pure intention as focuses attention
   on retention for conscious ascension
 in a high state of coherent' comprehension.

The 'Problem'?  Been down so long.
'Solution'?  Wising up and rising up.
Looks like up from here!
(Optimist’s Creed)
The higher one's concept of ‘Higher Power’
- G.O.D.~~Source~'I Am', etc. -
(upward-mobile ascension)

   Consider that the Aquarian Dispensation
 is activating nonlinear intuitive faculties
  of the right hemisphere of the brain and
right-Eastern hemisphere of the Earth,
where people are right-brain dominant
 and read right to left on a printed page.

    Western civilization is left-brain dominant
- linear, logical, letter of the law -
   and reads left-to-right on a printed page.

The big initiation of 2022 is
personal and planetary
hemispheric balance

with a high state of
moral and lawful


"This is an ethical issue, it's a moral issue,
it's an issue of character for each of us."
~ RFK Jr. brief message for 2022:

January 2, 2022
   Three very important points in three minutes.
"No one has ever complied their way
out of totalitarianism."
~ RFK  Jr.

When blatant hypocrisy exposes tyranny
we can see how our rulers make rules
for thee, but not them or Big Pharma:
EXEMPT from the COVID-19
vaccine mandate:
  - Congress (legislative branch);
- Congressional staff;   
- Judicial Branch (federal
  courts and judges);
- White House staff;   
- CDC employees;   
- FDA employees;   
  - U.S. Post Office Employees;
  - Dr. Anthony Fauci's National
  Institute of Allergy and
  Infectious Diseases
(all employees);
- Pfizer employees;   
- Moderna employees; 
- Illegal Immigrants.   

Fauci's fork-tongued, two-faced, double-speak
exposing the vax scam in just one minute.
(YouTube deleted this within minutes)
Dec 29, 2021 /


Mainstream Media is Losing the Fight of Its Life
Thanks to Joe Rogan and Dr. Robert Malone
Jan 2, 2022  /
Be ready for one of the largest Big Media pivots
 in history in 2022 - a turn-around catalyzed by
 capitalism, common sense and sovereignty.

The opinions that Malone echoed during his Rogan appearance included, but were not limited to:
- Calling the government "out of control" and "lawless" in their Covid response;
- Stating mandates of "experimental" vaccines are "explicitly illegal";
- Noting that India had success in treating Covid early with drugs like ivermectin;
- Saying "half a million" excess deaths have occurred due to government actions;
- Arguing that those with natural immunity have
higher risk of vaccine adverse events;
- Alleging that people are living through a
mass formation psychosis:

Breaking the hypnotic spell of
Mass Formation Psychosis

(less than 2 minutes)

Jan 1, 2022 /
Dr. Robert Malone with Joe Rogan
Full interview on Rumble HERE.
YouTube removed this viral video. 
Twitter banned Malone last week,
 disbanding his 520,000 followers.
He's definitely over the target and
getting a lot of flack.
Dr. Malone in a powerful 2 minute clip HERE::

"The Law is no longer relevant. We have
a government that is out of control."

    is the spiritual revival in Russia while the
  West (US) is seeing Marxist subversion
  and CCP collaboration in collusion with
    Deep State corporatocracy representing
Big Banks, Big Tech, Big Pharma and
 a Big Media Orwellian control agenda.

 Have an open mind as to what is really
going on globally in collective reality.   

‘The Image of God within Us’
 Powerful one minute statement by the
  head of the Russian Orthodox Church:

Dec 30, 2021 / Alexandra Bruce
This is Bishop Profiry, the abbott of the Solovetsky monastery in northern Russia who has emerged as an outspoken voice in the Russian church against the vaccines, and vaxx passports, which in Russia are referred to as "QR codes."
He's reading a statement by Patriarch Kirill, the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, stating the church's position that vaccination has to be voluntary, can never be forced and that QR codes infringe on civil rights - a major win for the burgeoning antivax movement in Russia.
The Patriarch's statement was required to be read out in churches all across Russia at the end of Sunday morning service. Bishop Porfiry did so, and then proceeded to urge Russians to resist the vaxx and the vaxx passports as evil and unacceptable on moral and legal grounds.

Victory virtues are spirtual above all.

Health and survival are CHOICES.

Feature Article:
Don’t confuse Pollen X with Planet X

(Both ‘PXs’ are largely unknown)

  Pollen X is microscopic supernutrients.

 Planet X is a telescopic supercluster of
five moons around a dark ‘dwarf star’.
 It is our solar system’s binary twin, and
  comes around every 3,600 years or so.

The history of both is fascinating,
and why you never hear of either!

Pollen X is an ‘Xtract’ from select microscopic pollen grains that are harvested from organic fields, extracted without chemicals, and pre-digested with enzymes to make it easy to assimilate.

When I was a kid, 60 years ago, I had pollen allergies and the doctor gave me ‘pollen pills’. After a couple of prescription refills, my pollen allergies went away for life.

