A Universal "Co-Operation” (Co-Creation) Interface
for Mass-to-Mass Internet Interaction

 by Christopher Lee Rudy
Holistic Visionary
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How do we bring human intuition to an Internet interface on this scale?

"The better the process, the less friction at the interface."
~ Shyam Sankar: The Rise of Human-Computer Cooperation

Note: At about 5:15 minutes, Sankar explains why the
 ultimate consideration is the human-computer interface
  for cooperative communication coordination. This is the
  interactive interface that heartware defines and refines
  at the heart of the evolving computer/Internet revolution
after hardware, software and then netware emphasis.

To attempt grasping the full meaning and potential of heartware now
-- the concept of 'cultural DNA' for our conscious evolution --
is analogous to grasping the meaning of the Infull meaning and
potential of the emerging Internet
way back in 1990.

Imagine if you had the foresight to see the potential of the Internet then,
or the next generation of the computer/Internet revolution now with
'Quantum Computing':

·       THE VISION: Next Generation of the Computer/Internet Revolution;

·       NET REALITY: Culturing Social Conscience in Social Networks;

·       HEARTWARE:  Integrating Hardware, Software and Netware;

·       WEB 3.0 SHIFT: From “The Computer is the Network” (Internet)
                           To: “The Network has a Heart” (InnerNet Interface);

·       CO-CREATION: Heartware™ E-valuation Criteria for CyberEthics;

·      HEART COHERENCE: Education of the heart for centering Conscience;

·       THE   MODEL: Emerging Blueprint for a Global Golden Age.

 For the Facebook 'Community Page',

The technique for ‘high touch’ high tech, defined by , and the technology of HEARTware™ -- to make it so -- is a universal interface for interactive mass-to-mass TeLeComm, emphasizing TLC via unique 'E-valuation' criteria with .

The natural evolution of the  computer/internet revolution from an emphasis on hardware to software, netware, and now to a new ‘Net reality’ of, by and for ‘Co-Operative Co-Creation’, can now be well qualified with web 3.0 HEARTware™.

We are what we believe, think, feel and do, and we
BECOME what we believed, thought, felt and did.

              Web 1.0... the computer becomes the network of computers;
            Web 2.0... the network becomes a platform for social consciousness;

            Web 3.0... the platform becomes interactive with a 'Conscience' via

PREFACE: Following is the in-depth ‘coded version’ that introduces HEARTware™. 
The core-archetypal concepts defining HEARTware™ are underlined below.  The in-depth ‘code’ is hot-linked at these underlined concepts. These links provide concepts that ‘flesh out’ this bare bones introduction.  By ‘linking the light’ (conscious co-creation), HEARTware™ fulfills a process of ‘crowd-source co-operation’. The origination and E-valuation of content with HEARTware™ reflects and perfects an interaction process whereby conscientious common sense is naturally framed, geometrized  or otherwise cultured for ‘more light’ (
Conscience)... easier and faster.

…coming to a desktop, laptop or hand-held
Net reality near you.

First… the larger context – the insight overview “CAPstone” (Creative Ascent Process) – as is defining, refining, combining and 'shining' our individual and collective Net reality… a process culturing conscientious common sense, systemic enlightenment, education of the heart, cultural DNA, etc.

The computer/Internet revolution has created exponential acceleration of the rate of change. Like the neural networking of a global brain, a new Net reality has emerged.  A new ‘Currency of Conscience’ has cultured conscientious common sense in a new global village of instant-everywhere and interactive interaction capabilities.

Historical Note: Back in November of 1974, I addressed 10 agencies of the Fed. Government on Capitol Hill, as explained HERE. I introduced a simple yet profound way to celebrate the U.S. Bicentennial with a decentralized system of interactive telecomm as will upgrade our horse-and-buggy system of representing core Constitutional freedoms. Today we still have a horse-and-buggy representation system that has been co-opted by the corporatocracy.

Knowledge power has gone ballistic but wisdom with a heart is struggling to resurrect social conscience of a more enlightened nature in our ubiquitous social networks. This is the systemic problem that HEARTware™ addresses with a holistic-systemic 'cyberEthics' solution.

