Net Neutrality for Global Justice

  All geopolitical issues facing global humanity
  follow from this core issue of Net neutrality.

Google, Facebook and Amazon Write to FCC
Demanding True Net Neutrality

Guardian UK ~ May 8, 2014
Excerpt: "More than 100 technology companies including Google,
      Facebook, Twitter and Amazon have written to US
          regulators to warn that proposed net neutrality rules
       pose a
‘grave threat to the internet’." - READ MORE

   Global freedom and justice for all is at stake.

by Christopher Rudy / May 10, 2014


We live in a new world, a global village of
instant-everywhere-interactive Net reality,
and global Netizens are stakeholders who
will take stock in a vision of Net neutrality
-- universal rights in the public sphere --
with checks and balances to culture civility
with conscience currency*
(1) at the heart of
a more enlightened world that we all want.

Stakeholders in deeply entrenched systems
that profit from terror, war, disease and the
depopulation of life on Earth must back off
and redeploy their investments into new
industries that will most likely insure life,
liberty and justice with Net neutrality for all.

Global reality with Net neutrality is at stake.
Either we stake our claim on a just future or
we’ll see core freedoms burn at the stake
like the entire religious community that we
saw incinerated on life TV, Waco Texas,
one of the darkest hours in U.S. history,
along with the OKC bombing and 9-11.

Net neutrality - like Net reality - thrives on
well-informed choice; judicial impartiality.

Justice at the heart of global cyberspace
is the www.WorldWideWeb we all want.*

Justice and opportunity for a better world
is naturally cultured by the Web we want:
one that is fair, free-open and otherwise
neutral (Net neutrality) with emphasis on
communication tools and processes that
empower wisdom via global TeLeComm*
for the 2014 Big Shift in our Net reality.*

We can’t drive into the future with our eyes glued to the
rear view mirror. Old systems replicate old ‘solutions’
that have become ‘the problem’ for lack of a fresh
perspective on a whole systems upgrade of the
communication processes that will most likely
culture global civility with the web we want.

"Can one generation bind another
and all others in succession forever?
I think not.
The Creator has made the Earth
for the living, not the dead.
A generation may bind itself
as long as its majority continues in life;
when that has disappeared,
another majority is in place,
holding all the powers
their predecessors once held,
and may change their laws and institutions
to suit themselves.
Nothing then is unchangeable
but the inherent and inalienable
rights of man."

Thomas Jefferson, 1781

   By understanding Net neutrality
  and making it work worldwide,
   we co-create the web we want,
    no longer condemned to repeat
  a past we never learned from.

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Back in November of 1974, I gave a presentation to 10 agencies of the Federal government in the Science and Astronautics Chamber of the Rayburn Building on Capital Hill. What I explained then is now a core global issue of Net neutrality.

My short presentation was the concluding talk at a 3 day ‘Future’s Summit’ put on by the World Future Society and Barbara Marx Hubbard’s Committee for the Future.  Attending were representatives from the United States Information Agency, the United States Communications Agency, the American Revolution Bicentennial Commission, and seven other U.S. agencies that were ostensibly looking to future scenarios for celebrating America’s Bicentennial years from Declaration of Independence to ratification of the Constitution 13 years later.

   Barbara Marx Hubbard, top right, explaining her communications model
  for the future of the U.S. and the world. Nov. 1974 / photo by C. Rudy

As you may know, Barbara Marx Hubbard is the multimillionaire heir of the Marx toys fortune that brought us Barbie Dolls. She has long been extremely well connected with DC insiders, and some say that she is a New Age front for power elite agendas to this day.

Whether that’s true or not, her communications model at the SYNCON (SYNergy CONvergence) conference I spoke at was a classic model of a power elite hierarchy with everyone wired together in sophisticated communication networks that profiles everyone’s involvement in compartmentalized categories of interest, divided in segments of a wheel. The hub of that wheel – the gatekeepers to this network – are the intellectual elite and power elite who cherry pick the best ideas for themselves while blocking activists who challenge the 1%’s order of things.

