Continued from 'LOVE Codes Part I'


These codes for each one's 'holodeck'
also geometrize a 'Universal Interface'
for global interactive TeLeComm...
and Blueprint for a Golden Age.

The Pure Intention of

 Framing Patterns of Perfection of, by and for a
Global rEVOLUTION in Higher Consciousness

Understanding the

Look to “See” ~ Know to “BE”
Geometric Ordered Divinity


For those who would appreciate some background on the  Model, and to contextualize the big picture for listeners to, and guests on, my BBS Radio Show,
, here’s a brief overview. 

This  Model is a unique way to frame pure geometry thought forms -- called archetypes – that represent the creative learning process and the core processes of consciousness at the quintessential foundation of self governance.

These archetypes have been represented in ancient and modern maps of consciousness such as religious ritual structures, symbols, cultural memes, governmental constitutions and modern psychology.

Carl Jung, the Father of Modern psychology introduced the language of archetypes in the collective memory body of humanity. His major book for the layman called “Man and His Symbols” is the classic in this understanding of archetypes, and his contemporary, Joseph Campbell, went much deeper into this subject in his book, The Power of Myth, and his six-part series on this subject with Bill Moyers on PBS TV (available on Netflix).

The pure intention of healthy social organizations has always been the same – the “gold standard” for civility.  But now, the global village nature of our new instant-everywhere-interactive connection (Net reality) brings us all face-to-face with the need to recognize this Prime Directive as the “OS” (Operating System) for the new “GM” (Global Mind).

The original gold standard for culturing civilization is the “currency of conscience” that will naturally reboot our collective consciousness in the image and likeness of the golden rule/law language for every golden age in cosmic history.  Some things just don’t change.

"It is at all times necessary, 
and more particularly so during the progress of a revolution 
and until right ideas confirm themselves by habit, 
that we frequently refresh our patriotism 
by reference to First Principles."

- by Thomas Paine who sparked the American Revolution
COMMON SENSE, the most successful political  
pamphlet in history; the name and 
flame are the same.

It was the currency of conscience that sparked the American Revolution with COMMON SENSE.  And it the reboot of core Constitutional freedoms – with a global village upgrade of First Principles – that will finish what U.S. Founders began.

"The cause of America is in a great measure
the cause of all mankind.
We have it in our power to begin the world over again."
- Thomas Paine, Common Sense, 1776

COMMON SENSE II of, by and for "We the People"
The Prime Directive for a Global r
 in Higher Consciousness
(Culturing the Angels of our Better Nature / Kind Men Among Man Kind)
for the United Sovereigns of Earth.

The upgraded love message for the next Great Cycle of 2000 years is as timely as was “love thy neighbor as thyself” during the last Great Cycle since the birth of Christ.  It’s a global issue now, and our new Net reality compels that we embrace the self-evident value of this Prime Directive to culture social conscience in our ubiquitous social networks.

This is the Prime Directive to fulfill the Law of  with the potential of the new “GM” (Global Mind), to optimize informed choice with:

Global “knowledge power” (omnipotence);
Worldwide “wisdom” (omniscience);
Omnipresent “caring” (for our humanity)
that utilizes interactive capabilities of informed choice
 that cultures the power of wisdom with 

To optimize breakthrough capabilities of
mass-to-mass TeLeComm with the
Inner Family Archetypes as
the interactive interface 
“between our ears”.

You can’t give what you don’t have.
Know thyself – 
to heal thy self– for a healthy self.

And then remember that
 is for giving
for getting.

The higher one's concept of this "universal law language", the greater the results in terms of personal and planetary rEVOLUTION.  That's the global issue of issues right now... on the network of networks - the Mother of all networks - the Internet.

The Prime Directive is coded in the  Model framework of geometrized archetypes for the Family of Man as the Galactic Shift accelerates with the surge in the Source Field.

   Law of the One  ne in :

love for networking
a web of light -- all lightworkers
through one interactive "
" interface for
TeLeComm-unity that involves
and evolves our individual and collective 
with those principles and processes of, by and for the
 unity-in-diversity that is most likely to culture our safety
and happiness in the evolutionary ascent of souls
as we link the light of conscientious common
sense -- 
Effective Sensory Perception --
with the language of the angels of
our better loving nature at
the heart of each

The full circle in the  Model – the  in  – represents the law of the one.  This is the nature of unconditional love of a free unfettered spherical nature which is the pure intention behind the Prime Directive and all organized religion.  This feminine principle of all-inclusive perative  is the Spirit of the Great Sphere – Mother Earth – who nurtures our understanding of unity in diversity… like the Mother of all networks – the Internet – that is still at an adolescent stage in its evolution of social conscience in our social networks.  In the science of the soul, the “” represents the Great Spirit,  without end, sometimes called the “I Am Presence” that connects each soul with the same source of divine Love that ultimately connects all souls. 

