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Sept. 20, 2003

LOVE Beats War as "Next Big Thing"

With the Middle East polarizing the entire world and threatening an endless war agenda of the most powerful military-industrial special interests in the world, a compelling vision for utilizing the computer/Internet technology to harmonize and heal the "nervous system" of our global village is a timely idea.

FROM:  HEARTcom Services, the networking arm of the WLF

TeLeComm for relationship capital at the heart of Net worth"

IN BRIEF:  Universal LOVE language, "HEARTware", lays the foundation
          for the
Next Economy, defining "high touch" high tech and
"Next Big Thing" in the computer/Internet revolution after
(IBM), software (Microsoft) and netware (Netscape).

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Paradise Valley, MT
-- With the global economy threatening collapse over endless war deficits, corporate corruption, and conflict in the Middle East a potential trigger for World War III, long-time visionary, Christopher Rudy, has released a chain-reaction "idea virus" for culturing
"cyberethics" and relationship capital at the heart of the communications that shape our lives.

According to Rudy, the Next Economy will resolve conflict over control of global resources with "co-operative communication co-ordinations" that culture universal values at the heart of personal, organizational and community growth and development. His "LOVE Model" is what he considers the "blueprint for a process towards global unity and healing".

Called HEARTware™, Rudy's interactive interface for personalized mass communication brings "high-touch" love-centric values to the heart of high tech networking, organizing information in formation in the way that may well create wholly new multi-billion dollar industries that define the Next Economy "with a heart". 

HEARTware™ is a simple yet profound frame of reference for natural laws of the universe as relates to the universal language of light and the processes of consciousness at the foundation self governance.  Based on the first principles of modern psychology (Jung), HEARTware™ positions the language of consciousness at the heart of any network "brain" just as the neural network of networks that composes the global Internet can now integrate all former technology advances of hardware, software and netware with HEARTware™. 

The effect, according to Rudy is to provide a "quintessential map of consciousness" whereby mankind can navigate the "InnerNet" (collective conscience) at the heart of the Internet.  And the "map" is in fact a process that involves and evolves our individual and collective consciousness along more enlightened lines that frame the heart of higher conscience.

A higher consciousness of, by and for
a higher understanding of "The LOVE Model"

"This is the best way to frame cyberethics", says Rudy.  "It's the key to e-valuation of Net companies for Net worth. That's because HEARTware™ empowers informed choice with wisdom -- the heart of idea capital -- and the frequency of love at the heart of relationship capital."

Rudy is now offering a free course for technology leaders and "lightworkers" interested in this new "search" paradigm: introduction at

Given his Angel Fund Network chain-reaction strategy, this vision of cyberethics at the communications interface for our social, political and economic institutions may well create a groundswell movement that returns a sense of personalized response ability and ownership to peoples lives.  Or as business guru Tom Peter's says in his Liberation Management, "If you want to own your own life, you've got to create your own network."  The network of our relationships is the source of real value; relationship capital.

"Net worth follows from Net-centric e-valuation at the heart of all network communities", says Rudy.  "This is the master key to transition of our all-connected, instant/everywhere world to a 'global village' united by a world wide web of light and love.  That's what HEARTware™ will do, raising consciousness with universal love values at the heart of representative government, higher education, holistic health and the economics of abundance that follows."

"There's no time or space on the Net", adds Rudy. "The test for civilization now is thus to remove the walls in the mind that divide to conquer with terror and tyranny.  Real community cultures the common sense of our humanity in the spirit of "best for all" rather than virtual or pseudo-community where special interests fight over control of the hearts, minds and resources of mankind."

33 years in development, Rudy introduced his earlier "LOVE Model" to 10 agencies of the Federal Government in 1974 at a three day futures summit on Capitol Hill where scenarios for celebrating the American Revolution were presented for the Bicentennial Era.  Naive to Washington politics at the time, his working model for an electronic upgrade of our horse-and-buggy system of representative government would have reduced bureaucracy. He never heard from these bureaucrats again.  He has since evolved his model for reinventing our social, political and economic organizations along HEARTware™ lines that better serve the purpose for which our core institutions were created.