I don’t mean to sound harsh. It took me years of research to sort out the backers of this agenda, like DARPA, that were deeply involved in the development of the Internet for surveillance and control purposes, as has become self-evident with the Snowden revelations.

Edward Snowden and Laura Poitras:
Taking on America's Runaway Surveillance State

The Nation ~ May 8th, 2014
Excerpt: "The question we have to ask ourselves is:
      When they committed these crimes…
              when James Clapper committed a crime by
                 by lying under oath to the American people,
       were they actually held accountable?"


What was shocking to me is how the recent worldwide Thrive Movement utilizes virtually the same communications hub model that Barbara Marx promoted in 1974. Both lack a neutral communications interface that liberates the gatekeeper function of who controls access to everyone else.

The Thrive narrative is brilliant for exposing the 1% versus the 99% but provides no real-time interactive communication solution to resolve the core problem we now see challenging Net neutrality and a global Bill of Rights.

"A Bill of Rights is what the people are entitled to
 against every government on Earth...
 and what no just government should refuse."
~ Thomas Jefferson in a Letter to James Madison,
Paris, Dec. 20, 1787

The prescient and prophetic Jefferson warned us. He understood the challenge to universal RIGHTS in the public SPHERE.

How we navigate our new instant-everywhere and interactive Net reality is how we get our act together as the Family of Mankind. But I digress.

I began my concluding remarks at the 1974 SYNCON Future’s Summit by saying that all social problems in the world are basically communication problems – how we come into unity though public consensus with well-informed choice, the hallmark of democratic civilization. This was the Founder’s vision of ‘Unity-in-diversity’, the Latin equivalent of “E Pluribus Unum” (Out of Many, One), featured on the Great Seal of the United States on the podium that I stood behind.

I went on to explain the communications reality of the day with satellite downlinks to cable TV stations nationwide. Those stations had just been mandated by federal government to provide three public access channels on each cable TV station.

The celebration of America’s Revolution I proposed was an electronic space age upgrade of America’s horse-and-buggy representation system, explaining how installed and operational communications technology could be integrated to update core freedoms of speech, assembly, press, and the right to make public government accountable to the public purpose it was created to serve.

I explained how Americans could now originate programs on public access TV, the new ‘printing press’ for mass communications. This could update ‘Freedom of Assembly’ – electronic town hall meetings – with real-time interaction of the public in their homes, utilizing their touch-tone telephone to dial into the minicomputer at the cable TV station.  By inputting 3 numbers in sequence at any moment of a public access program, the minicomputer could process that input into a 3-D ‘cube’ infographic in the lower corner of the show you are watching. Those three numbers represent the three dimensions of each one’s cognitive functions from upper brain to lower brain, left brain to right brain, and forebrain (foresight) to hindsight.

The value of such interaction is to 'cross-reference' public consensus at any time during a program and as a whole. By highlighting collective response to content, the core concept of 'representative government' is upgraded with real-time context and meaning individually and collectively.

Voting every few years should no longer be subservient to an anachronistic system that is rigged with no public option for the Web we want.

That process takes some explaining: how the origination and evaluation of programs with this process could involve and evolve our individual and collective-social conscience, a process called ‘information’s ecology’ that recycles general knowledge in the way that distills specific wisdom with the dimensional language of consciousness at the quintessential foundation of self-governance.

So I handed out ten papers explaining this process for celebrating an All-American revolution in higher consciousness with the language of consciousness that I first published in 1973 as ‘Spiritual Geometry’*(5).  All the Fed-gov agency reps wanted the concept's debriefing but none would look me in the eye when they got it.

With the Future Summit concluding right after my delivery, a junior college vice-president from New York City came up to me, introduced himself, and said that, “The problem with this is that it would eliminate bureaucracy”, his eyes widening as he continued, “and you’re not going to hear from these ten agencies of the government.”

