2023 Mainstream Awakening Series

Ascension Coordinates for Dummies

In the spirit of the self help books for 'Dummies'
 - like 'Math for Dummies' and 'PCs for Dummies' -
 consider Ascension Coordinates for Dummies
 as a primer on the Evolutionary Ascent process.

A check up from the neck up
- life review and preview -
plus an appeal for
Effective Sensory Perception).
There's nothing 'extra' about it
when you have it:)

May 13, 2023

(dumb me)

   There's a woke dummy in all of us;
 the 'mini-me (ego) as 'dumb me'.
  So the joke of 'woke' is ID broke:)

   Dummies will always see the problem
with any opportunity.
 But ascent consent - with pure intent
   will see opportunity with any problem.

 Half the solution to the Global Crisis 
  is a good definition of the problem so
   we can see what needs improvement.

 For those who have a relationship with your
  higher Self - getting dummy out of the way -
 it's good to keep in mind the first principles
 of pure intention that focuses attention with
   love retention for conscious ascension in the
    5th dimension - full spectrum comprehension.

 "It Ain't What You Don't Know
That Gets You Into Trouble.

  It's What You Know for Sure
 That Just Ain't So!"
~ Mark Twain

In retrospect, we can now look back at the last 3 years
  and see how mass pharmacide - for profit - was pushed
 on healthy people via a corrupt collusion of Big Pharma
 with Big Media, Big Tech and Big Government; the very
definition of corporatocracy, also known as

COVID Statistics for 'Dummies' (COVIDIOTS)
Simple Stats for Simple Minds:
    Years       Flu cases       Covid cases

2016-17     29 million           0              
2017-18     45 million           0              
2018-19     36 million           0              
2019-20     38 million           0              
 2020-21     0.0015 million   32 million   
Let that sink in.

   COVID is an acronym. 'CO' stands for COrona, 'VI' for VIrus,
D' for Disease, and '19' for 2019 (year first identified).
  The common flu is a coronavirus. They just redefined it with
a massive campaign of fear and propaganda that required
 censorship of any narrative against government deception,
   condemning any such 'truth' (opposition) as 'disinformation'.

If this mass deception was not so criminal
- a false flag to justify mass pharmacide -
it would be laughable.

"There was No New Virus"
Says The Former Vice President of Pfizer
May 15, 2023 / Ben Armstrong
Dr. Mike Yeadon isn't just saying there was no true pandemic.
He is saying that there was no new virus.
They just rebranded the old one,
conflating Covid statistics
with faulty PCR tests.


"COVID was 95% a psychological operation intended to induce fear,
  destroy rational discourse, and create an environment in the media,
 and in medicine, wherein citizens would be brainwashed to blindly
  and unquestionably follow orders for dangerous and unnecessary
 vaccines, for social distancing and lockdowns that were meant to
isolate citizens and make it difficult to form political resistance."

~ Presidential candidate, Emanuel Pastreich, in his May 14th article   
HERE concerning Robert Kennedy Jr’s “The Wuhan Cover-up”

"It's easier to fool people, than to convince them
that they have been fooled."
~ Mark Twain

Chalk it up to the human gullibility that will
  easily succumb to the authoritarian Big Lie
  that is so BIG - so bold - and so often told
  that most people get along by going along.

"We are discreet sheep; we wait to see how the
drove is going, and then go with the drove."

~ Mark Twain

    But let's have compassion for the 'dummies'
  who can look at the chart above
and still don't 'get it'.

The common seasonal flu was hijacked and
  weaponized via mass infection of our minds
 with fear porn, and mass injection of toxins

  causing disease that was blamed on 'Covid'.

Remember how mortality statistics shot up
as soon as 'Operation Warp Speed'
began jabbing everyone?

 Under a barrage of Big Media fear porn,
 and under the banner of
Health Care,
public perception
deception was
so evil that it was unthinkable
and therefore did not exist
except in the mind of
 "conspiracy nuts".

If you like such satire, you will love this video
 that makes the point better than I ever could:

"It's the science, dummy!"