The barrier to real-time mass-to-mass interaction has been the requirement of a universal interface for combining and ‘shining’ or otherwise highlighting the intelligent ‘light’ in the feedback of hundreds or millions of respondents at the same time… without creating clamorous noise.

HEARTware resolves this conundrum via feedback
with 3 numbers in sequence, followed by a # sign,
defining a dot in a 3-D icon 'cube' as represents
three dimensions of the 'brain holodeck' in
a small window on your video screen.
(explained in greater depth below)

When the interactive interface for mass-to-mass interaction is ‘universal’ with an archetypal frame of reference for global Net reality, all information is organized
IN FORMATION… according to the ‘universal’ frame of reference for feedback
‘E-valuation’. The more ‘universal’ that interface, the more it will ‘universalize’
the ultimate meaning, value and purpose of ‘survival’ as the ‘thrival’ of ultimate meaning value and purpose.

Conscious evolution of, by and for global civility
will naturally experience ‘
accelerated ascent
with this vision of virtue and value for victory
with more ‘Light’ of a ‘Conscience’ nature
as makes paradigm paralysis obsolete.

HEARTware™ has overcome the #1 obstacle of mass-to-mass interaction, framing E-valuation criteria with archetypal processes of consciousness (Jung) as are ‘geometrized’ or otherwise objectified through a process of conscious choice at the HEART of conscious evolution.   This is the #1 criteria for the next generation of the computer/internet revolution from an emphasis on hardware to software, netware, and now to web 3.0 HEARTware™… culturing social Conscience in social networks.

The HEARTware™ process serves to resolve the common mental health ‘dis-ease’ of information overload and consequent “future shock” (paradigm paralysis) as a consequence of the exponential increase in knowledge with the computer-Internet revolution. 

The more information we have,
the greater is the need to
get it all in order.

HEARTware™ is a process that ‘recycles’ knowledge in the way that extracts wisdom with a “heart” (Conscience)… resolving the entropic effect of ‘sensory overload’ – too much information -- which is just as crippling for conscious evolution as sensory deprivation. HEARTware™ integrates the syntropic effect of ‘Effective Sensory Perception’ of a more enlightened ‘universal’ nature.

Such a higher standard for Net reality will holistically
culture social Conscience in social networks,
involving and evolving conscientious
common sense in the process.

A truly ‘universal’ E-valuation criteria at the HEART of interactive mass-to-mass TeLeComm will qualify ‘smart’ with ‘heart’ of a more conscientious ‘best for all’ nature. This is the ‘heart’ of ‘community building’ within any social network. It is also the ‘heart’ of unity in our diversity.  And it is a way for cultural creatives to co-create ‘Unity Conscience’ via the ‘Source field’ of Effective Sensory Perception.

These core processes of consciousness are an exquisite metaphor for Five Core Constitutional Freedoms, and with optimized ‘Freedom of Conscience’, all other freedoms are synergized and ‘universalized’ for our ‘global village’.

“Conscience is the most sacred of all property.”
~ James Madison, Chief Architect of the Constitution

The ‘universal’ E-valuation criteria at the heart of HEARTware™ likewise defines a ‘universal’ standard for cyberEthics, resolving the cognitive dissonance from the horse-and-buggy standard of one-way, top-down, highly centralized media programming… bringing public dialogue into the Internet Age with multi-way, bottom-up, highly decentralized interaction that naturally cultures conscious evolution through relationships of relevance and ultimate reverence: the power of wisdom with ‘TLC’ geometrized at the heart of local/global TeLeComm.


WHAT: HEARTware™ is an interactive interface application for integrating the current capabilities of hardware, software and netware in “real time” (moment-to-moment)… as will culture the Currency of Conscience at the HEART of the Next Economy… highlighting the best ideas, innovations, revelations and communication tools and processes of, by and for global enlightenment.

