2020s Global Co-Creation Series

Trump Prevails with Sting Operation

Bombshell Election News
If true, this is video of the year!

8 min Video Published Nov 6th, 2020 / InfoWars:


Heartcom Network / InfoWars guest and intelligence expert Steve Pieczenik broke bombshell news during yesterday's broadcast of 'War Room' with Owen Shroyer.

Dr. Pieczenick explains how President Trump set-up Democrats with the “largest sting operation in American history”.

As the video details, legit ballots in battleground states were watermarked and electronically tagged with what's called the QFS-blockchain encryption code identifiers.

In other words, ballots have been traced and tracked by the DHS while thousands of National Guard troops have been quietly sent in the field in a dozen states, monitoring the DNC vote fraud operations.

It will be interesting to see how Operation Mockingbird operatives – CIA agents scripting lamestream media – will spin these damning revelations.

It’s rather predictable that Deep State media will first ignore, then deny, and finally go flipping crazy attacking the evidence of REAL vote fraud as ‘fake news of the worst Trump-deranged kind'.

This could get 'messy’. Perhaps it will take ‘National Emergency Powers’ to shut down riots, seize media control, and begin Nuremberg-like trials of Deep State criminals.

     In the meantime, the lamestream media
     - like National Propaganda Radio (NPR)
   and the Associated Propaganda (AP) -
      is orchestrating mass hysteria based on
       fraudulent 'confirmed' cases of Covid-19.

The COVID delusion is finished, blown apart
Nov 6, 2020 / Jon Rappoport
Smoking gun:
Confession from the 'beloved' expert of experts;
Tony Fauci states COVID test has fatal flaw.

Saturday Nov 7th Newsflash!
The AP has called the Presidential race for Biden.


Nov 7, 2020 / SGT Report

"It is enough that the people know there was
an election. The people who cast the votes
decide nothing. The people who count the
votes decide everything."
~ Joseph Stalin

5 Minute Video Summary - MUST WATCH!
 ‘Project Hammer’ and ‘Scorecard’
Nov 6, 2020 / Rumble.com
Good insight into the software and Deep State
intent to flip the election results for Biden.

Of course, Deep State media will NOT report this.

Remember that the CIA's Operation 
    Mockingbird has increasingly infiltrated
  mainstream media over the last three
  decades while it has morphed into an
      unabashed Orwellian population control
  messaging service for their version of
     Global Reset, 4th Industrial Revolution,
    New World Order, etc... also known as
corporatocracy of collusion between
      Big Banks, Big Pharma, Big Media, and

  Big Tech manipulations for Big Brother
who wants total social credit and control
as Big Tech installed and runs in China.

     The apparent intent of the Deep State is
     to create such mainstream fear hysteria
         - over the COVID domestic terror -   
      that the public will clamor for Democrats
     who promise security with free socialist
       'health care' as progressively surrenders
      our freedoms for the
'illusion of health'
      with mandatory vaccines & 5G dis-ease
       until we have neither freedom nor health.


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