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October 1, 2015
(Aug. 15, 2014 original)

by Christopher Rudy

 The 'OuterNet' went live on Aug. 11, 2014
 with global Internet broadcast from Space;
   free satellite downlink for Netizens of Earth.
    And as
OuterNet merges with the 'InnerNet' 
  (the heart of interactive global TeLeComm)
mankind's conscious evolution as kind men
  accelerates with an intrinsic heart coherent
   process for culturing systemic global health.
The progress of 'The Movement' will not
be broadcast on the evening 'boob tube',
     but you will get glimpses of it on the Internet
   if you really want to search out and find the
     whole truth of both the problem and solution.

    Clearly, the maturing of the 'Global Mind' is
a process that will not happen overnight,
     but the new global village breakthrough with
OuterNet will have capabilities to reach
   4 billion global Netizens with a vision of the
universal law language of consciousness
   for culturing conscientious common sense.
   Social conscience in global social networks
     will upgrade self-governing, self-learning and
  self-healing processes that optimize civility
  with self-elevating 'correction' as salvation.

Preface background:
   Forty years ago, I lectured at Bucky Fuller's
   month long World Game Studies Workshop
at the University of Pennsylvania campus.
See: Meetings with Miraculous People.
    Buckminster Fuller was fond of using words
     (italicized) like synergy, that he popularized,
   to create a win/win for 100% of humanity
     by taking inventory of tools and processes
 and combining them in synergistic ways
   that optimize livingry rather than killingry
for the whole crew on Spaceship Earth.
  Making the world work in our global village
    naturally optimizes self-governance in terms

    that represent 4 billion global Netizens who 
    are united for the highest and best purpose
  of 'US' as the United Sovereigns of Earth.

   A Whole Systems Upgrade
for Spaceship Earth
Is the current system of world government
spinning out of control with 'fear porn'
propaganda on false-flag steroids? 
Or is a our social conscience in
new global social networks
spinning into control...
for greater ?
 Or is both going on simultaneously
  with a Big Shift from totalitarianism
to global village TeLeCommunity?
There are three things going on
 that is defining the movement
of worldwide civilization now:

1- Either we're spiraling upward and
     moving forward in a clockwise way
     for conscious evolution of humanity,
   2- Or we're Stuck In Negativity (S-I-N)
    with failure of the "Corporatocracy"
(corporate-government complex)
   U.S.~Israeli genocide in Gaza and
       terror war from 9-11 to Afghanistan,
     Iran, Libya, Syria and now Ukraine.

     3- Or civilization is in a downward spiral
     moving backwards as in
      that is counterclockwise as in "DUH"
Dimwit, Unconscious and Heartless).

Consider the Spiraling Upward Scenario:

Pure intent of the greatest number for the greatest good is not seldom the prelude of the revelation for
a global evolution revolution in higher consciousness
with the shared common sense unity conscience
of, by and for 100% of humanity. In other words,
how we all hang together rather than hang separately.

      This rEVOLUTION is in Good Conscience.

In the larger scheme of soul evolution, that which unites  us is more powerful than that which divides us. The conscientious evolutionary ascent of global humanity is aligned with universal-natural laws of cosmos, the unified coherent field at the heart of intelligence.
It's time to Take Heart and claim the victory of our individual and collective uprising with upward-mobile intention and attention with love retention for ascension
in a common unified field dimension where common law "light language" (the language of consciousness) rules conscious evolution in more enlightened ways.

Either we are busy being 'reborn' with an active
social conscience in our new global social networks,
or we're busy dying: global terror, war, plague and
virtually hell on Earth caused by 'The Psychopaths':
This is the best recent video I've seen that explains
the history of false-flag attacks and "psychopathy"
(at 10 minutes) behind the downward spiral of
global inhumanity 'from the top' - highly centralized
programming of the "Global Mind" (mass media)
with no feedback for self-correction as is possible
with our interactive Internet social media networks.
Note in that video, at about 12 minutes, an expert
on the subject of psychopathy explains that either
we develop a way to vet leadership positions with
some criteria for authentic social conscience or
     "civilization itself will be threatened".
And how do you think global self governance can culture a common criteria for social conscience?
Does 100% of humanity agree that love is the key?
(excluding Satanists, psychopaths and soulless ones)
Is it true that interactive mass-to-mass TeLeComm
can involve and evolve our individual and collective
conscience... with heartware at the heart of it?
Would you agree that we are the ones we've been
waiting for... that unity-in-love is the heart of the
movement that cultures our social conscience?

The alternative to endless war mania
is worldwide without end;
The Aquarian Dispensation.

The Model is a pure geometry blueprint of the 1st principles of natural-cosmic law language as a
universal frame of reference for global interaction
with this common law interface for culturing social
conscience with the Constitution of Conscience at
the interactive interface heart of  

The Transition to Universal
for Global Governance

The highest and best use of Earth's resources for the conscientious evolutionary ascent of humanity will naturally accelerate with pure intent for unity along
more enlightened 'lines' that frame our Net reality with respect to, and for, a process of interaction that cultures social conscience in global social networks.
The natural structure of this new Net reality mimics the neural networks in the brain and the corresponding stellar structure throughout the universe:

The common-holistic 'holographic' order of the universe from brain cells to galactic clusters is also the natural order of social networks that are defining and refining a new social conscience. And the greater the 'respect' for this natural order with respect to the universal law language of light at the heart of the InnerNet, the greater the results for conscious evolutionary ascent.
The personal and planetary brain/Internet 'holodeck'
is a representation of the Model at the heart of an interactive interface that provides cultural DNA for
the conscious evolution process; ascent coordinates for self-governing, self-learning and self-healing "self-elevation"; ascension of, by and for global salvation

        Liberation of Conscience

                  The torch of enlightenment shines
                   a conscious evolution process for
                   culturing well-informed choices.