I didn’t know it at the time, but the source company for those pills in Sweden was also the producer of the allergy RAST test used by allergy doctors in the West. And their ‘pollen pills’ were an early chemically-extracted version of Pollen X.

In 1987 I was a clinical nutritionist and learned that a non-chemical shredding process had been developed for extracting this richest source of RNA/DNA genetic material at the source of the food chain. These stem cells precursors for the mitochondria and immune system were now ‘pharmaceutical grade’ – no chemical solvent residues.

A new company had been created for the advanced biomedical benefits. So I flew to Sweden and pitched this new company on marketing rights to North America, which they gave me.

After many years brokering Pollen X to the largest nutrition supplement companies in the US and Canada, one of the Big 8 pharma companies bought out the Swedish company. But I’ve been able to continue supplying individuals and health food stores – 38 years now.

Because of the pure quality of this extract, it is now used by oncologists and immunologists in drip-IVs worldwide. That’s a huge market – the backend of the cancer industry – when a person’s immune system is wiped out by chemo, and you need these immune system stem cell precursors to recover.

The reason you never hear about Pollen X is because it could prevent cancer as well as cure it… just as it has been used for 50 years in Europe for coronavirus (colds and flu). And if you haven’t noticed, the BIG money is in treating coronavirus and cancer – not preventing those profits.

You may take your health for granted until you lose it, and then you’ll pay just about anything to get it back. That's the business of 'disease care' - caring for disease - that Big Pharma monopolized as 'health care'.

That’s why an ounce of real health care – with Pollen X – is like planned obsolescence for a pound of disease care.

Common sense may be uncommon, but The Future of Global Health Care will get us there if we are to survive and thrive.

For more info, see

You never hear about Planet X
but for different reasons.

Planet X – called Nibiru, Wormwood, 10th Planet, Red Star Kachina, The Destroyer, and many other names throughout ancient history – could be an extinction level event for most life on Earth. It’s happened before; think Noah’s Ark… or Atlantis.

In 1983, Planet X’s imminent arrival was officially discovered by NASA using infrared telescopes. Why infrared?  Because Planet X is often referred to as a brown dwarf star which has cooled down so much that it can only be detected at a great distance in this range of light frequency.

After numerous media announcements, Big Media soon went dark on the subject unless debunking it.

But the military has taken the science seriously, and since 1983 they have diverted trillions of dollars of the defense budget into nationwide ‘Deep Underground Military Bases’ (DUMBS) for ‘Continuation Of Government’ (COG). The treasury is also being looted, much of it for the Space Force and SSP (Secret Space Program).

$21 TRILLION Looted from US Treasury Coffers
Between 1998-2015, More Since

Dec 14, 2021 / Russ Winter

Remember, as I've been saying for years, the media is CIA orchestrated - Operation Mockingbird - and Hollywood is in on the social engineering psy-op.

A prime example is the new Netflix superstar blockbuster called 'Don’t Look Up' - a cognitive dissonance (terror/humor) spoof... on end-of-the-world steroids.

This puts a powerful spin on global cataclysm as fantasy entertainment that preempts mass terror with a preconditioned sense of ‘it’s not real’ (blank state), when everyone else is seeing PX in the heavens – not just infrared astronomers.

My best sources - after reporting on this for decades – say that PX is increasingly being seen near the sun at sunrise and sunset. So look out on the horizon – not up. With it’s slingshot around the Sun, PX can’t be seen in the direct glare of the Sun.

Fortunately PX will only fly by the Earth. But it is five times the size of Earth, and highly magnetic, causing Earth’s axis to wobble, driving the jet stream down and causing extreme weather. Man-made global warming is just the fake science cover story… like the man-made virus is the plandemic’s fear porn cover story for totalitarian technocracy take over. But I digress:)

Disaster movies are popular because they get the adrenaline pumping, and couch potatoes feel alive. They also trigger the collective unconscious – Akashic records – of former pole shifts like Atlantis when the PX fly-by came close four orbits ago.

The last two flybys were not so bad. Selective judgment? Isn’t genetic engineering of humans the evil that sank Atlantis? Is it the mercy of the Great Law to 'reboot’ civilization before our genetic integrity is corrupted with experimental gene therapies called ‘vaccines’? Or will humanity wise up and rise up to claim the victory over pharmacidal tyranny?

Governments and the power elite worldwide have prepared for THE EVENT – cataclysmic pole shift – but have not told the public. They want to keep the economy going as long as possible so THEY can prepare.

If you think this sounds crazy, I don’t blame you. But consider if the self-serving elite were all in on this for the ‘greater purpose’ of COG – survival of the ‘fittest’ (elite) who believe they are the ones ordained to live and lead the remnant when they come out of the shelters.

My sources say that PX will fly-by Earth in about 2 years, and that we’ll see more extreme weather, earthquakes and volcanoes in the meantime. Who knows?  We’ll see.

