"Ascent Process"

The greatest need of the hour is a common sense of the common thread of truth revealing itself in the outpouring of insight regarding the process of evolutionary ascent. It's important to realize that the PROCESS of harmonizing our differences will be accelerating.  Walls in the mind will be coming down. The veil will be thinning faster. Gifts of the holy spirit will be "quickening". Stinking thinking (paradigm paralysis) will be challenged by this spiritual quickening. It's important to "be prepared" as to what this all means because half of the big test of this "big shift" is knowing what the test REALLY is.

This PROCESS is in fact the ascent of our individual and collective consciousness as a healthy, holy and otherwise "connected" whole. 90% of the word "revolution" is "evolution". And as that process accelerates, the ascent of self and civilization is fulfilled.

It's really quite simple. All our social, political and economic problems are, at heart, communication problems... how we "come into unity"... or not. It's now possible with state-of-the-arts "off the shelf" Internet technology to connect the whole world with an instant-everywhere system of representative governance that is framed by the Constitution of universal law and holy compassion. Higher education will likewise be defined and refined by the representation of higher consciousness at the heart of a Higher Power. Holistic Health care will integrate the biological model of physical health with this understanding of whole mind and holy spirit. And the Next Economy will transform the oxymoronic "value of scarcity" behind scarcity economics; we will see the "abundant life" follow from God~Love Governance, Education of the Heart, Holistic Health and communities of the holy spirit that likewise follow from these higher standards in our core institutions.

For 33 years I've prepared archetypal thoughtforms that frame the purpose and plan the Masters know and serve... at the heart of this PROCESS; the Path of Ascension. 33 interactive lessons over 33 weeks outlined at www.heartcom.org/33lines.htm . Introduction to this personal/planetary "sovereignty course" at www.heartcom.org/courseintro.htm .

The vision alone of HOW this process works can be the catalyst for self-fulfilling prophecy. People will become more conscious of HOW they are conscious, both individually and collectively. This "psycho-feedback" will involve and evolve our individual and collective consciousness. Biofeedback will bring the heart of compassion to conscious computing as explained at www.heartcom.org/love.htm .

The thread of common sense running through all our ancient and modern maps of consciousness will become self-evident to those with eyes to see. And this universal law language in our hearts and minds will seal the "energy veil" where e-veil dwells.

This golden thread of connection, centered in universal "cosmic law", is in fact the golden rule/law language at the heart of a golden age. It's the blueprint for transitioning to greater civility at the heart of higher civilization. It's the code to the codes, "Crop Circles 101", that have been appearing all over the planet in a progression of geometrically encoded crop circles. In fact, it is the holographic coordinates that geometrize the holographic "Mind of G.O.D." (Geometry Of Divinity) that frames all creation with divine order.

"In the beginning, God geometrized." - Ancient Hermetic Wisdom

"In the end, we become what we geometrize." - Modern GeoNotes Wisdom

With this process of conscious evolution accelerating, there will be a r-evolution of higher consciousness, and you will see the ascension of souls and the earth as a whole. All the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical toxins we've seen in the body politic will complete their purging. The Great Purification as the Hopi call it. This "healng crisis" is part of the great healing that has begun.

But not for all. We go to where we're coming from. We are all co-creators of the world we live in. Man has free will so anything is possible. Our choices have always either blessed us or cursed us. Now even more so. Why? Because we will be more conscious and know better. More accountable and response-able... able to respond with awareness of the consequences. To deny Greater Love is the core definition of "e-veil" as an energy veil.

It's more an attitude, a clear choice, than aptitude. Sooner of later we get what we "ask for" whether we know it or like it or not. Those who have denied Greater Love and thereby created hell on earth in their world... they will go to a hell of their own creation. Those who embrace a God of holy compassion will magnify divine love in feeling, thought and behavior.

It's not rocket science. God is love. The higher the concept of interactive LOVE-in-action that is for~giving, the greater the results. Indeed, mankind's technology of "high touch" language and communication thereof has brought us to the "O Point" of "We are One" connection... a global village with comm-unity values that embrace come-into-unity virtues through a local and global communication process for healing all our social, political and economic institutions.

There's nothing more valuable than this vision of the means to focus the higher power of higher consciousness into the heart of all the dis-ease, dysfuncion and disintegration afflicting earth's evolutions.

Why will this happen NOW?