WHY: Defining and refining ‘high touch’ high tech; culturing consensus as social-unity Conscience in social networks; conscious evolution at the HEART of the instant-everywhere and interactive computer/Internet revolution will upgrade core Constitutional freedoms.

HOW: Involves and evolves the ‘language of consciousness’ at the HEART of the learning process, the creative process, and the actual processes of consciousness at the quintessential foundation of self-governance… for “mass-to-mass TeLeComm” (with a heart).

WHEN: Rapid development model following funding. Goal is for premier release of the video on 12-12-12; the vision alone can be the catalyst for rapid deployment of the HEARTware 1.0 interface for early adopters in 2013.

WHERE:  Coming to a desktop, laptop or hand-held Net reality near you.


HEARTware™ 'Light Language' and 'Color Code':

The language of light is a universal language ‘seen’ by all humans on Earth.  It’s also
an exquisite metaphor for the processes of consciousness that can be framed with HEARTware™ to provide a universal interface that is easily adapted to any human language for mass-to-mass interaction.

HEARTware™ will provide an interactive model for translation and application of the
Model’… framing the concept of 'light language' as cultural DNA at the heart of 'Universal Co-Creation'... an integral function of cosmic-universal law governing the unified-quantum-holographic field from microcosm to macrocosm.

The Overview Vision “CAPstone”
Creative Ascent Process).


The higher the concept of Universal
-empowering -wisdom with -love frequency
in all
-archetypal dimension of wholness…
the greater the results for the
holy spirit of
LOVE-in-action; pink + blue = violet.
[see the ‘7 Color Hats’ model of light language]

Note that a truly universal interface will, for the first time, enable a ‘higher frequency’ with interactive -in-action – as in frequently This process is the ‘product’ of the vision “CAPstone” (Creative Ascent Process) as will -define, -refine, -combine and -shine the evolutionary ascent process... uniquely 'framed' with "Geometric Ordered Divinity" (G.O.D.).

This 'spiritual geometry' frames the concept of  at the heart of this CAPstone vision of global cyberEthics E-valuation criteria for wholEness as Effective Sensory Perception in solidarity with Enlightened public interest at the highest ‘Universal Co-creation’ level.

Defining and refining web 3.0 for crowd-source conscious co-creation will thrive with E-valuation criteria for ‘wholEness’ with ‘global cyberEthics’ of, by and for ‘Effective’ Sensory Perception… culturing Enlightenment as ‘Unity Conscience’… harnessing the evolution revolution with a global interface for ‘Universal Co-creation’.

"Man can harness the winds, the waves and the tides,
but when he can harness the
power of love,
then for the second time in the history of the world,
man will have discovered fire."
~ Teihard de Chardin

The goal is to culture our Net reality with “high touch” (personalized) high tech at the heart of the instant-everywhere and interactive computer/Internet revolution… and with a free downloaded app for palm-held, lap-top or desk-top networking platforms.

Interactive interface for universal mass-to-mass TeLeComm:
Upgrading social Conscience at the
heart of Earth’s global
social networks… for Net reality of a ‘
more light’ nature.

This is a unique proprietary process for geometrizing cyberEthics E-valuation criteria for ‘information ecology’ as 'recycles' information IN FORMATION along more enlightened ‘lines’ that frame universal law ‘language’ with core Jung archetypes governing conscious evolution.

HEARTware creates a ‘portal’ from cyberspace to inner space… the gateway from the Internet to the ‘Inner Net’, the virtually untapped potential of a higher consciousness than that which created all our social problems.

It doesn’t take an Einstein to realize that a global
revolution in higher consciousness is needed.



The revelations revolution in conscious evolution
requires new tools and processes to make it so.

All social problems are, at heart, communication problems – how we ‘come-into-unity’ for real ‘comm-unity’ in our diversity. HEARTware is an application that integrates the capabilities of hardware, software and netware “in time” (real-time, moment-to-moment) in the way that involves and evolves the ‘language of consciousness’ at the HEART of the learning process, the creative process, and the actual processes of consciousness at the quintessential foundation of self-governance.

