Claim the Victory and THRIVE

by Christopher Rudy

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Show on Cosmic Love January 28, 2012

Interview with Foster Gamble, the Visionary Behind
The Thrive Movement


In this Cosmic Love Show, Foster and I discuss
Thrive Solutions
for 100% of humanity.

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Foster Gamble is President and Co-Founder of Clear Compass Media, which produced THRIVE. Previously, Foster was CEO of MindCenter Corporation, a pioneer in the emerging mind fitness training field. A 3rd degree black belt in the non-violent martial art of Aikido, he was also the script consultant and on screen host for the PBS documentary ‘Aikido - The Way of Harmony’.

Foster Gamble is the grandson of James Gamble, Soap-maker and Founder of the U.S. consumer goods corporation, Proctor and Gamble. Growing up in Cincinnati, Ohio, Foster lived his childhood in a position of privilege and power where he attended elite private schools with his collegiate years at Princeton University. Groomed to be a leader in the establishment, Foster chose a different path that was envisioned as a young boy and thus directed his lifelong pursuit of knowledge whereby 100% of humanity can thrive.

That VISION is embodied in THE THRIVE MOVIE.

Foster’s discontent with massive global suffering -- and the power structure that perpetuates it -- prompted him to make this documentary. His pure intention is to unveil the true capability of humanity to thrive in the 21st century.

Note the 'torus field' visualization used throughout the Thrive Movie.
To realize the importance of this 'Source Field Portal',

For an introduction to THRIVE solutions, see:

Other ‘systemic solution’ suggestions open to discussion
 are continued here:

2012 Solutions in the 4 Quads of the 'Cosmic Clock’;
the 'Future of Time’ in the ‘Timeless Continuum’.

Note: this is a ‘sequence of integration
from ‘moment-to-moment’ (real time)
that applies momentum to the future
all four quadrants of 2012 -
for a self-correcting, self-governing
“self-elevation” (salvation) process
of conscious evolutionary ascent.

Cosmic  in the 4 Quads of
the ‘Cosmic Clock’ for 2012
Holographic 'Source Code' coordinates for
the 'holodeck' between your ears


  1st Quad
The Currency of Conscience

From the 12:00 o’clock line of Winter Solstice
To the 3:00 o’clock line of Spring Equinox

The thrust of ‘Thrive Power’ on the 12:00 o’clock line
ignites the spark of ‘The Power of Love’ in 2012.

Pure intention THRIVES with the ‘BLUEPRINT’;
The impersonal Law of the Angles ofG.O.D.
Geometrically Ordered Divinity), frames the
Fractal Geometry of Nature (natural law)
via highly personal resonance with the
Language of the Angels of ;
our better
loving nature serving
others with the
Holy Spirit

The pure geometry laws governing the order of the universe,
and the
pure intention of the 'Source Field'
is the
heart of Cosmic .

Bringing the integrity of Conscience to our current condition,
   integrating all relevant resources with healthy intent to
culture a whole systems
thrival solution.

  2nd Quad
Core Constitutional Freedoms

From the 3:00 o’clock line of Spring Equinox
To the 6:00 o’clock line of Summer Solstice

The thrust of ‘Thriving Wisdom on the 3:00 o’clock line
magnifies the flame of
social Conscience in 2012.

Focused attention THRIVES with ‘Wise dominion’;
The "hero with a thousand faces" (Joseph Campbell)
has the
wisdom to know the difference between
the inordinate love of self-serving power and
the ordained power of selfless-serving love.

Bringing checks and balances with self-correcting processes,
making public government accountable to the purpose of
whole systems
thrival through public service to
balanced power, wisdom and love
for the culturing of

  3rd Quad
Universal Public Option for Self Care

From the 6:00 o’clock line of Summer Solstice
To the 9:00 o’clock line of Autumn Equinox

The thrust of ‘Thriving Love on the 6:00 o’clock line
magnifies the spark of
freedom-in-love for 2012.

