Emerging Conscience Series 2012

Conscience Currency and the Thrive Movement

There's no stopping the global conscious evolution revolution;
freedom and opportunity just want to be free and thrive.
This may be a challenge to the willful ignorance and
cherished illusions of paradigm paralysis, but
mass awakening has its own timetable.
The world is what we make it...
and it’s time to thrive with
a new ‘currency’ for

by Christopher Rudy

1-14-12 (updated 1-16)

Awakening to the Big Picture shaping world events is inspirational from one perspective and depressing from another.  Many youthful spirits are optimistic in full faith that the future will bring blessings. Other life-battered spirits are pessimistic with the type of PTSD that revisits past fear-embedded trauma, no matter what promising vistas are on the horizon.

Of course, you can’t be inspired and depressed at the same time. You can't be inspired with a 'Source connection' -- an appreciation of the Spirit that matters -- and at the same time be disconnected and depressed with depreciation of the currency of Conscience.  In other words, you can't be grateful for inspiration from Source – in good Conscience -- and at the same time  feel depressed.

"Conscience is what Conscience does."
~ ascended master Forest Gumption:)

The more light (humor helps), the less darkness.  And the higher the understanding of Source, the greater the currency of Conscience for exchange in the world for goods and services. 
What goes around -- in good
Conscience – sooner or later comes around with gooder goods and better services. That’s the ‘gold standard’ for the currency of Conscience

"Conscience is the most sacred of all property."
~ Chief Architect of the Constitution, James Madison

Enlightened humanity may yet be a minority of incarnate souls on Earth, but don't confuse quantity with quality.  'One-in-God' has always been a majority, and 'One-with-Source' has
always been the light that
sparked every soul that came into this world at this amazing time of global 'sparking of our collective 'We are One' Conscience

Such Conscience is the source of Common Sense.
It's the pure intention behind the common spirit of
'unity-in-diversity' and 'United We Thrive'
with one-for-all and all-for-one loyalties
via our new global village identity
as '
United Sovereigns' in a
United State' of 'US'
- A L L of 
U S -
on Earth.

Conscientious common sense has always been the 'spark' and catalyst for upward-mobile inspiration in spirit... organizing all information in formation.  Conversely, all depression and suffering comes from the sense of separation from common sense Conscience.

The solution to depressed consciousness and depressed economies is NOT neural-toxic drugs that have side-effects worse that the symptoms of dis-ease, as you can see in this excellent 4 min. YouTube video HERE.  To quote, "According to the US government anti-depressant use has increased approximately 400 percent among Americans in the past twenty years. The pharmaceutical industry rakes in over $14 billion in sales each year and is the number one cause in accidental death."

"There is no anti-depressant (drug) that will cure a depression that's spiritually based,
for the malaise doesn't originate from brain dysfunction, but from
an accurate response to the desecration of life."

David R. Hawkins, Power Vs. Force

The consecration of life with an attitude of gratitude -- in good Conscience -- is foundational
for relationships of relevance and ultimate reverence -
the sacredness of life.  The more consecration, the less desecration.  The more Conscience
, the less unconscionable-insane policies of institutionalized profiteering from terror, war, disease, depression and destruction of our environmental life support systems.

The pure intention of the Thrive Movement is
consecrated to this currency of
for wholeness and healing in global civility.

Note the 'torus field' that is used as a 'focal point' throughout 'THRIVE'

The torus field is the energy field around the heart when it is coherent with the frequencies of the holy spirit of love-in-action (violet aura), which is a golden ratio algorithm of the 3/4 rhythm of the heart.  The auric torus field around the body is centered in the heart, the strongest electromagnetic field in the body.

There is also a torus field around every atom's nucleus and even our galaxy, funneling cosmic energy in from the top and bottom through a "black/white whole" (not 'hole') at the heart of or
our galaxy. 

The torus field 'wholeness' at the heart of our Galaxy is a  a quantum source field 'portal' or 'stargate' that is 'wholly connected' to every other torus field 'whole' in the universe. In fact, the word 'whole' has the same root source of the words, 'holistic', 'health', 'holographic' and 'holy'.

~ affirmation for healing

What an amazing thing to be able to focus on:
the torus field window into the Source Field
from the atomic level to the galactic level.

Must watch - only 2 minutes long.

There is also a torus field around every cell of the body,
centering in the DNA spiral helix 'transceiver'
at the nucleus of the cell.

