Ascension Codes for Initiates

by Christos Lightweaver

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To each their own understanding.

Self-aware 'initiates' have initiated a process of self-correction
 for self-elevation of a 'salvation' nature in greater service to the
  process of conscious evolution that serves Earth's whol

Or as the ascended master 'Forest Gumption' might say:
"Initiation is what initiation does."

With Galactic Alignment at this time, the surge of ‘Photonic Light’
 has not only triggered changes on all planets in our solar system,
but also is transforming our DNA via ‘spontaneous evolution’.

Galactic Alignment is an opportunity to recalibrate
with the holistic continuum of all-connected
 ‘torus fields’ from the atomic to galactic
as becomes self-evident below.
The phenomenal aspect of Galactic Alignment is transmission of the
full-spectrum Source Code
embedded in the light of the Sun
initiate the transformation of consciousness with the
Language of Light for Co-Creation with Source’.

Initiates 'get it' and give it because

for giving.

So Pay It Forward,

~ Christos


Some of you reading this have an advanced understanding of the mysteries of cosmic law language, having been on my e-mail list for more than 15 years, seeing the evolution of the ‘LOVE Model’ and the ‘Emerging Blueprint for a Golden Age’.

Others reading this have more recently discovered the codification and evolving translation of these archetypal ‘Ascension Codes’ in published writings the last two years at ‘The Heartcom Network’.

The most common difficulty grasping these pure geometry archetypal ‘codes’ for conscious evolution – in my experience -- is NOT getting these exquisite metaphors for the processes of consciousness INTO your head.  It’s getting “strong delusion” (lock-step Belief Systems) OUT of your head. 

New concepts of an in-depth nature
are a challenge to old paradigms.

Cognitive dissonance is the nemesis of
conscious evolutionary ascent.

This difficulty has been compounded by the ‘information overload’ resulting from the computer/Internet revolution. This is the ‘dark side’ of abundant knowledge-power, because too much information can cause the same “numbing and dumbing” (paradigm paralysis) as sensory deprivation with no information at all.

The more information we have, the greater is the need
to get it all in order along more enlightened-archetypal
“lines” (

Framing ascension codes with the Constitution of Conscience is the natural evolution of core Constitutional freedoms in an all-connected Internet Age that has created a global village for the Family of Man.

Unity in diversity – the 1st Ascension Code
is the Law of the
ne – the ne Law
coded as the circles in 'the code':


The little circle in the ‘L’ is like the ‘little me’ (ego) in the cross-referenced “matrix’ of one’s left-brain linear logic framing one’s Belief Systems… and the large circle in the ‘O’ is like the ‘big me’ (I Am) denoting the ‘I Am Presence’, or 'Great Spirit' of 'All That Is', 'Source', 'Universal Love', 'Unity Conscience', 'Higher Power' or                                             'however you know 'God'.

Closed systems of a lock-step nature are like
the ‘closed-mind’ of ego’s linear logic... or
SIN' as Stuck In Negativity rather than an
open system of an intuitive nonlinear
-Proactive Spherical Conscience
for 'initiation' of more
easier and faster.

"It is the ego that maintains the separation, 
the soul that knows better, and the 
divinity that calls us home." 
~ Christine Page, M.D.,
Author of: 2012 and the Galactic Center, 

The conscious evolution of global humanity is now, 2013-14, quickening rapidly from ‘’ to ‘’ with the ‘’ process of ‘Co-Creation’ ( + ) that represents the Synergy of the Trinity as the creative learning process at the quintessential foundation of self governance; the 3-fold flame of ‘’, ‘’ and ‘’ in all 4-5 dimensions of the ‘’.

The universality of these archetypes are extensively explored
at the
Inner LOVE Archetypes for rEVOLUTION
and The Future of Time.

Another powerful insight into these archetypal 'Ascension Codes'
 is revealed in plain sight in the free on-line Thrive Movie.

