This “blueprint” is holistic, whol-E, holy or otherwise “holographic”… representing multi-dimensional reality as a function of natural-universal laws that frame all creation and the language of consciousness itself -- pattern recognition capabilities framed by the Geometry Of Divinity (G.O.D.~) consciousness -- whereby the common sense of divine order is no longer uncommon.

The kind man of G.O.D.~LOVE sees G.O.D.~LOVE in all man kind.

The following articles "massage" the message of universal law "language" as seen in ancient as well as modern "maps of consciousness".  These "maps" frame the constitution of first principles for navigating the last frontier of "inner space" - the inner sense of divine Law-of-LOVE innocence whereby Netizens best share the same instant-everywhere time/space of our global village. 

An understanding of modern psychology (Jung) validates the value of this universal law language model as a self-governing, self-perfecting, self-elevating PROCESS for organizing all information IN FORMATION... defining and refining the "InnerNet" infrastructure of the collective conscience with the common pattern "COMMON SENSE" that weaves a fabric of higher conscience common to the major world religions, spiritual belief systems, sacred ritual structures, divinely inspired governmental constitutions, healthy inner child/inner family psychological patterns, archetypal dream symbolism, mandalic cultural artifact designs,  transformational alchemical formula, "astro-logical coordinates" (modern astrophysics of quantum energy correlates to consciousness), and other "language of consciousness" perceptual models for the same  G.O.D.~ blueprint for the "cosmic" (natural) law and "universal" (common) language of COMMON SENSE

I suggest you copy these blueprint articles and print hard copy to share in person with those you know would be interested.  The best defense against the "endless war" insanity at this critical point of Earth's evolution is the "Worldwide LOVE Foundation" that this blueprint establishes with a process that defines, refines, combines (synergizes) and shines our God-given gifts and talents... in all archetypal dimensions of self and civilization.  Details at .



I know that what I'm about to say is a stretch for some reading this, but my interest is in reaching the 1-3% of enlightened luminaries, cultural creatives, self-actualized Netizens, etc. who already think for themselves along more enlightened lines that value spiritual practicality above all... and whose sphere of influence is the 20% who do 80% of the networking.  Everyone will "step it down" in their own way within their sphere of influence.  Your legacy deserves as much... building the Kingdom of God-Love Conscience "on earth as in heaven".


I guarantee that the full implications of the ultimate truth here will be shocking to whatever "paradigm paralysis" (stinking thinking) or self-limiting "BS" (Believe System)  one may have, so let's first "reason together" by  considering the truth about the mass media that programs the mass mind.


"When I despair, I remember that all through history

 the way of truth and love has always won.

There have been tyrants and murderers

and for a time they seem invincible

but in the end, they always fall -- think of it, 

-- Mahatma Gandhi

If the knowledge-power, wisdom and love here speaks to your Higher Self, pay attention cause attention pays via the new currency of higher conscience and enlightened self interest qualifying "Net worth" and the New "Next" Economy.  And when you get this Vision of Virtue for the Victory (evolutionary ascent) of self and civilization... "Feed my sheep"; network freely to those you love, stepping it down in a way that your better judgment knows they can hear. 


Your legacy may well be someday how you awaken now, embrace a special , and "make it so" in your world if not THE world at large through your network on the network of networks -- the Mother of all Networks -  the instant-everywhere Internet.  A Netizen IS what a Netizen DOES.


Earth's evolutions are at a very critical "birthing point" of transitioning from the fears and doubts of the Piscean Age to the faith-based love and light of Aquarius.  The energies in this Photon Belt sector of the Galaxy are now causing a "thinning of the veil" of consciousness whereby the law of self-fulfilling prophecy is accelerated and mankind's karma returns upon him very quickly.  In other words, either there is a quick re-aligning and harmonizing of the collective conscience of Earth's evolutions with the universal laws of divine order and harmony, or by default, the fear-based "e-veil" momentums of Pisces -- like a flywheel that continues to turn after the motor is turned off -- will soon bring our worst fears upon us.


In fact, that's the self-evident "healing crisis" we now see in the body politic as light flushes out the residual darkness, and the purging of spiritual toxins -- selfishness and greed -- corrupts the purpose for which our servant leadership institutions were created.



The Revolution In Higher Consciousness Fulfilled


It's time that all kind men hang together, as at the beginning of the American Revolution that gave birth to the "Great Experiment" in representative God Government.  But now of course, there is no time and space or "territorial imperative" of empire madness as would dictate ownership and control of the whole world... as long as "We the People" -- The Kind Men Among Man Kind - AGREE ALL TOGETHER that the loving spirit of cooperation and "co-ORDINATION" (with LOVE) is a greater value than the old paradigm paralysis that rationalizes and justifies endless war as a good thing. Duh!