Mitosis Torus Field

Obviously, someone 'upstairs' is giving us hints about the torus field as can be seen above in a crop circle diagram of the torus energy field dynamics of cell replication in our bodies.  This explains why spontaneous evolution of our cells and consciousness is accelerating with the current surge in the Source Field.  The morphic fields of Source are morphing the torus field around the Earth, around our cells, around our hearts, and around the two hemispheres of our brains - another torus field -- where consciousness registers. Yep, it's all connected.

These torus fields are connecting in an intensified way with the Galactic Alignment energies of 2012.  It's the end of the Mayan calendar, which predicated this alignment, simply because linear time doesn't apply now. All bets are off trying to delineate past trends into the future. 

Shift happensJ  Were on the threshold of a new Conscience Currency for the Next Economy.

If you haven't yet seen the
THRIVE movie, I highly recommend it.  The trailer can be seen HERE, where you can download the whole movie or purchase a DVD. It was released on
11-11-11 after 8 years of work. 
THRIVE is a big picture overview of what's really going on in
the world, and real solutions to core problems facing humanity.

On January 1st, a multilingual lady in France interviewed Foster Gamble, the visionary creator, producer and director of
THRIVE.  This interview -- seen HERE (YouTube) -- is an important update, explaining key questions raised by the full movie.

I'll be interviewing Foster on Cosmic Love January 28th (Sat.) at 5pm PST (8pm EST). 
We'll be discussing the 'Solutions' part of the
Thrive Movement, as you can study on their website at www.ThriveMovement.com.

In the meantime, have a wonderful torus field connection with Source

~ Christopher

PS:  Other personal THRIVE comments follow:


Science without spirituality is heartless and blind.
Spirituality without activism is lethargic and lame.

and opportunity for our thrival
is the objective that requires

pure intention - a magnanimous heart;
focused attention - discerning mind;
love's retention - mind/heart valor;
evolutionary ascension - wise up;
5th dimension - unity Conscience.

Destined for this time... A process that won't budge...

   Mediating the Mass Media's Mass Mind...
Culturing the Currency of

The extremes are now coming into balance
with communications tools and processes
that involve and evolve the currency of
CONSCIENCE... for a HEALING process...
from Source disconnect to Source connection
and from dis-ease cause to dis-ease cure.

~attributed to JC

from depression to
from devolution to
   from degeneration to
from disintegration to
from destruction to

From tyranny and austerity
To liberty and prosperity.

"Of all the habits and dispositions
which lead to prosperity,
religion and morality are
indispensable supports."
~ George Washington

Times change but this core truth will not budge.
Morality is the heart of all great world religions.

"If a man reaches the heart of his own religion,
he has reached the heart of all religions."

 ~ Mahatma (Great Soul) Gandhi,
        Father of Independence in India

If we want politics and government to work well,
if we want the government to do right,
if we want prosperity blessed by the Spirit that matters,
then we won't separate religion and morality.

"In vain would that man claim the tribute of patriotism
who should labor to subvert these great pillars."
~ George Washington

Without a common sense vision of virtue and valor
for the victory of the
currency of Conscience,
political 'Belief Systems' are just '
an abbreviation for '
Bereft of Spirituality'.

The bottom line is that morality IS the currency of Conscience.
Spiritual currency is the definitive foundation of global civility.
There is no security without this

There are no human solutions to human problems.  Human solutions merely compound human problems. There are only divine solutions to human problems.  The foundation for worldwide love is now, and ever shall be, our pure intention to focus attention with love's retention for evolutionary ascension into higher dimensions of the soul's Source connection... the same connection to the same Source at the heart of every soul, nation and global humanity as a holy whole.  This Source connection is the common source of 'Common Sense Unity Conscience'
at the heart of Universal
... the source of our common wealth, health and common-universal law... the source of, by and for the currency of Conscience... the source of 'honor'.

Honor the Holy Trinity of divine POWER, discerning WISDOM and decisive LOVE at heart.
The integration of this '3-fold flame' is the
Holy Spirit of LOVE-in-action
, the 'legislative' branch of Source which -- through public representation of LOVE -- naturally makes executive POWER accountable to judicial WISDOM.

It is the currency of
Conscience that is streaming through the Source Field like a download of conscientious common sense. This is the light of cosmic
, streaming the intelligence of Source in the unified Source Field of quantum reality.

The Spirit of LOVE is the heart of wisdom that empowers
 the reason for all seasons, the full PRESENCE of
Conscience as the gift of the present
-- the 'Currency of Conscience' --
in the infinite and eternal
  continuum of now.

All Ways
, Always

~ Christopher


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