2014 Fuller Challenge Series
Heartcom Network

Global Spring Uprising at the ‘Tipping Point’

 Call it the ‘Turning Point’ or ‘O-point’ or ‘Critical Mass’ or
‘Hundredth Monkey Effect’ for ‘Global Enlightenment':
mass up-rising as our divine destiny has already
occurred in the quantum field continuum, and is
now going mainstream... believe it or not!

BEYOND linear time
   as we have know it.

"Time is not at all what it seems; it does not flow in only one direction,
and the future exists simultaneously with the past."
~ Albert Einstein

It will happen the easy way or hard way,
and whether we transcend old "BS"
(Belief Systems) with systemic
TeLeComm-unity upgrades
is the
heart of the issue
of 'Net Neutrality'.

May 17, 2014

Compendium by Christopher Rudy,
Host of Cosmic LOVE



"Highly evolved people have their
own conscience as pure law."

~ Lao Tzu

Representing Pure Law as Pure Intention with
Focused Attention on Love's Retention for
Conscious Ascension in a Unified Field
Dimension where Universal LOVE
Rules with Common Sense in
Global Social Networks.

There is Higher Power surging in the Source Field now.
Consider how the surge of Spring’s creative life transforms
the barren landscape with emerald green - healing growth.
Realize that Mother Earth, with Source Field dynamics now,
going green with co-Creation energies of Cosmic Spring
as our solar system orbits across the Galactic Plane in its
25,920 year cycle called the ‘Procession of the Equinox’…
creating alignment with hundreds of billions of star systems
orbiting the Great Central Sun of our Milky Way Galaxy.

Great Light of an etheric nature is flooding our Planet.
There is a lot of light, now surging as a Cosmic Spring,
with Earth now aligned directly with our ‘galactic center’
which is the Great Central Sun, connected in The Field
to the white fire core of every galaxy in the universe…
and also to the fiery nucleus of every atom in your body
which are like miniature solar systems in all your cells.

Photograph of another galaxy, depicting what our Milky Way Galaxy
  looks like from the side (Galactic Plane).  Our solar system is about
 2/3rds of the way out from the center, orbiting up and down across
   the Galactic Plane twice every Great Cycle, 25,920 years, as clearly
   represented in the short animated video at ‘
The Field’. The last time
   the Earth aligned with the Galactic Plane for ‘Global Spring Uprising’
  was at the beginning of the rise of the ancient civilization of Atlantis.
 The 'Global Spring' now initiates the 2000+ year
Aquarian Age of

Your heart is the Great Central Sun of your ‘world’ of
atoms, cells and organs in your bio-energetic body.
The energy of the heart is 2000 times stronger than the
EKG brain waves that create your holodeck brain field.
Heart coherence is the universal frequency of harmonic
order from the atomic to the galactic, within and with all,
the heart of one’s ‘smart’, on earth as in cosmos-at-large.

Great  is morphing the matrix of ‘the dream’
as it resonates with the 'kingdom of heaven' within.
The power of love at the heart of the quantum field fabric
of  the universe is now matriculating our matrix of beliefs,
and our thoughts, feelings and actions from the inside-out;
our DNA is in part a tuning fork for the all-connected field
and we are all hardwired for resonance to frequencies of
 as the universal standard for worldwide
heart coherence and Cultural DNA for global TeLeComm.

Time is of the essence as the 'Mother of Co-Creation',
nurturing conscience as pure law for global uprising.

The rising tide that floats all boats is the purity of conscience,
- the Constitutional principle of pure law in the public sphere -
at the heart of the divine feminine conscience in each of us.
This is how win/win cooperation for co-Creation will balance
the win/lose predatory practices of power without principle.

"There is a
tide in the affairs of men which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune;
Omitted, all the voyage of their life is bound in shallows and in miseries."

