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the heartware cyberethics advantage.

The higher the whole systems frame of reference for Net reality - the interactive interface "heart" of the Internet's instant-everywhere-interaction capabilities -- the greater the results for integrity in the collective conscience of humanity.  All problems are, at heart, communication problems -- how to best "come-into-unity".

Either we devise ways to optimize the computer/Internet revolution for cooperative communication coordinations, or the sense of separation and suffering caused by divisions and cognitive dissonance will prevail.  Global civilization can rise no higher than the interactive process that frames our evolutionary ascent.  And although we can't legislate morality, we can provide an on-line interactive environment whereby the angels of our better nature can thrive.

As an exquisite metaphor for the language of consciousness (Jung), HEARTware™ empowers the Net reality of integrated hardware, software and netware with wisdom, the essence of idea capital with , the heart of relationship capital.

Put another way, the LOVE Model provides an interactive interface for the global computer/Internet “brain” with a “heart” qualified by the most valued virtues - the cyberethics of self-correcting learning organizations.  This e-valuation criteria for "valuation with virtue" has the capability for defining and refining our individual and collective consciousness at the quintessential heart of “Net worth”.  By raising the standard of  idea capital in terms of higher intelligence with a heart the foundation is established for relationship capital at the heart of REAL (versus virtual or pseudo) network community.

 There are three good reasons why this vision of ultimate Net worth values has found its time:

1st, Trend-Fit: Civilization is very quickly moving from left-brain compartmentalized thinking ("in the box" logic) conditioned by “linear” print technology… to right-brain pattern recognition abilities ("out of the box" intuition) conditioned by new audio-video and relational database technologies.  

For this reason, the high end of both intellectual and relationship capital is “spherical” (integrative right brain) consciousness that transcends the “linear” left-brain dominant analysis paralysis of Western academia.  The "picture" here is indeed worth a thousand "words" which are twice removed (coded symbols) from the direct truth. Consider these core trends in this regard:

To see where civilization is going as a mass awakening with a new Net reality, is to realize the challenge of transcending deeply entrenched institutional bias with the old win/lose oxymoronic (self-sabotage) paradigm of "scarcity's value".  From a more enlightened perspective, higher Net worth through virtue-centric "e-valuation cyberethics" can be understood with an appreciation of the natural evolution of the Internet from "the computer is the network" to "the network is conscious with a heart".

This is the transformational capabilities -- cultured by Heartware -- whereby the core valuation of our Five Core Freedoms can thrive:

Those who are first to catch this 4th wave -- the Next Big Thing in the computer/Internet revolution -- will benefit from this new e-valuation of Net worth, even as the early adaptors to the 3rd wave (Internet) took advantage of fresh opportunity for the Abundant Life with abundant freedom (to know better) and opportunity (to do better).

Now it is abundant WISDOM of, by and for the power of (HEARTware)
that has the potential to take the Economy to the next level.

Since HEARTware™ is in essence a simple yet profound model of the learning process, creative process and perceptual process (language of consciousness) at the very FOUNDATION of "self government"... it provides the ideal interactive interface for real-time mass-to-mass TeLeComm (emphasizing the TLC), doing for the psycho-cybernetic (learning) process within a “community network” what the brain stem does to shift perspectives between the left and right neural networks (hemi-spheres) of the brain.  With the rate of global change quickly accelerating, the only permanent condition is universal law/language coordinates that empower the wisdom of LOVE at the info-interface “heart” of the burgeoning information environment that shapes our lives.  The learning process -- thus qualified with cyberethics e-valuation criteria -- will organize information IN FORMATION along more enlightened  lines that encourage the spirit of divine love "between the lines"; the greening of "information's ecology" with the wisdom and power of (yellow + blue = green).

Another good reason for LOVE-centric cyberethics:

Consider that studies have shown people to be more motivated by love than by sex, money, and power or any other worldly incentive.  And that the higher the concept of love, the greater the results.  In short, an individual or civilization can rise no higher than their concept of “God is Love”.  The high end, of course, is divine love, selfless love, love for the sake of love.  It's the unconditional love that is for giving (70 x's 70, etc.).  As soon as we condition love with formalities, legalities or expectations of return (for getting) we forget REAL (divine) love.  Pseudo (human) love takes its place yet "thinks" its is the real thing.  Selfish love takes over and wants control and ownership.  But that which we try to own and control inadvertently "owns us".  People become possessed by that which owns them.  It's called materialism - the curse of Western civilization -- that has inverted the power of love with the love of power on militaristic war steroids.

 HEARTware™ takes selfless love
to the highest level that Net neutrality aspires to -- a simple (pure geometry) frame of reference for cyberethics as a standard for civility in our social networked conscience.  This includes the quintessential
archetypes of universal law/language within the collective consciousness of humanity; Geometry Ordered Divinity (G.O.D.) is in fact the universal code whereby Higher Power has always spoken to man.  Carl Jung, defined modern psychology with these universal archetypes, and in his words, said it well: “Where love rules, there is no will to power.  And where power predominates, there love is lacking. The one is the shadow of the other.” 

And so it is that the new paradigm of abundant knowledge-power at the heart of the New Economy is up against the walls in the mind -- scarcity-based values -- that sabotage an economics of abundance with the oxymoronic "value of scarcity"... the scarcity of the spirit that matters so that money matters can "wag the dog", putting the cart before the horse, and otherwise enthroning the core corporate law that puts shareholders before the public whenever profits are at stake.  This is how the love of power -- for profit -- has become 90% of man's law at the expense of the power of love.  “The one is the shadow of the other”. 

The bottom line needs to take into account the "capstone" (cyberethics) vision -- how an uncompromised ethical initiative of unbiased integrity can provide a universal interface for real-time mass-2-mass interaction based on e-valuation criteria which involves and evolves the language of consciousness that cultures our individual and collective currency of conscience.

What an idea -- full spectrum enlightenment at the heart of the Next Economy.

A 3rd reason for
LOVE-centric cyberethics is SOCIAL CONSCIENCE:

There's nothing more valuable at this crucial time in history than the vision of web.3.0 cyberethics as will culture social conscience at the heart of our social networks.  This is the role/goal (vision/mission) of HEARTcom Servicesand "THE LEGACY PROJECT" -- to define and refine web 3.0 models for numerous 4th Wave industries that make scarcity-based economic models obsolete, displacing them with the currency of conscience at the heart of an economic of abundance. Once these virtue-centric models reach “critical mass” on a grass-roots level worldwide, it will likewise create demand for this higher standard for corporate-customer relations, creating a huge industry for HEARTcom Services that upgrades the business of social evolution.  A new New Enlightenment will naturally be cultured by a web of conscience that is centered and connected via the golden rule/law language at the heart of every Golden Age.

Once you fully appreciate the "big picture" as a “gateway from cyberspace to innerspace” -- an interactive interface of, by and for the holy spirit of LOVE-in-action -- the potential for the emerging blueprint for a Golden Age becomes self-evident.

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