2020s Global Co-Creation Series

Easter 2020 - Global Resurrection
from inordinate fear to Aquarian

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Conditional Easter Quarantine Moratorium
Maintain a modicum of social distancing.


Spring Has Sprung - Nature's Resurrection
of the Healthy-Holy Spirit that Matters for

The Greening of America

Egg Head in my Egg Rocker
Christos Lightweaver
Easter 4-12-2020
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what Jesus had to say today.

Resurrection of Global Holistic Health
Common Sense and Social Conscience
 There is an 'OBVIOUS' solution for public health
 that would eliminate the nefarious disease care
 system that profits from creation and treatment
 of disease. True public health care could thrive
 but the economics of scarcity that is sustained
by ignoring prevention and outright destroying 
 public health would by necessity be upgraded 
with an economics of abundance based on 
abundant health is wealth common sense:

Free online Global TeLeCare
Seize the Vision, Embrace the Virtue,
Make the Vow, and Claim the Victory!

The VISION of how is the
key to Aquarian prophecy
is the CATALYST to
Natural Law ~ Universal Order
And the Aquarian Mandate
Perceptual Framework for Natural Law,
Governing the Ascension Process,
Spiraling Upward to the Center,
Mimicking Laws of Nature;
Order of the Universe;
Common Sense;
The first principles of sovereignty
 for all '
US' as United Sovereigns.
"It is at all times necessary, and more particularly so
during the progress of a revolution,
and until right ideas confirm themselves by habit,
that we frequently refresh our patriotism
by reference to First Principles".
~ Tom Paine, citizen journalist who wrote
  that sparked the American Revolution
Core Constitutional freedoms in the Bill of Rights
 are under attack, and Deep State corporatocracy
- the cabal, dark side cult, swamp, matrix, etc. -
  is privatizing prosperity while socializing austerity.
Under cover of the public's fear, and of justified concerns about the state of the economy and future employment, countries like the US are transferring huge sums of public money to the biggest corporations. Politicians controlled by big business and media owned by big business are pushing through this corporate robbery without scrutiny and for reasons that should be self-explanatory. They know our attention is too overwhelmed by the virus for us to assess intentionally mystifying arguments about the supposed economic benefits of yet more illusory trickle-down.

The intent of the U.S. Constitution is to
 limit the power of
corporatocracy while
  optimizing health and prosperity for all.

Now is the time ordained when revelation of the
Big Lie and Whole Truth gives global Netizens 
   a compelling reason to wake up, wise up, rise up
 and otherwise ASCEND to a higher conscience
than that which created the crisis we now see.

"Conscience is the most sacred of all property."
~ James Madison, 4th U.S. President and
chief architect of the Constitution
  The vision of virtue and valor for global victory
   is the gold standard for abundance economics
   with a system of self-governing interaction that
involves & evolves our individual & collective
    Social conscience in global social networks will
      mature with conscientious common sense when
  enough good people
   global upgrade of 5 Core Internet Freedoms,
   and then
     as you

"We have it in our power to    
      begin the world over again."
~ Thomas Paine, Common Sense

This is why U.S. Founders championed sovereign rights.
This is what global Netizens love about sovereign rights.
This is how United Sovereigns of Earth co-create as one
rather than divided by false fears that forge our fetters.  

The common sense of this noble vision gave birth to the
best model for public self-governance in world history   
"If we can keep it"... as wise old Ben Franklin said.     
   This is the challenge facing humanity now.
We can 'upgrade' with global TeLeComm
 to optimize peace, health and prosperity,
  or by default, corporate tyranny will profit
 from endless war, dis-ease and austerity.
There is nothing more valuable that the vision of
core virtues at the heart of e-valuation criteria
for upgrading the concept of 'representation'
(voting) with real-time, instant-eve
and interactive local-global TeLeComm;
the 'Family of Man' in a global village.

