2023 Mainstream Awakening Series

A New Common Sense is Going Global

With vision, the people thrive.  Without it,
perish the thought. Focus pure intention.

Pure Intention is the Heart of

 What kind of world do we want folks?

Is it true that global humanity prefers
health & peace over disease & war? 

   Are you aware of the Great Awakening
that is going mainstream very fast?

 Would you agree that economic reset
     requires conscientious common sense?

"Conscience is the most sacred of all property."
~ James Madison, 4th US President and
Chief Architect of the Constitution

April 19, 2023 / Solar Eclipse (MDT)

There's an eclipse tonight, so this newsletter reflects the
dynamic whereby humanity's collective 'common sense'
(the sun), is eclipsed by mainstream 'insanity' (lunatics).

Fortunately, in the cosmic scheme of things,
it's only temporary:)

Earth Day, April 22, 2023

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Evolution Revolution Revelations
With the Spirit that Matters

The 'Quickening
' as Mass Awakening:

 In the larger scheme of eternal progression,
 it is pure intention that prevents 'regression'
- the eclipse of our Source Conneion -
   by focusing attention with retention
for conscious ascension in 5+ dimensions  
  of full spectrum enlightened comprehension.

A New Common Sense is Going Global

Thomas Paine's COMMON SENSE sparked the 
  American Revolution with a timely vision of virtue
  and valor for victory over the tyranny in their day.

The computer/Internet revolution has created an
 instant-everywhere and interactive global village
  that is now maturing with a new Common Sense
  of global Netizens who network for the Net worth
 of Net reality with general enlightenment of both
'The Crisis' and 'The Opportunity'.

   After 3 years of global crisis via mass perception
   deception, enlightened Netizens have witnessed
  many of us who preferred comforting lies for our
  "health & security" rather than unpleasant truths
 that expose the Big Lie of 'Crisis Capitalism' for
  profit and power without Constitutional principle.

  Global humanity has succeeded on planet Earth
to the point where systemic corruption is being
 exposed as a divisive dialectic that creates and
   manages dystopian dis-ease and disinformation
   via powerful special interests that have a vested
    interest in keeping common sense - and control -
   from people, NOT
"of, by and for the people";
all of
'US' as United Sovereigns of Earth.

Click or tap on image for article

In response to corruption and disruption of
 life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,
a new Common Sense is emerging  
among global 'Netizens' who are
networking for the Net worth
of unity in our diversity as
our global 'Net reality'.

It is the common sense of
intention that focuses attention

retention for 5D+
comprehension and ascension

is the Key - Geometric Ordered Divinity
(G.O.D. is - GODcode Here).

As you watch the following video, keep in mind
that our Galaxy is a giant torus field as is
our Sun, the Earth, your brain, cells,
and every atom in the universe;
the Unified Source Field:.

The Geometry of Spirit Into Matter and
the 'Dance' (flow) of Spirit that Matters
Watch THRIVE I for FREE at:

Watch THRIVE II Trailer now at:

Watch THRIVE II Now at:

Eye of the Universe - Fractal Zoom

published Aug 28, 2017 / Maths Town
Thanks to Charles Dominick for sharing this fractal
   geometry music video - a window into the pattern of
Holographic Universe. Welcome to the InnerNet!

  Keep in mind that the body is a holographic field, and
  there are many fields within the auric field around the
body as commonly imaged with Kirlian photography.

There is a very strong holographic field around one's
heart when you are 'heart coherent' (Power of Love)
 as empowers the 'brain holodeck' (holographic field),
 to optimize 'mind congruence' (5D-Self actualized).

The Creative Ascent Process

 Your 'InnerTech Gateway' for
navigating the InnerNet with
  'Effective Sensory Perception'
  (GOD~ Conneion).

March 23, 2023 / The Why Files

The CIA's Classified Space & Time Travel System
That You Can Learn (Really).

Related coordinates for navigating the InnerNet:
The Prime Directive and Aquarian Quantum Age

  For more information on the global quantum shift
Dimensional Shift and Aquarian Frequency Shift

What you think about you bring about.

We 'think' in images, symbols or patterns
 of associate 'feeling' (emotion & attitude).
   And as a general rule, the male practice of
 linear, logical, left-brain dominant thinking
- as 'alphas' are genetically 'wired' -
is complimentary to 'nonlinear' (intuitive)  
feelings of a dominant right-brain nature.  

   Either strength - in excess - is a weakness.
Hemispheric balance is a perceptual virtue;
'smart' without 'heart'.

 We each have these cognitive abilities, and
    when you visualize something that you want,
  feeling joy with expectation and anticipation
   you set the matrix in the continuum for
     a self-correcting self-fulfilling prophecy:

   Personal & Planetary Hemispheric Balance:
The biomimicry holographic model of your
'personal brain holodeck'
(left & right hemispheres),
and holographic model of 'community'
(social networks) in our collective
'global brain holodeck'
 (Western & Eastern Hemispheres).

