Culturing -Centric Vision

Understanding the Morphegenic Grid as a "Prayer Field"
How the Alchemy of the Genesis Effect can "Morph" a Golden Age



This is an overview of the 33 "line" course -- a conceptually rich "abstract" -- that is IN PROCESS for those ww Foundation affiliates who want "strong meat" (food for thought) regarding those higher mental disciplines that provide the true FRUIT of "higher education" (higher consciousness). -CR


 Faithless FEAR brings our worst fears upon us via the Machiavellian dialectic of the fearmongers. Conversely, fearless FAITH in the cosmic/universal laws/language of the angles/angels of G.O.D.~ sustains, maintains and otherwise energizes thoughtforms that resonate with the constitutional framework of quantum laws governing the holographic universe... and thereby harmonizing the Morphegenic grid of the planet, stabilizing/harmonizing the accelerating changes at this critical time of planetary evolution.  

Why? Simply because our DNA
spirals are "transceivers" (receivers and transmitters) of the CONSCIOUSNESS we contain, reflect and perfect. Culturing the holy spirit of -in-action is THE PROCESS whereby we individually and collective coalesce our pure intention for focused attention on divine order in frequency -- as in frequently -- for ascension of "the matrix" (Morphegenic Grid of the Planet) as a "prayer field" that creates an "upward spiral" (syntropy) rather than a "downward spiral" (entropy).  It's a dynamic from of prayer -- the Word made flesh -- that translates the highest concept of "GOD is LOVE" into actions that "make it so".

"In the beginning was the word, and the word
was with God, and the word was God."
-Book of St. John 1:1

"In the beginning, God geometrized."
- Ancient Hermetic Wisdom

"In the end, we become what we geometrize."
- Modern GeoNotes Wisdom

This is alchemy at the highest level that defines and refines
the global rEVOLUTION powershift as THE PROCESS
that cultures a higher consciousness of the
keys to the "Kingdom of Heaven"
within the conscience of

at the heart of a "prayer field"

The 1st law of consciousness is "free will"... "to be or not to be" (free).  It's as simple as the pure heart of a Forest Gump who touched us all with "Stupid is what stupid does." Now we just need to take his message to the next level, shift our attitude a little, and grasp the new paradigm that "divine Gumption" would give us... how "Conscience is what conscience does".

Many are those who gump their way through life with the victim dictum that reruns old records of "stupid is what stupid does" with an "only human" sense of limitation and failure to conceive, believe and achieve the "currency of conscience" at the heart of the Abundant Life.  Fact is, the spirit of overcoming adversity is moreso attitude than aptitude; a can do if you really want to.

It's not aptitude as much as attitude that determines one's "altitude";
whether you soar with the eagles or scratch with the turkeys.

An upward mobile "fire of desire" is not seldom the prelude of the on-going revelation and rEVOLUTION of the soul in a free-will universe. Ya gotta wannabe... free to BE all that you can BE.

We are what we think, having become what we thought. Just as clothes are an extension of the skin, and the automobile is an extension of the feet, the telephone an extension of the ear, etc., so is the computer an extension of the brain and the Internet is an extension ("neural network") of all the computer "brain cells" of the global "brain".  Since the Net is instant and everywhere (no time or space), computing "cognition" has expanded consciousness to the worldwide web of consciousness... AND HEARTWARE

Since language is technology (technique for communicating) and since all our social, political and economic problems are, at heart, problems of comm-unication (come-into-unity problems), the trending of language and technology in the four archetypal-Jung quadrants charted below clearly outpictures the multi-dimensional holographic universe in "as above, so below" terms that code the "Law of the Angles of G.O.D." (Geometric Ordered Divinity) and "Language of the Angels of LOVE"... at the heart of the G.O.D.~ Model .

It is in the trending of language technology where we see what the visionary Marshall McLuhan meant by, "The media is the message" ... and how the elimination of time and space via the Internet media has positioned the new geographic "maps" as maps of consciousness within the "neural networks" of the global computer "brain".  

Global consciousness is now poised to conceive, believe and achieve a quantum leap via this vision of the quantum shift to universal virtues that level the praying field with the universal law language of
; it is these quintessential "maps of consciousness" that organize, indeed geometrize, all information IN FORMATION along more enlightened "lines" that truly frame the constitution of "cosmic law" with pure geometry (Crop Circles 101).

Given the laws and language of consciousness at the synaptic (interactive) interface of these global neural-networks, these new "cultural DNA" rules for cognition (e-media, e-learning, e-healing, e-governance, etc.) will define the NEXT Economy (e-commerce) with "higher", holistic~holographic~whol
processes that harmonizes the accelerating rate of change in civilization along these enlightened "lines".(LOVE Model).