That was 40 years ago. I didn’t realize that government was a growth industry that didn't want public accountability.  But when I returned to my home in Ohio, I did realize what that new clicking sound was when I picked up the phone.

Over the last 40 years I have witnessed a global communications revolution as the personal computer became an extension of the brain just as clothes are an extension of the skin, cars are an extension of the feet, and TV is an extension of our eyes and ears. Then I witnessed how the computer became the network of computers with the Internet connecting personal computers like brain cells that are networked in a global brain.

Now I am witness to billions of global Netizens who are connecting with a new Net reality – a new consciousness of ourselves as a whole – as they connect to the Internet through smart phones, tablets, lap-tops and desk-top computers.

What I envisioned in 1974 with interactive CATV networks is now emerging as the next phase of the computer/Internet revolution; a whole systems upgrade*(6) for the Web we want.

There are approximately 7.2+ billion global citizens today, and about half of 'Classroom Earth' -- more than 3 billion global Netizens – are now connecting to the Internet according to a recent presentation on growth statistics (PDF file) at the International Mobile Conference in Berlin

What we do to the web of consciousness
is what we do to ourselves as a WHOLE;
the Family of Mankind in a global village.

Consider that it took 12 years of the Internet revolution for 1.25 billion global Netizens to connect in an instant-everywhere and interactive way. But then it took only 6 years more to reach 2.6 billion Internet users. And in just the last three years we now see more than half the world's population sharing the worldwide web of consciousness.

That’s why Net neutrality is such a huge issue that has reached critical mass. Global freedom, opportunity and justice for all is naturally at the heart of the process whereby we create the Web we want.

Recently, the FCC's Michael O’Rielly, one of two Republican commissioners sworn into office last November, warned against the commission using what he called "newly invented authority to regulate the Internet." Of course, this admission that the FCC "invented” new authority to regulate the Internet is telling the world that the Federal Communications Commission intends to regulate Net neutrality or otherwise control social consciousness in our ubiquitous social networks.

That’s not a conspiracy.  It’s the intent of powerful corporate interests that have a vested interest – an agenda – to control the narrative of free-open information in the new global commons. In other words, they want the power to be the ‘gatekeeper’ of knowledge power without Constitutional principles that honor our Five Core Freedoms*(7), core of the Bill of Rights.

In short, they want to seize power, block politically incorrect websites like the power elite do in China, and control the news narrative like they do in the mainstream media in the U.S.

See: Media Consolidation - The Illusion of Choice*(8)

Since theCitizens Uniteddecision by the Supreme Court, corporate law has openly trumped Constitutional law, giving rights to giant impersonal corporations as if they were individual citizens.

A Pandora’s Box of big money influence peddling has thus been opened wide.
We already had big lobbies on Capital Hill influencing legislators 365 days a year while the public gets to vote every few years. Plus, the revolving door between officers in regulatory agencies like the FCC, and officers in the giant media cartels they supposedly regulate, is well known. Now that corruption is blatant.

Neutrality and Net reality suffers with such a system. Some would say it is gone, and that only a devastating world war or global cataclysm will end the out-of-control plunder of public prosperity by power elite potentates who are ethical infants. But that victim dictum misses the point that was famously expressed by President Kennedy: “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”

Well informed choice is the free-will imperative of
the prime directive; to know better and do better.

The ‘scales of justice’ must balance private rights
in the public sphere with public communications
- co-creation of, by and for social conscience -
as will check and balance self-serving interests
with public serving virtues that are best for all.
That uncommon virtue will only become common
when the court of public opinion is honored with
                          Net neutrality.
Without that vision of virtue and vow with valor for
the victory of social conscience in social networks,
justice is corrupted; tyranny rules; people perish.

Corporations are NOT people. They are organized
to serve stockholders 1st when profits are at stake
while shielding those stakeholders from corporate
accountability for policies that may plunder public
prosperity, causing public austerity, profiting from
public disease in the name of health care, or even
making a killing on endless global war in the name
of protection from our greatest fears of insecurity.

