Occupy the Thrive Movement.

Here's How.

by Christopher Rudy

Feb. 1, 2012 

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The 'Thrive Movement' has already gone global in a big way.

     Do you have pure intention to assist the thrival of humanity?
Are you
aware that 2012 is the year destined to make it so?
    Would you agree that
LOVE is the key if we are to ‘Let it BE’?

Pure intention will catch the Thrive Wave.
Focused attention will ride the Thrive Wave.
LOVE’s retention will build the Thrive Wave.
  Imagine what an ‘
Affiliate Plan’ would look like to incentivize the
 movement towards wholEness
whereby we can all THRIVE.

Would Thou Be Made Whole?

Be Thou Made Whole!
'The Original Wound of Separation is Healed!'  
Graphic from: http://www.goldenpathoflight.org/ 


First, ‘Catch the Wave’ - Occupy Conscience 
     Step into the ‘Circle of Whol

Healing begins with ‘wholEness’… emphasizing the ‘E’ as in wholly ‘Enlightened.  Just as one must naturally know better to do better, enlightened humanity will naturally “step into” (conceive, believe and achieve) wholEness to be made whole.

WholEness is ‘atONEment’:  This is the all-connected ‘circle’ of the ‘Source Field’,
the unified field at the heart of “conscientious common sense” (
Unity Conscience). This connection is the heart of ‘Social Conscience’ and the heart of the ‘Thrive Movement’.  When you Occupy Conscience, you naturally take heart in the spirit of a better connection with ‘Source’ or ‘God’ or 'wholEness' for healing with the 'Power of Love'. The better your connection with cosmic- universal in form and ‘frequency’, as in frequently, the greater the results for conscious evolution in the larger continuum of the soul's eternal progression in good Conscience.

"Man can harness the winds, the waves and the tides,
 but when he can harness the
 power of love,
 then for the second time in the history of the world,
 man will have discovered fire."
~ Teihard de Chardin 

The greatest power you always have is your freedom of choice.
That Higher Power is amplified and qualified in 2012 by the
surge in the Source Field of universal whol

What goes around comes around with our choices.
This is the power to begin the world over again.
Full faith in the ‘light of Source’ empowers
wisdom as will 
Occupy Conscience  
with the spirit of whol
Eness that 
centers and connects with the
surging Global Wave of
Shift Happens’ in

Second, ‘Ride the Wave’ - Pay Attention 
(Attention Pays with the Currency of Conscience)

THRIVE is going 'viral'.  There has been exceptional response; global social networks are streaming the video off the Internet and showing the DVD in small groups and local theaters.  Whether by 'accident' or 'divine destiny', this is a movement at the right time.

         “There’s nothing more powerful than an idea that has found its time.” 
                                                             ~ Victor Hugo

The 2012 timing of THRIVE is hopeful.  Much of humanity is in a state of depression because our potential for systemic abundance is being suppressed. Our optimal health is being suppressed. Even our humanity is being suppressed. It's depressing to the spirit and depressing to the economy. But wholEness changes all of that.  A powerful 
-centric movement changes things. Shift happensJ

Real-Time Momentum is Building.  We create the future moment-to-moment.  The momentum of thrival each moment is the real-time genesis of framing the future of now, moment-to-moment.  Attention pays well when pure intention of, by and for  builds momentum with the Holy Spirit of -in-action.

We Get the  we Give.  The future is what we make it and the higher the concept of ' is for giving'... and ' heals all'... ' is the fulfillment of the Great Law of the Great Spirit'... then naturally, the greater the results as will make it so...

A Foundation For

Common Sense is Unity Conscience. All global Netizens realize that what we do to the worldwide web of Net reality is what we do to ourselves.  The genesis of a global 
thrive movement is winning from the beginning by claiming the victory of , 
 and for  -- the foundation for global rEVOLUTION in the spirit of worldwide .

Freedom of Choice Builds Momentum.  Mankind has free will so anything is possible, even a self-correcting and self-healing process serving “wholEness” (self-governance) and "self-elevation" (salvation) in terms of the conscientious evolutionary ascent of wholEness.  In this regard, free-will momentum is liberating -- the ordained movement towards wholEness is ultimately the ‘Will of God-Source’ that inspires worldwide
 freedom and opportunity in 2012. 