Note the spheroid torus field used as a 'focal point' throughout 'THRIVE'

The torus field is the energy field around the heart when coherent with the frequencies of the holy spirit of love-in-action (violet aura), which is a golden ratio algorithm of the 3/4 rhythm of the heart.  The auric torus field around the body is centered in the heart, the strongest electromagnetic field in the body.


There is also a torus field around every atom's heart (nucleus), around the Earth from North to South magnetic poles, around our Sun as the heart (nucleus) of our solar system, and even our galaxy, funneling cosmic energy in from the top and bottom through a black/white whole (not 'hole') at the heart of our galaxy. 

The torus field 'wholEness' at the heart of our Galaxy is a quantum 'portal' or 'stargate' that is wholly connected to every other torus field 'whole' in the universe. This unified Source Field links quantum light from atoms and cells on Earth to atoms in galaxies beyond our own.

The ALL-connected nature of the universal Source Field
is the entirety of all universes resonating in your DNA,
pulsating in your heart and powering perceptions in
3-D holodeck
'brain field' between your ears.
The Ascension Codes are actually
the '
Source Code' language
for your 3-D holodeck!

Mastery of 3-D wholEness naturally opens
your stargate portal to the heart of Source
  and the universal mind of

When you consider how the quantum field of vibrational actuality is all-connected through these torus field stargates in a vast web of light from atomic to galactic… and when you understand how you co-Create with the intelligence of ‘Creator’ in your brain's torus holodeck, it gives wholly new meaning to the word ‘whole’ with the same root word source as the words ‘holistic’, ‘holographic’, ‘holy’ and ‘holodeck’.

What an amazing thing to be able to focus on: 
the torus field window into the Source Field 
from the atomic level to the galactic level.

Watch this 2 minute video for ‘insight’.

There is also a torus field around every cell of the body, 
centering in the DNA spiral helix 'transceiver' at the
heart (nucleus) of every cell in your body.

Crop Circle of Cell division (Torus Field)

Obviously, someone 'upstairs' is giving us hints as can be seen above in a crop circle diagram of the torus energy field dynamics of cell division in the creation and regenesis of our bodies.  This explains how spontaneous evolution of our cells and consciousness is accelerating with the current surge in the Source Field.  The intelligence of Creator is being embedded in the process of DNA replication, repair and 'reboot' with ascension codes.

This process of metamorphosis in our bodies is
changing our DNA to the extent we support it.

                Butterfly Man Crop Circle                               'Man Squaring the Circle'
                                                                                        by Leonardo da Vinci

The morphic field of the surging Source Field is morphing the torus field around the Earth, around our cells, around our hearts, and around each one’s brain hemispheres - all torus fields within fields designed to resonate, at this historic time, with the 'Intelligence of Universe'.

Yes, it's all connected. The original ‘Source Code’ is now and ever shall be the ‘Ascension Codes’ that define, refine, combine and shine the light of
Source~G.O.D.~~Universe~Conscience. (etc.)

“In the beginning, God geometrized.” (Law of the Angles)
~ Ancient wisdom of “
G.O.D.” (Geometric Ordered Divinity)

“In the end, it’s the Spirit that matters.” (Language of the Angels)
~ Modern wisdom of
-in-action (frequency)

These torus fields are surging now in an intensified way with the Galactic Alignment energies of 2012-2013.  The Mayan’s predicted this “end of time as we know it” because they knew that linear time would not apply. All bets are off trying to delineate past trends into the future.

Non-linear time translates to nonlinear perceptions on a real-time instant-everywhere basis.  This is the nature of the quantum Source Field -- the ‘Web of Light’ – which is the intelligence of the ‘Creator’.

This is the potential of the Ascension Codes for navigating the last frontier through each one’s stargate portal to inner space.

Serious devotees of conscious evolution will support their DNA 'chalice' for more light in their cells and Conscience as a holy whole... and support the 'unveiling' of greater  in the process.

Here’s to that Vision of Virtue and Valor
Initiating the Vow for the Victory of
Personal and Planetary

Onward and Inward!

PS: Ascension codes are ‘inward'.
        Powershift Codes are 'in word';
          In the beginning was the ‘Word’,
         and the Word was with
     and the Word was