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Networking for the Net worth of a more enlightened Net reality

The Veil Thins and Heaven Grins,
Winning from the Beginning as
Deep Shift Happens!

Deep Shift Happens! is a feature movie in gestation
as discussed by feature film producer Franco Sama
on BBS Radio’s June 27th Cosmic LOVE Show.

by Christopher L. Rudy
Host of Cosmic

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Biggest Breakthrough Since the Internet

The smart money is going with a positive future,

The Big Shift from 3D to
4-5D Consciousness

In the infinite and eternal here and now,
 the sense of timely conscious evolution
  is quickened with awareness of HOW to
 involve and evolve our consciousness,
and WHY that is urgently needed now.
The 'language of light' (consciousness)
is a common language for 'Net reality',
  our collective social conscience as can
 be cultured with freedom & opportunity
to own our own lives with 'Heartware'.
This is the intention of freedom's flame
  for "
US" as United Sovereigns of Earth.
  Conceive IT & Believe IT to Achieve IT.
 (Innernet Technology with heart)

IT is appreciation of why smart money is now investing in
the evolution of the global computer/Internet revolution
as will most likely insure our safety and happiness.

Heartware IT (InnerNet Technology) will culture
new global industries in four systemic ways:

IT will reinvent the economics of scarcity... with abundance.
Pure intention for abundant conscience;
 2015 Enlightenment - Global Vision
[Intent of the Vision for 2015]

IT will involve & evolve social conscience in social networks.
Focused attention with abundant conscience;
Cultural DNA 'Heartware' - Global Virtue
[Pay Attention / Enlightened Attention Pays]

IT will provide free Universal Self Care for all global Netizens.
Love's retention of abundant conscience;
Global TeLeCare - Global Valor
[TLC retention to 'Take Heart!']

IT will upgrade representation of our Sovereignty Conscience.
Conscious ascension via abundant Conscience;
all the above balanced and synergized for
2015 Integration - Global Victory
[Creative Ascent Process CAPstone]

This Integration is
Dedicated to the
Singular Vision:

“If thine eye be single with coherent love,
  your whole body will be filled with light.”
~ Christos, quantum reality version

 As the singularity of unity consciousness goes
    mainstream with in form and frequency,
   our well-rounded, all-connected InnerNet reality
  makes conscientious common sense common
 in four win/win ways for ‘Self’ and ‘Civilization’:

Global Economic Reset:

Wall Street smart money invests In the Next Economy
as the Mainstreet masses mobilize the value thereof.

The highest and best destiny of global humanity is
full spectrum liberation of our gifts and talents.
The choice is no less that utopia or dystopia.

Conscience is what morality does,
representing hearts & minds of
the Family of Mankind in our
 global village of Net reality.


Global Learning Net Worth:

Social learning in social networks is mass enlightenment
when interactive Internet capabilities are optimized.

It’s time to educate the obvious opportunity for
up-wising rather than investigating
the elephant in the room called “
(Dense, Unconscious & Heartless).

An open mind will consider the
power of universal for
upgrading global intelligence
via learning networks with a
mentoring process though
 "Heartware TeLeComm".


Global Healing Network:
Heartware representation of collective Conscience
will qualify ‘smart’ at the heart of free TeLeCare.

Smart money is disinvesting from the disintegrating (sick)
public disease care system called ‘Health Care’, and
it is reinvesting in highly profitable ‘social capital’
as appreciates the valuation of global health,
optimizing holistic healing worldwide with

Universal Self Care; Global TeLeCare.

Just as the best government is self-government,
and the best education is lifelong self-learning,


Integrated Currency of Conscience:

We now have the unprecedented opportunity of
TeLeComm-Unity Co-Creation
for all of
US United Sovereigns of Earth.

Raising the Standard of Conscience in
Global Social Network Communities.

   The power of optimizes enlightened conscience
 with Heartware’s universal law
Language of Light as
 involves and evolves conscientious common sense
   e-valuation criteria for
global interactive TeLeComm:
 e-Management TeLeCommunity
e-Mentoring TeLeConscience
 e-Medicine… Global TeLeCare
e-Markets TeLeCommerce
Claiming the Victory of
at the heart of Net reality.

Culturing the Global Mind with the
 InnerNet metrics for upgrading our
 collective field of consciousness
in the 'holodeck cloud' of personal
  and social network
TLC interaction.



IN SUMMARY:  the dark-side disintegration and degeneration
we see in the public sphere today is being replaced by the
enlightened integration
spirals that are going viral with
a new conscientious common sense of the whole,
holistic and otherwise holy spirit of at
the interface heart of global
Smart with Heart
With the holy spirit of -in-action at the heart of
mass-to-mass TeLeComm, abundant Conscience
is cultured in all four archetypal dimensions of:

  - Individual-universal sovereign RIGHTS
Constitution of Conscience);
  - Social Conscience, the public SPHERE
Well-Rounded Common Sense);
  - Co-Creation as synergy in the TRINITY
          ( + = in all 4 dimensions of time);
   - Integration: body-mind-spirit wholEness
          (4-5D components to the
Conscientious Ascension Process).

Heaven knows that humanity now has a choice:

Hearts & Minds Co-Creating with in the Public Sphere...
Or Mass Media Manipulation of the Mass Mind Matrix.

The Currency of Conscience that is cultured with Heartware
is one option - a choice for global enlightenment.

The Currency of "DUH" (Dense, Unconscious & Heartless)
has a dismal future because, unless it lightens up,
DUH will do what it always does, and get
what it always got; more
To have a positive future, global consciousness will evolve with
coherent hearts and congruent minds who care to share the
abundance capabilities of the Currency of Conscience
at the heart of a smart economics of abundance.


So please care to share this positive vision of virtue
and valor for 'The Victory of Global Enlightenment'

The Higher the Concept of Kindness,
the Deeper the Shift with 'Big Love'.

 See Matt Damon's brilliant five minute speech:
'A Declaration of
Interdependence for Earth'.

    Consider how the Power of -in-action with
TeLeComm cyberEthics will check and balance
   or otherwise neutralize terror-for-tyranny tactics
that oppose our conscientious common sense.

Deep Shift Happens!

To accept what IS REAL in ,
let go of what was not real, and
have faith in what will be for
culturing conscience with
more , all ways;
gathering the tribes
IS REAL in our
heart of hearts;
Deep Shift.

Full Spectrum TeLeComm

The Language of Light is the full spectrum of .

To love with all your heart and all your mind and all your strength,
and your Netizen neighbor in our global village as thy Self.