In the larger scheme of 'Classroom Earth' as a platform for the evolution of souls, there is no security without purity. It is pure intention that focuses attention with love’s retention for conscious ascension in a dimension where ‘love one another’ naturally rules; the golden rule/law language for every golden age in history.

With Net neutrality, that’s our future; the Web we all want. Without that vision of, by and for a global revolution in higher consciousness, civility disintegrates.  We can either get our act together through peaceful revolution, or we can get there the hard way through violent revolution, chaos and suffering.

The easy way is TLC – the heart of TeLeComm mediated via Heartware*(9), the integration of heart coherence*(10) and mind congruence*(11) with a neutral-interactive interface for real-time mass-to-mass TeLeComm in our local and global social networks. It’s not rocket science. It is natural law integrity at the heart of the quantum field*(12).

The quantum science of heart coherence*(13), pioneered by Dan Winter and popularized by the Heartmath Institute, has sparked a peaceful revolution in the collective Conscience of the global brain. Quantum science*(14) is now pioneering quantum computing with an understanding of coherence as the heart of 'smart'.  The electromagnetic field of the heart is thousands of times stronger than the EKG fields of the brain. And quantum science tells us that the fractal fabric of the holographic universe*(15) is held together by the golden ratio nature of coherence from the atomic to the galactic. Call it ‘cosmic love’ at the heart of natural-universal ‘cosmic law’ that frames the order of the universe.

Back at the turn of the millennium, after pioneering quantum medicine*(16) in my
3rd holistic healing center, I upgraded my Capitol Hill presentation with Heartware™ -- the integration of hardware, software and netware -- to define the next phase of mass-to-mass interaction at the heart of the global computer-Internet revolution.

Heart coherence is the ‘right brain’ standard for Heartware™ that is now included with the 3-number interactive interface introduced in 1974, which corresponds to the left-brain logic that recognizes patterns in the 3D holodeck infographic as represents the field of consciousness from upper brain to lower brain, left brain to right brain, and forebrain to rear brain… both “individually” (a blinking dot in the holodeck cube) and “collectively” (the field of dots around the 3D axis).

The first dimension number represents your first impression of content at any part of a program you are evaluating with Heartware™; whether the program is over your head or below your threshold of cognitive tolerance. Each dimension is a polarity relationship of either balance at the center (a circle, number 0) or a sense of separation from that ‘O-point” on a 1-9 scale with increasing levels of separation from the center “I am One’ with the message.

This is explained, as well as the other two dimensions, at ‘Light Language’*(17), a neutral ‘natural law’ model of e-valuation criteria for mass-to-mass interaction. It has come a long way since 1974, and its potential as cultural DNA is now easier to comprehend; THE VISION*(18) of a universal interface for global TeLeComm.

So how does this resolve the core issue of Net neutrality for global justice?

Whatever regulates Net neutrality access to free-open communications in our social networks will define our social conscience. If that neutrality becomes biased or otherwise unbalanced without a self-governing system of checks and balances, that imbalance becomes self-evident as special interests that have a vested interest in power to profit at the expense of the public's profit in the common sense of common-universal laws of, by and for the common wealth.

So what choice does global humanity now have?  Is it true that Heartware™ could provide a neutral interface gatekeeper for real-time interactive TeLeComm?  Are you aware that mediation of global Net media will only be as effective as the intelligence at the heart of a neutral interactive interface 'gate'? And would you agree that Heartware™ could achieve this in a non-biased way that optimizes core Constitutional RIGHTS in the public SPHERE for CO-CREATING with 'TLC'?


