2020s Global Co-Creation Series

Urgent Alert - This is an American Coup

There is An Active U.S. Coup Takeover in Process
- A Revolution Against Our Constitutional Republic

Mainstream media independence has been subverted
by the Deep State corporatocracy which serves the
 purpose of giant monopolies such as Big Pharma,
Big Oil, Big Banks, Big Tech, and the Big War
industries whose corporate laws state that
stockholders (owners) come before the
 public whenever profits are at stake.

That’s the OPPOSITE of Constitutional Law.
And corporate tyranny is a REAL thing
that we are all now witnessing.

American Coup
Nov 9, 2020 / Frontpage Mag
This was not just voter fraud out of Philly.
It’s a coup by the oligarchy.
(Deep State power elite)

A new form of governance is being advanced by Big Tech to  control humans through technology. Power elite plutocrats have harnessed technocrats, bureaucrats and Big Media around the world, enabling authoritarian governments to rig elections and control their citizens to a terrifying degree.

This new form of technocracy tyranny has locked down China with Big Tech’s assistance. And now Big Tech and the U.S. Deep State have gone full-China to lock down America and the world.


As Goes the U.S. Election,
So Goes the World

* Scan the compendium below for
       interesting articles and/or videos.

* Note the sovereignty solution to
  the lamestream media problem
     and the sick health care system.

  * Network freely – pay it forward.

Nov 14, 2020 / New Moon in Scorpio

PS: Take Heart. Aquarian LOVE wins!

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and 'A Higher Vision'


 Keep in mind the Big Picture of global rEVOLUTION
 - personal and planetary conscious ascension -
 that fulfills the pure intention of U.S. Founders for    
 enlightened freedom and opportunity... as can now  
benefit all of 'US' - the United Sovereigns of Earth. 


Or as U.S. Founding Father Thomas Paine said in Common Sense – the most successful political treatise in world history: “…the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: it is dearness only that gives every thing its value. Heaven knows how to put a proper price upon its goods; and it would be strange indeed if so celestial an article as FREEDOM should not be highly rated.”

He may be an over-the-top reality show
performer entertaining the whole world,
but ‘The Donald’ is fighting for our right
to Constitutional Law and public Order
in the face of abject treason and chaos.

   Following are some of the brightest lights
    shining TRUTH on this crisis of the week:

1st, a lamestream media frenzy overview:
First it was “Russia did it, Russian did it”
 Then it was “
Impeach, Impeach, Impeach”
Now we see
“Biden Wins! Biden Wins”, and
‘There is no evidence of vote fraud’
‘There is NO evidence. NO EVIDENCE!’
Oh Really?
 The coup attempt to dethrone Donald Trump
continues, and fake news leads the charge.
  Consider the real evidence of election fraud:

Nov 16, 2020 / The Truth
Trump's Press Secretary on the Election Crisis

Federal Election Commission Chairman Drops
Bombshell: ‘This Election Is Illegitimate’

Nov 12, 2020 / AboveTopSecret.com

Nov 7, 2020 / LaRouchePAC Videos

Former NSA Senior Analyst Kirk Wiebe claims that the system being used here is called "Hammer and Scorecard" - and that the system is so intelligent, it can actually change the false number of votes in real time based on reporting of data over the Internet.

Perception is reality for most people who get their news from the lamestream media. The Big Lie is so BIG and so bold and so often told that many people believe the lie. And an entire generation of students was never taught critical thinking skills in the dumbed-down public school system.
The same 6 media conglomerates that dominate lamestream media ALSO publish the textbooks for public schools -
programming us from cradle to grave.
That's like the incestuous relationship of Big Media with Big Pharma -
pushing vaccines (and drugs for vaccine side-effects) from cradle to grave.

