Conscious Evolution Series
upgraded Oct. 28, 2013

 Transitioning Smoothly Into a
Global Village Reality with
Golden Age Journalism

 By Christopher Rudy, Netizen Journalist,
        Host of BBS Radio's Cosmic

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Previous article: 'Paradigm Shift as Conscious Evolution'

There is a systemic metamorphosis process shaping a new
Conscience in our all-connected global social networks.

Conscious evolution is this process.
Paradigm shift happens:)

New business models are emerging that sustain the business of conscious evolution itself. Golden age journalism is emerging to tell this story, outpicturing the vision of an emerging golden age.

This is 'The Blessing' of, by and for
our wholeness and healing.

We are at that awkward stage of metamorphosis whereby the
butterfly has yet to emerge and take wing from the cocoon where
the caterpillar worm disintegrated into a blob of 'imaginal cells'
that set the matrix for an evolving butterfly, just as 'Cultural DNA'
is now matriculating the matrix of social conscience with the
                     'Emerging Blueprint for a Golden Age'.

Imagine what that will look like.


In the previous article onParadigm Shift as Conscious Evolution’,
I featured a recent NPR interview with the founder of eBay who is
committing 250 million dollars to a new Internet truth-telling website
in the tradition of muckraking journalism, featuring Glen Greenwald
and the vast network of global whistleblowers like Ed Snowden.

Truth just wants to be free, online, and
at the heart of social
Conscience in
 our new global social networks.

A few weeks ago, Amazon’s founder, Jeff Bezos, bought the
Washington Post for 250 million dollars. eBay’s founder,
Omidyar, could have bought the Post but decided it was better to
create an online digital media site from the ground up rather than
try to retrofit a severely compromised and failing business model.

Billionaire tech titans seem to be coming to the rescue of media models that are loosing the interest of the hearts and minds of the mainstream due to special interests that have a vested interest in power, profit and privilege at the expense of core Constitutional freedoms as would check and balance the inordinate use and abuse of power regarding well-informed choice.

     Without love of and for well-informed choice,
   we're left with heartless media propaganda
 promoting pathological policies that profit
and control with endless war and disease
    when both could be largely eradicated now.

  But that is now transparent, obvious to the
world of 2.7 billion all-connected netizens
     who get the truth from millions of worldwide
   social networks, navigating Net reality with
     their smartphones and personal computers.

Critical Mass Has Been Reached.

Public media journalism is going through a massive transformation
as newsprint media is increasingly made obsolete by the new
‘Net reality’ media that is instant, everywhere, interactive
and rapidly evolving towards global embrace of the
breakthrough capabilities of heart coherence
and mind congruence along enlightened
‘lines’ that frame the first principles
for culturing our conscientious
common sense with our
Vow, Vision, Virtue
and Valor for

With as the rule
in form and "frequency"
(heart coherence),

The dynamic that is transforming our interactive social networks is
the 25,800 year surge in the quantum source field as corresponds to the surge in global enlightenment within our new all-connected Net reality that is virtually omnipresent with virtual omniscience of an unprecedented search-to-find knowledge-power nature.

The medium is the message of "Co-Creation"
as the surge  mainstreams
from innerspace to cyberspace.

The next big thing in the computer/Internet revolution is now emerging as a real-time interactive interface for mass-to-mass TeLeComm that cultures the holy spirit of -in-action, involving and evolving our individual and collective awareness with the full spectrum gifts of the holy spirit via intuitive discernment with Effective Sensory Perception that just knows in good Conscience.

The metamorphosis from
Internet to InnerNet

We live in the 'Quantum Age' with a new understanding of the enigmatic nature of quantum reality that transforms and transcends mechanistic mindsets. A new understanding of space and time is emerging as a biomimicry model of perceptual processes in left and right hemispheres of the brain.

See: The hemispheres of the Brain and the 
Processes of Consciousness

Quantum thinking in term of the 'unified source field' has created a new understanding of the holographic universe and the "brain field" between left-brain 'local' logic and right-brain 'non-local' intuition.

 Quantum energy fields govern
hemispheric co-creation.

The holographic torus field governing the two hemispheres of the brain 'holodeck' are the same unified field principles governing the two hemispheres of the Earth as 'resonant' in brain hemispheres.