HEARTware  frames the next generation of Net reality – web 3.0 -- with a universal interface for interaction of hundreds or millions of people at the same time… providing input coding with 3 numbers in sequence which represent the 3 dimensions of contextual ‘E-valuation’ – three 1-9 scales radiating from “0-Point” as ‘at-ONE-ment’ or ‘Unity Conscience’. Input of these 3 numbers via HEARTware™ -- at any one moment of a live or replayed video -- creates a dot in a 3-D cube icon displaying real-time social consciousness. 

This e-valuation criteria can thus provide ‘highlights’ for origination of new content that focuses attention with pure intention for the heart of the matter… how our collective Conscience is centered and connected with -- or divided and disconnected from -- the spirit that matters… empowering wisdom with a ‘heart’.

The leaders of the future will be good communicators, and HEARTware™ refines the communication process in the way that enlightened communicators can rise and shine, showing us all how to wake up, wise up and rise up with greater social Conscience in our social networks.

This information’s ecology process of E-valuation and origination for culturing ‘crowd source’ Conscience – qualified by HEARTware cyberEthics – empowers the response ability of informed choice to know better and do better in ALL DIMENSIONS of our individual and collective ‘holodeck’ – the "Source Field" (quantum 'cloud') at the heart of every social network community... as framed by HEARTware:

1st number ‘dimension’: from upper brain to lower brain, i.e. context is ‘above you’ or ‘below you’… from a centered and connected 'O-point' of cognitive agreement. This is like the ‘brightness’ scale from ‘too bright, sophisticated or authoritative’ to the perceptual perspective of 'too dark, dense and DUH: Dumb, Unconscious and Heartless'.

This 1st dimension of “pure white light” (pure intention or not) goes through the veil of human thought and feeling, like a crystal prism, to ‘refract’ into all the colors of the rainbow as represent full-spectrum consciousness. The focus of attention on this spectrum further qualifies ‘light language’:

2nd number ‘dimension’: from left brain to right brain, i.e. context is “too linear” (technically abstract) or “too nonlinear” (absent of meaning)… from a centered and connected 0-point of cognitive agreement. This is like the spectrum from ‘too mental’ (intellectual-abstract intelligence) from the perspective of “too emotional” (nonlinear-intuitive intelligence). The Star Trek analogy would be Spock on one end of the spectrum and Scotty on the other end... with Kirk in the middle.

The composite of brightness and color in the 1st and 2nd E-valuation scales respectively, creates a picture worth a thousand words, as in a well-exposed and developed color snapshot. The ‘synergy’ of brightness and color – the process of cognition in frequency and form – leads to ‘pattern recognition’… to ‘get the picture’.

3rd number ‘dimension’: from forebrain to rear brain, i.e. context synergy of the 1st two dimensions in terms of either too profound for foresight or hindsight to grasp… from a centered and connected 0-point of cognitive agreement.

HEARTware 1.0 will include an in-depth user guide explaining the e-valuation process with a unique self-assessment profile (on-line, confidential) for personal relevance of the 3-dimensions to your own cognitive frame of reference. This becomes your ‘bench-mark’ for conscious evolution in relationship with others utilizing HEARTware's E-valuation criteria for cyberEthics in our individual/collective ‘holodeck’.

HEARTware 2.0 will include an application with a biofeedback interface which references heart coherence as a higher standard for HEARTware™ cyberEthics. Such ‘coherence' is actually a golden ratio algorithm of the heart rhythm when in the frequency of loving kindness, holy compassion, divine feminine energies at the HEART of 5-D Unity Conscience.


A 3-D interface application for “4-D” (real time) interaction -- on palm-held, lap-top or desk-top networking platforms -- will involve and evolve our individual and collective “Conscience” (5-D) for ‘Universal Co-Creation’ – a cooperative process for culturing unity-in-diversity at the HEART of local and global social networks.

More information on ‘The Vision’ – how HEARTware works -- is available per request at heartcom@mcn.net .


create a model for culturing Net reality as will
naturally make unreality paradigms obsolete.