May 6, 2023 / AwakenWithJP

Dimwits and Dumbshits - Not Defending Our Liberty
May 8, 2023 / PaulCraigRoberts.org
Occasionally, I am asked why I am so down on Americans,
calling them insouciant and dumbshits. 

May 8, 2023 / CorbettReport.com
   Dr. Tess Lawrie is a medical doctor and research consultant
    based in the UK. She is CEO of Evidence-Based Medicine
 Consultancy and she is on the steering committee of the  
World Council for Health.

For those who follow the often brilliant
Corbett Report series called
‘Solutions Watch’…
Imagine what could happen for
Evidence-Based Medicine
if Corbett, and Dr. Tess,
teamed up to feature a
‘Solutions Watch’ on:

Clip or tap on image for article.

 Free Online Universal Self Care for Global Netizens;
Well-Informed Choice via Evidence-Based Analysis;
 Empirical Evidence – What Works Best – Is Evident;
   Self-Correcting Standards with Wisdom of the Crowd;
  New Standards for a New Health Assurance Industry.


Is it true that we can't 'own our own health'
(for a long disease-free life)
without well-informed choice to do so?

Are you aware that online health care     
'consulting' (telecare),
has gone mainstream because of Covid?

Would you agree that well-informed choice with
'Evidence-Based Medicine'
(what works best for your optimal health)
is essential for health sovereignty?

Given your pure intention for optimal health
- and well-informed choice to achieve it -
see how to own your own health with this
Evidence-Based Medicine Model:
The Aquarian 'Wisdom of the Crowd' model
for progressive enlightenment as a process
  with free-online DIY personalized


(for personal and planetary ascension)

Hold fast to THE VISION – Global Holistic Healing.

Embrace THE VIRTUE – Enlightened Self Interest.

 Commit to THE VOW – More Public Enlightenment.

Claim THE VICTORY – Personal/Planetary Health.

Network the TeLeCare Solution:
Connect in the social network communities
of the Corbett Report and Dr. Tess’s
World Council for Health, and
 please pay it forward...


Enlightened VISION for Mass Awakening

From reactive to proactive and from
the 'centralized top-down paradigm'
(command and control corporatism)
to Aquarian Quantum Shift with the
decentralized 'CAPstone' paradigm

  (Creative Ascent Process)

The Evolutionary Ascent of public health care
- for all of 'US' as United Sovereigns of Earth -
  will naturally accelerate via holistic integration
 with Aquarian Quantum Age principles and    
 processes for our individual and collective     
 wholeness and healing, blessing and sealing
in the Light of prevailing Aquarian .

The Creator must surely LOVE all the dummies
because He/She co-Created so many of them. 

   As thus, the 'meek' (pure in heart) devotees
   will inherit the Earth via upwising & uprising
    that is for giving (kind), not for getting (DUH)
 as in 'Dense, Unconscious and Heartless'.   

So conscientious evolutionary ascent
is not a mystery when known, and
it ain't rocket science!

What goes around - global enlightenment
   comes around - a higher standard of living.

What we think about, we bring about, so   
hold the VISION - more
Make it So!
The whole-healthy-holy Spirit of
 -in-action...  with a
universal interface for global interaction
will naturally uplift Self & Civilization
with the Constitution of Aquarian
'Light' and 'Cosmic Law'
as the heart, mind,
and soul of the



in Diversity:
E Pluribus Unum

 - Making global governance accountable to
social conscience in our social networks;

 - Culturing pure intention as focuses attention 
on our 
evolutionary ascension;

 - Fulfilling the process of a Conscious Movement 
of, by and for 
global -in-action.

  This color coding represents the 3-fold BALANCE of
 Executive,  Judicial, and Legislative
 for a healthy, holistic or otherwise holy whole that is
 'much greater' (synergy), than the sum of the parts,

 assembling the 
, ,  and components to the
'' (CAPstone
); establishing the FOUNDATION
for an Aquarian Golden Age via the 'gold standard':
 Defining, Refining, Combining and Shining
the Full Spectrum of Light-as-Conscience.