The Opportunity is Compelling.  In 2012, we now have the opportunity to wise-up and rise up in an accelerated way. The characteristic of this event will clearly be a more enlightened collective Conscience... the opportunity for global freedom-in-.  Now is an ideal time to "Claim the Victory" (set the matrix) for a self-fulfilling prophecy in 2012 - the Thrive Vision that I addressed to Cultural Creatives in the Cosmic Love Network. My follow up to these 'CC's' on Monday can be read HERE

Thrivers ‘Take Heart’ The Cultural Creatives behind global thrival have the pure intention of a strong ethical standard. CC’s are Conscious of HOW they are Conscious – fully awake with a Conscience. The ‘currency’ of that Conscience is at the heart of the ‘up-wising’ and “uprising” (ascent) of global Net reality.  In good Conscience, 2012 is thus the end of the world of “DUH” (Dumb, Unconscious & Heartless) as we’ve known it.

Third, ‘Build the Wave’ - Culture Conscience
The Movement Towards WholEness

See Where It’s Going.  The computer/Internet rEVOLUTION is shifting from the current status of ‘the computer is the network of computers’ (web 2.0), and shifting to the new currency of Conscience whereby, ‘the network has a Conscience’ (web 3.0).

Network for 'Net worth'.  Approximately 1-3% of global Netizens are the Cultural Creatives whose sphere of influence is the 20% who do 80% of the networking.  Success in this regard -- the currency of Social Conscience in social networks -- is the change we all want to see.  In essence, the Net worth of our Net reality -- in good Conscience -- is the foundation for cultural health, prosperity and our thrival.

Grasp the Opportunity.  The 'holographic blueprint' in the ‘Four Quads of 2012’ is understood by thrival leaders as the quintessential nature of Cosmic Law-Language, the pure geometry ‘Source Code’ framing the “fractal” (geometrized) order of the Universe. This is the emerging blueprint for global wholEness and holistic healing on all levels of personal and planetary evolution. 

Seize the Vision.  Visualize what a ‘new model’ for Internet Age representation of all of 'US' (United Sovereigns' will look like.  Think out of the ‘box’ (contemporary lock-step compartmentalized thinking habits) to conceive wholEness as E-valuation criteria 
-- a universal standard of ‘cyber
Ethics’ -- for global Net reality along more Enlightened ‘lines’ that frame the Constitution of Conscience for ‘The United Sovereigns of Earth’.

۞ Consider the VISION whereby interactive mass-to-mass TeLeComm will recycle
   general knowledge – information’s ecology -- in the way that generates specific
   wisdom with the healing power of love

۞ Conceive that healing power with ‘Universal Self Care’ for a global “grass-roots” 
   (net roots) movement to restore the 1st principle of ‘informed choice’ in all our 
   democratic institutions.

۞ Believe in the Higher Power of freedom-in-love whereby the Holy Spirit of LOVE-
 will liberate public power with self-evident choices for our thrival.

۞ Achieve the peace of mind that embraces divine order universally, and empowers
   wisdom, love and global peace with liberation of suppressed technologies for an
    abundance of clean, virtually 
free energy for global humanity.

Be Proactive.  It is my observation that the psychegraphics (mental profile) of thrivers characterizes full-spectrum consciousness of a more enlightened "upward-mobile" (positive) nature.  These are the optimists who are more likely to conceive and believe what's right with the world, achieving the 'co-Creation' capacity to discharge negativity and charge cultural evolution with enlightened 'win/win' (personal/public) service incentives.... looking for ways to make things better, and acting on them with compelling conviction.

Link the Light. The more clear and compelling the vision of thrive solutions, the greater the results with a 'prayer field' of pure intention at the heart of thrival.  Harnessing the Power of Love for global holistic healing is to create an alliance of affiliates who want humanity to thrive. That pure intention will focus attention on thrive solutions that are the most beneficial in a self-evident (common sense) way, centered and connected with a "higher" (more enlightened) understanding of universal-cosmic  ''  - an exquisite metaphor for organizational dynamics framing thrival ‘holistically’ with
                                             ‘The Holographic Blueprint for 2012’

- Continued at PART TWO