One thing for sure. The greatest fear the elite have is uncontrolled chaos. They know what’s coming. They feel they have no alternative but to distract us and deceive us with a lockdown agenda we’ve now seen with the plandemic.

Has this been the real purpose of the plandemic? Do you see how the plan was a social control agenda to lock-down everything before social pandemonium breaks out?

Is it true that the controlled demolition of the global economy, the last two years, only makes sense if the solution – for the crisis they created – is their totalitarian digital passport and transhuman AI-control matrix?

Transhumanism is dehumanization.
And as humans become less human,
devolution becomes the new normal

And what about the apparent genocide now taking place via vaccines? Do you see the bigger picture now? What are a few million people dead, compared to several billion who would likely die within a year of pole shift?

In other words, global genocide now is 'collateral damage' in their world war to abolish all sovereignty rights whereby "You'll own nothing and be happy." ~their 'Great Reset'. That may be attractive to transhuman AI cyborgs, but when souls are disconnected from sovereign conscience, they are no longer human.

"Conscience is the most sacred of all property."
~ James Madison, Chief Architect of the Constitution

Are the elite trying to normalize mass dying for the ‘greater good’… so we’re not shocked so much IF pole shift hits the ‘fan’ with 2-300 miles per hour winds and cataclysmic earth changes?

Controlling and culling the population just makes sense for the power elite. That’s fewer people clamoring to get into the shelters that the elite have stocked with years of food for themselves.

The plandemic has been the perfect ploy to distract and divert our attention from a far greater imminent danger. And movies like ‘Don’t Look Up’ make a dystopian joke out of a reality we can only avoid by the mercy of a ‘Higher Power’… call it what you will.

That mercy requires supplication - fervent prayer as though our lives depend on it. It is prayerful intention that focuses attention with love retention for conscious ascension in the 'Aquarian' (5th) dimension of full spectrum comprehension.

Self elevation is thereby salvation. 'Stuck In Negativity' is 'SIN'. And discernment is the CHOICE that begins with pure intention. If you only had two years, what would you really want in the heart of your heart to fulfill your life?

So first things first. Get right with G.O.D.--Source or however you know Higher Power. What goes around with that CHOICE comes around. And spherical consciousness is well-rounded with nonlinear prescience, intuitive knowing, and Effective Sensory Perception… our Aquarian future.

The divine destiny of Earth is for wholeness, holistic health and the holy spirit of Aquarian -in-action. We can get there the hard way or the easy way… the slow way or the fast way… the oppressed way or the liberated way.

This is a ‘Jonah at Nineveh’ moment. And as wise old Ben Franklin said at the culmination of America’s Revolution, “Either we all hang together or most assuredly we will all hang separately”.

Now it’s a global rEVOLUTION. Unity in diversity is our divine destiny, and is the 5D 'I Am', 'I Can', 'I Will' master('s) key for 'Done Deal' - The Great 2022 Turn-Around.

‘FEAR’ (False Evidence Appearing Real) is the dis-ease.

is the cure. Always was. All ways will be.

For more Aquarian Light and – easier and faster - pray for discernment, protection and divine direction.

All Ways … Always,
Christos Lightweaver

Full Spectrum (5D) TLC:
Pure Geometry Thoughtforms
G.O.D.~ Constitution),
Effective Sensory Perception
 via interactive
TeLeComm for TeLeCommunity,
TeLeConscience, TeLeCare 


There are only divine solutions to human problems.
Human solutions just exacerbate human problems.

Private RIGHTS-  in the Public SPHERE-
co-CREATING- via Universal Interface-.

Keep the Faith, See the Good, and Make it So!

And for your New Year inspiration...
BE the Holy Spirit you want to SEE:

Dec 29, 2021 /

A true messenger is in the same lineage as the prophets of the old testament, and speaks on behalf of the Lord, having received a mantle of light. True messengers who are sponsored by the ascended masters have received an anointing and are blessed and secured in that light and in the energy field of the Holy Spirit. Their holy, disciplined lives make them clear vessels for communicating the word of the ascended masters. The divine light, love, vibration and frequency of their messages transform the heart and mind. Initiates, light-bearers and light-sharers have to respect the numerous dispensations that are part of the greater Mystery School alive on Earth today. God is speaking through many people. Any spiritual organization that refuses to receive new revelation and inspiration is doomed to decay over time through the closing of their hearts and minds to new teaching and new possibilities. We must focus on what unites us, culturing our common sense of higher truth for a Golden-Crystal Aquarian Age.

New Years Message from Gautama Buddha:

Jan 1, 2022 /

Gautama Buddha releases the heartform for 2022 for devotees to use in meditation, contemplation and visualization throughout this year as we reflect upon our path, the world at large and the world within to bring mankind to a higher estate of living within the eternal presence of God and for the restoration of Golden Age principles and values engendering peace, brother/sisterhood and true love among all peoples.

David's Comments after Gautama Buddha's Message HERE

Study: Loving-Kindness Meditation Slows
Biological Aging & Protects DNA Strands

Dec 27, 2021 /