2020s Global Co-Creation Series

Big Picture Reality Report
20-20 Vision for 2020

"If the shadows appear to be geting darker, 
it's because the light that casts them 
is getting brighter."
~ Daniel Pinchbeck     

The Light Surges ~ Deep State Purges
And 'The Alliance' Claims the Victory!

As above, so below; more light, less dark.
The veil is thinning with heaven winning   
on Earth as in quantum field 'heaven'.      

FEATURING: The Art of Love and War
(Aquarian Spring Prelude)

·  November Review => Dec. Preview;   

·  Battle for the Soul of the Republic;    

·  Global Waking, Wising & Rising Up;  

·  Calling in Angels~Angles of .

Nov 30, 2020 / Full Moon in Gemini

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November Review...
7 compendiums with 40 videos:

Nov 3, 2020
Election Day Compendium

Nov 6, 2020
Trump Prevails with Sting Operation

Nov 8, 2020
Global Reset to Heaven or Hell?
Cosmic  Show podcast HERE

Nov 14, 2020 / New Moon in Scorpio
Urgent Alert - This is an American Coup

Nov 20, 2020
The Great Awakening vs The Great Reset

Nov 21, 2020 / Sun into Sagittarius
Families Celebrate the Great Awakening
Cosmic  Show podcast HERE

Nov 21, 2020

December Preview:

Based on your reading, viewing and general assessment of these compendiums, ask yourself these 3 questions:

1- Is it true that November was full of revelations that were NOT reported honestly in lamestream media?

2- Are you aware of the vote rigging that hacked the election and lied to the American people about it?

3- Would you agree that we are facing a battle for the soul of the Republic?

We’ve arrived at ‘Christ mass season’ – fulfillment of the year – and either we come into unity to ratify ‘High State’ law and order, or we will be divided with social distancing from social justice – abject tyranny.


If the public doesn’t mobilize with a High State of Conscience, the illusion of tyranny-as-normal will persist… and we will never have free-open and honest elections again.


Was the election hacked by
  Dominion voting machines?

Nov 26, 2020 / Epoch Times

Eric Coomer, Dominion's head of product and strategy, has disappeared. Representatives from Dominion also did not attend a court hearing in Pennsylvania on November 19. Its US headquarters in Denver was also suddenly closed and moved away. Their employees deleted their names from LinkedIn.

Dominion Voting Systems has financial ties to
the Chinese government, according to filings

Dec 1, 2020 / Summit.news
An investigation into SEC filings has revealed that the firm which
owns Dominion Voting Systems received $400 million dollars
from a Swiss bank account funded by Communist Chinese
 Government and Chinese companies before the election.

The Proof Is In: The Election Was Stolen
Dec 1, 2020 / PaulCraigRoberts.org
I have read enough of the fraud reports, affidavits,
  and statements from election security and forensic
experts to be comfortable in my conclusion that   
the election was stolen.

Open Letter to Patriots Everywhere
Nov 25, 2020 / Jon Rappoport
Cutting to the bottom line:
There is NO state of emergency that justifies
sweeping away Americans' basic freedoms.
No war, natural or manmade disaster.

Data Science and Electoral Collage to the Rescue:
Nov 15, 2020 / AmericanThinker.com / Jay Valentine
The Electoral College is the last chance to stop a
presidential election from going off a cliff.

Many Americans - who never had a civics class - are
learning about the Electoral College, which they are  
coming to realize may be James Madison's "Do-Over
Button" for times just like these.
(If you are under 35, Madison was a president)

Without the Constitution as the standard for the Rule of Law, we now see the chaos=>order dialectic of the corporatocracy – a form of fascism – combined with ‘marxist-communist socialism’ (tyranny for the ‘greater good of all’).

Look at the face-recognition and ‘social credit’ scoring system that the Chinese are using. In the name of safety, they’ve given up freedom. The Australian government is already rolling out this technology in major cities without its citizens' knowledge, so perhaps it's only a matter of time before Australia goes full China and implements its own version of Social Credit.

China Imposes Tough New 'Social Credit Score' Rules /Nov 29, 2020 / zerohedge.com / Tyler Durden
China will consider individuals who seriously endanger people's health and safety, or disrupt markets' fair competition and normal social order, as threats to society under its new social credit guidelines.

When tyranny is thus normalized as good,
free thinking is then demonized as bad.

That’s what Big Tech wants for the U.S.  In fact, Big Tech worked with the Chinese overlords to install the 5G/AI surveillance and credit system grid in China. When the Chinese fired up their 5G system in Wuhan China, thousands began dropping like flies. Covid was the cover story. It still is. Same symptoms with 5G as attributed to Covid. Proof is now evident worldwide.


