2023 Mainstream Awakening Series

Personal Note August 12, 2023:
I’ve retired from the Shock & Awe of lamestream media's
making a killing on war, dis-ease and disaster...
  at least for awhile.
 I’ve been on vacation:)
  So this compendium is ‘above the fray’ (beyond the strife),
  with some revelations history and a promising future.
Consider this a deep dive into the High State of
that is emerging to refine
 and shine the
Aquarian Quantum Age.
Food for thought for the
truly thoughtful:)

PS: I've been reflecting on the
       cosmic scheme of things;
   as above ~ so below.

Mainstreaming Conscientious Common Sense
From Deep State - Love of Power
To High State - Power of Love

"Where love rules, there is no will to power.
And where power predominates,
there love is lacking.
The one is the shadow of the other."

~ Father of Modern Psychology,
 Carl Gustav Jung [video]

   The love of power without Constitutional principle
    has created a ‘shadow government’ (Deep State)
- also known as the
Corporatocracy -
   just as the
Constitution of Aquarian will
mainstream ‘whole systems’ (holistic) holiness
and healing with upgrade of 'Common Sense’ 
 (Effective Sensory Perception), as the VISION 
and MISSION that defines, refines and
Aquarian Enlightenment; the High State.

Transcending the Deep State by
Mainstreaming the High State

  Have you noticed how the propaganda press never
   mentions Deep State subversion of the High State?

  Is it true that social media truth-telling - as exposes
Deep State deception - is ‘blacklisted’ (censored) 
as ‘disinformation’ by Deep State ‘fact checkers’? 

      Would you agree that a global rEVOLUTION in higher
   consciousness is the cause-and-core solution to the
   Deep-State devolution that subverts the High State?

  Based on your understanding and agreement,
  consider how our Aquarian divine destiny with
  a High State of and for a Great Enlightenment
  will take the Great Awakening to the next level
for all of ‘US’ as United Sovereigns of Earth. 

May the zeal for enlightenment perform ‘IT
Innernet Technology), at the heart of the
 Aquarian Quantum Age,    

Skip to the bottom for inspirational 'Fire On Ice'.

Blast from the Past

52 years ago I attended Rose-Croix University 
– Rosicrucian Order –
in a vision quest to know the mysteries of God.

      Photo journal

“The Rosicrucian Manifesto portrays a utopian vision
 of spiritual enlightenment and societal reformation.”

~ at 9:14 minutes of this video:

May 21, 2023 / Agrippa’s Diary
The Rosicrucian Order – The Secret Society that
Connects All Religions

Rosicrucianism - an intricate spiritual and cultural movement - traces its roots back to the early 17th century Europe and has evolved to manifest itself in various forms in contemporary times. The movement draws its distinct character from an eclectic blend of esoteric wisdom, spanning elements of mysticism, alchemy, Christian Gnosticism, and an array of philosophical and spiritual teachings.
     The origins of the Rosicrucian Order are steeped in mystery, traditionally linked to an enigmatic figure named Christian Rosenkreuz. Just as modern scholars have identified the secret author of Shakespeare's plays as Sir Francis Bacon, so is Christian Rosenkreuz also known as a composite identity of the Wonder Man of Europe, Saint Germain.
     Rosicrucian teachings pivot around concepts of spiritual enlightenment - inner wisdom - with the goal of inspired application of the profound mysteries of co-Creation.
Note from CR: According to modern Rosicrucian records, 52 of the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence were either Rosicrucians or Masons. Franklin and Jefferson were Rosicrucians. Washington was a 'Master Mason' (33rd Degree of Christhood). The Masonic order was later subverted by Illuminati infiltrators, and the Rosicrucian order went 'underground' (off the radar), until the 20th Century.


My 'awakening' to the ancient mysteries of God
see short picture story: On the Path

 led to study of contemporary unveilings with the
 I Am Movement, Summit Lighthouse and the
Hearts Center Community
- new Revelations.

For more on the ancient mysteries behind
modern psychology and theology…
watch these 2023 videos on
Carl Gustav Jung and

The archetypal symbols geometrized in the  model
Geometric Ordered Divinity; G.O.D. is

 provides a whole system frame of reference for cultural DNA
and 'genesis of wholEness
' (healing) in our spirit-mind-body
 connection that is defined & refined by integration of the 3-D
  , and components of the 4-D 'capstone' (plan: ) as
references the 'gateway' (portal) to the 5th Dimension when
this pure geometry
ascension process is fulfilled holistically.