You’ll notice that all the geometrized characters in the  Model have a circle representing either the larger “” (Oneness) or a smaller representation of this reference to “atONEment” (atonement) in the “two-in-one” (), the “three-in-one” () and the “four-in-one” ().  Same Law of the ne in all dimensions of :

    Law of the Two-in-One ~ “Polarity” in :

The "aw" of LOVE frames                                            
 the order of the universe as                                            
information in formation that                                           
 is holographically holistic in                                            
     the all-connected sense of           "
" ~ aw                 
natural-universal principles                                           
- universal law language -                                           
that "squares" all four dimensions in the currency of
 with the "fire in the middle" (pyra~mid)
holistically evolving the spiritual, mental, emotional 
and physical components to the capstone in order
to define, refine, combine-synergize and "shine" the
the whole~healthy~holistic~holographic~holy spirit
  at the heart of the "
ogos" (ogic~aw) of LOVE.

The  in the  Model represents the principle of two-in-ne as in polarity rather than duality.  Polarity is like the relationship of Alpha and Omega, spirit and matter, or the masculine and feminine principles of Yang and Yin in all creation.  In the biological model of healthy brain functions, polarity is a good relationship between the inear, ogical eft brain, and the non-linear “spherical” (intuitive~) right brain.  The eft brain corresponds to “self-image” (the way we see ourselves) just as the right brain corresponds to “self-esteem” (how we feel about ourselves)… as a WHOLE (two-in-ne).  High self esteem has a good self image just as a good self image has high self esteem; two-in-ne.

The consequences for this rule are as inexorable as cause and effect, stimulus and response, reaping what we sow with the knowledge that for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction.

Polarity is the proactive nature of  that represents forward thinking in good faith as in “good consequences to look forward to.”

The positive aspect of polarity is an upward spiral of consciousness into higher brain functions of reason and discernment. Conversely, the negative aspect of duality is a sense of separation or “backsliding” (from good faith) into fears that create a downward spiral into lower brain functions of the “R-complex” (reptilian brain) of a reactive fight or flight nature.  That’s the fear-based negativity of anger, jealousy, resentment and revenge that divides to conquer public allegiance to public options of a more enlightened nature.

For a good example of what an upward spiral in the new “GM” (Global Mind) will look like, see, “Universal Self Care”.  Note how mass negativity, with all kinds of frightful scenarios of health reform, never give attention to such self-evident global solutions to health care.

Mastery of polarity as an upward spiral of evolutionary ascent is the end of the downward spiral of mass negativity in duality.  This is the highest expression of the  as the two-in-ne INNER SENSE (of innocence) accelerates a global rEVOLUTION as mass awakening -- the 'Big Dimensional Shift'.

    Law of the Three-in-One ~ “Synergy” in :

 The world is a global platform for evolution of souls.
The evolution of global "Net reality" now requires 
a global upgrade of  core freedoms  whereby
self-government of, by and for all people
honors the principle of common law
with  the  common  language of
 "light" and "universal law"
as will resurrect the
heart, mind and

holy spirit

in the

The in the  model represents the three-in-ne of the whole-healthy-holy trinity.  This represents the universal law/language process whereby the linear  principle of conditional love co-creates with the non-linear  principle of unconditional love, synergizing a synthesis that is greater than the sum of the parts.  This is the process whereby Loving Fatherand Loving Mother create their “offspring” as Loving Boychild or Loving Girlchild 
(Inner Family Archetypes).  The greater the 
 in the trinity, the greater the synergy.

It’s like the relationship of the linear-logical left brain () and the nonlinear intuitive right brain (). When they co-perate in the spirit of , there is an upward spiral of consciousness into the higher brain functions of co-Creation in the image and likeness of G.O.D.~ .

It is also the creative learning process whereby the co-Operation of and  learning styles are in “balance” () to create a “3-fold flame” that is greater than the sum of the 3 parts.

Law of the Four-in-One ~ “Integration” in :

The  in the  model is like looking down on the four sides of the “Pyramid of Self” (spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically) or the “Pyramid of Civilization” (Government, Education, Health Care and the Economy).

The PLAN~, looking down on the "pyramid" of
self and civilization, is the 2-D cross-referencing
of the "3-fold flame" (
++) in all 4 quadrant
sides of the pyramid.  This plan (design) is also
a universal symbol as "model and metaphor" for
what Christian mysticism refers to as "the plan"
for the "City 4-square" (4-square gospel) and as
depicted in Hopi and Tibetan sand painting as a
mandalic visualization of the timeless archetypes
that the father of modern psychology, Carl Jung,
conceived as the 4 universal frames of reference
that qualify the key processes of consciousness.
This "plan" (conceptual construct) is also a view
 of the 3-D "cosmic cube" that references the 4-D
 centered~connected synchronicity (in time) as the
  "capstone" (whol
ness) geometrizing 5-D vision.

The 'Inner Family Archetypes' are an advanced teaching on this holistic integration of the Four Archetypal Principles of  as also seen in the 'Four Directions' and 'Four Ways of Perceiving Time - same archetypes.