Universal Rights Public Sphere =  Co-Creating:  Global TeLeComm 

All “Rights” ( ) Well “Rounded” () & “Synergized” ( )
  with the healthy, holistic and otherwise holy “whole” (
in all five archetypal dimensions of universal-cosmic

This is the ‘Constitution of Conscience*(19), pure geometry archetypes
that represent the “Law of the Angles” (Geometric Ordered Divinity)
framing the “
Language of the Angels” (our better nature), at the
heart of the operating system for Heartware

This concept is challenging for paradigm paralysis of those who don’t think in multi-dimensional ways. It’s like trying to explain the Internet BEFORE the Internet. It doesn’t compute for those who can't conceive, believe or achieve THE VISION.

Perhaps the best way to explain Net neutrality is what it is NOT:

It is NOT Internet access that is more expensive for some based on whatever the market will bear, or ability to pay.  That just aggravates the extreme wealth inequality between the 1% and the 99% as brilliantly explained in this video:

(more than 15 million views)

Net neutrality is NOT meant to control the free-flow of information to the public at large.  The ‘gatekeeper function’ of who controls access to social networks should NOT be a government or corporate cartels or government-corporate collusion that wants to keep informed choice FROM the public rather than of, by and for all of 'US', the United Sovereigns of Earth; all Netizens in our global village.

Net neutrality is NOT meant to program the mass mind with one-way, highly centralized mass programming of the mass mind with no feedback. The intent of Net neutrality is for highly decentralized involvement with real-time live capabilities for mass-to-mass interaction as is optimized with Heartware™.

Net neutrality is NOT an agenda to create cognitive dissonance and bankrupt morality as undermines social conscience. It cultures Net reality with a heart.

Net neutrality is NOT meant to compartmentalize and disconnect the public from each other. Just the opposite.  The intent of Net neutrality is to liberate, integrate and enlighten our collective consciousness… defining, refining, combining (synergizing) and shining our gifts and talents to co-create a better world as depicted in the following video.

This video is considered the best video on the Internet
by many people who have billed it as such. See why.

"God is what happens when humanity gets connected...
people connected can create a new world...
each one of us is a creator but together
we are THE creator."
~ Jim Gilliam

Good information wants to be free for co-Creation with well-informed choice.

The more information we have, the greater is the need to get it all in order…
.  Information overload can be just as debilitating as sensory deprivation. The process of recycling the origination and evaluation of communications with Heartware™ represents global humanity’s conscious evolution process whereby the best and brightest bring us into unity.
When this process -- information's ecology -- is a voluntary and open-neutral process, the best and brightest communicators with something 'enlightened' to say will thrive, enlightened humanity will thrive and self-eficonscious evolution of, by and for global community with conscientious common sense thrives. Without it, devolution with tyranny results.

The core issue of ‘Net neutrality’ in simple terms is thus the same ‘gatekeeper’ issue that was never resolved by the government mandate of public access channels when cable TV was wiring the nation back in the 70’s. More recently, it the same issue of government health care mandates that require insurance middleman who increase the cost and limit public access to well-informed choice as could now be a free online global nonprofit service with Universal Self Care*(20).

If the leader of the free world doesn’t mandate Net neutrality with a neutral gate-keeper interface as defined by Heartware™, we will see the inordinate love of power further out of balance with the ordained power of love.

"Where love rules, there is no will to power. 
And where power predominates, there love is lacking. 
The one is the shadow of the other."

~ Father of Modern Psychology, Carl Gustav Jung

If the “keeper of the gateway” to local/global Net reality is biased with a control agenda, the interaction between Netizens in our global village is skewered, manipulated and otherwise controlled by whoever interferes with global freedoms of assembly, speech, religion, “press” (web publishing) and the right to petition government for adjudication of grievances.

We Still Have Horse and Buggy Systems of Representation
in the Instant-Everywhere and interactive
Global Internet Age.

In a global village of interactive social networks that have the power to culture social Conscience of a more enlightened nature, the vital concept of enlightened self-governance for global Netizens hinges on a free and open Internet. If America doesn’t lead the way to Net neutrality, who will?

