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Conscious Evolution Series

Upgraded 1-16-2014

Paradigm Shift as a Perceptual Process of

Conscious rEVOLUTION

(emphasizing 90% of the word)

by Christopher Rudy, Netizen Journalist

  Following is an interesting October 24th interview with the
billionaire founder of eBay on NPR's Morning Edition, and
 then followed by some of the highlights I expound on for
   emphasis of the golden age opportunity for humanity now.

NPR Morning Edition Interview with the
billionaire Founder of eBay who is
starting up a 'truth-telling' website:

"It's better to create new models rather than
retrofit old models that don't work well."

~ Marc Andreessen, creator of Netscape
that pioneered the Internet revolution


New technology evolves and always disrupts
the old technology and ways of doing things.

Rather than looking back to old models of business
that we wish still existed, it's better to look forward
to the opportunity we now have with a new world of
instant-everywhere and interactive Internet abilities
to connect on a personal level around the world and
across all borders, on the threshold of a golden age
for journalism, universal self-care, and our conscious
evolution with mass-to-mass TeLeComm, framing our
conscientious common sense with an open-interactive
process linking hearts and minds for an optimal future.
Moving forward with the opportunity for global healing
makes the backward paradigm paralysis obsolete.

We can only be The BLESSING for all of humanity
if we stop the cursing of victim dictum that only sees
the great problem with every opportunity rather than
the great opportunity with all the problems we face.

This too shall pass with Universal Self-Care

   "If only there were evil people somewhere insidiously committing evil deeds, and
it were necessary only to separate them from the rest of us and destroy them.
    But the line dividing good and evil cuts through the heart of every human being.
And who is willing to destroy a piece of his own heart?"

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

A future to look forward to:

Navigating Omniscience
In Our Global Village

 There are now about 7.2 billion people on Earth
(population ‘clock’
and approximately 1/2 of the Family of Man
is now connected in a global village with
instant-everywhere-interactive reality
via smartphones, tablets, laptops
and desk-top computers that
access the global web of
our new 'omniscient'
InnerNet reality.

 Knowledge power with the global
computer/Internet revolution
has gone exponential.

The self-evident solution to the
information overload problem
is transparent 'open systems'
 that provide 'Cultural DNA' for
Effective Sensory Perception.

The 'Currency of Conscience' is
 the currency that will underwrite
'The Next Economy'

Consider how humanity will thrive
 when we get our act together with
the power of truth and love as we
culture TeLeConscience in social
TeLeCommunication networks.

"When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love
has always won.  There have been tyrants and murderers and for a time,
they seem invincible but in the end, they always fall -- think of it, ALWAYS."

 ~ “Mahatma” (Great Soul) Gandhi, Father of India’s Independence

People worldwide are following the 'Thrive Movement' and
their report following the Breakthrough Energy Movement
Conference held in Oct.; see conference highlights

That's right folks!  Sovereign Netizens worldwide are
now aware that free energy technology could liberate
clean, virtually free energy from the vacuum of space,
eliminating the toxic petrochemical combustion wastes
that are poisoning the life-support systems of Earth.

Global Netizens are also aware that social conscience
will be liberated in social networks with mass-to-mass
TeLeComm capabilities for recycling global knowledge
in the way that empowers collective wisdom with
at the
heart of 'The Blessing' of, by and for conscious evolution individually and collectively worldwide.

This is not rocket science; the technology now exists for
liberating not only physical power for everyone, plus
liberating conscious evolutionary ascent for humanity,
but also liberating
TeLeCare capabilities with free online
'Universal Self-Care' that assures our optimal health.
Nothing is more valuable, as paradigm shift commences,
than a vision whereby global civilization can self-correct
with self-governing models for self-healing and conscious
evolution 'self-elevation' of a systemic 'salvation' nature.

The vision alone of these global village solutions can be
the catalyst for a self-fulfilling prophecy in answer to
the global 'SOS', to 'Save Our Society' from the "
Dense, Unconscious and Heartless) forces that afflict
all of "
US" (United Sovereigns of Earth).
New business models for investing in real solutions to
core social, political and economic institutions can be
found at the Top Ten Cloud Source Funding Websites.

From a galactic perspective in the larger scheme of
conscious evolution at this amazing time on Earth,
there is a lot of cognitive dissonance with massive
information overload and decision-making burnout
as the rate of change accelerates to accommodate
the instant interactive capabilities of global Netizens.

"The more information you have,
the greater is the need
to get it all in order."

~ Buckminster Fuller

The flow of enlightened conscience
through any system of perception
acts to organize all information in
that system... IN FORMATION.

Now is the time prophesied
when 'the veil' is thinning
and love is now winning
for Aquarius beginning
with cause for grinning
  in a spirit of
for giving.

The higher the concept of  in form and frequency
(‘Law of the Angles’ and ‘Language of the Angels’),
the greater the results with the holy spirit of
-in-action in order to organize
all information IN FORMATION
for our highest and best
all ways.

The Blessing is YOUR blessing to the extent
that you help make it so with your intention,
attention and retention of greater

for personal and planetary ascension in
the dimension where

The Great Law comes around to this:
care to share; love is for giving.

For the one thing that you have more of
 by giving it away,
please forward freely.

~ Christopher

  Culturing language for
linking the light at the heart of
  our global conscious evolution


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