A 3-D Thoughtform for Awakening Conscience

by Christopher Rudy

Three Dimensions of Balanced Powers in the “Cosmic Cube”
aka "The New Jerusalem" as referenced in Revelations:

New Jerusalem as described in Revelation 21:10-11, 16 as follows:
"And he carried me away in the spirit to a great and high mountain,
and shewed me that great city, the holy Jerusalem, descending out of heaven from God.
Having the glory of God: and her light was like unto a stone most precious,
even like a jasper stone, clear as crystal...
And the city lieth foursquare, and the length is as large as the breadth:
and he measured the city with the reed, twelve thousand furlongs.
The length and the breadth and the height of it are equal."


The "Cosmic Cube" is modeled on the actual design of a single molecule of gold -- a cube within a cube.
This is the "
gold standard" that spiritually represents the golden rule-law "language" of the
Angels of our better nature" () at the heart of the
Angles of G.O.D." (Geometrically Ordered Divinity).
These two frequencies -- pink and sky blue --
together create the violet frequency...
the holy spirit of love-in-action.


The PLAN~, looking down on the "pyramid" of
self and civilization, is the 2-D cross-referencing
of the "3-fold flame" (
++) in all 4 quadrant
sides of the pyramid.  This plan (design) is also
a universal symbol as "model and metaphor" for
what Christian mysticism refers to as "the plan"
for the "City 4-square" (4-square gospel) and as
depicted in Hopi and Tibetan sand painting as a
mandalic visualization of the timeless archetypes
that the father of modern psychology, Carl Jung,
conceived as the 4 universal frames of reference
that qualify the key processes of consciousness.
This "plan" (conceptual construct) is also a view
 of the 3-D "cosmic cube" that references the 4-D
 centered~connected synchronicity (in time) as the
  "capstone" (whol
ness) geometrizing 5-D vision.

See: "5 Dimensional Coordinates for Full Spectrum Conscience"


The Ascended Masters have said, via E. C. Prophet, that
the "Cosmic Cube" is the most powerful thoughtform in the
universe and the key to the ascension of the planet.


Those who have studied the natural order of the fractal universe, or "sacred geometry" (Geometrically Ordered Divinity),
will find it easier to comprehend how the 3-D version of the
Model takes the 2-D graphics to the next level.


----------- article follows:


The “Cube of Light” – A Thoughtform for Awakening Conscience


Visualize a 3-D cube floating in front of you. Consider it a “cosmic cube” that frames universal laws of light and consciousness along three dimensions of height, width and depth.  Imagine that “cube” with three corresponding scales of:


1. “brightness” (vertical dimension)... ranging from dark-unconscious "DUH" at the bottom to enlightened Conscience at the top,

2.  “color” (horizontal dimension)... representing the "full spectrum" of human thought and feeling in the "white light" at one's level,

3. "pattern recognition” (depth dimension).  The whole picture of "context" (light) and "meaning" (color) with "depth perception".


Get the picture?  This language of light and consciousness actually frames the processes of consciousness at the quintessential foundation of self-governance.  That can be quite a revelation when you get the parallel between the photomechanical process of image-making and the perceptual process that re-creates our consciousness in the image and likeness of the CREATOR/CREATIVE process.  Light control physically does indeed correspond to light control mentally.  Indeed, the "Constitution of Consciousness" follows universal laws whether we are conscious of them or not.  One doesn't have to understand the law of gravity to realize it still makes one fall when they lose balance.


The laws of light and language of consciousness is like that.  As you read this, consider how this is true and you’ll discover the real value of this vision of the Cosmic Cube as exquisite metaphor for a self-evident truth that can awaken personal and planetary conscience.  In fact, metaphoric mastery in this regard will see a fresh “parallel” -- modern day parable -- that refines as well as defines the vision and mission of “more light” with "Cosmic ".


The Net reality of the Internet’s new world “global village” today -- our instant-everywhere-interactive connection --
requires an electronic Space Age upgrade of the horse-and-buggy system of Constitutional checks and balances
regarding the use and abuse of powers.  The Cosmic Cube is the 3-D representation of "
" in , and is
the "interactive interface" (HEARTware) for
mass-to-mass TeLeComm~unity... for mass awakening with .


