2020's Global Co-Creation Series
10 Ways to Strengthen Your Immune System

by 'Dr. Christopher' / March 26, 2020

“Fun in the Sun”, 135mm lens, Daytona Beach
© Christopher Rudy
"Viruses don't do as well with warm moist weather."
 ~ Dr. Anthony Fauci, top U.S. infectious disease expert

 1- 'Grounding' with Pure Air, Water & Sunshine;
      'Grounding' or 'Earthing' (explained in this short video)
     has been scientifically validated as a way to balance
        bio-energetics of the body with holistic health benefits.
      Fresh ion-charged outdoor air is therapeutic whereas
stale EMF-charged indoor air weakens immunity.
      Whether in a shower or at the beach, water can also
    have a 'grounding' effect to balance body energies.
      Sunshine is well known for its vitamin D benefits, but
       also has ultraviolet rays that kill fungus, bacteria and
 viruses that circulate in the blood under the skin.
    Note: the Sun gets a bad rap from medical experts
    for causing skin cancer, but plenty of studies have
      shown that a primary cause is the sun reacting with
       chemicals in sunscreens and skin-eliminated toxins.

 2- Aerobic Exercise Oxygenates All Your Cells;
Oxygen provides metabolic 'fire' for assimilation
  of nutrients and elimination of metabolic wastes.
   Deep breathing fires up both the body and mind.
     A sluggish metabolism means poor digestion and
 undigested food in the 'biological terrain' (soil), 
whereby fungus, bacteria and viruses thrive.   
"Microbes (bacteria and viruses) are nothing,
   the soil
(condition of the host) is everything."
~ Louis Pasteur (death bed confession, 1895)
 3- Chew Your Food Very Well to Digest Better;
    Digestion begins in the mouth with the enzymes
in saliva. Digestive juices decrease markedly
 in mid-life, when digestive aids are helpful for
high protein meals or eating later at night.    
Otherwise you end up corrupting your colon.
 And when the sewer system backs-up with a
    toxic dysbiosis in the gut microbiome, the body
will often get a bloom of microbial infestation
as may erupt with flu-like symptoms for a     
healing crisis similar to the coronavirus flu.   

4- Minimize Refined Sugar, Carbs and Alcohol;
Your immune system includes regulation of   
 blood-sugar levels via hormones secreted by
 glands of the endocrine system for 'balance'.
  If you stress that system with too much sugar
and refined carbohydrates and/or alcohol,   
   then you get too acidic, demineralized and on
  path to mood swings, low energy & diabetes.
5- Avoid Injection of Poison Into Your System;
Any 'mandatory' vaccine is unconstitutional.
   Vaccines have well-documented side-effects.
   They create diseases that Big Pharma profits
   from, often for life, and are NOT safe as told.
 Vaccine courts have paid out 4.2 billion $'s
to families of those damaged by vaccines.
6- Supplement Diet with Natural Anti-Virals;   
Whether for the common cold or flu virus,
     Vitamin C, Elderberry extract and olive leaf  
    extract can be effectively utilized to prevent
    or manage virus. Likewise for essential oils
    from cloves, sage, lavender and rosemary.
Oscillococcinum is a great homeopathic
    remedy for treatment of flu-like symptoms.
  7- Other Supplements for the Immune System;
    A quality source of zinc, vitamins A, E and
  essential fatty acids like flax seed oil are
    often recommended by good nutritionists,
  along with Vit-D if you are sun deprived.

   A good naturopath can get more specific
  with regimens of use for your condition.
     In general, a superior superfood with ALL
  essential nutrients for jump-starting the
immune system is SPX 'Royal Jelly'
8- Turn Off Make-Believe Fear-Porn Media
   Realize who owns Big Media and why they
  want you to be very afraid - details HERE.
  Now is a good time for a big reality check.
Ask yourself what is REALLY going on.  
    Scan what's at 2020's Global Co-Creation.
     Read, listen, watch and study on your own.
    Keep the Faith. See the Good. Make it So!
9- Keep Dancing - The Quarantine Boogie

Life is 'the dance', love it or lose it.
 Every cell in your body gets a jog
  when you move to rhythms of joy.
  So dance like no one is watching.
  Love like you've never been hurt.
  And sometimes, you get lucky! :)

March 23, 2020 / Michael & Ali Hoffman
10- Keep an Attitude of Gratitude:

       It's not aptitude but attitude that determines 'altitude';
  whether you soar with eagles on thermals of grace
or scratch with the turkeys on bugs of begrudge. 
     It's the holy spirit of -in-action that raises the
    frequency to 5D TLC in the coherent source field.

Choose good health with
 common sense self care.
The ASCENT to a High State of
Aquarian counters
descent via Deep State
dis-info &
Think about it this way:
Trump's Pandemic 'Reality Show'
has outed the intent of the
Deep State cabal for

 domestic terror.

Now anyone may be a ‘terrorist’
 - a carrier of Coronavirus -
  and not even showing symptoms!

March 25, 2020 / Press For Truth
The PRE-PLANNED Global Response To COVID-19
with James Corbett
This is like 9-11 and the last financial crash
 But there's a method to the madness folks.
All the fear-porn is part of a psy-ops hoax.
As Aquarian energies of light-love surges,
  dark-dystopian Deep State agenda purges.

  It goes with the 'territory' - Aquarian Spring.
Keep the faith. Trust the plan. Make it so!

If you study David Wilcock's recent
VIDEO HERE (5 hours long),
you'll get the big picture of
The Great Awakening'
Global is the heart of Aquarian Spring,
morphing the matrix 'energy veil' (e-veil) for
US' - United Sovereigns of Earth.
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