Visual language evolved in the West with
the reading of symbolic letters that make
symbolic words from left to right because
Westerners are left-brain dominant... just
  as Easterners evolved visual language via
  calligraphy pictograms that read from right
 to left since they are right-brain dominant.

Deep Dive into Hemispheric Consciousness
March 4, 2023 / 1½ hour video
Two Experts on Left-Right Brain Attributes:
A Discussion on the Nature of Reality.

The laws of the holographic universe
frame 1st principles of quantum law

   with Geometric Ordered Divinity code
- Source code HERE -

that is 'written' in our inward parts.   

The health of the whole body can be
   seen in the 'eyes' (iridology), reflexed
   in the feet (reflexology), and analyzed
with ancient oriental face diagnosis.

   The holographic order of the universe
- in all its holistic systemic glory -
 can thus be seen at all levels and in
 all dimensions of manifestation from
your physiology to your psychology:

- Left brain AFFIRMATION (intention)
       with congruence - the '
Mind of GOD';
      - Right brain CONFIRMATION (
            with coherence - the 'Heart of ';
         - Hemi-sync DETERMINATION (
         with + = synergy in the trinity;
         - Whole brain INTEGRATION (
           with the
Creative Ascent Process’
            for ‘
5D CAPstone Conscience’.

Global Holistic Healing Begins
- Universal Self Care for All -
With a New Common Sense.

Balancing Polarities to
Dissipate Divisiveness

Heart Coherence
for Unity Field Mind Congruence

 eft hemisphere brain dominance
is the 'Linear' (Logical) Letter of 'Law'
(3D visual-space oriented), utilizing 
pattern recognition for discernment; 
 seeing what's 'RIGHT' () angles as
etter of .

  Right hemisphere brain dominance
is the 'nnlinear' Spirit of the Law   
(4D audio-time oriented), utilizing    
intuitive 'knwing' for discernment;   
feeling what is 'right' (well-rounded)  
as 'spherical' (spiritual) right-brain    
heart coherent Spirit- in .

The Aquarian Age is being initiated
with our individual and collective
not just one's right and left brain
but also the holographic field of
East and West hemispheres of
the Earth as corresponds to the
 holographic brain field holodeck
between your ears.

 We are thus in the universe and this
  'kingdom of heaven' is truly within us.

So claim the victory of more ‘light’ with
full spectrum  on Earth
as in Cosmos-at-large.

The Family of Mankind is "raising the colors"
(frequency as in frequently)
of the
blue + pink (violet) as the new
Aquarian gold standard.

Three Megatrend Models
 for Restoring Sovereignty
 in the Mainstream Matrix:

Management - Self Gov.
The best government is self government
"The issue today is the same as it has been
 through all history, whether man shall
be allowed to govern himself or
be ruled by a small elite."
~ Thomas Jefferson
The best education is self education
"Consent of the governed requires well-informed
 choice, and either the media is used as a tool
to upgrade conscientious common sense
consent doesn't match opportunity."
~ Christos Lightweaver

Medicine - Self Healing
 The best health care is self care

If people let the government decide what foods
they eat and what medicines they take, their
bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as
 are the souls who live under tyranny.”
~ Thomas Jefferson

"This is good hard common sense." (at 16:32 min)

 March 12, 2017 / Best Film Archives
 Note the uncanny parallel to 2023 tactics
   to divide the public over race, religion, sex
 and any diversion from official narratives.

About those Deep State Desperados:
 When the ordained Power of Aquarian Love
is eclipsed by the inordinate love of power,
  the mask is removed from the criminal cabal
and we can see who the desperados are.   

Deep Shift Hits the Aquarian Fan
As the Frequencies of Aquarius Go Mainstream

(Big Picture Overview)

 As the last dregs of Piscean fear and doubt   
are purged by Aquarian Light and ,
 the lamestream Deep State media is running
   interference, calling evil 'good' and good 'evil'.


The Twilight Zone:

The Dems have a new leading candidate.
RFK Jr. announces run for presidency...
exposing the pharmacidal Deep State:   

April 13, 2023 / Robert Kennedy Jr:
Hillsdale College Speech
See his announcement speech at Boston HERE.

The Plan to Wreck America and Rule the World
April 16, 2023 / Mike Whitney
What Nimmo is saying is that these billionaire elites  
  are now so powerful, that they can openly say they’re
going to “transition away from intergovernmental
(i.e. representative government).

Introducing 5th-Gen Warfare: Terms and Tactics

April 24, 2023 / Robert W Malone MD, MS

Congratulations. You and the rest of the world have managed to survive the largest, most globally coordinated psychological warfare operation in the history of mankind: the COVID crisis. During this period, on a daily basis, we had to experience the US Government and many western nations deploying highly refined, military-grade fifth generation warfare technologies and PsyWar weapons against their own citizens. For those who avoided the genetic vaccine jabs, which are now proven to be neither safe nor effective in preventing infection, replication, or spread of SARS-CoV-2, and do not prevent disease or death attributed to COVID-19 disease, you deserve a medal for your ability to see through the fog of information warfare. For those, like me, who trusted the FDA and took the initial jabs only to suffer the adverse effects of same, perhaps a purple heart for being wounded in battle is in order. For the millions of battlefield dead, the excess mortality documented by Ed Dowd and so many others, a moment of silent mourning is in order. Then there are the countless children, who have endured masking and social distancing in school for years on end. How do they recover developmentally? How do we ensure that this never happens again? Continued HERE.

