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Net reality in the Internet Age

Preface to Quad Four - The Currency for the Next Economy

Conscious evolution on Earth has accelerated dramatically with the computer-Internet revolution.  A senior generation has now witnessed the big shift from the 1970's emphasis on mainframe hardware (IBM), to the '80's emphasis on desktop software (Microsoft), to the '90's emphasis on Web 1.0 netware (Netscape), to 2000's emphasis on Web 2.0 with interactive social networks (Facebook). Now witness the last decade's integration of palm-top smart-phone hardware, software and netware as a mobile platform for emerging global Net reality with Web 3.0 heartware (HeartServe).
These four phases of the computer/Internet rEVOLUTION correspond to trends in the conscious evolution of global humanity towards integration of all former advances with those 1st principles of universal law language that create an interactive platform for mass-to-mass TeLeComm, the natural fulfillment of Net reality for almost 4 billion global Netizens... the biomimicry model of the human brain with individuals as nerve cells in the global brain.

Christopher Rudy / Heartcom Network
June 16, 2015 (New Moon in Gemini)

The Four Quad-Branch Processes for
Up-Lifting Self and Civilization

Integrating TeLeComm in the Next Economy

- HEARTWARE BRANCH "Integration"
( + + in all 4 quads of )
TeLeCommerce for the Next Economy

The integrated model for culturing the 4-quad synergy of the trinity, providing a process for balancing the 3-fold frequency of Power-Wisdom-Love in all 4 archetypal dimensions of Self & Civilization... integrating this inner sense congruence with coherence at the heart of the InnerNet - the inner space at the heart of cyberspace - and a process for mediating or otherwise culturing social Conscience with -valuation criteria for Co-creating ia
Rights () in the public Sphere (); Integrating optimal wholEness of, by and for .

It is the Holy Spirit of -in-action that holistically integrates
  the power of wisdom with love as a healing frequency (frequently) in
the 3 dimensions that in "4-D" (over time) qualifies 5-D Conscience.

Abundant Conscience is the currency of genesis
for the Abundant Life, and is for tuning
your receiver.



For a deeper understanding of THE CURRENCY OF
as governing principle for integrating the power of wisdom
with love, see the 'Inner Family Archetypes' video for
'Loving Girl Child ~ Holy Spirit'.

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