Upgrading Freedom of Assembly, Speech, Press,
Religion and the Right to Petition Government

for Adjudication of Grievances
- '
I AM RACE' (anagram) worldwide -
 is evolving from the 'breakthrough' with
Five Core Constitutional Freedoms
toward mature Net reality that warrants

Five Core Internet Freedoms
 for all US, United Sovereign of Earth:
  Real time interactive mass
  Light Language for mastering the
collective co-creation process of

  originating and evaluating videos,
   known as Freedom of the
    Real time mass-to-mass
 Universal Interface for the global
 viewing and evaluation of videos
to culture 'wisdom of the crowd'
  as Common Sense: Law of One.

   Real time mass-to-mass '
  Network co-creation via interactive
origination, evaluation and then
new videos originated re: the
unified field of consensus in
each consequent round of
content evaluation of the
meaning and purpose;
our self-governing
petition for truth
& wholness.


God Vision;
 the all-seeing eye
of divine providence
 that has been inverted,
subverted and perverted
by the pyramid schemes of
corporatocracy's privatization
of our core societal institutions,

with intent for ownership controls
 rather than cooperative cocreation.
   Real time mass-to-mass
 The heart of Freedom of RELIGION
  in the spirit of unity in diversity via
TeLeCommunity that will
 empower 'wisdom of the crowd' via
  the interactive holy spirit of
in-action (Conscience Currency
 with this golden rule/law language
for self-correcting 'self-elevation'  
Creative Ascent Process -
  at the interactive interface heart of
   global social network communities.
"If a man reaches the heart of his own religion,
he has reached the heart of all religions."
 ~ "Mahatma" (Great Soul) Gandhi
  It ain't rocket science folks. God is Love.
The pure in heart will see 'G.O.D.'
- Geometric Ordered Divinity -
 framing the order of the universe
  via pure geometry thought-forms.

  To dwell in G.O.D. is to dwell in .
   The greater the , the better results.
  Fearless-perfect casts out fear.
 This is the
heart of the ordained
 Constitution of Conscience.

"The civil rights of none, shall be abridged    
 on account of religious belief or worship,   
      nor shall any national religion be established,
          nor shall the full and equal rights of Conscience
        be in any manner, or on any pretext infringed."
     ~ James Madison, 4th U.S. President and
chief architect of the Constitution

  The 'Universal Church' is the
Power of Love.
The 'Politicized State' is the
  inordinate Love of Power.
"Where love rules, there is no will to power.
And where power predominates,
there love is lacking.
The one is the shadow of the other."
~ Father of Modern Psychology, Carl Jung
 The higher the concept of the Law of One
 for social unity amidst political diversity,  
 the greater the unity-in-diversity results: 
a universal interface for global '
TLC' at  
 the heart of our 'CAPstone' Conscience;
Creative Ascent Process.

 Conscious Evolution Revolution Revelations

Full spectrum TeLeCommunion:
TeLeComm for TeLeCommunity,
TeLeConscience, TeLeCare
 NEXT economy

 Bottom Line Verse For Our Time:
"We must eradicate from the soul
   All fear and terror of what comes
towards man out of the future.
"We must acquire serenity in
all feelings and sensations
about the future.
"We must look forward with absolute equanimity
to everything that may come.
"And we must think only that whatever comes is
given to us by a world-directive full of wisdom.
  (link added ~C.)
"It is part of what we must learn in this age,
namely, to live out of pure trust,
without any security in existence.
"Trust in the ever present help
of the spiritual world.
"Truly, nothing else will do if
    our courage is not to fail us.
"And let us seek the awakening from
within ourselves every morning
and every evening."
~ Rudolf Steiner
Quotes of the Week re: The Healing Crisis
"The current trajectory of Dr. Anthony Fauci's public 'health' policy will result in the short and long-term destruction of our citizen's immune health as well as our nation's economic health - perhaps a conscious and intended goal. Dr. Fauci's policy, at best, is based on a 1950s outdated 'one-size-fits-all' non-personalized approach to medicine and public health; and, at worst is derived from a 'fake science' understanding of the immune system - one, which Dr. Fauci, over five decades has perpetuated and exploited to build his career."  ~ Dr. Shiva, PhD, a brilliant scientist who explains the medical lock-down agenda HERE (video).
[The government's anti-COVID19 measures] "are grotesque, absurd and very dangerous" [...] "The life expectancy of millions is being shortened" [by the shut-down, NOT COVID-19]. "The horrifying impact on the world economy threatens the existence of countless people."  ~ Dr Sucharit Bhakdi, prominent microbiologist who is one of the most cited research scientists in German history. Quotes from the video and article at: Stop the Fear-Mongering! 12 Medical Scientists Speak Out on Excessive COVID-19 Response