The first law of free will is a two-edged sword.  We get what we "ask for" whether we know it or like it or not.   The only thing we have to worry about is what we "ask for" -  what we "love".  Life is what we make it.  Our world is what we make it.  Freedom and Opportunity is what we make it.  We have a choice to either outpicture a Vision of wholeness for healing of self and civilization... and to "Make it so".  Or -- as a result of our failure to do so -- we become victims of love's denial rather than victors with the Foundation of Worldwide LOVE.


What mankind "loves" with the focus of his free will is where his intention, attention and "God values" (worth-ship) is.  Lesser gods of lesser love worth-ships the love of power and the power elite perks of prestige, profit, pleasure, power to control with the selfish pride that denies greater Love as is "best for all".  War becomes what is virtually a Satanic Rite that destroys human rights and life itself... even as abortion has demoralized Americans with insensitivity to the life of the most innocent and helpless among us.  Conversely, greater Love is the power of LOVE known as "Higher Power" and distinguished as loving kindness - the primary attribute of  a living God of Love; holy compassion for the birth and raising of the higher Christ mind in self and civilization.



This greater “Reality” of greater LOVE is the heart of the process of eternal progression on the path of evolutionary ascent of our individual and collective consciousness… worlds without end.  To accept the insanity of the devolution spirals in the world as "the justice that just is" (mass media programming)... this is the great sin against the holy spirit of God-Love Reality that begets LOVE-in-action as will TRANSCEND the godless unreality in the world.  Evolutionary ascent rather than devolutionary descent into denial, dis-ease, dis-information, destruction, death and hell on Earth.




The choice is simple.  More Light -- or more darkness.  Evolution or devolution. Outer sense of security -- or "inner sense" (true innocence) in purity of, by and for a God of Love.  Clearly, anyone in their right mind with a clear choice would honor the virtue in the vision of holistic healing via a model of the holographic universe that moves us towards wholEness... a simply yet profound way of conceiving, believing and achieving higher consciousness of Higher Power with greater Love… in all four archetypal (Jung) dimensions of self and civilization. 


This archetypal model and metaphor universal law language -- the LOVE Model is the key to integroty through integration of all the keys to the kingdom (G.O.D. consciousness) through "the most powerful thoughtform in the universe" (E.C.P. dictation via Elohim Cyclopea, Jan. of 1980), "and the key to the ascension of the planet"... referred to in quintessential geometric thoughtforms in all the great world religions as the "City Foursquare", "New Jerusalem", Mandela of Wholeness", Cosmic Cube", "Pyramid of Self & Civilization", etc.   Throughout recorded history, the collective consciousness has been guided by this exquisite metaphor for integrating the first three-fold principles of the Model in each of the four quadrants of the 4th.


The current warfare on the planet is based on a model of self/God governance that has gone bad, as explained at . The problem, at cause and core, is spiritual and psychological.  It's time to "lock and load" the thought-forms and organizational processes that will catalyze, crystallize and otherwise "geometrize" divine order in harmony with the spirit of divine love in our hearts, DNA, cultural institutions and the Morphegenic Grid of the planet... the genesis effect


The mysteries of God are not a mystery when known; like computers, it's hard until you know how and then it's easy.  The universal laws of divine order and language of divine love is the heart of SOVEREIGNTY; a Vision of wholeness for healing the fabric of man kind with the threads of kind men.

Nothing empowers divine law as much as a love for freedom; law without freedom is tyranny; freedom without law is anarchy.  The LOVE Model is a the universal/natural law frame of reference that provides the language of checks and balance at the heart of the evolutionary process defined by the TeLeComm interface that shapes our conscience and community with a special "TLC" -CR


BOTTOM LINE: God Government?  Or government as god?


"The less people obey
the laws of nature and the laws of God,
the more they will be beholden to
the laws of the state, and to those
who control the state's apparatus."

--Steven Greenhut

"The choice before us is plain: Christ or chaos, conviction or compromise, discipline or disintegration. I am rather tired of hearing about our rights and privileges as American citizens. The time is come -- it is now -- when we ought to hear about the duties and responsibilities of our citizenship. America's future depends upon her accepting and demonstrating God's government.--Peter Marshall


Without "God over men" (G~over-n-men-t), government becomes god.
Without Spiritual Law~Language as the rule, godless materialism rules.
What does it take for a people who believe in freedom
to wake up to the war of attrition against those freedoms?