Linear Consciousness
The ‘’ in the Model
eft-brain ‘etter of the aw’
(Compartmentalized ogic)

Spherical Conscience
The ‘’ in the Model
Right-brain ‘Spirit of the Law’
(Nonlinear-Intuitive Knowing)

Synergy in the Trinity
The ‘’ in the Model
3-fold ~ ~ Balancing
(Hemispheric Co-Creation)

Cosmic ‘Cube’ – the ‘Plan’

The ‘’ in the Model
Integration of , and ;
holodeck simulation for
Web 3.0 Heartware.

The integration of these symbols in the ‘Plan’
- looking down on the ‘pyramid-
(of Self and Civilization) -
is a 3D representation of the ‘4D interface’
(real time mass-to-mass interaction)
Effective Sensory Perception,
 also known as 5D VISION

reative Ascent Process
'Aquarian Upwising'
(Wisdom of the Crowd);
(Ritual of the Cloud).

CAPstone Relationship with The Holy Spirit

August 21, 2023 / HeartsCenter.org
   Saint Germain discourses through David Christopher Lewis.
 The all-seeing eye of God represents the CAPstone that is
 being placed on the metaphoric 'pyra-mid' (fire in middle of
  self and society), as is co-creating the new solar civilization
  which is coming to the Earth. The love of the Holy Spirit will
  provide the impetus and the necessary transformation as is
required to bring everyone into this new global civilization.


  The Holy Spirit of -in-action that
  is represented at the interactive heart of
TeLeComm and TeLeCare is the
'Alpha and Omega' (Spirit that Matters)
US United Sovereigns of Earth
Great Awakening to Enlightenment. 

 The Mainstream Media-Medical-Marketing
 and Management MegaTrend Momentum
 will sooner or later Morph the Matrix with
  upgrade of
Five Core Internet Freedoms.

Change is on the Horizon - Dawn of the Golden Age
This is the epic story of how the world lost its soul, and
will gain it back. Directed and narrated by James Rink
In Three Parts:

Part 1 - Dawn of the Golden Age - Discuses how Saint Germain helped bring about the beginnings of an enlightened era which soon fell into darkness under the helms of the Illuminati and a corrupted Masonic order.

Today Saint Germain is the avatar of
the dawning Age of Aquarius.

Part 2 - The American Federal Empire. America was always meant to be a shinning beacon of freedom and prosperity to the world. But the machinations of the Rothschilds and British bankers soon corrupted the currency of conscience, monetizing war and dis-ease for profit and population control.
Part 3 - The Farmer Claim Program - Discuses how a class action lawsuit brought about in the early 1990's lead to the creation of NESARA, the National Economic Security and Reformation Act, which represents the 'Alliance' (White Hats) who are working behind the scenes to adjudicate gross injustice and upgrade social conscience in our ubiquitous social networks.

The Emerging Golden Age of Aquarius

     * Transmuting Dense, Unconscious & Heartless
'DUH' (woke) 'BS' (Belief Systems).

* Transcending 'Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt'
(Piscean Age 'FUD' & 'DUH').
 * Clearing the suffering sinner/saint syndrome
that is 'Stuck In Negativity' (SIN).

   * Healing paradigm paralysis via paradigm shift
with an attitude of gratitude.

Keep the Faith ~ Be Grateful
Feel the Joy!

Aquarian First Principles of and for
Full Spectrum
TLC Enlightenment:

Pure geometry thoughtforms as
Geometric Ordered Divinity 
G.O.D.~ Constitution)
with universal 'Light Language'
Effective Sensory Perception
 via interactive TeLeCommunion:
TeLeComm for TeLeCommunity,
TeLeConscienceTeLeCare and

  ~~~~~~~~~ BONUS VIDEO ~~~~~~~~~

Inspirational vision of precision

Vanessa James and Morgan Cipres

CR Note: In a recent life review, I remembered my 'former life'    
   (teenager), when I was a competition figure skater and in ice show
   comedy acts. So I identify with the clown in local bull-riding events.
 He's on a 'razor's edge' also, attracting the bull, but not too much.
You can only take so much bull:)

 So See the Good - Keep it Light
   And Care to Share the .
 Welcome to Aquarius!