When the Love of Power is Balanced by the Power of

 Consider the first “vertical” dimension as the white light of divine power – the Power of Divine Love -- as it descends from higher spiritual octaves into denser dimensions of human cognition.  As that frequency "descends", it naturally challenges the relative “darkness” of "only human" frequencies of thought, feeling and behavior that loves things more than people and special powers more than moral principle.  


On this "scale" you have the "Spirit that matters" at the top and "immoral materialistic matters" at the bottom. Call it the scale from "right-to-wrong" with a balanced exposure and development of a "good picture" (truth) in the middle.  Note how this scale can be used for the real-time evaluation of Internet programs just as it can be used by yourself for CONSCIENCE of how you are conscious.


You might say that the light-intelligence of the Creator – in higher dimensions of the power of love – descends into lower dimensions where the ego’s love of power dwells in fears of all kinds characterized by the absence of greater Love. Or as the scripture says, “The light shineth in the darkness but the darkness comprehendeth it not.” 


Of course, one’s own discernment -- HOW one is conscious on this 1st scale of "light as consciousness" – is the first “gift” of the whole, holistic or otherwise “holy” spirit.  And although we can’t legislate the morality of greater Love, we can create an environment -- in the governing networks of kind men among mankind -- in which the universal law language of  can thrive.


How Central Intelligence is Balanced by Decentralized Wisdom 


As the light of the infinite-eternal intelligence of Creation descends to the “prism” of human consciousness, it refracts into all the colors of the rainbow -- the horizontal dimension of human thought and feeling.  Indeed, we “think” in images, symbols or “patterns” in the left brain that are inextricably associated with “feelings” in the right brain.


On this "scale" you have the "cool blue" intellectual spirit on the left and the "fiery" -- seeing red -- emotional spirit on the right.   Call it the scale from "left-to-right" with the enlightened wisdom color (gold) in the center of the color spectrum with the healing color "green."


Due to physiological body-mind differences (nature) and cultural conditioning (nurture), men tend to be left-brain dominant – the blue end of the spectrum --and “feel” with their thinking; logic trumps emotion.  Conversely, women tend to be right-brain dominant – the pink-to-red end of the spectrum -- and “think” with their feelings; emotions trump reason. 


The fact is that the "soul habit" of either right or left brain dominance is not restricted to one's sex or cultural programming; there are many "alpha" females and "omega" males.  To compartmentalize one's sex as a determining role is as offensive to balanced wisdom as to deny the respective virtue of both ends of the spectrum.  As with the Executive, Judicial and Legislative branches of government, one's own consciousness of alpha power, neutral wisdom and omega love are each optimized when in BALANCE.


There are indeed many feminine-sensitive souls dominating many male bodies just as there are many sharp-thinking souls dominating many female bodies.  Remember that the soul “matrix” – as a habit of believing, thinking, feeling and acting – is all that we take with us past this life into the next.  And although it may be influenced by “nature and nurture”, it is NOT gender specific or otherwise limited by one’s sex.  To think or feel otherwise is "sexist" (not wise).


True Wisdom is always a function of greater light – the brightness scale – shining through a full spectrum BALANCE of colors.  To be “balanced” is to be whole in the spectrum of consciousness… and to be “bright” is to bring more “light” to that full spectrum.


When one band of “color” (intelligence) is brighter than the others, it colors the rest of spectrum.  Everyone is naturally more gifted on certain "frequencies" of this color spectrum than others; the strength of any one band – when in excess – is an imbalance.  Wisdom is the natural balancing intelligence that has the discernment to know the difference and self-correct individually or -- given a mass-to-mass TeLeCom interface -- in the collective conscience of our social networks on the worldwide web.

On the blue end of the spectrum, you have the “cool-headed thinking” that is more tranquil and calming -- like still waters -- unless agitated by left-brain “BS” (Being Stressed).  In extreme cases of “BS” trauma, this dominance of “going mental” can be heartless (dim wits).


On the red end of the spectrum you have the “warm-hearted emotions” that, like fire, can be a good servant or a fearsome master when misqualified by inordinate passions.  In extreme, hot passions can forge one’s fetters with mindless anger that “sees red” as a habit and lacks rational reasoning.


