Heartcom Series re: Evolution Revolution Revelations

Celebrating July 4th in the Internet Age  
Modern Reason for Global Revolution’s Season
Emphasizing 90% of the word 'rEVOLUTION'


Is it true that the Family of Mankind is beginning to connect as a global village with instant-everywhere interactive Internet capabilities?
Are you aware that social consciousness in global social networks is now maturing with a new common sense of unity-in-diversity?
Would you agree that the Family of Mankind will either integrate Internet opportunity for freedom, or we'll see more disintegration of democracy for an impersonal profit-driven corporatocracy?

"In the beginning of a change
the patriot is a scarce man, and
brave, and hated and scorned.  
When his cause succeeds,
the timid join him, for then it
costs nothing to be a patriot."

Mark Twain on Patriotism
Notebook, 1904

The sovereign right to own one's own life inspired the American Revolution, and in the Spirit of '76, sovereign rights in the public sphere are today igniting the flame of freedom and opportunity for rEVOLUTION with a New Common Sense of our Net reality.
Whereas the Internet has upgraded our five core Constitutional freedoms in principle, in practice we still have horse-and-buggy representation systems that are out of synch with interactive
TeLeComm potential for representing coherent hearts and congruent minds of almost four billion on-line global Netizens.

Based on your highest and best awareness
of global dynamics transforming our world,
claim the Vision, Virtue, Valor and Victory for
all of “
US”: The United Sovereigns of Earth.

by Christos Lightweaver

1976 Bicentennial Self Portrait

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Freedom and Opportunity in our Global Village

The imminent future for the Family of Mankind has astounding portents for global freedom and opportunity. It may be far different from what you ever imagined, yet far better than you ever hoped possible.

The advance of technology and mainstream Evolution Revolution Revelations has been so fast and furious that many are suffering the information overload and future shock of too much change, too fast.

The stress of information overload can be as debilitating to the human spirit as sensory deprivation punishment in a prison cell. A common symptom of info-overload is paradigm paralysis: the inability to process new information with “in-depth” meaning, value and purpose.

Fortunately, the paradigm paralysis of stinking thinking is shrinking under the influence of increased social conscience in global social networks. The consequence is conscientious common sense - our new Net reality.

Imagine a global standard for interactive TeLeComm that involves and evolves social Conscience with the language of consciousness for our in-depth awareness of the all-connected universal meaning of everything.

Paradigm Shift.  Mass Up-Wising.  Evolution Revolution

Winning the War on Ignorance

Not that people are stupid, just unaware of the unprecedented opportunity that global humanity now has for upgrading social RIGHTS in the public SPHERE through CO-CREATION with .

These are truly the times that test the souls of mankind. In all countries of Earth, global Internet capabilities have liberated great anticipation of intelligent-enlightened design for the worldwide web. This is the power of wisdom with framing the Heartware interface with light language as a universal-common language for global TeLeComm:

   - Heartware for governing of public power
 - Heartware for culturing public wisdom
- Heartware for co-creation with love
 - Integrating optimal wholEness

The more information we have, the more self-evident it becomes that we need to get it all in order with an interactive communication process that recycles public consensus in the way that generates specific wisdom… with heart coherence - the frequency of cosmic love in the quantum field. That's the TLC heart of interactive TeLeComm.

That unique Heartware process, through the origination and evaluation of content, represents all of our five core freedoms under the Bill of Rights in the Constitution. Freedom of Religion is Freedom with Heart Coherence.

Upgrading our G.O.D.~ Heart Connection

A worldwide web of social conscience is naturally emerging in our new global social networks. This is a challenge for corrupt corporatocracy cabals that profit from crisis, terror, war, disease and plunder of the human and physical resources of the planet.

Either we come-into-unity for REAL community
 through social conscience in social networks,
or we’re divided and conquered by heartless
policies that keep us "
Stuck In Negativity".

Heartware centers interactive mass-to-mass TeLeComm along more enlightened ‘lines’ that frame social conscience with a unified field VISION of common sense – a coherent TLC representation of congruent cognitive functions that culture self-correcting, self-learning and self-healing social network communities; the Net Reality Age.

A self-fulfilling prophecy of self-governing civility will naturally lead to self-elevation in civilization – a process of global enlightenment akin to ‘salvation’; the end of Earth's endless war insanity for profit and power.

That time has arrived.

Yes, these are challenging times. It is one thing to claim the victory of enlightened global civilization, and it’s quite another thing to comprehend the VISION of TeLeComm virtue - and the VOW for TLC valor - that will make it so… worldwide recognition, confirmation and determination for integration with the power of love...to define, refine, combine (synergize) and shine our full-spectrum talents and resources... for jump-starting and harnessing the Aquarian Dispensation of Freedom-in-.