Many are now reporting the timeline of Mayan and Great Pyramid calender systems as correspond to the BIG SHIFT to begin acceleration at this time. It is well known that our prevailing Gregorian calender system was manipulated by Ecclesiastical potentates during the Dark Ages. Once timelines are adjudicated to objective astrophysical cycles, what has been called the 2012 turning point for the BIG SHIFT is in fact beginning now.

What can you expect?

One thing for sure is that the PROCESS OF HARMONIZATION AND HEALING OF THE PLANET will begin to accelerate. It's do or die for light and love. Never was there a better time to "lock and load" the thoughtforms and processes that define, refine and combine (synergize) our God-given gifts and talents.

As Glenda Green says so well in her inspired book, LOVE WITHOUT END, "Humankind is standing precariously on the edge of its destiny. It will either rise to a paradigm change or experience decline and possible destruction. This is an unavoidable confrontation. The options will be presented and the choices will be made."

There are some very important options that must be considered in light of this PROCESS.

First is the model of "God Governance" that will unite all religions, races and nations under the principles of universal "cosmic law". This model was introduced to 10 agencies of the Federal Government on Capitol Hill in 1974, but was denied basically because it would eliminate bureaucracy and make government accountable "of, by and for the people". Unfortunately, big government collusion with big business (Big Brother), had become a growth industry. Details at www.heartcom.org/CapHill.htm

Second is the model of "Higher Education" that will raise the standard of "Higher Consciousness" based on the Frequency of Compassion at the heart of the Mind of G.O.D.

Third is the model of "Holistic Health Care" that will build health to optimum rather than merely treat the symptoms of disease with toxic drugs that always compound core health dis-ease.

Fourth is the model of the "Next Economy" that is based on an abundance of the three points above, defining and refining this "3-fold flame" of an "Economics of Abundance" based on abundant Life (vitality), Light (consciousness) and Love (divine law and language)

Empowering the BIG SHIFT

There are three good reasons why earth's evolutions will soon be introduced to the Galactic Federation of Sovereign Planets... the "good guys" in our system of worlds who have gently been preparing us for this day with crop circles that convey a progression of wisdom in the universal language of geometry and mathematics.

These three reasons have to do with three critical factors that are denigrating our DNA abilities to maintain homeostasis (health) in our bodies, minds and Morphegenic grid of the planet.

1 - EM polution and Scalar EM weapon systems. The 60 cycle alternating current all around us, and the impact of many electronic devices from computer monitors to cell phones are largely responsible for the pandemics of dis-ease and cancer through immune deficiencies. Top scientific EM (ElectroMagnetic) experts like Tom Beardon have documented how the unified field theory has been weaponized by many countries. A wide range of extremely powerful energy manipulating systems (like HAARP) not only impact the earth energy grids to change weather, cause earth changes (earthquakes, volcanos) and create frequency fences that block higher consciousness... but can also disrupt the delicate fabric of space/time, causing the highly unstable Sun to "burp" in our direction, burning half the planet to a stubble and creating a "nuclear winter" effect (big freeze) for many years due to all the hydrocarbons in the atmosphere. The whole universe can be effected by the insanity of dark power elite forces on this planet who threaten far more than just life on Earth with their unified field energy weapons.

2- Toxic genetic poisons in our food, air and water. The toxic "soup" in which we live has a profound effect on the DNA that communicates between every cell in our body, maintains harmony and homeostasis in the hierarchy of cells, and just as important, maintain a harmonic tie to the order of the universe on other dimensional levels that science is just beginning to understand.

3- Genetic Engineering. GE foods have a profound impact on the DNA that is largely denied by the commercial forces that intend to make a killing on the front end and also through the creation and management of dis-ease; the medical-industrial complex has become far larger than the military-industrial complex which is also burgeoning. The intent of "fallen ones" to make crap out of our DNA for profit and population control is a plot out of hell with far more serious implications for the future of humanity than most humans have any idea.

BOTTOM LINE We have a choice. Stupid is what stupid does. Or... as the Ascended Master Forest Gump (divine gumpshun) would say, "Christhood is what Christhood does".

May it begin with "U.S." Netizens; "United Sovereigns" of, by and for Worldwide Love.

Christopher Rudy
Founder/CEO HEARTcom Services

"The High Touch HEART* of High Tech"

*Raising the standard of E-valuation
      at the HEART of Net worth