This PROCESS defines and refines the quintessential organizational principles at the heart of informations' ecology..."recycling" information overload (the knowledge explosion and cognitive dissonance) with those simple yet profound (pure geometry) "frames of reference" that involve and evolve (expand) consciousness... empowering "wisdom with heart"... organizing information IN FORMATION in the way that cultures "common sense"... the sense of common/universal meaning, value and purpose... the ultimate meaning of "survival" as the survival of ultimate meaning... New Rules for the Next Economy... 4th wave E-valuation criteria for "Net worth":

The Golden Rule/Law Language
of G.O.D.~
for a Golden Aquarian Age of divine love.

The difference between man and animals, who are both conscious, is that man is conscious THAT he is conscious... and ultimately HOW he is consciousIn computer terms, man does "parallel processing" between his left brain, which is like the Read Only Memory (ROM) of the hard drive, "programmed" with your overall "BS" - Belief System... as interacts with your right brain which is like your RAM chips (Random Access Memory), qualified by the "program" you have "running" (what you're doing at the time). 

How are you at multi-tasking with multiple "programs" running at once? It's called coordination; ideally with coordinates of an ordained or otherwise "co-ordination" (LOVE) nature.

One's over-all "Operating System (OS), is like your soul matrix (habit) of processing information (over-all "intelligence") that qualifies the "switching" between the
"linear" (letter/vision of the law/program) of the left brain's pattern recognition...and "non-linear" (spirit/feeling of the law/program) through the e-motion recognition capabilities of the right brain.  This is the "
Model" that embodies the 4 archetypal processes of cognition:

In other words, the psychology of one's soul matrix actually corresponds to the biological model of the brain and it's processes... since the body and brain is a bioenergetic model (outpicturing) of the holographic universe ... which explains how one's astrology, psychology and physiology reflect/reflex the "kingdom of heaven" (12 constellations)... consider how gestation in the womb programs the DNA blueprint of the brain and body during cytosis (cell division)... with the 12 lower vertebrae of the mother as step-down transformers that create a bioenergetic forcefield in the womb... so that the order of the universe ("as above") programs the DNA blueprint ("so below"). 

Which is to say, the first principles of quantum astrophysics are coded in the three types of energy fields delineated above as the right-dynamic (""), round-magnetic (""), and radiant-harmonic ("") coordinates that geometrize one's biological "clock" with the astrological - psychological E-nergies ("") that correspond to the astrophysical "clock" of the "kingdom of heaven within you".  Which explains, scientifically, how the Golden Rule/Law Language for the Golden Aquarian Age of God-Love is the Law of the Angles of G.O.D. (Geometry Of Divinity) that is also the Language of the Angels of

On an organizational level (the 2nd 12 lines), considering the "brain" of an organization as a living network of individuals (brain cells), there have been four waves of evolution as clearly defined with numerous comparison charts in the book, THE FOURTH WAVE, Business in the 21st Century, by Herman Maynard, Jr. and Susan E Mehrtens.  

The " Model" embodies the 4 archetypal processes of cognition on this organizational level also:

On the level of civilization (the last 9 lines), consider how two hemispheres of the earth are macrocosmic correlates to the microcosm within the hemispheres of our own brains.  That is how the holographic universe works... repeating the archetypes of universal law/language () on ALL aggregate levels and dimensions; "as above, so below":

As global Netizens learn the universal law/language maps of "sovereign consciousness" that frame the " Model" (through interactive HEARTware-centric networks), they will become more conscious of HOW they are conscious, involving and evolving our individual and collective consciousness.  In fact, the best way to get ahead, for luminaries, is to get ahead of the trendings of accelerating change, see where it's going, and steer one's consciousness in the right direction to take advantage of the future... now.  The good driver of a car or captain of a ship would do no less to steer in the right direction.

That's why the next big thing in the computer/Internet revolution -- for those who are "wise as serpents yet harmless as doves" -- will be in the qualification of consciousness "with a heart"  in the local and global "neural-networks" (Net reality) of collective conscience.

Here's to all "Lightworkers", "World Servers", and "Global Netizens" among "U.S" -- United Sovereigns in the United State of LOVE.

Founder-Director of the wwLOVE Foundation
High touch
high tech at the heart
of Net worth


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Networking for the Net worth of Net reality
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"Man can harness the winds, the waves and the tides,
but when he can harness the
power of love,
then for the second time in the history of the world,
man will have discovered fire."
- Teihard de Chardin


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