Occupy the Thrive Movement - Part Two

Continued from: 'Occupy Thrive'


Organizing Information IN FORMATION

The more information we have, the greater is the need to get it all in order... with a heart.  Smart without heart is retro; there's no going back once the mind and heart are enlightened.  Going forward with the knowledge-power revolution requires 'Information's Ecology' - the recycling of general knowledge in the way that empowers specific wisdom with a heart.  That's the MOTHER of all solutions for the Mother of all networks - the network of networks we call the Internet.  And the more lucid the vision for upgrading to interactive REAL-TIME communications --for enlightened 'Net reality' -- the more the Thrive Movement will empower, nurture or otherwise Mother a global rEVOLUTION in conscientious common sense - Unity Conscience.

Build REAL Community with Interactive TeLeComm

All human solutions are communication solutions whereby we "come into unity" (community).  The flip-side of that truism is that all human problems are communication problems for failure to "come into unity" (community).  The core solution to our core problems is thus understood by thrivers as a simple yet profound way to culture REAL community with REAL-TIME interactions that naturally culture Social Conscience at the heart of our ubiquitous social networks - our communication communities.

Culturing Conscience with Real-time Communications

Currently, the currency of social consciousness is limited to 'web 2.0', the adolescent stage of interaction we see on social networks like Facebook.  The next phase of the computer/Internet revolution is naturally an upgrade to real-time mass-to-mass interaction capabilities.  Of course, a hundred or thousand people communicating at the same time would create a lot of noise if there is not a standardized interaction interface that clearly represents our 'dimensions of consciousness’, not just between the ears – one’s personal ‘brain holodeck' -- but also as our common ‘Net reality holodeck’ as represented with ‘cyberEthics’ – web 3.0 Heartware.

Cultural DNA – the Holodeck Interface for Interactive TeLeComm

The gateway interface from the Internet to the ‘InnerNet’ is an inter-faith "LOVE Model', 
a pure geometry frame of reference for cyber
Ethics as naturally represent the golden rule/law language at the heart of 'cultural DNA'. The higher the concept of universal-cosmic  - the 'Source Code for Conscience -- the greater the results for mediating REAL-TIME mass-to-mass interactions that empower wisdom with love
To the extent that mass-to-mass 
TeLeComm is centered and connected via “holodeck source code” (cyberEthics), to that extent will information's ecology empower SocialConscience for out thrival.   

New Standards Create New Industry

A new universal standard for cyberEthics – cultural DNA for Net reality with Social Conscience -- must be holistic in a holographic-universal way if it is to universalize or otherwise culture holistic healing in the worldwide web of consciousness. The VISION alone -- how that will work -- is the most powerful 'currency' for culturing the 'Currency of Conscience' at the heart of the Next Economy. 

Heartware™ as an Investment in CyberEthics ‘Currency’

Those who invest in this VISION with their pure intention, focused attention and love's retention to see it through will naturally see the greatest reward in the larger scheme of evolutionary ascension, a win/win for both personal "ROI" (good karma) and collective thrival.  A new 'Unity Dimension' with Social Conscience will naturally heal the paradigm paralysis of win/lose 'divide-to-conquer' that afflicts core social institutions with the oxymoronic 'value of scarcity' (scarcity economics). Many new industries will be created with the pure intention of, by and for Social Conscience 
at the heart of 
abundant thrival.

Whole Systems Approach to Visionary Science

The ‘Whole Systems’ approach to 'Comprehensive Anticipatory Design Science' was pioneered by Buckminster Fuller.  Applied to the 'A-Team' -- the 'Affiliate Alliance' ofCultural Creatives -- this process will naturally channel our creative energies in an optimum way for rapid deployment of thrival solutions.  Numerous 'A-Teams' will be developed for collaboration on strategic plans and operations of The Alliance.  Thecollaboration model is designed to synergize the gifts, talents and resources of Alliance Affiliates. See: 'A-Teams'.

Fourth Wave Business of Conscious Evolution

Those who have studied trends of the computer/Internet revolution as corresponds toFourth Wave Business in the 21st Century are well aware that it is the Cultural Creatives who leverage ‘enlightened self interest’ in service to conscious evolution for all.  All our social, political and economic institutions thrive with this foundation of pure intention for our evolutionary ascension.  Systemic wholEness and healing with cyberEthics will naturally center and connect our social networks with Social Conscience.