According to Rudy, Founder/Director of HEARTcom Services, accountability to Higher Power in the public sphere is the solution to corporate greed and self-serving bureaucratic agendas that have made big business collusion with big government into a growth industry.  He maintains that it is the inherent self-sabotage "value of scarcity" in the prevailing scarcity economics model that motivates bureaucrats, mediacrats, educrats, medicrats and other autocratic minions of superrich power elite plutocrats to destroy an abundance of accountability as would put the public's interest ahead of shareholder profits.

"It's HEARTware™-centric communications", says Rudy, "that will check and balance personal and public power with the wisdom of self-governing cyberethics. New laws by Congress to punish CEO's for maximizing investor profits at the expense of truth is just a smokescreen from the real issue; morality."

In Rudy's words, "You can't legislate love any more than morality; the best you can do is create an environment in which it can thrive.  HEARTware™ provides real-time communication through biofeedback that encourages the heart of compassion plus psychofeedback that frames higher mental thought processes.  It's a way to position Golden Rule/Law principles at the core of communication processes that culture conscience, civility and real community at the heart of civilization."

As Rudy explains, "Since all problems are heart, communication problems, HEARTware™ at the interface of local and global telecomm raises the standard of consciousness, communications and network community.  It brings the common sense of universal law to the language of local and global telecomm.  The major problem of civilization right now is the lack of the Matriarchal right-brain values that nurture the spirit of cooperation and coordination for an abundance of 'win/win' for self and civilization."

"Organized greed and selfishness as seen in big business collusion with big government", says Rudy, "has created a win/lose 'Big Brother' mentality that 'makes a killing' by creating and managing ultimate scarcity via wars of all kinds. What we're seeing is Patriarchal values on steroids; the logical conclusion of left-brain reasoning at the core of scarcity economics creates a scarcity of love behind warring for ownership and control of Earth's resources.

"Population control as the Machiavellian manipulation of society by an arrogant and self-aggrandizing elite has now become apparent to intelligent people worldwide. Political correctness in defense of win/lose Empire expansion of, by and for this self-serving elite has eclipsed win/win moral right of, by and for the people of Earth as a whole.  And yet, without a clear vision for transitioning the core "unity fabric" of civilization, the self-sabotage cancer eating at that fabric remains entirely out of touch with the body politic as a healthy whole.

"A millennial Golden Age on Earth", says Rudy, "follows from the higher consciousness, holistic health, and abundant life in general that HEARTware™ will generate."  The question facing humanity right now is simple he says; "Why should war, death and hell-on-earth be more politically correct than the abundant life in light and love?  It's time to finish what our Founding Father's began with an electronic upgrade of our horse-and-buggy legislative system for our global village.  There's no time or space with the instant everywhere Internet.  The war on terror is being used to divide and conquer the world; it's a war on freedom and opportunity that creates walls in the mind, us vs. them, and replaces faith in a God of Love with fear of enemies everywhere that Big Brother must protect us from."

Corporate training and infrastructure modeling is what Rudy intends with seminars on his HEARTcom Services.  The results he expects by replicating HEARTware™ throughout the global telecomm infrastructure will be the "Genesis Effect", as in the Star Trek movie where Spock is brought back to life when a dead planet is regenerated.  Rudy’s network-centric "Angel Fund" incentive plan will reward the first organizations the most that come on-line with his customer-centric HEARTware™ interface.  His goal is to take the Customer Relationship Management industry to the next level as HEARTware™ provides a definitive self-perfecting database model for culturing relationship capital.