"Man can harness the winds, the waves and the tides,
 but when he can harness the
power of love,
 then for the second time in the history of the world,
 man will have discovered fire."
~ Teihard de Chardin 

Seize the Vision!

Let's be clear about the worldwide web of common sense we all want. 

  The Family of Mankind in a global village;
 a ‘Unity State’ with ‘Universal Solidarity’
 of, by and for “
US” (United Sovereigns),
 the global-connected Netizens of Earth.

Claim The Victory

We’ve come a long way, very fast, to this point in history when almost four billion global Netizens are now utilizing Internet technologies that could liberate our conscientious common sense… harmonizing Net reality upgrades with the whole, healthy and holy spirit of -in-action at the heart of full-spectrum TeLeComm capabilities.

The Information Age of the 70’s – with satellite downlinks to cable TV networks nationwide – has morphed into the Internet Age with instant-everywhere and interactive capabilities that have yet to be fulfilled with Web 3.0 cyberEthics.  

Net reality wants only the opportunity to mature as social Conscience in our global social networks. Global Netizens want this opportunity to be optimized. Knowing better compels doing better.

"The cause of America is in a great measure the cause of all mankind.
We have it in our power to begin the world over again."
- Thomas Paine, Common Sense, 1776

How to do that is the Spirit of ’76 – our revolutionary heritage that we celebrate on July 4th.  That Spirit is the pure intention for freedom and opportunity. That’s the Spirit of Sovereignty whereby all are sovereign “KING” with “Keys to INternalization of G.O.D.” ().

It is the pure intention of that focuses attention with love’s retention for conscious ascension in a coherent dimension where full-spectrum rules on Earth as in Cosmos-at-large.

Always remember that it was common man Tom Paine who sparked the American Revolution with the most successful political treatise in history, COMMON SENSE. That spark of freedom's flame ignited the hearts and minds of patriots who made it happen, the 1st system of representative governance that set the standard for nations worldwide.

Personally, I can identify with commoner Tom Paine, having worked in factories, construction projects and as a ranch hand over many years.

As a long-time evolutionary, I’ve known many futurists from the time of my early days speaking to future planners on Capital Hill (1976). And with the Internet, I’ve networked with many visionaries and futurists through their social network communities on Facebook.

My point is that we truly live in a global village. It is virtually the end of time, space and the illusion of separation as we have known it. Out of my office studio, my Internet talk show, Cosmic , streams live to 63 countries. I get to interview people who are a lot smarter than me, from all over the world, using Internet Skype to talk with them.

The theme for 2015 on Cosmic LOVE and my blog, Heartcom Network, has been integration amidst disintegration. The intent is cooperation of hearts and minds amidst the divisive dissonance, dis-ease and dysfunction causing degeneration and dystopia in civilization.

“This is that moment when in the proliferation of uncertainty
and the proliferation of chaos, we are ready to take
the next quantum leap in our evolution.” 

~ Deepak Chopra

A Quantum Leap with Quantum Computing

Unity in diversity – ‘E. Pluribus Unum’ – was the pure intent of U.S. Founders. The same intention for overcoming tyranny is alive and well with United Sovereigns of Earth today. The upward spiral of social Conscience is going ‘viral’ as the business of evolution matures with the evolution of business models to embrace global TeLeComm capabilities. See: ‘Fourth Wave Business in the 21st Century’.

The parallels are profound between the New World of America in 1776 and the New World of global village Net reality today. Freedom and opportunity is surging with billions of global Netizens now sharing truth on the Internet, yearning to breathe free from the false-flag terror and tyranny of power elite potentates who are ethical infants.

Freedom to Know Better = Opportunity to Do Better

Given the pure intention of hearts and minds to KNOW better – how human evolution can rapidly ascend with a New Common Sense – the compelling consensus to ‘Claim the Victory’ is now going mainstream as a platform for personal and planetary evolution.

At first, this will be with early adapters who adopt the new standards for culturing the Currency of Conscience for an Economics of Abundance. The ‘smart money’ will follow because ‘smart with a heart’ sets the standard for this currency as the foundation for the Next Economy.

For example…
The future that profits best-for-all with
free, online
holistic healing TeLeCare
will neutralize the profanity of insanity
  as makes a killing on public disease.

Common sense would say that all our social, political and economic problems are, at heart, communication problems… how we come-into-unity for REAL community with enlightened social Conscience in our social networks. The incentive for such a global revolution in higher consciousness should be self-evident.

The More Heart, the Less DUH (Dense, Unconscious & Heartless)

The computer/Internet revolution has brought us to this point of fulfilling the opportunity for global enlightenment now, when it is most needed.

