April 25, 2015

Global Disruption of Corruption

Contrary to recent media reports, Moore’s Law is thriving with
mobile smartphone computers that promise unprecedented
potential for linking the light of truth, disrupting deception
that is corrupting emerging global social conscience.
Here’s how.

by Christopher Rudy / Heartcom Network

Faster, smaller and cheaper is the nature of Moore’s Law, the doubling of transistors on computer chips every year or two for 50 years. New smart-phones now utilize 2 billion transistors.

NPR Story, April 21, 2015:
At 50 Years Old, the Challenge to Keep Up with Moore's Law
Listen to this 'All Things Considered' Story HERE.

Intel Corp. co-founder Gordon Moore holds up a silicon wafer at Intel head-quarters in Santa Clara, CA in 2005. Moore's prediction 50 years ago,
called Moore's Law, has been the basis for the digital revolution.
~ Paul Sakuma/AP (More at NPR's Tech Talk Blog HERE).

Moore’s Law may have slowed down with desk-top computers, but with palm-top computer smartphones, it exceeds previous growth rates. For comparison charts showing that phenomena, see the article HERE.

More than three billion global Netizens now connect online; human ‘transceivers’ in a ‘global mind’ where time and space is virtually eliminated by instant-everywhere and interactive Internet capabilities.

A new virtual reality - Net reality - is rapidly maturing in all neighborhoods of our global village, and emerging social conscience in the global mind will disrupt social corruption like no other movement on Earth.

Integration of the Internet and Outernet with the “InnerNet” (Web 3.0)
will naturally result in reduction of corruption’s disruption.

The Currency of Conscience is obviously disruptive to
D.U.H.” (Dimwit, Unconscious & Heartless) 

 The optimal future for global humanity is disruptive to
   deception, corruption, and public betrayal by powerful,
  highly centralized, top-down, “one-way programming”
   (mainstream media-medical-military corporate matrix)
  that lacks moral development as would culture social
  conscience in our interactive global social networks.

Truth Is Washington's Enemy
April 22, 2015 / Information Clearing House
By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts,
Former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy
and associate editor of the Wall Street Journal

What Dr. Roberts is saying, to paraphrase, is that Neocons, in pursuit of global domination, are turning the world against U.S. policies that increasingly target dissent in America and in global social media like Facebook. See the new Facebook 'Mind Control Factor’ in the 2nd video below.

The Whole Truth is the mortal enemy of the Big Lie.
When big enough, bold enough and told enough,
the Whole Truth will neutralize the Big Lie. But
conversely (perversely), when the Big Lie is
 big enough, bold enough and told enough,
a trusting unwitting public will believe it.

    When political correctness is morally wrong,
   limiting the spectrum of acceptable opinion,
Whole Truth dies and the Big Lie thrives
   with spectral autism - conscious devolution
as causes dysfunction and disintegration
    rather than conscientious public integration
  with global enlightenment capabilities now.

   You never hear about the 'war on enlightenment'
  because selective media coverage is the primary
   method of mind control in the mainstream media.

The most common failing of conscious evolution is to believe that the limit of one’s perception is THE LIMIT of all there is to know. That is the Big Lie which collectively disrupts the Whole Truth as would liberate the public from mainstream media deception and corruption.

Big Media won't report clean free energy technologies that could stop petrochemical pollution of our air, food and water. That would disrupt Big Oil.

Big Media won't report inexpensive cures for cancer or other numerous degenerative diseases distinguishing U.S. public health as the poorest in the  modern world. That would disrupt Big Pharma, Big Media’s most lucrative profit center.

Big Media never exposes the ‘underbelly’ of the sick health care system, the 49 doses of 14 vaccines prescribed to children before age six, injecting genetic toxins for a lifetime of pathologies that are worth trillions to Big Pharma. Big Media touts experts who say that vaccines are safe, but never mentions how secretive vaccine boards pay out billions for vaccine injuries. That would disrupt Big Pharma and Big Media profits, but I repeat myself.

Big Media never challenges GMO dangers or the sycophant political culture in government that allows these severe health disruptors in food without even allowing labeling to warn us. That would be disruptive to profits of the giant biotech and Big Ag industries that are make a killing, literally, by mutating our food into a form that the body doesn’t recognize as natural, causing a host of auto-immune diseases which Big Media never links to GMOs.

As a new Common Sense emerges in the Global Mind,
it is naturally disruptive to divisive disinformation and
disturbing “fear porn” (terror tactics), that attempt to
 tyrannize the masses with
authoritarian dictates,
demanding obeisance to pathological Corp-Gov
policies of war for peace, disease for health,
mass plunder for profit, slavery for freedom,
and public ignorance of the psychology of
subservience to ‘Orwellian group think’.

To clearly demonstrate the effect of mass media programming in the U.S., watch this 12 minute video while asking yourself which religious ‘tribe’ owns and controls the six giant media conglomerates programming 97% of mainstream media in the U.S. Hint: It’s the same answer to this video’s ‘Middle East Trivia Game’:

Published on April 16, 2015
What you don't know about the Middle East
    demonstrates how deception and corruption
  in the mass media's 'mass mind' keeps the
public dumbed down and divided from the
conscientious common sense that could
  help '
US' (United Sovereigns of Earth) with
   enlightened full spectrum

Does biased selective coverage in the mainstream media
give moral cowards an excuse not to think at all?

Covert Social Media Censorship of Free Speech:
4 Minute video / Jan. 2015

“No matter what your political persuasion, this is a
chilling development for Internet free speech.”
(Note the same media ownership bias as
owns and controls mainstream media.)

Although disruptive to pathological paradigm paralysis,
humanity’s conscious evolution with our interactive
Internet capabilities will naturally liberate social
conscience in global TeLeComm networks,
culturing “
TLC” (heart coherence) as a
gold standard for the currency of

universal ethical principles

governing conscientious
common sense with
the language of

Full Spectrum TeLeComm

Culturing the foundation for
the Next Economy with a
Currency of Conscience
 at the
Heart of Net Reality.


The Family of Mankind is awakening as a whole
   with an unprecedented “global mind” (Net reality).
  This global reality show is connecting hearts and
 minds in all neighborhoods of our global village.

“We have the power to begin the world over again.”
~ Thomas Paine, COMMON SENSE

The capability of this new virtual reality is virtuous,
fulfilling the U.S. Founders’ vision of universal
ethical principles whereby global Netizens
can now come-into-unity (community)
with TeLeComm processes that
 unite rather than divide “
United Sovereigns) in
our global village.

Culturing the Conscious Force of Good on Earth

So See the Good, Keep the Faith, and Make it So!

PS: For Initiates with advanced -mapping skills,
     consider the ‘terrain’ for global navigation of the
"last frontier" (InnerNet), beginning with a
short charming TedTalk video on the
advances in virtual reality at:
'Virtuous Net Reality'.


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