The Holographic Blueprint for 2012

 by Christopher Rudy , Author of
 Emerging Blueprint for a Golden Age

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Monday 1-30-2012

Saturday’s interview with Foster Gamble on Cosmic Love was very interesting for those who have discovered theThrive Movement’.

Foster has created a global movement with worldwide home viewings and large group showings of the on-line or DVD movie 'THRIVE'.

This show with Foster discussed the ‘Solutions’ part of the Thrive Movement.  My pure intent in interviewing Foster was to discover more of the ‘thrive coordinates’; the ‘blueprint’ for optimal thrival in 2012. 

Foster's pure intention came through clearly in the interview. That’s the pure intention that focuses attention on the perfect patterns emerging for a timely breakthrough we may not have imagined, and yet, far better than we could have dreamed for in 2012.

The business of evolution -- to thrive -- is at the heart of
the evolution of business models for thrival.

The business of thrival for global humanity is the pure intention of the
‘Thrive Movement’ -- global r
EVOLUTION in 2012.  That ‘busyness’ is naturally empowered by ethical standards whereby the greatest number thrive in service to the greatest good. We're either busy living with that moral compass or we’re busy dying… and it’s time for Earth’s 'rebirth' along more enlightened 'lines'  that frame the golden rule/law 'emerging blueprint' for 'co-Creation' between one's personal "holodeck" (brain field) and the holodeck representing social Conscience in social networks - web 3.0.

The holographic universe is all-connected with
mind of Source - the Source Field - and
power of
Love, the force field  that
creates divine order in the universe.
The better one understands 'Source Code'
 framing the holographic blueprint for 2012,
the greater the results.

Talking with Foster after the show, he shared how he attended college with, and is friends with, descendents of the Rothschilds and Rockefellers who are interested in assisting the Thrive Movement. That revelation has encouraging implications for the possibility of creating private/public partnerships that thrive with the new ‘Currency of Conscience’ for the Next Economy.

All cynicism and dark-side conspiracy theories aside, the kind man of God-Love sees God-Love in all mankind. That spirit of 'Universal Love' is naturally for giving. Personally, I prefer to see the good in Foster Gamble, and consider his eight-year investment of time and money in the Thrive Movie and Website in the same regard as the risk of George Washington's personal fortune when he made loans to feed the troops at Valley Forge at the darkest time of the American Revolution that gave birth to core Constitutional freedoms.

Creating a 'Prayer Field' for Global rEVOLUTION

In 2012, the prayer of all devotees of freedom-in-love
  will behold '
AMERICA' as the 'I AM RACE' (anagram),
the 'I Am' featured in the new 'I Am movie'.

This 'Prayer Field' is the currency of pure intention that is especially important in the first quad of 2012.  It is the momentum of pure intention in the 1st quad of the year that focuses our attention in the 2nd quad, sustaining love’s retention in the 3rd quad, and has enough momentum to fulfill our evolutionary ascension into a new ‘unity dimension’ in the 4th quad.

It’s my opinion that a new ‘US’ is emerging in 2012 – The United Sovereigns of Earth. That’s the pure intention, I believe, of global humanity. This intent naturally focuses attention on what’s right with the world, and how to make it better with more love, easier and faster. All of “US” (United Sovereigns) want that. And once enlightened, there’s no going back to ‘DUH’ that is reactive to ‘fear porn’ rather than proactive with pure intention for life with greater love.

"In the new enlightenment, the reason we are driven to become one with the life-process is not merely to experience some form of
mystical oneness with everything. We strive to become one with it
for the biggest reason there could be… so we can ultimately
take responsibility for where it's going."

~ Andrew Cohen

Both Foster Gamble and myself are avid believers in the work of Buckminster Fuller with a philosophy of ‘Comprehensive Anticipatory Design Science’ whereby all humanity can thrive.  Or as Bucky said,

"You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model that
 makes the existing model obsolete."
~ Buckminster Fuller

This is the opportunity before us in 2012.  Visualize what a ‘new model’ for Internet Age representation of United Sovereigns will look like.  Consider the VISION whereby interactive mass-to-mass TeLeComm will recycle general knowledge in the way that generates specific wisdom with the healing power of love.  Conceive the healing power of ‘Universal Self Care’ for a global “grass-roots” (net roots) movement to restore the 1st principle of ‘informed choice’ in all our democratic institutions... as will liberate public power to likewise liberate suppressed technologies for clean, virtually free energy.

Understand the ‘holographic blueprint’ for the

2012 is a year cycle with extraordinary significance for all souls on Earth at this amazing time. We have the opportunity to thrive as never before in history.  That’s the divine destiny of 2012.  We have the solutions we need before us and within us, representing the Source of our collective Conscience ; all of US as ‘United Sovereigns’ who CLAIM THE VICTORY!

Creating a ‘Prayer Field’ of pure intention
with expectation and anticipation of the
accelerated conscious evolutionary
ascent of souls on Earth in 2012.

 One of the best Internet voices of the global revolution in higher Conscience is Patricia Cota-Robbles, and what she recently said about the 2012 dimensional shift is simply explained and profoundly true.

"NOW Is The Time To Make
A Positive Difference!
by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

We all may have different language skills for expressing the pure intention at the heart of a momentous Prayer Field in 2012… but it is our individual and collective momentum of the same pure intention that will ‘carry’ 2012 with the light of God-Source as is surging at this time.

So tell your loved ones about the Thrive Movement.  Every heart engaged in the ‘thrive process’ is assisting the momentum of pure intention that builds momentum -- a prayer field -- of, by and for a self-fulfilling prophecy; more LIGHT and LOVE in 2012.

The wonderful opportunity with the Internet is that you never know who will read this and forward this to someone who networks it to someone who is inspired to make a positive difference, not only in their life but perhaps THE difference for all humanity.

Take inventory of your own gifts, talents and resources. Consider their highest and best use at this moment in personal and planetary evolution. Realize the ‘can do’ spirit with the same purity and innocence so beautifully expressed from the heart of this 10 year old girl.

May this grace of pure intention bless your life in 2012.  May the fire of pure desire consume your inertia, resistance and resentments in 2012.  And may your momentum of thrive intentions continue throughout the year to help fulfill the divine destiny for the United Sovereigns of Earth.

All Ways ,

~ Christopher

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"In the beginning, God geometrized."
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