April 19, 2023 / corbettreport.com
We are in the middle of a world-changing war.
This is no ordinary war, however.
 It's a battle for hearts and minds.
Take Heart - Keep the 'Faith'  
(Pure intention => ascension)  
See the Opportunity for Good... 
Make it So!


The Web of Dystopian Tyranny:
Part 1, The Hunger Games
April 19, 2023 / News With Views
"It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a
 profoundly sick society."
~ Krishnamurti

April 19, 2023 / Elon Musk & Tucker Carlson
 Elon is brilliant in many regards but
states that there is no evidence of

   alien ETs, while his rocket company
provides a 'limited hangout' for the
Secret Space Program.
  Free-open truth-telling is not allowed;
the censors are the arbiters of truth 
and the gatekeepers of our 'reality'.  

The ‘Chinese’ Trojan Horse is Really Run
by US State Department Officials

April 13, 2023 / INTEL-DROP
 Amid a national hysteria media campaign claiming
 the popular video-sharing app is a Chinese Trojan
 Horse, it turns out to be a Deep State operation…

another mass deception of our perception.     

TikTok: Who is Spying on Who?

 Realize the mischievous malintent
- if not unabashed evil -
   going on with this mass deception.
   First the deceivers create a crisis;
 Chinese surveillance via TikTok!

 Then they ramp up the fear porn
to scare the bejesus out of us   
  in order to 'numb' (dumb-down)  
healthy critical thinking skills.   

   Finally, they provide the solution
  to the problem they created:
(TikTok ban bill)
Giving authority to Fed-Gov
whereby banning apps
would be 'normalized'
and mass surveillance
would be 'legalized'.

It's another 'Patriot Act'

Put that in your neurotransmitter 'pipe'
(Fire Up an AHA! Revelation)


April 9, 2023 / Truthstream Media
The greatest threat to the Constitution in history;
The Censorship-Industrial Complex.


From the Deep State Encyclopedia:

March 9, 2023 / ReallyGraceful
The power elite potentates behind Big Oil, Big Pharma,
and Big Media censorship of competing narratives.

Face Mask Risk:
Stillbirths, Testicular Dysfunction, Cognitive Decline
April 24, 2023 / technocracy.news
Face mask mandates were purely tyrannical as zero science has
surfaced to support their use. To the contrary, peer-reviewed       
studies have repeatedly shown the deleterious effects of wearing
  a mask for an extended period of time. Did Fauci and accomplices
understand this when they ordered mask wearing? Absolutely so!

click or tap on image for article
April 12, 2023 / GreenMedInfo
Harms of Mask-Wearing Misdiagnosed
As 'Long Covid', New Meta-Analysis
and Systematic Review Indicates.


Heads up folks! All signs indicate that a
'Perfect Storm' is coming to a climax.

'Panic of 2023':
James Corbett Explains How Bank Crisis
Could Lead to CBDC 'Nightmare...

April 4, 2023 / Bitcoin News
...of 'Total Monetary Control', but only if
enough good people do nothing.


The IMF Just Unveiled A New Global Currency
Known As The "Universal Monetary Unit" that
They Hope Will Revolutionize the Economy.

April 13, 2023 / theeconomiccollapseblog.com
A new global currency just launched, but 99 percent of
the global population has no idea what just happened.

Now that the U.S. dollar is rapidly being 'de-dollarized'
- as the global reserve currency standard -
the Western banksters who gave us the fake 'Fed $'s'
- which never were federal, and loosing reserve status -
are now launching their "new & improved $ standard"
with their 'Universal Monetary Unit' that we are being 
told is their 'universal' solution to all the global crisis   
that they have nefariously orchestrated with the   
plandemic, Covid lockdowns, media censorship   
and their blatant profiting from dis-ease and war.  

Mainstream Media Fearporn Magnifies the Mania.

April 15, 2023 / Awaken with JP

  The dark-side Deep State Cabal can't sustain the
  nefarious psychology of subservience to tyranny
  without the faithless FEAR that inverts, subverts
    and perverts fearless FAITH that is wising up and
   rising up with the global Currency of Conscience
matriculating the matrix for the Next Economy


So Keep the FAITH - See the GOOD
And Make it So!

Look to SEE… Know to BE
Geometric Ordered Divinity:

'Pure Geometry Thoughtforms
G.O.D.~ Constitution)
   for Effective Sensory Perception
   via interactive TeLeCommunion:
TeLeComm for TeLeCommunity,
TeLeConscienceTeLeCare and


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