"Around 85 percent of all infections [that tested positive for COVID-19] have occurred without anyone noticing the infection. 90 percent of the deceased patients are verifiably over 70 years old, 50 percent over 80 years." ~ Dr Pietro Vernazza, Swiss physician specialist in infections disease, video excerpt HERE via David Wilcock, April 8, 2020
More quotes at: COVID Italy update: dispelling the pandemic, by Jon Rappoport, April 9, 2020.

If these quotes don't sufficiently BLOW YOUR MIND,
consider the SPIRITUAL Co-Factor in this pandemic
 which no one in the fakestream media is discussing.

Whereas harmony and faith in the Power of Love have a positive effect on one's immunity against dis-ease, many studies show that a strong immune system is weakened by fear, anxiety and the stress hormone cortisol that, in excess, decreases the body's lymphocytes - the white blood cells that help fight off infection. The lower your lymphocyte level, the more at risk you are for viruses, including the common cold and COVID-19.
This is why we have the pandemic cover story as a WELL-PLANNED EVENT as James Corbett brilliantly explains at that link. It's a little fear - a limited hangout psy-op - that dominates the news cycle to cover up for global economic reset behind the scenes.
The stock market has plunged further and faster than it did in the Great Crash of 1929. Trillions of dollars in wealth have vanished. The STRESS of all this is causing FAR MORE
DIS-EASE than the flu bug going around.
There's a tremor in the force folks!
High stress levels can also cause depression and further anxiety that leads to higher levels of inflammation and infection. In the long-term, sustained, high levels of inflammation point to an overworked, over-tired immune system that can't properly protect you.
Humans are not naturally stupid nor naturally bad. Fear, however, distorts them, weakens them, and makes them far less effective than they'd naturally be. Fear, in its many guises, is the great enemy of mankind that paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance.
The chief fearmonger of the Trump Administration is without a doubt Anthony Fauci, head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases at the National Institutes of Health. Fauci is all over the media, serving up outright falsehoods that magnify fear, serve medical Martial Law, a mandatory vaccine agenda, and a psychology of subservience to tyranny.

The CDC has ordered all the hospitals in America to report all influenza deaths as coronavirus deaths. After all, without a large number of deaths to keep the American people terrified, how else can they be controlled while the real war of global economic reset rages on behind the scenes?
Future generations will marvel at how effective was this fear fakery orchestrating 'Medical Tyranny 2020' (video).
But the 'plandemic' cover story is wearing thin:

April 9, 2020 / Dana Ashlie
An ICU nurse speaks out.

  This crisis brings out the best and worst.
   Maintaining calm heart coherence is the
  the challenge for mind congruence that
     sees through deception for real answers.

 Good actors will see this crisis as an
   extraordinary opportunity to reset this
   stumbling block into a stepping stone
     for global freedom and holistic healing
Global TeLeCare and TeLeComm

Health Correction Comes From TLC's Perfection:

March 31, 2020 / HeartsCenter.org


April 1, 2020 / Eckhart Tolle
Living More Consciously


April 7, 2020 / HeartsCenter.org
The Herculian power of divine love
steps through the veil to revitalize
  and unite the Earth in cosmic light.
What Jesus had to say today:

April 12, 2020 / HeartsCenter.org
Have a wonderful, enlightened
spirit-empowered Easter!

~ Christos

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