THE ASCENT PROCESS / "Linking the Light"
by "Christos Lightweaver"


The "Ascent Process" accelerates with one's understanding of the process involved with our consciousness of HOW we are conscious. The "chosen" have always been those who choose the universal/cosmic meaning of the BIG PICTURE of celestial-terrestrial connection... on Earth as it is in heaven.  It follows from the "heaven part"... from Alpha (spirit) to Omega (matter).  It's all a matter of higher mind over matter; no mind - nothing matters.

The whole world is waking up to the fact that
the whole world is waking up.
As we become more conscious of
HOW we are conscious
with the instant~everywhere facility of the Net,
all time and space become relative;
we conceive, believe and achieve
the relations of relevance and ultimate reverence;
the holy whole;
how everything is connected
and we are one.

As the Aquarian "web of light" strengthens and the veil of paradigm paralysis thins, the choices now made by Lightworkers will define, refine, combine (synergize) and shine MORE LIGHT to harmonize THE PROCESS... whereby the Kingdom of Heaven is truly within you... and strengthens the "InnerNet"... the innerspace HEART of healthy cyberspace webs for spiritual "Net worth". 

In short, the mysteries of God are going global.  Everyone will "go to" where they are "coming from". Blessed be those who
"Link the Light" and "make it so"... for Greater LOVE.

It's now well documented by bioenergetic science that our environment -- etheric, mental, emotional and physical -- directly impacts and gradually changes our DNA.  The fact is that the DNA of mankind is changing gradually to adapt to the rarified energies of Aquarius in the Photon Belt's galactic nexus which Earth has now entered fully.  

Once this physiology of natural adaptation to natural rhythms of the universe is understood, it's a small step to understand how mankind can accelerate the process of adaptation to the Aquarian energies of divine Love in frequency and form.  It's the higher order of divine order -- the LOVE Model -- that catalyzes, crystallizes and otherwise "geometrizes" the evolutionary ascent process through the bioenergetic "homeostasis" (checks and balances) "on earth" (human condition) "as in heaven" (universal law-language conditioning):

- holographic blueprint of divine order... and left-brain's "linear" correspondence.

- holy commeasurement through spiritual harmony... and the right-brain's "non-linear correspondence.

- holistic synergy through 3-fold homeostasis... and the "best of both worlds".

- whol-E integration through 4th dimensional integrity... in all dimensions of Self & Civilization.

This is the evolutionary process at the heart of ascent of one's conscience, being and world, leading to the 5th dimension "capstone" of Self-actualized VISION whereby the kind man of God-Love seed God-Love in all man kind.


"I could not be leading a religious life unless I identified myself with the whole of mankind,
and that I could not do unless I took part in politics. The whole gamut of man's activities
today constitutes an indivisible (holy) whole. You cannot divide social, economic, political
and purely religious work into watertight compartments."

Mahatma Gandhi

To create a mass spiritual movement of Lightworkers worldwide, it's important to transcend lockstep linear "BS" (Belief System) that challenges the cooperation and co-ordination of "organized religion" (doctrine & dogma), "bipolar government" (politically correct but morally wrong), dumbed-down "higher education", disease-care based "health care" and the prevailing "scarcity economics" that worth-ships the oxymoronic "value of scarcity" at the expense of the abundant life.

For those who may have missed it, I've archived the initial post on THE ASCENT PROCESS at with a few feedback edits.

Several readers have mentioned their interest in my assertion that we need to "lock and load those thoughtforms and organization processes that define, refine and combine (synergize) our God-given gifts and talents."

The most critical thoughtforms and processes are the ones that define the language of consciousness at the heart of the THE PROCESS. Given the power of language at  and the language of consciousness at , THE PROCESS OF ASCENT follows from the inherent self-organizing intelligence that involves and evolves our consciousness of HOW we are conscious. This is the "genesis effect" ( that transcends "stinking thinking" (paradigm paralysis) and transforms the planetary Morphegenic grids of energy that are interdependent on -- and morphed by -- planetary consciousness.

This is the HEART of the spiritual r-EVOLUTION (emphasizing 90% of the word)
that is in fact the personal and planetary
"Ascension Process"

An important "big picture" thoughtform in this regard is the "clockwise" spiraling of personal and planetary consciousness unto a Christic Powershift, at . This LOVE-centric spin on things is the antidote to the virtually antichrist counterclockwise spiral of disintegration, disease, disinformation and denial of divinity that creates and manages e-veil (energy veil) in this dense octave of incarnate "testing".

Another keynote thoughtform is the Timeline Codemap at  that references the accelerated spiraling of cycles the last 2000 years... and specifically as corresponds to the holistic/holographic coordinates of universal law that defines the trendings with future portents.

One of the most important thoughtforms is the "Star of David", also called the "Star of Victory"; this in fact is the actual geometry of the Harmonic Concordance initiation (Nov. 8-9) that triggered planetary stargates and DNA "starseeds" to initiate the Ascent Process.

