Paradise Valley is famous for its summer rainbows.

Evening rain clouds roll in from the West, and the valley runs South to North,
   so the setting Sun in the West shines under rain clouds against the mountains,
   creating spectacular rainbows representing the full spectrum of light colors...

The White The Blue...

The Purple... The Gold.

August 6, 2013  /  New Moon  /  Source Code Series

   The American Revolution gave birth to higher standards of
 liberty based on morality that, in our global village today,
 compels an upgrade of our core Constitutional freedoms
 with mass-to-mass TeLeComm and Universal Self Care.

The global evolution/revolution now is likewise birthing a
  vision of virtue and valor for the victory of our
Net reality
     as will co-create a revolution in higher consciousness with
  1st principles at the heart of a Constitution of Conscience
     of, by and for consent of the government… for ALL people.

      Witness the phenomena of the computer/Internet revolution
    and the next phase after hardware, software and netware.

 Heartware pioneers the last frontier of inner space with
  heart coherence standards for culturing our co
unication coordinations; consent of the governed.

Raising the standard of social conscience
  for all of “
US” (United Sovereigns of Earth)
 in personal and planetary social networks.

Considering the spectrum of human thought and feeling
and considering these major recent news items,
here’s to ‘The
Red, White and Blue’,
plus ‘The
Purple and Gold’.



 Thanks to Snowden’s revelations, the whole world is
  well aware of the ‘Healing Crisis’ in America and the
   Family of Man with our new global village Net reality.

   Whistleblowers are coming out of the closet to reveal
 systemic corruption that demands our fervent intent
  at the heart of a ‘prayer field’ as will focus attention
on systemic solutions to core corruption disruption
   of love, life and liberty in our core social institutions.

Warning: This is for mature adults only, and is not
    recommended for the ‘poor in spirit’ who don’t realize
    how willful ignorance and cherished illusions of mass
      media delusion have no power except what we give it.

 Continued for stalwart ‘lightworkers’ and ‘lovemakers’
with embedded videos HERE.



 The Coming Global Spiritual Revolution

Published on Jul 27, 2013, this lucid 2 1/2 minute commentary by Rainn Wilson is a fervent appeal
for heart-based wisdom regarding the coming global revolution that must happen in order for us
to move forward as a human race:
"I think that there is another revolution coming.
I'm not sure what it's going to look like, but I think it's going to be very
interesting and it's going to unfold over the next 10 years."

Following is the white hot cause and core issue
that is now clearly defined for resolution in a
rather clear, self-evident way… or else.
 as compels pure intention that focuses our attention
on love's retention
for our conscientious ascension
 in sovereignty's dimension where ONE LOVE rules.

Continued for ‘White Fire Core Spiritual Warriors’



 United We Win… Divided We Lose

The Future of Humanity Is Our Choice.

 "You are your deepest driving desire, as is your desire so is your will,
        as is your will, so are your deeds, as are your deeds so is your destiny."
~ Upanishads (written over 5,000 years ago in ancient India)

 A golden age on Earth will naturally follow from a
united state of fiery desire for sovereignty with
the golden rule/law language at the heart of

interactive mass-to-mass TeLeComm
 and free online Universal Self Care.

 This straightforward vision of virtue and valor for the victory of Earth
is a challenge for those who are divided and conquered by “BS”
(Belief Systems) that we are powerless to co-create a future
whereby the power of love neutralizes faithless fear and
the victim dictum that self-sabotages victory virtues.

The accelerated evolutionary ascent of global
social, political and economic institutions
will naturally fulfill the singular vision,
 without which, the people perish.

 Now is the ordained time.
You have the power to

The Emerging BLUEprint for a Golden Age’.

 Continued at:
United We Win


The Royal Purple Path of Universal Solidarity
for All of “
US” (United Sovereigns of Earth)

    The ‘Bright Purple Path’ is a spectral blend of
red and blue with a bright white light:

The Red -  'Cardinal Fire' Desire for Freedom

  The White - Full Spectrum Language of Light

    The Blue - The Will of Creator for Co-Creation

Bright Purple’ is the color of royal sovereignty
 whereby ALL are ‘K.IN.G.’ with the ‘Keys to the
INternalization of G.
O.D.- Conscience.

is a the purple light of our divine right that
  supersedes any compromise of Constitutional Conscience.

‘Conscience is the most sacred of all property.”
~ James Madison, Chief Architect of the Constitution

  A Mini-History Preamble to Sovereignty's Future:
  We know that the Dark Age was followed by the
 Enlightenment, Renaissance, Reformation and
    then the Industrial Age, the Space Age, and now
  a computer/Internet 'Global Village Age' with the
     last frontier opening from Internet to the InnerNet.

    Full disclosure of the 'Kingdom of Heaven Within'
    will connect us with universal "Hosts of Cosmos'.