An unbalanced mind will rationalize and justify any “BS” without conscience – the “DUH syndrome” (Dummies Unconscious & Heartless)… just as unbalanced emotions are subject to the “FUD syndrome” (Fear, Uncertainty & Doubt).  Both stem from lack of awareness of HOW one is conscious with pure intent to balance, self-correct or otherwise express greater Light and full-spectrum Love.


It’s well understood by most intelligent people that we become less reasonable when our emotions are charged with fears of a dark, traumatic or irrational nature. Obviously, the more light in the fearless power of love, the less irrational fear.  It is the light of the "Great Spirit" – call it the power of Divine Love – that centers and connects full spectrum BALANCE for the benefit of wisdom in intelligence and creative healing in our conscience.  Indeed the benefit of such BALANCE is "conscientious common sense".


True faith in the infinite-eternal light of peace and love – shining in the here and now – neutralizes the “stinking thinking” of faithless fears that go to dark extremes of terror and war without balance in the full spectrum of consciousness.


COMMON SENSE would say that we don't have the wisdom to heal that imbalance if we express the same consciousness that created the problem.  Obviously, if we do what we've always done, we'll get what we've always got.  To expect otherwise is one very good definition of the "imbalance" that some would call "insanity".


To the extent this full spectrum of thought and feeling is centered, connected or otherwise BALANCED in brightness and coloration, the wisdom color of golden yellow and the healing color of emerald green have a mediating influence at the exact center of the natural color spectrum.


Likewise, to the extent the collective conscience of humanity is mediated by -centric “TeLeComputing with a heart”, the gold standard in the Cosmic Cube creates the "emerald matrix" (mass mediation process) that will begin healing imbalanced intelligence with decentralized wisdom in the full spectrum of the collective conscience.  Common sense would say that this gold standard for TeLeComm~unity" will culture the core Constitution of every Golden Age at the heart of our instant-everywhere-interactive social networks. 



Why the Power of Our Common Sense is the Heart of Higher Power.   


The patterning of light forms an image just as the patterning of balanced conscience creates our self image in the image and likeness of one's own higher “I Am Presence” (Divine Love BEING).  It’s as simple as “God is Love” and is “for-giving”… the holy spirit of Love-in-action.  It’s as complex as the dark side of the ego that identifies more with external “BS” than the pure innocence of divine inner sense.


You might say that this is the “depth dimension” of conscientious common sense. When we are conscientious in the processing of our thoughts and feelings, we bring more “light” (awareness) to the process.  The result is that we evolve our awareness of the “full spectrum balance” that colors our perception and discernment of divine – versus “BS” -- reality. 


U.S. Founders understood this as the true meaning of “the gathering of the tribes of IS REAL among the free and independent states of America.  They understood that freedom required the moral high ground, divine inspiration and a divinely inspired system of self-governance that represented VIRTUE at the heart of a process of accountable representation.


This is the deeper meaning – the depth dimension – of "higher" (in-depth) CONSCIENCE as the standard for self-governing checks and balances.  Obviously, we can’t give to others what we don’t have for ourselves.  The ultimate virtue in the Constitution is the CONSCIENCE of virtue.  Obviously, the virtue of any system of representative government is only as good as the virtue represented.  Consent of the governed means little if the governed have no opportunity of freedom for INFORMED CONSENT that is consistent with the instant-everywhere-interactive capabilities of, by and for Net reality.


Get the picture?  The whole picture?  Imagine what will happen when public institutions that vow "the truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God" are held accountable to a global TeLeComm process that actually takes the "consent of the governed" seriously?  Why would the public want anything less that collective wisdom and healing in all our social, political and economic institutions?  Would you agree that the whole picture -- your vision of HOW that can work -- is the same catalyst for your wisdom and healing as it is for global civilization at large?


An individual, nation or global village can rise no higher than its concept of 3-D checks and balances in their consciousness, BEING and world.  When our core institutions mirror and model the "gold standard" of Cosmic geometrizing the Cosmic Cube, our 3-D reality is mastered "in time" (4th dimension).  That dimension of LOVE-in-action -- the frequency of holy spirit as in "frequently" -- naturally connects our collective conscience at the "balance point of wisdom" (capstone) at the center of the "pyramids" (intersecting at the center of the cube).