Thus begins an acceleration among the few who have always protected, perfected and directed the destiny of the many. As Thomas Paine said at the outset of the American Revolution, "We have it in our power to begin the world over again." And so it is that the "matriculation of the matrix" has begun in the energy grids of Earth's evolutions.

On Earth As In Heaven

Symbolically, the two Grand Trines in the Star of Victory is the "As above, so below" metaphor for the harmonic integration of planetary geophysicial grids with one's personal DNA "transceivers". It's now known that the primary function of DNA is for communication (harmony/homeostasis) between the terrestrial and the celestial... the relationship between the hierarchy of body cells and the hierarchy of energy fields within fields that we live within. [See recent scientific proof of this at ]

There is a higher intelligence that operates on both levels and intercedes on behalf of those whose intent is for Greater LOVE.  The Alpha/Omega coordinates of this "higher consciousness" is  the universal "Law of the Angles of G.O.D." (Geometry Of Divinity) that frames the "Language of the Angels of Love" (holy compassion); this is the two-in-one aspects of "The Process" that corresponds to the upper and lower tri-angles in the Star of Victory.

The mysteries of God are not a mystery when known. Actually it's quite simply in the realm of free-will choice... to be and do what the poor in spirit are not able or willing to do. Once people understand how all creation in the grand scheme of things follows immutable laws of "Co-creation" according to the universal laws and language of G.O.D., they see everything differently. Indeed, the kind man of G.O.D. sees G.O.D. in all mankind... and "geometrizes" everything. As within (the Inner Sense at the heart of spiritual innocense)... so with out (the outer sense of common sense based on "universal" natural-common law-language Inner Sense)

The best of "both worlds" in the Star of Victory

The "Alpha Trinity" as in "Father in Heaven" is the "Higher Power" of G.O.D.~LOVE as divine Law in principle, inspired Lawgiver in person, and Law-in-action as "The Process". The lower point of this descending tri-angle (closer to human consciousness) is the "Mind of G.O.D." known as the Law of Correspondence or the "Golden Thread" that weaves together the Golden Rule/Law Language of "common sense"; this is the infrastructure of a Golden Age, between the ears (left & right brain) that frames the meaning, value and spiritual purpose of all ancient and modern maps of consciousness, religious rituals structures, governance models, etc. with a higher understanding of "G.O.D. is LOVE".

The "Omega Trinity" as in "Mother Earth" is the connection to all sentient life. It is unconditional LOVE in principle, the Divine Mother in person, and LOVE-in-action as "The Process". The upper point of this ascending tri-angle (closer to divine consciousness) is the "Spherical Consciousness" that is truly spiritual. This in fact is the "high point" in the Star of Victory. The frequency of holy compassion is indeed the whole point of the process of "overcoming" all that is less than Greater LOVE. It's the Divine Mother that nurtures and raises the Christic standard of Higher Conscience in Self and Civilization unto Victory; the Ascension.

The strength of the Alpha Trinity is the "Letter of the Law" (framework of accountability) but in excess this strength becomes a weakness that "killeth" the Spirit of the Law. That's when "Higher Power's "Right is Might" becomes inverted as "Might is Right". "We are One" (globally) becomes "We're number One" (locally). "Doing the thing right" (legally, for ownership and control) thus becomes "doing the wrong thing (selfish vs. selfless). Too much "law and order" without freedom (of, by or for Greater LOVE) becomes tyranny.

The strength of the Omega Trinity is the "Spirit of the Law" (unconditional love) but in excess this strength becomes a weakness of "no boundaries", no "conditions" and no honor of, by and for the Great Law of Greater LOVE. That's when the "feeling of love" becomes a law unto itself in pursuit of all manner of human addictions to "feel good" through desires for "lesser gods" of lesser loves; sense gratification and inordinate desires of the eyes, ego and flesh rationalizes hedonism, materialism, and self-sabotage nihilism in general. Too much freedom without disciplines of the Great Law becomes anarchy. We divorce ourselves and each other from the abiding love that sees the complimentary nature of diversity; instead of love, the personal and planetary "divorce factions" emphasize differences.

Of course, within each of us, there's a Star of Victory composed of interlaced male/female triangles. Superimposed over the body, the ascending triangle peaks at the "crown chakra" and the descending triangle projects from the base of the spine. Guys understand this as the "balance battle" between the brain and the penis; there is insufficient blood for both and the penis usually wins. Duh!

Within the brain itself (holographic microcosm), these two interlaced triangles cross-reference the left and right brain in the higher "3rd eye" and lower "reptilian brain" (R-complex).  Attention "is" where attention goes.  Fear takes us to the lower-brain with "fight or flight" instincts, narrowing one's paradigm to old re-action instincts of believing, thinking, feeling and acting.  Faith takes us to the higher brain and pro-active intuition that does better as much and as well one knows better.