Western civilization is left-brain dominant
   and reads from left to right on a page.

Eastern civilization is right-brain dominant
and reads right-to-left on a page

The global Internet finds 'US' on the same
"page" (
United Sovereigns of Earth).

These holographic principles are universal, repeated throughout the fractal order of the holographic universe with torus fields within the mother of all torus fields from the atomic to the galactic.

The Blessing of the Family of Man now
 is a perceptual paradigm shift with new
 awareness for our conscious evolution:

HOW we are actually conscious,
to culture conscience, and

It helps to know where we're going if we want to get there with a smooth transition to a golden age with a minimum of distractions.

So keep your eye on the "ball'...
the "spherical" (global/nonlocal)
 attention to the ascent process
 that will most likely make it so.

REALIZE (real eyes) that new 4th wave business models for the 21st century will represent the 1st principles of the holographic universe in both form (Law of the Angles) and frequency (Language of the Angels). The aw of inear eft-brain ogic and the of "spherical" (nonlinear) right-brain intuition are both synergized in the for 'co-creation' in all four archetypes of :
spiritually (management) mentally (media), emotionally (care-for-health) and physically (the abundant life with light and love).

      as a common law/language model
      governing the processes of consciousness
     also governs the interactive process in the
        cyberEthics model (heartware) to represent
Conscience in our social networks.
 (Explained with a video at: 'Light Language')

Golden Age models of power sharing, wisdom culturing and wealth creation are not a mystery when known. They follow
the first principles of quantum reality whereby
pure intention focuses attention with love's retention for conscious ascension
in a
united dimension where common law-language naturally rules
for all of "
US" (United Sovereigns of Earth).

Cosmic heals all.
Always has. All ways will.

Power Sharing: the metamorphosis of business models will take wing when the business of evolution honors the intent of sovereign Netizens to check and balance the inordinate love of power with the ordained power of love. The Spirit that matters will matter.

  The 'Currency of Conscience' will be
 optimized with 50/50 power sharing
   in public/private profit partnerships.
 4th Wave business models will have
   equal representation on who profits.

Wisdom Culturing: the transformation of lifelong education will enlighten all when the process of interactive TeLeComm integrates higher Conscience as the purpose and plan of 'higher' education.

 'Cultural DNA' in our social networks
  will involve and evolve our individual
and collective
 as empowers
TeLeCommunity with
TeLeConscience and
    'online health'
TeLeCare, and all with
      a cyberEthics
TeLeCommerce model.
(Explained at: 'The Blessing')

Wealth Creation: the resurrection of Net worth with cyberEthics will naturally take heart when the power of wisdom with centers and connects social Conscience in our social networks.

       Care-for-health integrity will transform
public health care with free, online
   'Universal Self-Care' for all netizens.

As the rate of change accelerates for metamorphosis of global civilization so that it can soar, it is essential that we refresh our Conscience with the 1st principles of our conscious evolution along more enlightened 'lines' framing the evolutionary ascent process.

Metamorphosis Crop Circle, and Leonardo da Vinci's 'Man Squaring the Circle'

Like the rise of the Phoenix from the ashes or the
emergence of the butterfly from the chrysalis,
the process of transformation now heralds
birthing of the millennial Aquarian Age
with a gold standard for global TLC.

     Sometimes the 'new song' that humanity is singing
      echoes the refrain of the ancient song in the heart
  of all who know that cosmic-universal and global
is for giving rather than for getting.

  ‘Philanthropy’ is from the Latin for ‘love of humanity’.

The higher the concept of at the heart of
Quantum Computing in the Quantum Field,
the greater the results of, by and for
a world where
and philanthropy is a
common held

In Summary:

Journalism is going through a major worldwide paradigm shift
FROM the
“linear” (hold that line) left-brain "letter of the law" (local logic)
(patriarchal command-to-control ownership values)
TO the
“nonlinear” (intuitive) right-brain "non-local" (global) spirit
(matriarchal cooperate-to-coordinate community virtues).

From  to  with  in the  of .

So pass it on; pay it forward to
those you love; attention pays
  with more love, easier & faster.

~ Christopher

  Culturing language for
linking the light at the heart of
  our global conscious evolution