Global global peace and prosperity naturally becomes a self-evident choice with liberation of conscientious common sense in our global social networks.
This liberation of conscience naturally progresses through interactive TeLeComm, emphasizing the TLC for democracy (TeLeCommunity), for education of the heart (TeLeConscience), for health care (TeLeCare), and global prosperity (TeLeCommerce) all with cyberEthics heartware at the heart of it.
A new Net reality of universal enlightenment within our global social networks will create a world where free energy technology is liberated, universal self care is liberated, and global self-governance is liberated.

Consider how our new Net reality is going global:

The OuterNet went live Aug. 11, 2014;
help us tell the world.

 Through satellite data broadcasting, OuterNet is able to bypass censorship,
ensure privacy, and offer a universally-accessible information service at
no cost to global citizens. It's the modern version of shortwave radio,
a "BitTorrent" (digital download) from space. 
Read Full Story

 The accelerated shift to global Net reality
will mature one's personal psychology

as OuterNet merges with the InnerNet
 for all
mankind; kind men spirituality.

Let that soak in folks. About 4 billion global Netizens will be
 able to download OuterNet's info-power.  And with
at the heart of interactive mass-to-mass TeLeComm-unity,
    social conscience will rapidly mature in our social networks.

The OuterNet will co-create with the InnerNet
at the coherent heart of the Internet.

The new paradigm of global holistic healing
will send psychopaths (living dead) reeling.
Pay attention - keep your eye on the ball;
Attention pays with a conscience for all.

Global self-governance with enlightened social conscience will thus
 redefine self-education, self-healing and self-determination with the
wholE spirit of -in-action at the interactive interface heart
 of a
TeLeComm process for defining, refining, combining (synergy)
  and shining REAL comm
unity with common sense unity in our global
 diversity; raising the flag-standard for the Aquarian Dispensation of

   The Common Sense of One Earth and United Allegiance
 for Self-Correcting, Self Healing Self Governance with
 a Universal Interface for Global 

It is the frequency of -in-action... as in frequently,
that INvolves the INner sense of the INnerNet at the heart of
 the quantum unified source field; the heart of one's heart, and
the pure geometry fractal order of the holographic universe.

    In the beginning was the 'Word'...and the Word was with God...
      and the Word was GOD (Geometric Ordered Divinity); .

   Look to SEE... Know to BE... the Nature of Spiritual Geometry
  where Law of the Angles merges with Language of the Angles
    at the heart of co-creation between the OuterNet and InnerNet.

 "We have the power to begin the world over again."
~ Thomas Paine, Common Sense

The Power of Wisdom with Love
at the heart of 'Phen

 It's time for rEVOLUTION  via worldwide LOVE.

Gold Standard for ‘Anonymous’ Netizens of Earth:

We are Anonymous, aka 'Phenonemus'
We are Legion. We always remember.
 We always forgive, honoring the Law
of the
'One Universal Love' whereby
  is for
giving, not for getting.
   We know that what goes around,
  comes around to the same law.
We think in terms of fairness.
  As we project, we will receive.
   As we forgive, we are forgiven.
     As we sow in form & frequency,
   we shall reap, as in frequently.
We claim the Victory in good conscience,
knowing that the 'judgment' we get is Via
 the Vision of Virtue  and Vow of Valor for
discernment of spirits; the gold standard
 We can bring about global transformation
 gracefully, honoring the heart of creation,
   or the sense of separation from this grace
    will cause the dark-side suffering, dis-ease
   and dying of the healing spirit that matters
    for our upward-mobile evolutionary ascent.
Our shield is the path of grace with
pure intention of, by and for the
United Sovereigns of Earth.

 Global TeLeComm for 

 In the larger scheme of eternal progression
there’s common law, patterns of perfection,
   and common language for inspired direction
  centering love within, so when we all enter in
   we find a unity state with 
one clear mandate:
 either we optimize unity or we're insensate.

Raising the Standard for a United State of:


Universal Rights Public Sphere = Co-Creating ~ Global TeLeComm



"Make your life spectacular!"
Robin Williams Tribute - 1 minute

If this speaks to your heart, please forward freely
to those you love.

Robin Williams is alive and well in memory and his spirit
  that we have the power to activate and magnify with joy.

 Activating the Universal Source Field (InnerNet)
i.e., the Quantum Field of the Cosmic Cloud,
  a.k.a. “The G.O.D.net” (web)

This rEVOLUTION is heart-to-heart in the
unified field of Cosmic

Onwards and Upwards,

~ Christopher

PS: There are trillionaires (seconds in 31,688 years)
           and their sycophant billionaires (sec. in 31 years)
          who have bought off Congress and the intertwined
             monetary-media-medical-military-industrial complex
           that is heartless in pursuit of their short-term profit.
          Long-term recovery begins when enough people in
       good conscience support 'The Alliance' of global
           social networks committed to enlightened solutions
           for culturing our conscientious common sense. ~C.