Rudy’s view of global transformation through the Net is incisive: “With all knowledge being accessed over the Net, the spirit of
Freedom (to know better) and Opportunity (to do better) created the extraordinary abundance consciousness behind the revolution.  Unfortunately, the abundance of knowledge-power hit the wall of scarcity economics as old paradigm businesses such as Time-Warner could not compute the e-valuation criteria needed to optimize the Net worth of new paradigm companies like AOL.... like trying to fit round pegs into square holes.

Abundance does not come from the extraction and concentration of wealth, but from its widest possible distribution. True abundance means security, and that can only come from an understanding that we have a common responsibility for each other with the right to control our own destinies and resources in the spirit of 'one for all and all for one'; this spirit of caring and sharing is the core formula for security that has always been holy compassion at the heart of higher mental discernment of the selfless serving nature of Higher Power.  

"There's no security without this purity of a balanced "3-fold flame" of Higher Power through the Holy Spirit of Greater LOVE-in-action at the heart of Higher Consciousness.  This is the 3-fold synergized nature of TRUE unity-oriented COMMUNICATIONS... and REAL (vs. virtual or pseudo) COMMUNITY.   

"All problems are basically come-into-UNITY problems at the heart of the "COMMUNICATIONS COMMUNITY" that shapes our lives.  By resolving that cause-and-core problem with a TeLeCom process with a special LOVE TLC for harmonizing the 3-fold flame of self and civilization... the wholeness and healing of our planet will begin.

“As the tail (scarcity's value) continues to ‘wag the dog’, undermining the greater virtue of abundance values at a time in history when extraordinary abundance is now possible, we will continue to see the unraveling of the ‘Golden Calf’ of Wall Street profits as a higher value than the Abundant Life that the Golden Rule/Law Language would bring to the infrastructure of civilization.  The final fruits of scarcity economics are what we now see with the creation and management of ultimate scarcity through deeply entrenched old paradigm powerplays that profit from dis-ease, terror and endless war. 

"What we are seeing is the consolidation of the global control of the power elite while they ‘make a killing’ on their military-industrial stocks.  Peace, love and the well-being of good people worldwide are sacrificed on the altar of “scarcity’s value” for the profit of a few.

“True representative government as championed by U.S. Founding Fathers would today mean that ALL people in our global village have a voice in the decisions that affect them, including economic decisions.  An electronic upgrade of our Bill or Rights requires what HEARTware™ now provides; real time TeLeComm with a heart. The opposite of this natural evolution of global freedom and opportunity is the global tyranny of ‘might makes right’ imposed by a rich and powerful elite and their minions who profit from the dividing and conquering of the world for their domination and exploitation. 

“Enterprises and businesses must be rooted in TRUE (vs. pseudo) communities that are defined and refined  through REAL (vs. virtual) communications.  The genuine spirit of representative self government demands implementation of
LOVE-centric communications at the heart of true abundance.  This is the real antidote to the despair that breeds terrorism, and the best means of assuring our global security with hope, faith and charity as leads to a Golden Age.

"The bottom line", says Rudy. "is that an individual or civilization can rise no higher than their concept of ‘God is Love, and is for giving’.  There's no security without purity of intent for greater LOVE-in-action as the interactive interface for our global village.  A miracle of global salvation will follow the new LOVE-centric rules for the Next Economy.  With technology increasingly seen as part of the problem used to leverage Orwellian slavery in the name of freedom, either technology leaders work together to make HEARTware part of the solution as normalizes and harmonizes global inequities and imbalances, or they can sooner or later expect the imbalances in the world to be amplified and magnified by technology until global war destroys the very markets they depend on; without high touch LOVE at the heart of high tech, war rules.  But given new HEARTware rules at the heart of high tech, LOVE rules the Next Economy.

"Or as wise old Ben Franklin said at the beginning of the American Revolution against tyranny of the day, 'Either we all hang together or most assuredly, we will all hang separately.' 

"May it begin with U.S., ‘United Sovereigns’ in the United State of  ."


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