involving/evolving (culturing)
that's ultimately spiritual

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Insight Overview:

Networking for the Net worth of
a more enlightened Net reality.

The Heartcom Network

The prime directive of planetary conscious evolution
has brought "
US" (United S
overeigns) to this point of
the Family of Mankind in our all-connected Global Village.

Now the Internet gives
US the freedom and opportunity
to finish - worldwide - that which U.S. Founders began,
shining the light of Liberty's torch as a beacon to all who
would wake up, wise up and stand up for the victory of
social Conscience at the
of global social networks.

True also for all 'US' of Earth

This is the time ordained for planetary rEVOLUTION with
a web of "light" (conscience) and an enlightened vision of
virtue and valor for the victory of a frame of reference for
spirit that matters - coherent - at the heart of
a new common sense InnerNet, the heart of the Internet,
of, by and for ALL of "US"...
United Sovereigns of Earth:
* In Spirit: the Currency of Conscience for the Next Economy;
* Initiating: universal coordinates for a Global Web We Want;
* Upgrading: Core Constitutional Freedoms for our Net reality;
* Holistic Healing: Universal Self Care with Quantum Medicine.

This is a time for conscientious CoCreation as CoOperation
through universal 
at the
heart of the golden rule/law
language of light at the interactive interface for TeLeComm,
emphasizing the TLC for "TeLeCommunity" (E-government),
"TeLeConscience" (E-learning), "
TeLeCare" (E-health) and
"TeLeCommerce" (cyberEthics), all emphasizing the "E" with
E-valuation criteria for a higher concept of universal
at the interactive interface heart of our new social networks.

Background Story: 'On The Path of God and Country'
Foreground Story: 'Quantum Computing with a Heart'
 Larger Narrative: 'Liberating Global Conscience'.

'Source Code' Coordinates for Heartware:

The "Language of the Angels" (heart coherence)
at the heart of the "Law of the Angles of
Geometric Ordered Divinity) for the purpose of
Guiding Optimal Developments.

The Language of Light at the heart of the
Law of Love,
framing the archetypal processes of consciousness
for culturing
Conscience at the interactive interface
heart of
mass-to-mass TeLeComm-unity networks.

A unique frame of reference for organizing our
        individual, indivisible (universal) RIGHTS ~
 in a new “global village” (public) SPHERE ~
with an upgrade of CHECKS & BALANCES ~

representing a HIGHER STANDARD ~  

 Defining, Refining, Combining and Shining
Full Spectrum of Light Language


Combining the Model with heart coherence,
providing a universal interface standard for global
mass-to-mass '
TeLeComm' (TLC) with heartware:

TLC' Intention: TeLeComm~Unity

       - Interactive Interface for Mass-to-Mass TeLeComm;
     the genesis of 'Cultural DNA' for global civility.

'TLC' Attention: TeLeConscience
 - Culturing Social Conscience in Social Networks;
      involving/evolving the Currency of Conscience.

'TLC' Retention: TeLeCare
free online 'Universal Self-Care Applications'
for global holistic 'health assurance policies'.
'TLC' Ascension: TeLeCommerce 
- E-valuation Criteria at the Heart of cyberEthics
Co-Operative TeLeCommerce Co-Ordination.

'TLC' Dimension: TeLeCoordination
- Emerging Blueprint for a Global Golden Age;
maps for movement towards 'wholEness'.

Freedoms of Speech & Press: Origination of content with Net neutrality infrastructure;
 – Freedom of Assembly: Open systems / open networks optimizing social Conscience
 – Freedom to Petition: E-valuation of content via interactive synergy of  and  with ;
Freedom of Religion that centers and connects the "Power of Love" at the heart of the
        the rule of law via the
Law of LOVE as an interactive Heartware interface for Net reality.

Upgrading the Currency of Conscience at the heart of
 Core Constitution Freedoms

The golden rule/law language at the heart of every Golden Age
has always been the gold standard that ultimately
defines, refines, combines and shines
the light of consciousness

Overview of Heartware

Assembling the components to the "Capstone Conscience"
at the Heart of a 5-Dimensional Shift in Cultural DNA


 "information's ecology",
the recycling of information in formation
along more enlightened "lines" of pure geometry for the
framing of a global rEVOLUTION in higher "whol-
" Conscience
that represents a 'Whole Systems Upgrade' of, by and for global Netizens.

