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   Updated November 2, 2004
                                 With HEARTware™ ~      


 Raising the Standard of Idea Capital 
with cyberethics
at the HEART of the New Economy

"Commerce without morality is a sin."
-Mahatma Gandhi



- Left Brain "Linear" Consciousness:
Can a "Learning Organization" be closed to win/win?

(Law of polarity as "two-in-one" vs. duality as "divide-to-conquer")

Do your Disciplines of Discrimination Delineate "walls in the mind" 
that Divide & Destroy?
  Or Define (refine, combine and shine)
 with pure intention for


O - Right Brain "Spherical" Consciousness:
Is the "Messenger of God" a person or a process?

(Law of the One, at~one~ment, unity-in-diversity, E Pluribus Unum, etc.)

    Does your Vision of Value for Victory include a Vow for widening circles of win/win Virtue?
Or self-limiting win/lose
circles of us-versus-them exclusivity?


-  Both Brain Hemispheres in Co-Operation Synergy:
Why "Win/Win" is so often the "dialectic with an attitude"

(Law of the trinity as the three-in-
one "throne" of G.O.D.~)

    Is your creative "synergy" compromised when new wine
is put into old paradigm skins?
Or does it transform and transcend the old with a -centric frame of reference?


  -  Conscience at the heart of the New Economy:
Co-Creator incentives for higher E-Valuation cyberethics.

 Those who are first to incorporate the economics of abundant into their organization's
infrastructure will profit the most in comparison to the prevailing oxymoronic economics of
scarcity that is reverse engineering so many of our social, political and economic institutions.

Look to SEE... Know to BE... the Geometry Of Divinity
for organizing information in formation (with

IDEA CAPITAL framed via :

The heart of "IT"; the most Intelligent part of "Information Technology";
The "TLC" dimension of "IT"; The
Law (Language)* of Consciousness";
  The "
ESP" dimension of "IT"; Effective Sensory Perception with .
      (there's nothing Extra about ESP when you've got

*Law/Language of universal archetypes: Components to the Capstone, Keys to the KINGdom, City Foursquare, Cosmic Cube, Pyramid of Self/Civilization,  New Jerusalem, and other archetypes of the collective conscience as explained at

  • Where enlightened self-interest meets selfless service 
    for global/universal win/win.

  • Integrity as the integration of universal Law & Order
    at the heart of the New Economy.

  •  The higher the paradigm - conceived and believed -
    the greater the economic benefits.

“When you appeal to the highest level of thinking,
you get the highest level of performance.”

Jack Stack, CEO of Springfield Remanufacturing Co., who coached
 one of the most remarkable turnarounds in business history: 


GeoNotes is what GeoNotes does:

-- Geometrizing the first principles of "cosmic" (universal) law language.

-  Moving ones frame of reference and "world view" (way of thinking)
from the left brain dominance on lock-step letter of the law BS (Belief System)
to right brain common sense of, by & for the spirit of the law of

--  Geometrizing the path, plan, process & "product" of, by & for personal growth "self-elevation"
at the heart of our individual and collective "salvation".

--  Positioning -in-action as the interactive interface for mass-to-mass TeLeComm.

--  Defining a personal growth industry with a personal growth network
that creates new standards for a New Economy based on
 E-valuation criteria for Net worth geometrized with .


"In the beginning, God geometrized."
- Ancient Hermetic Wisdom

"In the end, we become what we geometrize."
- Modern GeoNotes


HEARTware is what HEARTware does:

Geometrizing the Computer/Internet Revolution with

the Next Big Thing after Hardware, Software & Netware


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HEARTcom Services


 "Given to each soul upon the shores of time is a geometric key (GeoNotes
     that if wisely used, will open one’s Divine Reality." – St. Germain, Easter/97

“We utilize geometric figures. They are the anchor points of the consciousness of God.
The geometric figures embody magnificent cosmic transforming stations and focal
points of infinite light. And through the outreach of consciousness, humanity may
learn to contact the realm of angelic hosts.”

 --Sanat kumara, July 4th, 1971

"The Law of the Angles of G.O.D. (Geometry Of Divinity)
is the constitution of a frame of reference -- at heart --
for the Language of the Angels of Love
(holy compassion)"
- Christos Lightweaver


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High Touch HEART of High Tech
With a Higher Understanding of
Defining, Refining, Combining and Shining
Our God-given Gifts and Talents via
Net Standards
For a New Economy based on LOVE-centric Net Worth.

Seize the Vision (L), Embrace the Virtue (O), Make the Vow (V) and Claim the Victory (E)

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