This may be a conceptual leap for some readers but let's just say that conscious awareness of the processes of consciousness naturally involves and evolves the process whereby greater 3-D consciousness -- integrated with a sense of "harmony-in-time" (4-D) -- centers and connects a "capstone" (5-D) perspective that truly represents the Gold Standard for a Golden Age.


Common sense would say that there is no upward-mobile evolution of self or civilization without pure intent for self-regulating checks and balances in our individual and collective consciousness.  And the better the "depth perception" that conveys the meaning, virtue and purpose of, by and for universal  in the process, the better that process works to culture the Gold Standard for the evolutionary ascent of one's soul and civilization at large.


Why is that process for evolving “depth perception” so important?  Do you “get the picture” of what EVERYONE really wants?  Would you agree that wholeness and healing of ALL our social, political and economic institution will follow from abundant  that raises the standard of interactive mass communication and our consequent CONSCIENCE?


Indeed, the very foundation of self-governance – the processes of light and coloration that define checks and balances in the Constitution of Consciousness – is a reflection and perfection of the balanced roles of “Executive” (power-blue), Judicial (golden-wisdom) and Legislative (pink-love) branches of the Constitution.


A global upgrade of the Constitution of Common Sense will institute a 4th branch of self-governing intelligence – the mediating influence of the emerald green band of the healing spectrum – that will help mediate the mass media’s collective consciousness with the wisdom and healing power of full-spectrum balance expressed in form and frequency… as in “frequently”.


Those who have 2nd sight or utilize Kirlian photography can see the human aura, studies of which have shown that emerald green is seen in the auras of healers, truth-tellers and inspired mediators.  This color is the blend of true spiritual power (sky blue) with the golden yellow color of wisdom seen in the auric halo’s of enlightened spiritual beings. 


These four components to the “capstone vision” – the four blue, yellow, pink and emerald green components geometrized in the  Model – is the “cosmic cube” frame of reference for “HEARTware™” just as the frequency of holy compassion centers this frame of reference with “HeartLink™”. 


The depth dimension of “pattern recognition” (depth perception) can thus be “centered” at the heart of the “cosmic cube”, utilizing a simple biofeedback connection -- an audio clip-on monitor over the heart’s shirt pocket -- with a HeartLink™ computer display in the lower left-hand corner of the your computer monitor that lets you know with graphics and sound when you are actually in the frequency of Divine Love,


The vision alone of this interactive interface for culturing Net reality with “decentralized” (full spectrum) intelligence – how it works to enlighten or otherwise brighten the full spectrum of higher conscience – will be a catharsis for wholeness and healing


Indeed, for those who fully comprehend the practical implications for personal and planetary self-governance, the vision of -centric mediation will provide the catalyst for a self-fulfilling prophecy.


In summary…


The redirecting of the energies of global civilization on a path of holistic healing begins with a whole or otherwise “holy” system of virtue-centric self-governance.  The promise of the “rainbow” has always been the “arch” of full spectrum CONSCIENCE that saves mankind from our own self-destructive “BS”.


The full spectrum brightness of a Higher Power is the governing power of the universe.  There are universal laws framing the universal language of light and consciousness in the image and likeness of Cosmic LOVE.  Higher CONSCIENCE of this "languaging" of consciousness naturally improves the self-learning, self-healing, self-correcting "self-governance" of any individual utilizing this "currency" of the Gold Standard.  And not only does it provide a "DNA blueprint" for rebooting one's own DNA with wisdom and healing, but also, the same process can provide "cultural DNA" that nurtures higher intelligence and harmonizing energies to the governing networks of humanity.


Where our fully conscious energies are directed, that’s where we go with our virtues – the high end of values – which is the heart of “worth-ship” – the core meaning of the abbreviated “worship”.  In early America – with so many immigrants with so many languages, the “th” in “worth ship” was often awkward to pronounce as it is slurred together as you say “worth ship”.  The expression naturally morphed from "worth ship" to the word "worship".


