The Process of "Self Governance" as a
Learning Organization

by Christopher Rudy

The "best" government is self-government, just as the "best" education is self-education.  In both cases, an on-going learning process of self-governing self-correction is required.  Otherwise, we do what we've always done -- like robots -- and predictably get what we've always got. 

To the extent that an individual or organization LEARNS along more enlightened lines of SELF-GOVERNANCE, to that extent will all souls involved thrive.  Research by biologists and anthropologists have found that all species and cultures that became extinct did so because of overspecialization and under-adaptability to change in their total environment.  They didn't learn.  Or they learned poorly.

The emerging global civilization -- cultured by dramatic change in our Net reality -- is now challenging the adaptive resources of humanity as never before in recorded history.  There is a huge disconnect between the capability of our instant-everywhere interactive Internet connection -- TO LEARN -- and the institutionalized paralysis that learns poorly or not at all. 

The health of civilization is an integral function of an enlightened learning process.

It should be cultured at an early age

What would happen if primary school primed an understanding of the learning process whereby life-long self-governance could thrive both individually and collectively?.  Kids aren't stupid.  They just need an environment in which cognitive function is optimized.  What happens when we emphasize the ability to think as a full spectrum ability with "testing" whereby each child can learn their unique learning style?  Imagine what happens when a child becomes conscious of HOW they are conscious?  Then they could learn to optimize their natural "learning windows" when each child's absorbent mind can assimilate vast amounts of practical life knowledge.   What better life preparation than those core processes of consciousness at the quintessential foundation of self-governance for the each soul? 

Indeed, what better foundation for the evolving Net reality of ALL connected souls than the culturing of virtue -- the Golden Rule at the heart of all learning organizations -- through a universal interface for accelerated learning at the heart of the instant-everywhere-interactive Internet?

If we do it right with simple "geometry lessons" for primary students -- and global Netizens --
than the framework of simple thought forms -- along pure geometry lines --
will culture
the Golden Rule/Law language of
the framework for a foundation of virtuous

Common sense would say that you can't expect people to be responsible for their lives without response ability.  The core disconnect causing dysfunction and disintegration of social institutions in modern civilization is willful ignorance of the response ability capabilities of knowledge power offered by the INTERACTIVE internet.  Governments that are not accountable to public opinion betray the meaning of "self government" (of, by and for the people).  Health care that is 97.5% disease care -- to profit from disease -- betrays the common sense of an once of prevention worth a pound of cure.  Economies based on the oxymoronic "value of scarcity" create and manage ultimate scarcity as terror, war, disease, death and hell on earth.

Obviously, we need a Revolution in Higher Consciousness if we are to transcend the paradigm paralysis and consequent "stinking thinking" (victim dictum) that confounds self-correcting self-determination for lack of the core ethical criteria of doing things responsibly -- correct thinking versus corrupt thinking.  How else do we culture the currency of conscience -- children-to-adults -- with the pure intent that will "self-correct" (learn) NOT to do the wrong thing.  If we want our children to have "full spectrum conscience" (NOT autistic), why do we bore them to death teaching them WHAT to think -- to pass a rote-memory test -- rather than HOW to think?  Why virtually enslave young souls with lowest common denominator "group think"  -- to get along by going along with NO self-governing virtues -- if we want them to succeed in life as response-able Netizens in our global village?

Likewise, if we want mature adults to take responsibility for self-government, why does formal education and the mainstream media emphasize what is politically correct yet morally wrong? 

Put another way, how else could mass mind-control propaganda prevail
if public courage in the
virtue of conscience were committed to
the Golden Rule/Law language of Universal LOVE?
That answer is that it could not prevail.
as the rule,

This is the self-evident truth of the crying "SOS" (Save Our Society) -- the current "learning crisis" in global civilization. There is no self-correcting, self-governing "self-elevation" (salvation) without response ability that is directed by a moral compass.  There is no future for our institutions and civilization at large without a dynamic learning process at the interactive "balanced" heart of omnipresent Net reality.  There is no escaping this inevitable conclusion because the instant response capabilities of Net reality is accelerating the consequences of irresponsibility.

If we want a future for our children that focuses on what OUGHT TO BE, we want our children -- and adults -- to be responsible for their own life, learning, health and self-governance.  Net reality is what we make it.  Enlightened response ability cultures responsibility -- the purpose of a Net reality upgrade of our Five Core Freedoms.  How else do we culture freedom and opportunity for all humanity in an instant-everywhere-interactive world?

To deny responsible accountability in our institutions -- when it is the core survival issue screaming for attention -- is beyond criminal.  It's a virtual death wish propagated by humanoids - the living dead.

What would happen if we prepared children for Net reality at the earliest possible age... and prepared adults for the full implications of Net reality with the same foundational principles of "cyberethics" that we geometrize as the "Golden Rule" for children?

Are we preparing children and adults to "do it responsibly" with informed choices that culture the golden rule/law language for a Golden Age promised by the breakthrough potential of the instant-everywhere-interactive Internet? 

Do we want to liberate the hearts and minds of our children -- and ourselves -- with the Net reality of our all-connected world? 

Would you agree a reboot of Net reality as a self-governing learning organization is the best hope for self-correcting self-elevation of a salvation nature?