How along can "pride goeth before the fall"... of a once free people
who wrap selfishness and tyranny in moral superiority and the flag?
Heaven knows that the Constitution of Universal Law Language
at the heart of the telecomm that shapes our conscience and community
could involve and evolve our individual and collective
freedom and opportunity the founding American  Spirit of “U.S.” --
along more enlightened “lines” that frame
and em
powers wisdom with a special LOVE.



Earth's evolutions are rapidly moving towards wholEness...
the sense of instant/everywhere connection and ONEness...
relationships of greater relevance and ultimate "reverence"
at the heart of interactive
TeLeComm with a special LOVE 
that shapes our consciousness with the Language of Light
in order to involve~evolve individual~collective conscience
 with the core commodity at the heart of the Next Economy
that shifts the emphasis of prevailing 3rd wave technology
FROM: "the computer is the network"
TO: "the network is conscious...
with a heart".
So pay attention cause attention pays with the gold standard
when the E-valuation criteria for Net worth is the golden rule
that frames the spirit of the law as the language of the angels
 along more enlightened lines; the geometric law of the angles.

The High Touch HEART of High Tech
   With HEARTware as the Rule,
              LOVE Rules!


The greatest need of the hour,
if civilization is to survive and thrive,
is a rapid deployment model of
media-centric checks and balances with
high touch high tech HEARTware
TeLeCom with a heart --
thus able to frame, culture and otherwise mediate
wisdom between the two superpowers:
   - public opinion “of, by and for the people” via the Net and the
     - power elite “ownership and control values” via the monopoly media
and thus harmonize, synergize or otherwise
(Executive function... via G.O.D. consc.),
"wisdom" (Judicial function... via Christic discernment),
"with love" (Legislative function of, by and for the people).
for the purpose of establishing divine law and order
in all four archetypal social infrastructures:


From: the Love of Power that keeps the power of LOVE
                       from the people rather than “of, by and for the people”
the Power of LOVE that empowers wisdom with love
at the heart of the TeLeCommunication process
that shapes our conscience and community.

"The matrix is a choice but not an extremist choice between
the blue pill
(absolute love of power that corrupts absolutely)
or for
the red pill
(unconditional power of love with no boundaries);
it's the choice to think without “drugs" - these bitter “pills”
and thus choose an on-going process that cultures wisdom
through a Space Age electronic T
eLeComm upgrade of our
horse-and-buggy representation system and Bill of Rights,
providing holistic checks and balances between the extremes
while continually moving us towards wholEness with LOVE.

Nothing empowers divine law as much as a love for freedom;
law without freedom is tyranny; freedom without law is anarchy. 
The LOVE Model is the universal/natural law frame of reference
that provides a language of checks and balance at the heart of
the evolutionary ascent process defined by the TeLeComm interface
that shapes our conscience and comm~unity with a special
It's time to finish GLOBALLY what America's Founding Father's began LOCALLY.
ALL problems are, at heart, communication problems... how we come-into-unity.
 With Golden Rule/Law Language framing the Constitution of local/global TeLeComm

-- with HEARTware as the Rule --
LOVE Rules!


Other Blueprint Quotables for Consideration

ACTION PLAN:  "Lock and Load" the Vision Without Which the Sheople Perish


As always, 99% of the masses react to the "symptoms" (the propaganda presented in the bankster-controlled media), while ignoring the cause and core agenda to cannibalize the masses like a cancer devours its host.  The American sheople follow the mass-media minions of the wolves in sheep's clothing, and get devoured, with their lambs sacrificed "for the war".

"What to do?  "FEED MY SHEEP!"  At least, network this message.  Higher Power in "higher consciousness" (Christic Love) has always been the Master('s) key.  It's time to "Lock and load" the VISION whereby the Power of LOVE will check and balance the love of power within and without.  Stick to your Ruby Rayguns – The Power of greater .  Keep the Faith – Invoke Higher Power -- target the e-veil that denies a God of divine Love… and "shoot straight" (pray fervently) from the heart of Greater Love.

I've been preparing a layman lightworkers' course on this convergence of science and spirituality for 33 years.  Now is clearly the time to jump-start this Great Shift Master Plan.  It includes an 'enlightened self interest' incentive plan that rolls ramps up with self-funding information tools and processes, including a compensation plan for career Lightworkers who would like to be financially independent to network, train and support the POWERSHIFT full time.






The Vision of this Blueprint alone...
with the power of wisdom with

at the HEARTware
heart of
checks and balances between
centralized tyranny and decentralized anarchy -
can be the catalyst for self-fulfilling prophecy
that raises the standard or our "free-will choice"
to an understanding and agreement that
beats endless war.

"The cause and core solution to endless worldwide war is the
universal law/language interface for local/global TeLeComm (TLC)
at the heart of the Worldwide LOVE Foundation"
- Christos Lightweaver


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