An Interactive Interface for Global TeLeComm

Over the last three years, I’ve archived dozens of articles discussing the global conscious evolution revolution, and specifically those tools and processes with Heartware TeLeComm that will most likely secure global peace, security and prosperity of a sustainable nature.

Either we hang together for unity-in-diversity,
or most assuredly we’ll all hang separately.

People worldwide are now aware of how the debt crisis in Greece was created by the “Pump and Dump” policies of predatory Wall Street vulture capitalists who pumped up Greece’s economy with massive loans and then stripped equity out of their markets, while demanding public austerity to pay for the burst bubble that the banksters caused and profited from on the way up and on the way down.

For most of the 20th Century, there were laws against profiting on the downside. Those laws were passed after the crash of '29 that led to the Great Depression. They were passed to check and balance the dialectic of darkness, the insider traders who were traitors - the robber barons (banksters) who stripped equity out of the roaring 20's peak... just as the insiders did with the dot.com bubble, right after Congress passed a law that removed restrictions on down-side (dark-side) profiteering.

Wall Street did the same Pump and Dump with the housing boom and bust in the U.S., and corruption continues with high speed computer trading that strips equity out of every market move in microseconds.

Privatizing Profits and Socializing Debt – Big DUH!

What happened to Greece is not unlike what has happened to American industry that has been off-shored to cheap labor colonies overseas. Austerity in America has resulted in dramatic shrinking of the middle class while skyrocketing profits for the 1% who are vested in the computer-rigged stock market that strips equity out of of bubbles they create and manage on the way up and down.

This is the state of the New Corporatocracy in America that has usurped power and control of public institutions according to Corporate Law – that the interests of stockholders come first whenever profits are at stake. The collusion of Big Business with Big Government has gotten so BIG that Big Brother Orwellian surveillance challenges what is left of American freedom and opportunity.

SNOWDEN - The Movie, by Oliver Stone (Trailer)

When the incentives and intentions of a social system
no longer serves the best interests of that system,
self-destruction through disintegration and
dystopia sabotages utopian ideals,
incentives and intentions.

Those who are traumatized by "shock and awe" (PTSD) from 9-11 terror and tyranny tactics often succumb to the faithless fear that revolves how bad things are; Stuck In Negativity as a mental dis-ease (paradigm paralysis) that is oblivious to how good things could be with a systemic evolution revolution of TLC that neutralizes S-I-N .

Indeed, there are dark-sinister forces in society that cause divisions, dis-ease and distress with a dark-side dialectic of divide-to-conquer… for their personal profit and power OVER the public rather than “of, by and for the people”.

It’s not just the military-industrial-security complex that profits from insecurity and armed conflict, foreign and domestic. It’s also the pharmaceutical-medical complex that profits from the creation and management of disease. And the media-industrial complex whose directors share stock holdings with Big Pharma, Big Oil and Big War interests of entrenched corporatocracy, not for a Republic of Constitutional law that is egregiously called 'democracy'.

But this too shall pass. That paradigm of public plunder for privatized profit is killing us. A more ethical paradigm is emerging. And it’s often darkest before the dawn of a new age.

The disruption of corruption in our core social institutions is the natural trajectory of the computer/Internet revolution. The surge of social Conscience within global social networks – Web 2.0 – will naturally emerge sooner or later with Web 3.0 cyberEthics.

Practical conscious evolution tools that aid this process will culture mature Conscience. And the ‘Cultural DNA’ that makes this possible will raise the standard of interactive full spectrum TeLeComm with the TLC that cultures the power of for global holistic healingfulfilling the dream of U.S. Founders for the Family of Mankind in what is now a global village.

  All our core social, political & economic
 institutions will naturally rise and shine
  when the opportunity for enlightenment
    compels Freedom-in-
; the heart
of global evolution revolution revelations.

So Take Heart!

Keep the fearless faith that neutralizes faithless fear.

 Hold the Vision of Virtue and Valor for Global Victory.

  And network for the Net worth of our new Net reality to
Make It So!

 In the Spirit of ’76,  
Christos Lightweaver

 PS: To secure life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is a
        noble thing, but some people are happy being told what
to think...  and others are happy thinking about whatever
         they are told. Good Conscience prefers the latter:) ~ C.

With the flame of freedom
in good Conscience...
enjoy the fireworks!

Full Spectrum TeLeComm
of, by and for
United Sovereigns of Earth

Visualization for Affirmation - Seize the Vision
eft-brain inear, ogical etter of 'The aw'
Meditation for Confirmation - Embrace the Virtue
Right-brain ~Spherical Spirit of

Concentration for Determination - Co-Create with Valor
+ = coOPERATION with
Integration for wholEness Integrity - Claim the Victory
-valuation criteria for cyberthics of

So Claim Your Legacy:

Use Your Heart's Intuition:

Know G.O.D.~ 'I Am'