"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.
Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that."
~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

The Light of Conscience in Community
- local and global -
Begins Between Our Ears:
   Conceive IT
In Touch (5D)
   and Believe IT
Inner Tech (3D)
to Achieve IT
In Time (4D)

"God is love; God is light; God is truth.  To these great synonyms, I add another: When it is civil, God is power.  The power belongs to God, and the proper role of the civil leader is merely to be a conduit and to steward that power as God's agent.  Merely!  What a paradox!  To exercise temporal power with civility is to undertake a role of great glory, and it can only be undertaken with genuine humility."
~ Dr. Scott Peck, M.D., from his book, A WORLD WAITING TO BE BORN - Civility Rediscovered


 The 'AAA-Team' Conscience Movement
(Accelerated Ascent Alliance)

This movement has had no mainstream name, although called many things ranging from 'The Quickening' and 'Lifting of the Veil' to the 'Great Awakening'.

This is the natural Evolutionary Ascent of human civilization, also called the 4th wave of the computer/Internet revolution from hardware emphasis to software, netware and then heartware.

However you look at this Conscious Movement, it remains a powershift in our global village of instant-everywhere and interactive TeLeComm capabilities that have the potential to represent higher Conscience for Higher Power as the Source of global evolution revolution (rEVOLUTION) along more enlightened 'lines'; .

This is HUGE folks, but you won't hear about it on the 'Tell-a-Vision'. That's why they call it 'programming'. The mass media mass mind social engineers (CIA, NGOs, WHO, etc.), are technocrat minions under Deep State plutocrats who want mindless fear, not fearless faith.

Widespread awakening to Aquarian Quantum Reality is naturally shifting our perceptual paradigm with more of the conscientious common sense that transmutes and transcends the stinking thinking of fear-based paradigm paralysis as is Stuck In Negativity.

The Conscious Movement is the Currency of Conscience
- for the next economics of abundance,
disrupts conscience-challenged scarcity economics.

The accelerated changes we see on Earth now are in fact in resonance with an Aquarian Frequency Shift - a 'dimensional shift' (conscious upgrade), in the timely scheme of Earth's galactic cycle with converging trends now - the 2023 Mainstream Awakening.

The more things change, the more we need to be fully aware of
 1st principles of the Prime Directive whereby our divine destiny
on the cusp of Aquarius will involve/evolve our
at the heart of a moral compass for Higher Power as will
define, refine, combine and shine all components to
CAPstone Vision / 5-D+ consciousness as
cultures cosmic law frames of reference
with a universal 'language of light
for evolutionary ascension of
individual and collective
consciousness re:
Natural Law:

Understanding 5-D Holographic Conscience
in our Individual & Collective 'Whole Brain'.

 Conscious RULES whereby Conscience RULES
for personal and global Evolutionary Ascension.


  A color-coded holographic code map for navigating
Conscience at the heart of social networks: 

InSight and OutLook for UnderStanding the OverView:
A conscientious Common Sense perspective regarding
  the 1st principles of universal-cosmic law language as will
refresh our patriotism with the spirit that matters for the
Creative Ascent Process.

  WISDOM at the HEART of this PROCESS
A global rEVOLUTION in the Currency of Conscience will fulfill the
full potential of "well-rounded" (global) Rights of Man
with upgrade of Five Core Constitutional Freedoms.

Wisdom of the Crowd - Ritual of the ‘Cloud’
- The Heartware Project -
And Electronic Town Hall Meetings

Upgrading our Horse-and-Buggy Age system
of public representation by integrating those
Quantum Age principles and processes
by and for unity-in-diversity at all levels of
instant-everywhere and interactive
for TeLeCommunity
  via TeLeCommunion
 as a sacred
TLC act
reverential honor:

“We the people – global Netizens –
representing all of ‘US’ as the 
United Sovereigns of Earth.”

Look to SEE… Know to BE
Geometric Ordered Divinity:

'Pure Geometry Thoughtforms
G.O.D.~ Constitution)
 for Effective Sensory Perception
 via interactive TeLeCommunion:
TeLeComm for TeLeCommunity,
TeLeConscienceTeLeCare and


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