There's something WRONG with that picture,
as with the supposed election of Joe Biden.
Electronic vote-rigging is done for a number of reasons yet primarily to make the count look 'very close' - but always to make the rigger's candidate win.
It was widely reported first on Zero Hedge that a software "Glitch" "accidentally" flipped thousands of votes to Biden which were meant for Trump, pushing Biden over the edge and giving him a win in Michigan. This same software was widely used. In other states, Trump had more votes but the software incorrectly reported that Biden had more. See:
The name of this software company is Dominion Voting Systems. In 2018 Dominion was bought by Private Equity firm Staple Street Capital.  Their all male team comes from groups like the George Soros-funded Carlyle Group, Rockefeller Foundation and the Murdock empire, representing Big War, Big Banks, Big Pharma and Big Media - the Deep State corporatocracy that tells us what to think... and counts our votes.
Or as an infamous Communist vote-rigger once said:

"It is enough that the people know there was
 an election. The people who cast the votes
 decide nothing. The people who count the
votes decide everything."
 ~ Joseph Stalin

How about some righteous indignation!
(like when Jesus whipped the money-changers)

Nov 10, 2020 / Tucker Carlson
"The only hope is to tell the truth...
~ Tucker at 14:40 minutes    

Note from CR: Since the lamestream media claimed the victory for Biden, most other Fox News commentators have betrayed the trust of Republican conservatives by going along with the charade. Fox News heiress Kathryn Murdoch called President Trump a dictator, and also went public saying there was no election fraud.

This is AFTER Fox News reported numerous rallies of President Trump with thousands of supporters… while Biden could not draw a crowd larger than a few dozen.

Let that sink in. This election was rigged on a massive scale. And those who rigged it are the same ones telling us - over and over - that there is 'no evidence' of fraud.

Here's what one of Trump's attorneys says about that:

Nov 15, 2020 / Leigh Dundas
Executive Order for Election Interference
The Executive Order:


Have you noticed how Big Tech billionaires are laughing
all the way to the bank while deleting core freedoms?

BBC News:
Amazon, Facebook and Apple thriving in lockdown

July 30, 2020 / BBC.com
  Apple and Amazon saw sales surge during
while the number of Facebook users jumped around
 the world. The world's
biggest tech firms are thriving.

the poor in spirit will always be with us
even in high positions of authority -
but cherished illusion, willful ignorance
and betrayal of our sacred trust
 have no excuse under the ‘Great Law’.

So consider the evidence of massive fraud,
not only election rigging fraud but also…
How They’ll Fake the Success of the
COVID Vaccine With Rigged Testing

Nov 13, 2020 / Jon Rappoport

The news networks are the Berlin Wall,
the Iron Curtain, the Great Wall of China

Except the wall is only an inch thick.
Nov 12, 2020 / Jon Rappoport.

EXCERPT: As I've told you, Joe Biden's handlers have a plan to put America into the darkness. They want a death-march. Dr. Michael Osterholm, the newest Biden Covid-19 advisor, is calling for a national lockdown. Since he’s an economic genius, he claims the government can bail out everyone in the country with $$ to keep us from suffering. So if you don’t think the election and vote fraud are important issues, think again.

Joe Biden's Covid-19 Taskforce Member
Recommends Withholding Food Stamps,

Nov 11-13, 2020 / INFOWARS
  plus no rent assistance for those who refuse vaccines.
If you need food and shelter, you will have no choice!

Then it is Social Security. Take the vaccine or lose it!
  Then it is food purchases. You wouldn't be able to buy
 or sell without the embedded vaccine identifier codes.


Nov 7, 2020 / MisesMedia
This is the greatest public health fiasco in world history,
  and corporate media has distorted it so badly, that much
 of the general public is celebrating villains and hissing at
  heroes. And, even - perversely enough - celebrating the
 destruction of their own lives and their children's lives. 

Don't believe the COVID case numbers;
it's a scam

Nov 17, 2020 / Jon Rappoport
  The situation we're facing is urgent right now.
  Red flags. Alarm bells. Fake news on cases.
  Politicians all over the US and the world are 
using "rising case numbers" to drive people
 back into lockdowns. Be aware. It's a scam.


Nov 10, 2020 / Baptist de Pape
Prescient Insight: The Battle for the White House
 "At least, two thirds of America - middle America -
  are supporting the Christed Light, and the pulse
of humanity and human ascension."
~ Sacha


Nov 10, 2020 / Jon Voight (2 minutes)
“The Greatest Battle Since the Civil War”

Keep your sense of humor folks!

Nov 13, 2020 / Awaken With JP
NEWSFLASH: How a Civil War Could Start!

Stop the vote-steal, stop the Biden plan
for federal slavery

Nov 10, 2020 / Jon Rappoport
     The nation and the world are awash in growing chaos.
Addled minds are reaching out for rescue from the
      very same governments who have locked them down,
 destroying their businesses, jobs and right to work.


