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HEARTcom Services

        “High Touch at the Heart of High Tech”


July 2003



Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Highlights


Target audience for service:

    Any company that wants to take "idea capital" or "relationship" capital to the highest possible level for "Net worth" will appreciate how the "e-valuation criteria" that frames this interactive telecomm model raises the standard of  CONSCIOUSNESS by qualifying wisdom with the actual frequencies of compassion (HEARTlink
biofeedback) in phase with the archetypes of conscious languaging (HEARTware psychefeedback)... as detailed at www.HEARTcom.org/VISION.htm

Description of service:

        With the #1 problem of the Information Age being Info-overload, the #1 application will be a definitive model for organizing all information IN FORMATION in the way that "frames" higher consciousness.  Since the HEARTcom
model we've developed over 30 years provides an archetypal framework of universal law "language" in pure geometrized form, it has the capability of "universalizing" a standard for recycling general knowledge in the way that empowers specific wisdom "with heart" (most valued values). In other words, Customer Relationship Management ultimately must "take heart" because customers don't care what you know until they know that you care.  Research has shown that customers are more motivated by love than money, prestige or power.

Key features that differentiate this service from its competition:

Since HEARTcom Services provides a unique, exclusive interface for "TeLeCom with heart" [HEARTchat
, HEARTmail, TeLeContext, etc., we have an unprecedented vehicle for raising the standard of the #1 Net applications (e-mail, chat, conferencing & collaboration) with a frame of reference that involves and evolves our individual and collective consciousness at the heart or REAL (vs. virtual or pseudo) community.

  The implications of "HEARTware" are thus no less than the "Next Big Thing" in the computer/Internet revolution after hardware, software and netware:

For more information contact Christopher Rudy, e-mail at top.