 Understanding the Inner Family Archetypes

The 'Inner Family' is the 'Inner Sense' of 'Innocence' with objective 'In Sight' regarding the archetypal role of both a child and parent within all of us... and with both gender roles... and within 5-D Conscience as includes gradations of consciousness from the unconscious and subconscious to the conscious and superconscious.
This understanding is for initiates with pure intention to know better and do better with 'Over View' of 'In Sight' for 'Out Look'... the way that Global Netizens see a world of enlightened love manifesting...
in order to 'Make it So!'

Yes... you have to work at it... like any muscle that you've got to use or you lose it. A lot of people are losing it. You  have the choice to use it - your conscientious common sense - or lose it.

More light => less darkness and dimwit "DUH"
(Dense, Unconscious & Heartless)

We, all play these 'Inner Family' roles over, and over, until we learn the lesson of ' is for giving'... with enough enlightened empathy to let go of all divisive-DUH consciousness and let God with ADEPT mastery of the Power of Love.

I AM Mother, Father, little girl, and little boy, and nobody is any different than G.O.D.~ 'I AM' at every core soul level of common sense unity conscience where we all enjoy the same Mystical Heaven sensibilities - Effective Sensory Perception - a magical portal to miracle atONEment (atonement) as a Unity Conscience that reflects and perfect the abundant, timeless, inviolate, and indivisible ONENESS... with liberty and justice for all of 'US' United Sovereigns of Earth.

Four Archetypes Representing…

The four quadrants of the circle of wholeness
have been known since ancient times as
a representation of ALL THAT IS… 
“the four directions” (winds of change);
“four cardinal signs” (global astrology);
   “Father, Son, Holy Spirit, Mother” 
(Western Godhead);

“Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, Shakti” (Hindu Godhead);
  “Spiritual Fire, Mental Air, Emotional Water, and
physical Earth (archetypes in the 4 quads)

This all translates as the blueprint for the
wholeness coordinates representing
the four dimensions (sides) of the
Inner Family Archetypes
that are all integrated in the 
“capstone” (center) that is
greater than the sum
 of archetypal parts.


  Supraconscious "Father" ~ the Law of BEING 
The highest and best that you aspire to
 BE and SEE as “conditional 

     Conscious “boychild” ~ Understanding the Law
Your ‘can do’ attitude to achieve your
highest & best expression of 
[See  originals: 1973 and 1975]

  Subconscious "Mother" ~ the Law in Action 
Caring enough to nurture and sustain the
energy-in-motion (emotion) of 

     Unconscious “girlchild” ~ Fulfillment of the Law
  Intuitive knowing is the gift of the holy spirit
that gives discernment between the lines;
  fulfilling the Law-Spirit of 

Since the prevailing conscious awareness of most Americans and western civilization is the “boychild” archetype -- with an entrepreneurial “can do” spirit that can do anything with our God-given rights --  a good way to explain the Inner Family Archetypes to most Americans is from the perspective of “Loving Boychild”.
(See: 'The Hero With A Thousand Faces' ~Joseph Campbell

Consider how loved boychild sees the great adventure of life
as the quest for self mastery - the upward path of up-wising and up-rising - the rEVOLUTIONARY ascent 'home' to
one Loving Family.

'Loving Father' 
The conditional love of Loving Father
is simply to assert the rule of law
whereby the law of
us accountable to universal order
and "harmony of the spheres"
(heart coherence).

“Be ye therefore perfect, even as
   your Father in Heaven is perfect.”

As You Look to SEE … Know to BE
Geometrically Ordered Divinity

(Prime Directive /  Model)

'Loving Mother'
is at heart, the wisdom of emotional intelligence
with understanding of the full meaning of
-- and consequences for lack of --
responsibility for the universal law 
language of 
 without end:

“To love with all your heart and all your mind and all your strength,
and your Netizen Neighbor in our global village as thyself.”

“The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.”
~ archetype of the Divine Mother, rocking the
cradle of global civilization.

'Loving Boychild'
is simply to have a vision and 
co-create one’s self-image in
the likeness of divine 

“All these things I’ve done, even greater things
shall ye do, because my empowering wisdom 
is with you when you love fully.”

Conscience is what conscience does.”
~ the Ascended Forest Gumption

'Loving Girlchild'
is simply to know inspiration and
co-create one’s self-esteem with
a good feeling about the plan and 
purpose of order and harmony as
resonates with the holy spirit of

“Trust your intuition Luke. 
     May the force be with you.”

When the holy spirit of -in-action is the rule,
Higher Power-in-


For more information on Inner Family Archetypes,
and to get an excellent book on the subject,
go to .

I highly recommend their in-depth training services for those who would
 fully know thy Self  in order to heal thy Self  for a healthy Self  
that can pass the torch to others.

For more on the 'cosmic code' in Liberty's name and flame,
see: The Vision Goes Mainstream
~ CR