Personalizing the Language of the Angels of
(our better ‘
STO’ nature – Service To Others).

  The flow of co-Creative  energy through any
“whole system” (systemic wholeness) acts to
systemically organize all components
for wholEness and healing.

Culturing wholeness, homeostasis and healing processes,
making public health care accountable to informed choice
at the heart of a
thrival option in our social networks;
to know better is the prerequisite to do better and
to heal
thy self likewise requires choice for
a healthy life – the foundation for our
common wealth with public health.

  4th Quad
Global Liberation of Healing Power

From the 9:00 o’clock line of Autumn Equinox
    back to the 12:00 o’clock line of Winter Solstice

The integration of thriving power, wisdom and love on the
9-12 o'clock lines completes the circle of wholeness.

What goes around comes around in this circle of wholeness.
Winning from the beginning is to thrive in all four quadrants.

The 2012 year-cycle of ‘Conscious Evolution’ goes full circle
from the Currency of Conscience to
Conscience Currency,

The golden/rule law language for every Golden Age in cosmic history
has always and ‘all ways’ centered and connected in the way that
resolves conflict through harmony and order as reflects and
 perfects relationships of relevance and reverence for
the purpose and plan the Universe knows and
serves:  victory for conscious evolution,
as above/so below, all-connected,
kingdom Conscience,
universal sovereignty,
common sense

Framing the Constitution of Conscience for “rEVOLUTION”
(Culturing Conscientious Common Sense)

۞ Culturing consciousness of HOW we become ‘enlightened’;
 ۞ Cultural DNA as a moral compass in all quads of wholeness;
 ۞ Ethical model of cyberEthics for mass-to-mass TeLeComm;
۞ Collective
Conscience liberates public power ~ free energy;
 ۞ Empowering Wisdom with
 at the heart of evolution.

 The ‘bottom line’ comes back around to the ‘top 12:00 o'clock line’:
New Currency for Healing the Economy

A Vision of Virtue and Valor for the Victory of
Civility at the Heart of Global Civilization.

4-Quad Summary of Suggested Systemic Solutions:

  "Inner LOVE Archetypes for rEVOLUTION
The Emerging Blueprint for a Global Golden Age

 "New Standards for Collaborative Learning"
Wise Dominion through Education of the Heart

 "A Free Online Universal Self Care Model"
Love’s Retention for Caring to Heal Holistically

 "The Legacy Project for Worldwide LOVE"
The Legacy of U.S. Founders in our ‘Global Village’

"The cause of America is in a great measure the cause of all mankind.
We have it in our power to begin the world over again."
~ Thomas Paine, Common Sense, 1776

Assembling the components to the
(Creative Ascent Process):

  The VISION of pure intention;
         The VIRTUE of focused attention;
  The VALOR of love’s retention;
    The VICTORY of our ascension
into unity’s dimension with
 += in all 4 quads of 's 
‘CAPstone Conscience’

This Unity Conscience
is dedicated to
 the One Eye 


"To understand the nature of God, it is necessary only to know
the nature of love itself.  To truly know love is to know and 
understand God; and to know God is to understand love."

~ Dr. David R. Hawkins, "The Eye of the I" (pg. 88)

Look to SEE ~ Know to BE ~ 'Geometrically Ordered Divinity'
G.O.D.~ in form and frequency as in frequently);
the '
Language of the Angels' (our better nature) at the
heart of the 'Law of the Angles of G.O.D.~'.

Linking the light (light language) of, by and for
for more light (conscious evolution)
in our 'individual' and 'collective'
consciousness in general,
global ascension of
Unity Conscience
with Source.

"Where there is an open mind, there will always be a frontier."
~ Charles F. Kettering

"The Last Frontier is the 'InnerNet' at the heart of the Internet;
Unity Conscience of, by and for ALL people is up-wising.”
~ ‘Mass-to-mass TeLeComm

“Our minds will unite like the fragments of a hologram.”
~ Terrance McKenna, from: Conscious Co-Creation


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