2020s Global Co-Creation Series



Celebrating the Great Awakening
at Enlightened Family Gatherings

Claiming the Victory of Family Holidays
by Christopher Rudy

Whether with your birth family or adopted family
or extended 'family' of loved ones...

Let’s be grateful this Holiday Season!

The Great Awakening of Aquarian Spring
Naturally Neutralizes Fear & Doubt

There are as many ways to have fun
as there are friends and families.

What I’m proposing for an enlightened
family gathering will only work when
there is pure intent to make it so.

Of course, every family is uniquely
dysfunctional in its own way.

But how we are functional with
loving kindness is the light
we bring to each other.

  As for the ‘elephant in the room’
   - discussing the 'Global Crisis' -
   Here’s a game – ‘
World Game’,
Discussing new revelations
of the ‘Great Awakening’…

 to play as a 'game' of 'sharing'
- what we have learned -
around the conference table or
 our interactive social networks.

   World Game is for cooperative win/win
  co-creation of our human and physical
    resources for an optimal outcome for all
US’ as United Sovereigns of Earth.

So how do you know if your Family
gathering is enlightened enough to
  play the Global Crisis
World Game?

 Simply ask them. Forward this link:
Great Awakening.

Ask your Family or Community:

Can we agree that each of us is 100%
   correct for one's prevailing awareness…
 as different as that is from each other?

Is it true that 'loving family’ sees unity
whereas our
dark side sees division?

Can we agree that our cup is half full
and that family love is
for giving’?

That’s the First Rule of World Game.
We’re all in this together – all of ‘US’
United Sovereigns of Earth.

 The Family of Mankind has arrived at
  a global village of instant-everywhere
    and ALL-connected ‘
   and it’s time we get our act together.


We must first agree that we can
co-create solutions to the crisis
  like civilized enlightened people.

  All condemnation of others is
off the Mark. Keep in mind
win/win, not win/lose.

World Game is a co-creation process that
 takes inventory of our human and physical
resources with attention to whole systems
- TeLeComm infrastructure -
that involves & evolves a high standard of
  social conscience in global social networks.

 Since ALL our social, political and
 economic problems are AT ROOT 
   communication problems – how we
   come into unity (REAL community),
  an uncompromised communication
initiative of unbiased integrity can  
 culture unity in our global diversity.


 The Crisis is being created and
 managed by Deep State media.

 Understanding the global crisis 
  requires understand how & why
   lamestream media is lying to us.

Enlightenment is bringing light
    to dark places within and with all.

Preparation for this World Game:

1st – Decide to be agreeable; win/win.

  2nd – Review: The Virus-Election Crisis
(before the family gathering).

      3rd – Share around the table (or zoom room)
      which video, article or infographic
         interested you – keeping it positive.

           (while you each scroll to that point on
your tablet or smartphone).

   4th – Take inventory of all perspectives;
              a whole systems ‘Big Picture’ view.

5th – Integrate the future of Worldwide
Aquarian Spring Up-rising
       - our evolutionary ascent -
         and United Sovereigns of Earth.

Here’s my summary, welcoming your response:

End game for the old World Game:

We are ending the Kali Yuga (26,000 years),
the Patriarchy (6500 years),
the Age of Pisces (2160 years),
 the Jupiter/Saturn cycle (20 years),
just to name a few.

A New World Game is Emerging.

This is the time ordained for Revelations
also known as the 'Great Awakening'.

This is a critical time for America and the world to wake up, wise up and rise up to the opportunity for personal and planetary rEVOLUTION – progressive revelations – with upgrade of five core Internet freedoms.

I’ve been developing this World Game
 since 1974 - from Capitol Hill to Internet.

The blueprint for a golden age is emerging with free-energy technology, drug-free energy healing, propaganda-free media, usury-free TeLeCommerce, and conflict-free peace on Earth.

Too often, it’s not the good we can do
to resurrect core social institutions
but the deeply entrenched evil
that keeps us from rising up.

I’ve learned that the old order of Deep State corporate tyranny – Big, Oil, Big Pharma, Big Bank (Fed), Big Media and Big War – cannot survive the transparency of open systems of communication that have led the global Internet revolution and can now fulfill it with 2020s Global Co-Creation.

So Aquarian Freedom and Opportunity is
an existential crisis for the Deep State.
Their time is short and fear is great…
making us as fearful as they are.

Consequently, we are now witness to a Deep State of deception and abject tyranny locking us down, destroying our businesses and flooding us with propaganda that polarizes the public on purpose, destroying social cohesion with intent to maintain a sick public ‘disease-care system’ – the medical-industrial complex – that creates and manages disease like the military-industrial complex creates and manages war.

That dysfunctional self-destructive system of population reduction and control must end soon or it will end us with endless war, disease, and totalitarian dystopia.

The best way to fight evil is to make progress
toward the good.

Rather than feed the beast – world negativity,
seize the vision, embrace the virtue and
claim the victory - fearless faith in a
United State of
love-in-action as
 will neutralize the Deep State
of division, fear and hate.

Keep in mind that the ordained power of love
neutralizes the inordinate love of power.

Energy goes where attention flows.
What we think about we bring about.

We can play the World Game with
 angels who tug on our hearts and
 are always present to help us…
  Or we can go with the flow bro
and be
reactive rather than
 proactive servant leaders.

is the key to our victory.

Cosmic will win
in the larger scheme of
Aquarian Spring victory
over the
'4th Reich’ as
  evil pharmacidal empire,
naturally neutralized by
 an emerging High State
Unity Consciousness.
This has already occurred
  in the timeless continuum.
  The only question is HOW
 you choose to participate
  in global r

Welcome to 'THE ALLIANCE'
of global alliances on the
TeLeComm Network'
over the Internet.

  So pay attention via pure intention.
 Attention pays with ascension in a
5th dimension of comprehension;
Effective Sensory Perception.
With kind men leading mankind,
Aquarian light and love prevails.

Co-Creating the Aquarian

Full Spectrum (5D) TLC
Pure Geometry Thoughtforms
(G.O.D.~ Constitution)
ffective Sense Perception
with global
TeLeComm for TeLeCommunity,
TeLeConscienceTeLeCare and
TeLeCommerce economy
  by our co-Creation with

 Look to SEE... Know to BE...
Geometric Ordered Divinity.

   Where the Law of the Angles of G.O.D.
meets the Language of the Angels of