It’s important to emphasize that everyone knew what “worship” meant back then.  The “gathering of the tribes of IS REAL meant something back then.  It was the American ideal that extolled the virtue of genuine freedom.  The American Revolution championed this meaning.  It was preached in the pulpits of all the many religions in the colonies.  Everyone was united in the worth of freedom and the self-worth that identified with eternal worth to the extent of risking one’s temporal life to fight for a higher standard of self-governance.


Think about that.  What greater way to demonstrated one’s virtue and honor than to make a stand for spiritual principles of divine light, a divinely inspired Constitution, and checks and balances on the use and abuse of power?  Has anything REALLY changed except for mass-mediation capabilities that require an upgrade of our horse-and-buggy representation process for Space Age Net reality... to culture all that IS REAL


What true patriot of virtue and honor would not consecrate their life to this greater cause of COMMON SENSE with “do or die” commitment to its victory?


As I referenced above, the 4th branch of self-governance will bring wholeness and healing to the process of balancing “what we love” in three dimensions... to provide a 4th dimensional frame of reference "in time"... that assembles the components to the capstone VISION of wisdom and healing.  That 5th dimension of spiritual balance -- the greater  dimension -- will in fact harmonize and heal the 3-D awareness of “physical reality” with balanced thought, feeling and actions that reflect the “Big Picture” of the "Next Big Shift" in the computer/Internet rEVOLUTON.


Where these three dimensions of universal law-language intersect -- on the scale of brightness, color and depth of meaning – is the whole point of the  Model.  It’s the point of awareness, like a dot on the x-y-z coordinate axis of the “cosmic cube”. 


To the extent you can fully grasp and hold this visualization of the cosmic cube in the 3-dimensions of your physical brain -- the infrastructure of the mind's processing of "light" (brightness) and "color" (full-spectrum wisdom) -- guess what happens?  It's called becoming fully aware of HOW you are conscious.  And the more you do this through meditative "mediation" of your own consciousness...  guess what happens?  Here a clue: What's the opposite of FUD and DUH as a virtual "mind-control" policy of power elite giants who are ethical infants?


Now take it to the next level.  What happens when that visualization -- and a heart-centric meditative mediation process -- provides a universal interface for Net reality?  What happens when the natural evolution of the computer/Internet revolution begins to check and balance Net reality with an electronic upgrade of the Rights of Man in the Bill of Rights?  What happens when the Next Big Thing after hardware (IBM), software (Microsoft) and netware (Netscape) are all integrated with HEARTware?


That's when the "cosmic cube" represents the highest and best intent of global enlightenment.  This is what happens when the vertical dimension of brightness, the horizontal dimension of full spectrum coloration, and the depth dimension of “pattern recognition” (MEANING, VIRTUE AND PURPOSE) are holistically integrated with whol-E (holy) compassion in ALL dimensions of E-governance, E-learning, E-healing, E-business, etc.  This "E" -- for "Evolution" through "cyberEthics" "E-valuation" criteria -- is the Fourth Wave -- see -- in the computer/Internet revolution.


In other words, when this wisdom-generating thoughtform for individual "E-lightenment" is applied to "cyberEthics" (Net reality)... COMMON SENSE for a revolution in personal and planetary "sovereignty" (freedom and opportunity) takes on wholly new-improved meaning, virtue and purpose.


Indeed, this is the purpose of the "Cosmic Cube" as can be visualized with a 3-D graphic at the bottom-right window of your computer screen that can provide “real time” (instant) feedback inputted with 3 numbers in sequence from the number keypad below the window on your screen. 


If you can “connect the dots” – how the process produces wisdom as the three dimensions define a dot within the cube – and how that point of reference can qualify thought and feeling with each and all's language of consciousness itself – perhaps you can appreciate how the Next Big Thing in the computer/Internet revolution will “take heart”... process programs in our social networks "in time" (full length e-valuation of programs)... and provide instant analysis with the collective wisdom in the unified field of dots-in-the-cube at any one moment or time frame within a program.


Imagine the portents for YouTube and other social networks that are now providing video programming worldwide on the Internet.  Everyone will be able to provide "instant analysis" (E-valuation) during a program and then review their "dot matrix" in the "Cosmic Cube" to see how the context and meaning at any one time -- or time segment-per-context -- reflects the balanced dimensions of our collective conscience.