    The genesis of universal  on Earth as in Cosmos
   is the co-Creation of kind men among mankind to culture
     our conscientious common sense ‘
Unity Conscience’ at
 the heart of the global TeLeComm capabilities that will
define, refine, combine and shine our highest and best
  gifts, talents and resources for ‘Global Holistic Healing’.

Building the KINGdom - Culturing the Conscience;
Sovereignty as 'KING' on Earth as in Cosmos.


Golden Wisdom as Wise Dominion at the Heart of
the Golden Rule/Law Language for a Golden Age.

Wisdom Protocols for Culturing Consensus
of, by and for
United Sovereigns of Earth:

    is for giving… getting past ‘the past’…
  in order to move forward… being proactive…
  by including both victims and perpetrators in
   a global process of reconciliation and healing
as will involve and evolve our individual and
CONSCIENCE as represents all of
U.S.’, The United Sovereigns of Planet Earth.

The divine destiny of global sovereignty is thus
  a process of, by and for upgrading TeLeComm
for self-correcting self-governance and global
self healing as will consecrate our destiny with
  the purpose and plan of personal and planetary
self-elevation (wisdom’s evolutionary ascent)
 with the angels of our better nature;

Once you become consciously aware of
the power of love to
co-create our world,
you will appreciate how
 heals all
co-operation with a higher power.

Winning from the Beginning of Wise Dominion
as Full Spectrum Heart Coherence

As we learn to love with a spirit that's for giving,
humor can laugh at a past once called living.
cooperative spirit transcends domination as
the veil thins and grins at human subjugation.

As all things are revealed with search capacity,
informed choice will shape global Net reality.
No matter what happens, may it truly be said:
Freedom-in-love is how we all move ahead. 

Our freedom to BE is our sovereign authority,
harnessing love’s power at the heart of reality;
transforming outer illusions causing inequity,
and replacing divisions with unity in diversity.

This singular connection with intuitive direction
centers love within, and when we all enter in,
we find a unity state with one clear mandate:
Either we optimize unity or we’re insensate.

So enter the door where conscience is freed
for upward mobile souls who have all agreed:
conscious evolution has a universal creed...
that  is wisdom as well serves all need.

The door to enlightenment for a long golden age
Language of the Angels, the heart of a sage.
Law of the Angles thus frames a new page
to write on, to journal, our conscious ascension
into Co-Creation realms of the fifth dimension.
The door to enlightenment for a long golden age
is ‘Language of the Angels’, the heart of a sage.
The 'Law of the Angles’ thus frames a new page
to write on, to journal, our conscious ascension
into Co-Creation realms of the fifth dimension.

Unity Conscience (Effective Sensory Perception),
wants heart coherence as purity's conception.
And in that light, every parent, sister and brother
will take heart and wise up to help each other.

It's now rather clear for those living beyond fear;
cherish love's vibe in how you see and you hear.
If choice is a challenge, we lose if we snooze;
it's time to honor what the free-at-heart choose.

As heart-wisdom rules, elitism will crumble
thanks to pure intent of the meek and humble.
So take heart and realize that external authority
will increasingly be accountable to spiritual reality.

We can upgrade the change we all want to see 
by culturing Conscience with sincere humility... 
co-creating in unison as our hearts take flight
above as within us and from left brain to right.

Our intuitive knowing can no longer be hindered 
as sovereignty's flame is judiciously rendered; 
the 'Source' of our knowing is now taking wing 
as love rules the nature of each one as '
"Keys to the INternalization of God" ()

The golden age thrives due to those who begin
their wholEness and healing on the path within.
The keys to the
KINGdom are clearly available
whereby liberty's flame is no longer assailable.

   KINGdom Conscience is not a mystery when known.
     There's one Truth (universal) as masters have shown.
     Find your heart to find your way from now's beginning.
     The path may be steep but that's how we're all winning.

   The greatest mysteries are indeed veiled in paradox.
 Paradigms change as we transcend the 'linear' box.
Co-Creation unites "
US" (United Sovereigns)
in the 'Circle of WholEness'.
  Miracles happen with 'The Quickening';
fearless faith as holiness.

Establishing the foundation with
a ‘Whole Systems Upgrade’ for
holy spirit; -in-action.


Bottom Line: May Joy Bless Your Path's Ascent 'Home'

    And may the 3-fold flame of divine
power, wisdom and love
  be magnified, multiplied and qualified by your
pure intention
focuses attention with  retention for ascension
in the
dimension of United Souls with Universal Solidarity
of, by and for all of ‘
US’, The United Sovereigns of Earth.


"Happiness resides not in possessions and not in gold;
the feeling of happiness dwells in the soul."

~ Democritus (c. 460 – c. 370 BC)

"Happiness depends more on the inward disposition of mind
than on outward circumstances."
~ Benjamin Franklin

"You are happiest when you're making the greatest contribution."
~ Robert F. Kennedy


 Contribute With Your Holistic Heart-Mind Healing:

Heart coherence is the precursor of optimal cognitive function
    just as SPX is the precursor of a strong immune system.

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