Our new Net reality is only as good as Net neutrality.  It's one thing for 3 billion global Netizens to have smartphones, tablets, laptops or desktop computers.  That's only the hardware, software and netware for connecting to the worldwide web.  But without Net neutrality, we see governments like Communist China that outlaws access to foreign networks. Is it any different with Capitalist America when corporate/government collusion attempts to limit Net neutrality for the public?

Put Net neutrality in historical context.  As a core global issue now, this is the same issue of core freedoms that sparked the American Revolution with publishing of Thomas Paine's Common Sense.  The result was the Bill of Rights that set the standard for nations worldwide for the last 227 years since the Constitution’s ratification in 1789.

Now we still have a horse-and-buggy legislative system in the Internet Age.  The electoral process whereby global Netizens engage in local elections is extremely fragmented, regimented, manipulated and controlled in a wide variety of ways in different countries of the world.

Corporate media in the U.S. supports only the news that fits the narrative of the six giant media conglomerates owned by interlocked vested interests of Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Banks, and the ‘Big War’ agenda of the military-industrial complex.

That highly scripted, one-way programming narrative does not fit the facts of clean-free energy technology, holistic healing breakthroughs, social credit cooperatives and peace processes that make war profiteering obsolete.

Obviously, neither local nor national elections are open or fair when core Constitutional freedoms are manipulated or controlled by mainstream media special interest gatekeepers who have a vested interest in certain candidates for public office.  That's more obvious in national elections where big money from corporate coffers underwrites candidates who agree to serve those giant-globalist corporate interests once elected.

MUST WATCH: Ben Swann on RT News regarding corporate media and Net neutrality: "Old media is dying in this country and new media is rising."

(Skip to Ben Swann interview at 3:28 minutes)

The more we see the exponential growth of grassroots networks that liberate social conscience, the more we see corporate media's attempt to control the debate with selective coverage, disinformation and outright propaganda.

This power struggle between centralized and decentralized media is the contemporary CLASH OF WILLS between deeply entrenched moneyed power and a world wanting to breathe free with Net neutrality.


I began speaking truth to power in 1974, going on to elucidate future scenarios that clearly demonstrate working models of Heartware TLC: TeLeComm for self-governing TeLeCommunity, self-learning TeLeConscience, self-healing TeLeCare and self-employed TeLeCommerce; the Web we all want.

I’ve wanted to produce a professional YouTube video since YouTube was launched in 2005. For 40 years I’ve been developing content upgrades of the concept of Heartware™ for fulfillment of the computer/Internet revolution with a self-correcting, self-governing process as will upgrade social conscience with "Effective Sensory Perception" (TLC) in our local and global social networks.

If you appreciate this article and want to contribute, all I ask is that you forward the link to this article freely with your own recommendation.

You never know when some investor with spare change will be willing to underwrite production for a modest fraction of the action to make it so!

In the meantime, perhaps you will help with my operations cost by investing in your own optimal health with Swedish Pollen Extract that I’ve brokered into U.S. markets for 30 years.

To Your Health and the Web We Want,

~ Christopher

"When I pray for peace, I pray not only that the enemies of my own country may cease to want war, but above all that my own country will cease
to do the things that make war inevitable."
~ Thomas Merton

 The Family of Mankind in a global village;
  a ‘Unity State’ and ‘Universal Solidarity’
of, by and for Net neutrality for all “
United Sovereigns of Earth).


In the larger scheme of eternal progression
 there’s common law, patterns of perfection,
  and common language for inspired direction
   centering love within, so when we all enter in
  we find a unity state with 
one clear mandate:
either we optimize unity or we're insensate:

                      There are rules whereby Creator's intention… 
                      is self-evident to those who 
focus attention 
                      within and with all via true 
Love's retention… 
                      wising up to rise up; 
conscious ascension… 
in a United State; Co-Creation's Dimension: 

             To  with all your strength, mind, heart and soul...
            and your Netizen neighbor in our global village as thyself.



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