Landmark legal ruling finds that Covid tests
are not fit for purpose.

So what do the MSM do? They ignore it
Nov 27, 2020 / RT.com

Big Media is in on the Big Pharma covid scam, focusing on a false narrative of danger, fake PCR testing results, fake science of vaccine safety, and censoring any truth that challenges the official narrative of vaccines for everyone.

This is NOT about health. It's about CONTROL of bodies and minds for the global profit and domination agenda of the Deep State 'Great Reset' (New World Order).

Maker of COVID-Tests Says Pandemic is
Biggest Hoax Ever Perpetrated

Nov 21, 2020 / RedPillUniversity.org

Top pathologist Dr. Roger Hodkinson told Canadian officials in Alberta during a phone conference that the coronavirus pandemic is “the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on an unsuspecting public.”

Big Media and Big Tech are also in bed with Big Pharma and the medical-industrial complex – a Big Brother mega-cartel of special interests with a vested interest in dis-ease creation and treatment for profit and power.

The power elite know that most people will
    take health and safety for granted until they
  lose it, and then they will pay ‘whatever’ to
   get it back… even loss of
5 core freedoms

This is the real ‘Deep State’ that has no allegiance to the U.S. other than to feign loyalty while paying off ‘K-Street’ to cannibalize Main Street America… and always in the name of health and safety.

Health Ranger Report on The Crisis
with Two Videos:

Situation Update - Nov. 28th - ART OF WAR:
How Trump Won the Election Before Nov. 3rd,
and it's now playing out for all to see.

Nov 28, 2020 / NaturalNews.com
Situation update on the election fraud and process
for prosecuting perverse power elite perpetrators.
Specifics detailed HERE.

Evil called ‘Good’ and Good called ‘Evil’

This is the plot-out-of hell we find ourselves in, and people worldwide are getting OUTRAGED over the tyranny tactics of power elite potentates who are ethical infants.

Rebellion Rising: The People Have Had Enough
Nov 27, 2020 / Jon Rappoport
 Large anti-lockdown protests are sweeping across
 Europe. Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, the UK,
Poland. The media are trying to put a lid on the     
coverage of these worldwide momentous events.  

9 Good Reasons for Global Revival
with Rising Up of the Alliance Now

Welcome to dreamweavers, lightworkers, lovemakers   
conscientious devotees on the sacred path serving
evolutionary ascent:
The 2020 drama of global evolution promises a new
“Common Sense” (
Unity Conscience) that will
move beyond “SIN” (Stuck INegativity)
towards a more positive proactive
vision of virtue and valor for
the victory of freedom
and opportunity
as united
 The Union State of US
Universal Solidarity - 
common Unity Sense
as United Sovereigns

Consider 9 major megatrends shaping
 global freedom & opportunity in 2020:

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9 Good Reasons for Ascension
(including seven inspiring videos)

Moving Forward => Beyond the Fray;
Aquarian Spring Gets Under Way

From Disruption of Corruption
To Intention and Attention
On Retention
For Conscientious
Ascension in the

 5th Dimension.

With as the golden rule 
language of the angels & angles
Geometric Ordered Divinity…
  it follows that the whole-holy spirit
   of -in-action will naturally
‘involve & evolve’ (culture) social
    media with social conscience via a
   universal interface for global unity
   whereby Aquarian rules.

Co-Creating the Aquarian


Full Spectrum (5D) TLC:

Pure Geometry Thoughtforms
(G.O.D.~ Constitution)
Effective Sense Perception
with Global
TeLeComm for TeLeCommunity,
TeLeConscienceTeLeCare and
TeLeCommerce economy
   via our co-Creation with


Cosmic Show Interview with
David Christopher Lewis
regarding his new book HERE.


As a long-time practicing Metaphysician,
I was fascinated by the understanding of
  the Nine Choirs of Angels in Part One. ~C


Nov 25, 2020 / HeartsCenter.org

Archangels Michael and Faith descend into the earth with many legions of angels who come into the homes of lightbearers to seal them in faith, hope, love, and protection from disharmony and the feeling of being burdened at this time.
Michael performs a cosmic clearance of any areas of darkness on behalf of the sons and daughters of God and calls for the safeguarding of children from abuse. He acclaims that the abusers shall come under the adjudication of the sacred fire and cosmic justice will be instantaneous for those who are behind the "great deception" (Great Reset).
The Lords of Karma place a golden curtain of light as a demarcation supporting God's Will manifesting on earth.
Archangels Michael and Faith placed a cosmic talisman of light within each book: Angels, Angels, Angels! Messages for Today from Heavenly Friends.
This talisman will draw souls to God again, and an angelic presence will manifest whenever the book is read.



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