  The system of voting has been corrupted.
  A new ‘collective co-creation’ system is
   needed to
upgrade our five core freedoms
 for consent of the governed… worldwide.

 Now you know why I’ve been developing
Global TeLeComm since I addressed 10
  agencies of Fed-Gov on Capitol Hill back
  in 1974, 46 years ago. See article

I was way ahead of my time, so I’ve had
lots of time upgrading Global TeLeComm
    as a process for involving and evolving our
individual and collective consciousness via
  a universal interface for global interaction
     with the universal
Language of Light and 
Natural Law
Language of the Angels
   framed by
Law of the Angles of
(Geometric Ordered Divinity).

     Actually, most of my design science career
   as a
practical futurist and Metaphysician,
  was developing
4 holistic health centers
– including
Global TeLeCare
 that could someday provide free online
Universal Self Care’ for the analysis,
  prevention and management of disease
 with highly personalized, well-informed
sovereign choice.

    TeLeCare is a holistic health alternative
  to cradle-to-grave drug pushing by the
     medical-industrial Big Pharma complex.
  But the Deep State medical monopoly
  is a multi-trillion dollar megacartel that
  is more interested in unfettered power
   to push vaccines & drugs on the public
 with no liability for harming the public,
   secret courts for paying off the victims,
     and liability of the victims for disclosure.

 As thus is TeLeCare an alternative to
pathological drug profiteering:

Robert Kennedy Jr.:
"Pharmaceutical Drugs Are Now 
The 3rd Leading Cause of Death"

In U.S.
A MUST READ before signing up for any
vaccine, especially the new genetic-
modifying vaccine 'coming soon'.

      Forget about free online TeLeCare for now.
   We’ll never get there without upgrade to
    free, open and transparent public ‘voting’
    on a real-time mass-to-mass scale as will
TeLeConscience in social networks.

   Big Pharma does NOT want that because
   the public wants disease prevention NOT
     merely disease treatment with only drugs.

    Big Pharma has clearly demonstrated that
    they do NOT want preventive medicine as
      that would prevent drugs for what ails you.



Corporate tyranny has gone full China
 suppressing sovereignty and the truth
of election fraud AND medical fraud…
flooding lamestream media with fake
news, fear porn and propaganda that
 suppresses any truth-telling narrative
as challenges the lock-step lockdown
agenda of Deep State corporatocracy.

The COVID-19 RT-PCR Test:
How to Mislead All Humanity Using a "Test"
To Lock Down Society

Nov 15, 2020 / GlobalResearch.ca
It's time for everyone to come out of this negative
trance - this collective hysteria - because famine,
poverty and massive unemployment will kill many
more people than COVID-19.

Keep Your Eye on the Ball Folks!

  Realize (real eyes) the ‘front line’ of the
   global battle. The new untested vaccine
  they are fast-tracking includes injecting
   advanced identifiers and tracking ability
with nanoparticles that accentuate the
 effect of 5G to corrupt the body’s DNA 
   and natural resonance with the high 5D
 energies of the
Aquarian Source Field.

Avoid the vaccine as if your DNA
and sensitive soul depends on it!

The State Of 5G Networks Worldwide
Oct 12, 2020 / ZeroHedge
The 5G rollout to the world is a long process, and there are myriad obstacles that have slowed this process. But the Big Tech goal of energizing the Internet of Everything is ever present. Technocrats see 5G as the holy grail of scientific dictatorship.

Remember that 5D is the holy grail of our
conscientious evolutionary ascent.


With light language and as the rule,

Co-Creating the Aquarian

Full Spectrum (5D) TLC
  with pure geometry thoughtforms
G.O.D.~ Constitution) for
   Effective Sense Perception (ESP)
 via enlightened
TeLeComm for TeLeCommunity,
TeLeConscience, TeLeCare 
   through co-Creation with

 Look to SEE... Know to BE...
Geometric Ordered Divinity.

   Where the Law of the Angles of G.O.D.
meets the Language of the Angels of


11-11, 2020 / HeartsCenter.org
Master Hilarian:
"Allow the light to flow through."

Exceptional health video at 16 minutes.

Bonus for Devotees of Light:

A timely message from the Elohim Virginia
- the femine aspect of 5th ray God Vision -
during this New Moon and Sun in Scorpio.

Nov 14, 2020 / The Hearts Center Community