~ William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar

~~~~~ Article follows ~~~~~

 Part I - Public Conscience Awakening
Part II - Public Health with More Care
    Part III - Public Prosperity vs. Austerity

 If you resonate with love of truth for public conscience, health and prosperity,
  and if you want to see a definitive global public solution that initiates peaceful
 revolution of conscientious common sense in the public sphere, then you will
    appreciate this compendium on much of the problem that now compels a global
groundswell of hearts and minds united for more love in our social networks.


How we do that is the intent. To make the world work for 100% of humanity,
we must take inventory of comprehensive whole system solutions for all the
systemic problems in government, education, health care and the economy.




Culturing Conscientious Common Sense with
the Purity of Common Law at the Heart of the
New American Evolution Revolution Globally

  Now is the time ordained when Earth’s evolutions will
wake up, wise up and rise up with healing growth in
our consciousness, behavior and the world-at-large.

  Each moment we are truly co-Creators with Universe
   for indeed, we are in the universe and the kingdom of
   heaven is within all “
US” (United Sovereigns of Earth).

Common Law Language

The prescient visionary Marshall McLuhan was famous for
 explaining how 'The Media is the Message'.  For example,
consider how clothes are an extension of the skin, just as
   cars extend feet, telephones extend ears, TV extends eyes
  and the computer/Internet now extends our consciousness
     to where we can no longer deny the compelling opportunity;
United Sovereigns of Earth with enlightened Net reality
    in an instant-everywhere and interactive global village of, by
     and for a
United State of  on Earth as in Cosmos.

  Our divine destiny with marriage of the divine feminine with
the divine masculine in our all-connected social networks
  -- both as polarity principle and in personal relationships --
    is to rise above the divisive discord of unconscionable noise
   and study the core reality shaping the divine destiny of
United Sovereigns with ‘Net Neutrality’.

The writing is on the wall for those with eyes to see.


 There are some big things brewing in the global social networks
that will define and refine the collective consciousness of
  our all-connected
Net reality in our new global village.


 The higher the concept of a process for culturing
     the power of love that neutralizes the inordinate
     love of power in our ubiquitous social networks,
the greater the results that naturally involve and
   evolve our individual/collective common sense
    of, by and for all
three billion Netizens of Earth.

How we define, refine, combine (synergize) and shine
   our individual and collective talents and resources,
is how we co-operate or otherwise co-Create
our highest and best vision, virtue, valor
and vow for the victory of
United Sovereigns of Earth.


 If you want to KNOW what this Great Drama is about,
 and if you want to
WITNESS this global drama unfold,
then enter the arena for common sense participation
   with all hearts and minds as we pay attention with pure
   intention for love retention at the heart of ascension in
    a dimension where common-universal


Conscience as pure law is the heart of
 the golden rule/law language for every
golden age in the history if the world.


Keep in mind that personal and public win/win can naturally evolve with
  out-of-the-box breakthroughs in global TeLeComm for
TeLeConscience, TeLeCare and TeLeCommerce as will quickly culture
 the ‘
TLC’ that makes corruption in our global social networks obsolete.

A well-defined problem is the prelude to
 a well-defined solution at this time of the

1- Public Conscience Awakening:
Culturing Social Conscience in the Public Sphere


Is it true that conscientious common sense in our global
  social networks will move us from problems to solutions? 

   Are you aware that all our social problems are the result of
  a lack of social conscience in our global social networks?
   Would you agree that the culturing of social conscience in
our social networks will make social problems obsolete?

Turn off the boob-tube and watch
the following videos ASAP.

The first video is highly recommended for those
who still think with excellent intuitive skills for
discernment when given a clear CHOICE.

See this recent (May 2nd) debate between
Proponents of the Surveillance State
Opponents of the Surveillance State.

Debate between Michael Hayden, former NSA and CIA head,
  and journalist Glen Greenwald who released Snowden’s files.
Read Full Story

Excerpt: “The surveillance state has gotten out of control…
The Internet is fundamentally a global democratic platform.
It embodies all of the values we love in democratic society.
And we have not been good stewards of it.”

Realize as you watch this debate that this is the defining issue
 that will determine the global web of conscience with either the
pure law for conscientious common sense self rule on Earth
-- a level playing field for all bright lights in the global sphere --
or the rule of moneyed power secrecy of 1% OVER the 99%.

“I Have Been to the Darkest Corners of Government,
and What They Fear Is Light”
~ Edward Snowden

What we do to the worldwide web of consciousness,
we do to ourselves as an all-connected whole.

with security via pure law?
 with totalitarian martial law?

Edward Snowden and Laura Poitras Take on
America's Runaway Surveillance State

AlterNet.org on Civil Liberties / May 11, 2014
"The first principle of any American intelligence official
is not an oath to secrecy but a duty to the public."
 On April 30, in a ceremony at the National Press Club in Washington, the Nation Institute
 and the Fertel Foundation awarded their annual Ridenhour Prize for Truth-Telling to NSA
  whistleblower Edward Snowden and filmmaker Laura Poitras. The bestselling author and
 journalist James Bamford, one of the world’s foremost authorities on the US intelligence
    community, presented the award to Snowden and Poitras who were present by live video.
See what they have to say HERE.

Is the same out-of-control fed government
culturing conscience in public education?
Or has mainstream media public indoctrination
   succeeded with gross defects that now obscure
 actual gains for enlightened global Net reality?

And what about the federal government’s education agenda
 with Common Core standards for the public school system?

    While the federal government claims that Common Core does not represent a federal
  takeover of the education system, those who connect the dots understand that their
claim is not true.  There are numerous disturbing reports of Common Core policies
around the country, including parents being
arrested for challenging the curriculum.

For a March 31, 2014 documentary on Common Core, see:
'Building The Machine - The Common Core' (39 min.)

 Earlier this month on Special Report with Bret Baier, conservative author, columnist,
  and commentator George Will had a response for his fellow panelist, Juan Williams,
 and those who are pushing for nationwide Common Core standards. It took George
Will under 90 seconds to destroy Common Core on multiple levels.   (May 5, 2014)

Lifelong learning with self-education has always been the best education,
 self rule is better than tyranny, and universal self-care is better for health.

An example of Common Core: Teaching the ‘New Math’

Cognitive impairment on purpose?  Ya think?

Why would the central planners want to do this to our kids?
And why would fed-gov deny higher conscience with
interactive mass-to-mass
But I repeat myself.

Imagine what our global village will look like when America gets its act together
to champion our revolutionary heritage for The
United Sovereigns of Earth.

Continued at:
Part II - Public Health with More Care