The whole point of balance at the center of this Star of Victory is to "take HEART"...
because that's where REAL "heart" is...
at the heart of both ascending and descending triangles.
The intelligence of such
heart is truly the best of both worlds
where one centers the Mind of G.O.D. with the heart of Holy Compassion...
and thus has the
Christic discernment to KNOW when to
thrust with POWER or cohere with LOVE.

The lesson in this Star of Victory is ultimately this WISDOM that comes from balance. Wisdom is the Victory in the Power of Greater LOVE that checks and balances the lesser love of power. Greater LOVE is for-giving, not getting. We are owned by what we "own". Given forgiveness, there is no "weakness"... just undeveloped areas. If we own up to our individual and collective strengths and undeveloped areas, then we can learn, grow and ascend. But we must "link the light"... know better to do better. And until we know what we have to work with, we can't work to our optimum.

Taking inventory... for more light!

There have always been "Keys to the Kingdom" that are in fact the "Components to the Capstone Vision" of ultimate Virtues at the HEART of the Victory for Self and Civilization. As it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be.

Culturing this "KINGdom conscience" is, at heart, what the interactive 33 lesson "Sovereignty Course" over 33 weeks is about. This is THE FOUNDATION (Worldwide LOVE Foundation) of the "KINGd-om" whereby ALL ("om") may be "K-IN-G" which is an acronym for the "Keys to the INner sense of God". Such "inner sense" is the heart of true innocence. And the foundation for civility at the heart of civilization.

So it is with the Ascent Process at the heart of the conscious evolution. Enlightened Lightworkers already know that the tension between old and new paradigms, powershifts and profit models is very high and poised for HUGE CHANGE... like the tension before the splitting of a single fertilized cell in mitosis.

The tension is about to be released. And whereas the terror tactics of tyrants would lock us into fear-based reaction that furthers their endless war dialectic, there is an overwhelming resurrection of hope, faith and VISION of, by and for "LOVE-centric" Lightworkers (with HEART), who are ready and willing to DO what the fear-frozen poor-in-spirit are not willing or able to do.

"Feed My Sheep"

Heaven knows there are enough good people on this planet who would rather hang together as "The Family of Man" rather than hang separately as "potential terrorists" for challenging the tyranny tactics of tyrants. Most career Lightworkers have seen through the mask of wolves in sheep's clothing who feast on mutton and lamb chops while they pull the wool over the eyes of the sheople. Without Vision, the sheople perish.

With Vision, the Healing Begins

There is a simple yet profound way that Lightworkers can link their light in a worldwide "web of light"... an inner space "InnerNet" that creates a network of networks on the Mother of all networks, the cyberspace Internet.

THAT is the definite major purpose of the Worldwide LOVE Foundation -- to link the light with Greater LOVE. The method of doing this is a "Master Mind Alliance" between the Ascended Masters, the Galactic Federation (who support the Ascent Process) and the Lightworkers who embrace this process of "Linking the Light"

This is THE PROCESS that would define, refine, combine (synergize) and shine our God-given gifts and talents.

Here's how it works.

A "spiral matrix" on 33 lines of "ascent" on all levels of self, organizations and core institutions of civilization at large is presented in abstract at . For 33 weeks a team I'm working with will send out a lesson on this spiral of ascent that will flesh out the outline, making the abstract plain.

You can interact in two ways. You can join the "creative team" that receives initial drafts of each lesson before posting to the list. Or you can provide feedback on a weblog for each lesson so that future subscribers to the course can be further edified by you comments, quotes, etc. that serve to flesh out the the body of G.O.D.~LOVE; the Golden Rule/Law Language at the heart of a Golden Age.

Building the Kingdom / The Word "Made Flesh"

My prayer is that a mandala of Lightworkers can unite at this time to create a worldwide movement that builds the KINGdom of G.O.D. through the consciousness of the Worldwide LOVE Foundation.

In the process of accelerating the spiritual evolution of sentient life on Earth... may we shine the Light of G.O.D. that integrates us with Greater LOVE and never fails to neutralize the sense of separation and suffering that identifies with the dark density of dis-ease, dysfunction and denial of the living Spirit of God-Love where you are.

May Your Star of Victory Seal the Door Where Defeat Dwells,

Christopher Rudy

Founder/CEO HEARTcom Services

"High Touch HEART* of High Tech"
*Raising the standard of E-valuation
        at the heart of Net worth

PS - The golden age is here and now for those who embrace the infinite and eternal principles and processes that involve and evolve the heart, mind and soul matrix of eternal progression... the self-mastery/self perfecting "self-elevation" PROCESS at the heart of personal and planetary salvation. And the more one becomes ONE with this process, outpicturing the purpose and plan the Masters know and serve, the more the KINGdom is outpictured in the world of form... on Earth as in Heaven.

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