Monetizing the ‘Currency of Conscience

The business of evolution -- to thrive -- is at the heart of the evolution of business models that best represent thrival.  The 'product' is the process, and monetizing that process -- as network marketing has shown -- is highly motivated for financial thrival as much or more than the vision of other spiritual, mental, emotional and physical benefits involved.  The currency of Social Conscience will naturally ascend to the extent it is 'monetized' with win/win private/public partnerships. Incentivizing thrival with win/win financial benefits is a powerful way to make it so

The Urgency Now for Momentum in the Movement

The incentive plan needed now will motivate all A-Teams of the 'Ascent Alliance' with a ‘Founders Program’ -- an Affiliate Plan -- that defines compensation for affiliation on all levels of 'Alliance Attainment', whether on a person-to-person basis or for those with large social networks.  The fulfillment of ‘Cosmic ’ is it’s own reward for the pure in heart who want to be part of the A-Team.  It’s only fair that there are financial incentives for those who help fulfill worldwide  as a star on the A-Team.

A Highly Profitable Non-Profit Model

As a consultant for network marketing companies over the decade of its ascendency (1985-95), I've come to thoroughly understood how the right incentive plan will define the Worldwide  Foundation on all levels of affiliation, whether for personal affiliation -- for free -- or creation of your own network with compensation.

 - Free 'Affiliation'
 - Subscriber 'Initiation';
 – Advanced 'Communication';
  – A.D.E.P.T. 'Integration'

Assembling the 4-D components to the 5-D
(Creative Ascent Process):

    The VISION of pure intention;
           Spiritually (from the top), the compensation plan is non-profit financially but
           highly profitable via ‘good karma’; the currency of conscientious service to others
           will naturally provide recompense in the larger scheme of evolutionary ascent.

    The VIRTUE of focused attention; 
, (2nd quad), the compensation plan is ‘uni-level’ plan (direct marketing) 
           with income streams in direct proportion to the number of ‘Initiates’ you subscribe
           and their consequent ‘upgrade’ to ‘Communicant Level’ and ‘A.D.E.P.T. Level'.

     The VALOR of love’s retention; 
 (3rd quad), the 'energy-in-motion' (e-motion) of pure intention 
           (from the top) and 
focused attention (2nd quad) sustains love's retention at
heart of "Net worth" (compensation) for 'Communicants'.

   The VICTORY of our ascension;
    Physically (4th quad), the key to manifestation of abundant  with social
Conscience in global social networks is momentum (1st-3rd quads) as will
           naturally translate to more 'Light' and 
LOVE, easier and faster.

This is the 'movement towards wholEness' as a
new '
Common Sense Unity Conscience'
unity’s 5th dimension with 
+= in all 4 quads of 's
‘CAPstone Conscience’

This Unity Conscience
is dedicated to
 the One Eye 


"To understand the nature of God, it is necessary only to know
the nature of love itself.  To truly know love is to know and 
understand God; and to know God is to understand love."

~ Dr. David R. Hawkins, "The Eye of the I" (pg. 88)

Hold the Vision – 
Claim the Victory

IN SUMMARY: The  model for worldwide thrival is holistic in the wholEness way that represents not only the 'Source Code' for the holographic universe, but also, the 'Cosmic Law' framing Cosmic  in the 'Four Quadrants of 2012'.

This is the same 'Cosmic Code' framing the
‘holodeck’’ (brain field) between your ears,
and the ‘holodeck’ provided by Heartware
 for culturing 
Social Conscience (web 3.0).

The pure intention is simply the fulfillment of worldwide  with 
a sustainable model of self-financing for infrastructure development
 with 100% payout of profits in the process, compensating affiliates
on all levels in direct proportion to their respective contributions.

The Founders Program
A whole systems approach to wholEness
and healing through holographic principles
in the "
Law of the Angles of G.O.D."
(Geometrically Ordered Divinity) with the
Language of the Angels of "
(our better humane nature)

Director, Heartcom Services

PS: Pre-launch information for the Founder's Program
    will go to those who are ready and ask for it. 
Time is of the essence. ~ CR



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