The 2014 Fuller Challenge Series

The following articles represent a fundamental shift in our way of looking at reality.

   As we learn to with 'Keys to the KINGdom',
universal law frames a global platform for freedom.
       We shift from old paradigms of Belief System paralysis
     as our right brain balances over-specialized analysis.

Love-in-action is the holy spirit that is for giving.
     Cosmic humor laughs at one's history of for

      Service to others always transcends elitist domination
        as the source veil thins and grins at human subjugation.

This paradigm shift is a challenge for those who are Stuck In Negativity.

  By perspiration we strive to optimize attitude.
 By inspiration we rise up with better attitude.
By grace we soar to a much higher altitude.
 As each soul ascends, it uplifts the multitude.

It's a 'Fuller Challenge' for upward-mobile self-elevation.

There are rules whereby Creator's intention
is self-evident to those who focus attention
  above as below with Great Love's retention,
   wising up to rise up; conscientious ascension
 in a unified field of co-Creation's dimension.

 The product is the process; self-elevation as salvation. 

  In the larger scheme of conscious evolution,
  the process at heart is nonviolent revolution.
 As all is now revealed with search capacity,
  informed choice will shape global Net reality.
   No matter what happens, may it truly be said:
  Freedom-in-love is how we all move ahead. 

by Christopher Rudy

The 2014 Shift In Our 'Net Reality'
Published 4-8-2014; upgraded 6-13-2014

Social media is defining, refining and combining
  the full spectrum of Netizen gifts and talents with
    an instant-everywhere and interactive Net reality,
   shining social conscience in our social networks.

Enlightened Shift Happens!

       2014 heralds big changes in our new global village
 and there's no opportunity more promising than
     the mainstreaming of a vision for
TeLeComm with
 heartware, a universal interface for global TLC.

Global Spring Uprising at the ‘Tipping Point’
Published 5-8-2014; upgraded 6-13-2014

Culturing Change with the Pure Law of Conscience:
"Highly evolved people have their
own conscience as pure law."

~ Lao Tzu

  Our New World of Net Reality
Published 5-24-2014; upgraded 6-13-2014
The Reinventing of our Net  Reality;
A Memorial Day
   Global social consciousness with
  a new 'Currency of Conscience'
  is culturing conscientious intent
    for a more enlightened Net reality
     based on social benefits for profit
     rather than Wall Street metrics of
    war & disease for profit & power.

Networking for Net Reality as Net Worth
Published 5-31-2014; upgraded 6-13-2014
Culturing Conscientious Common Sense Consistently 

      There is a natural order in the universe that rules one's personal portal of perception
in your holodeck, the field of consciousness between your ears. That field is an
    interface between The Field and your focus of attention from upper to lower brain,
     left brain logic to right brain intuition, and forebrain foresight to rear-brain hindsight.
   More on this at Light Language, a framework for the processes of consciousness.

Re-deploying Resources from 'Killingry' to 'Livingry'
Published 6-3-2014; upgraded 6-13-2014
Global Standard Versus Double Standards

  By anticipating the next major change event for our global conscious evolution revolution,
   and by designing win/win policies for long-term investment in the worldwide web we want,
 fearless faith in non-profit service values will neutralize habits of faithless fear devolution.
  The more that a government tries to force its power without core Constitutional principles

of, by and for ALL people, the more that the currency of conscience becomes the self- 
   evident solution for reinventing the Next Economy with an improved Internet infrastructure;
a whole systems upgrade of our Net reality.

Know Thyself and the 'Global Mind'
Published 6-7-2014; upgraded 6-17-2014
Conscious Evolution in Our Social Networks
 The rise of global civilization now and hope for the future is served well by
    the dynamics now shaping global conscious evolution with
heart coherence
and mind congruence along more enlightened lines of universal .

 The door to enlightenment for a long golden age
Language of the Angels, the heart of a sage.
Law of the Angles thus frames a new page
   to write on, to journal, our conscious ascension
 into Co-Creation realms of the fifth dimension

Creating Abundance in our 'Global Village'
Published 6-12-2014
 The Master Key to the Global Treasury
 This morphegenic field is now rapidly morphing the matrix of our DNA field resonance that
sets the matrix for human resonance with the cosmic laws and language of the universe.

   So keep the faith. It's all connected and in natural order with universal principles that frame
 Geometric Ordered Divinity () governing the holographic universe as registers in
 your brain '
holodeck' and corresponds to the heartware interface for global

 Take heart. One's body can gradually adapt to the higher frequencies in the Earth and the
 morphogenetic DNA mutations that resonate in the body and brain field of consciousness.

  The 'quickening' in the morphogenetic field is awakening 'sleepers' whose soul contract is
 to wise up and rise up with ordained solutions for our personal and planetary problems.
This is a time of unprecedented opportunity. An amazing time to be alive!

   BEYOND linear time
   as we have know it.

"Time is not at all what it seems; it does not flow in only one direction,
and the future exists simultaneously with the past."
~ Albert Einstein