If you have grasped the 'big picture' of the computer/Internet revolution as a metaphor for the business of evolution that frames the evolution of business, you can easily see that the natural trending from IBM mainframes (hardware) to the personal computer revolution via Microsoft (software) took a big leap when all those PC's linked up with the Internet (netware). It naturally follows that the next big phase after "the computer is the network" will be that "the network has a Conscience" (Heartware™). 

Wisdom warrants that we can't legislate morality in our systems of self governance.  We can, however, create an environment in which morality can thrive. This is the divine destiny of cultural DNA as will involve and evolve full-spectrum Conscience at the interactive interface heart of mass-to-mass TeLeComm.

The VISION alone, how Heartware™ will involve and evolve our individual and collective Conscience, can be the catalyst for a self-fulfilling prophecy that will make it so... a global upgrade of those core Constitutional freedoms that will update our horse-and-buggy representation systems with the Internet Age capabilities for culturing social Conscience in our ubiquitous social networks... finishing what U.S. Founders began.

The Conscious Movement that is the divine destiny of Earth's evolutions is the pure intention of the pure geometry framework for the Constitution of Conscience at the heart of heartware.  This is the movement away from highly centralized, top-down one-way mass programming of corporatocracy's media monopoly... and the movement towards highly decentralized, bottom-up grass-roots (Net roots) social Conscience in real-time (live) mass-interactive social networks.

The core obstacle at this 2013 Turning Point has been lack of vision regarding a universal interface for mass-to-mass interaction... how a hundred or million people can respond to the same program at the same time on a real-time or instant replay basis.  That obviously requires a framework for response ability (the interactive interface), that will also define Web 3.0 as the next major development phase of the computer/Internet rEVOLUTION, emphasizing 90% of the word.

Obviously, you can't expect the public to be responsible for social institutions without response ability -- the ability to respond in a way that is consistent with the instant-everywhere and interactive capabilities of the modern Internet.  All the public discontent we see is a direct consequence of the disconnect between ordained public power and the inordinate power of special interests who have a vested interest in keeping conscientious common sense FROM the public rather than of, by and for the people.

Empowering the wisdom of social Conscience with Heartware™ can thus be understood as the fulfillment of the Founders' pure intention behind the American Revolution.  Or as James Madison, the Chief Architect of the Constitution, said so well,
                            "Conscience is the most sacred of all property."

Conscience is our global divine destiny whereby the ordained power of love checks and balances the inordinate love of power.  Or as Tom Paine said so well in his 'Common Sense' that sparked the American Revolution, "I love the man that can smile in trouble, that can gather strength from distress, and grow brave by reflection. 'Tis the business of little minds to shrink; but he whose heart is firm, and whose conscience approves his conduct, will pursue his principles unto death."

 Shift Happens!
 The beginning of a new world of Unity Conscience
is the end of the old divisive warring world as we have known it.
Now is the time prophesied when an accelerated shift into
Aquarian Love will make the old paradigm obsolete by

involving/evolving the language of consciousness
for empowering global freedom & opportunity
in the image and likeness of divine order
that frames
processes for culturing
personal and planetary trans-
formation as will represent
the Prime Directive for
free will embrace
LOVE that


(Get Past the Past)
           (The Presence Process)
(Unity Conscience)
              (THE BLESSING)

Bottom Line:

A Golden Age is Earth’s destiny, once refined.
  Many are the dimensions where that is defined.
     Many are the divine rooms in the Lord’s Mansion.
     But singular is the intention for love’s dimension.
     Singularity beats polarity with focused attention.
       And attention pays well as evolutionary ascension
             with room in the Mansion for full-spectrum retention.




The Emerging Blueprint for a Golden Age
Framing E-valuation criteria, HEARTware™, as a cyberEthics standard
     for interactive mass-to-mass TeLeComm around more enlightened lines;
     the form that follows function -- LOVE -- as the golden rule/law language
      at the heart of an emerging Golden Age in social networked Conscience.


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