Enlightened Netizens will quickly "connect the dots" with the ability to originate new videos that utilize this "light language" to provide enlightened perspective on the "context and meaning" within any time frame of a program in a social network.  Since this cyberEthics E-valuation criteria qualifies the language of consciousness, it will involve and evolve our individual and collective conscience as this process of "information's ecology" recycles general knowledge with the gold standard -- wisdom.


Indeed, a -centric process for originating and evaluation the programs that shape our Net reality will naturally align thought processes with the frequency of LOVE-in-action; a synergy of the frequency and form as both universal "language of the angels" (our better nature) and "law of the angles" (Geometrically Ordered Divinity).  This process "re-minds" us of the truly universal laws of “light” at the quintessential foundation of self-governing consciousness.  And it will do this by centering the “language of love” -- the resonant frequency of “we are one” (loving kindness) -- at the heart of our global village Net reality.


In other words, interaction through this 3-D “universal interface” can culture a left brain “mental” (visual) connection with a right brain “heart” (feeling) connection.  The depth of MEANING – to the extent one gets the “Big Picture”  – will balance and synergize the best of both worlds of heart and mind.  And what it does personally can also be achieved globally in the collective conscience of humanity.


The path to worldwide peace and love is a process.  Technology now makes that process feasible for connecting the light and love of, by and for all mankind.  The VISION alone – how that process works to "link the light" for overall enlightenment – will define, refine, combine (synergize) and shine greater  at  the heart of a global healing process.


Imagine what that will “look like” for the evolutionary ascent of the collective conscience of humanity.  Consider the revolutionary consequences for the wholeness and healing of the mind and heart of humanity.


Realize how HeartLink and Heartware – at the “heart” of mass-to-mass communications -- will provide an electronic upgrade of our core freedoms of religion and assembly.  And given the capability of people to create their own desk-top video publications – evaluated globally on web 2.0 websites storing these presentations – you can see how freedoms of speech and press can likewise be upgraded with a truly universal


It’s one thing to understand the natural laws of ecology in our environment and quite another to get recognition of the universal laws for “information’s ecology” as will “recycle” communication cycles of origination and evaluation with the wisdom of checks and balances -- the 3-fold powers of “”, “” and “ ” with the integrated 4-fold dimensions of the “ in time (moment-to-moment).


With corrupt self-serving war powers vested in endless war for profit and control of humanity, there was never a vision that was more timely.  The implementation of full-spectrum  with mass-to-mass TeLeComm -- will naturally evolve civilization with the capstone VISION of unity amidst diversity in ALL dimensions of global TeLeConscience (social conscience), TeLeCare (holistic healing)  and TeLeCommunity (social networks).


All together, this VISION places the capstone on the pyramid () of self and civilization. That capstone leads to the 5th dimension of worldwide  in the conscience, BEING and world of humanity.  This is the VISION that finishes what U.S. Founders began.  Now it’s the Net reality of potential for ALL of “US” – United Sovereigns in the United State of  … worldwide.

For more on this New American Revolution for the democratizing of global democracy, see


All Ways Victory When We  Enough,




PS –  US Founders never intended to separate “God” (spirituality) from government; they were just adverse to religious “BS” – or any “BS” for that matter – as would interfere with the 3-fold balance of the branches of government. Likewise, the “great soul” (Mahatma) Gandhi said that you can’t separate the religious life from political action – quote below.  From a higher conscience, spiritual practicality is what matters ALL WAYS.  For those who are more CONSCIOUS and seeking to make a difference in healing the mental dis-ease of Americans, I suggest you network this post to like-minded souls.  Healing the psychotic break with reality -- that certain elected "leaders" have inflicted on Americans -- begins with a definite vision of wholeness for healing so we can all agree on the the first principles to do so -- the gold standard for collective wisdom.  May the healing begin with the Big Picture of the defining solution for the Big Shift – how greater Light and Life of, by and for  heals all.  -CR


“I could not be leading a religious life unless I identified myself with the
 whole  of mankind, and that I could not do unless I took part in politics. 
The whole gamut of man’s activities today constitutes an indivisible (holy) whole.
  You cannot divide social, economic, political and purely religious work
 into watertight compartments.”

– Mahatma Gandhi