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Systemic Reboot During ‘Spring Break’


March 22, 2020

Reporting from the frontline of
2020s Global Co-Creation


There is chaos in the global economy. Fear of the unknown has created mass dis-ease, beyond any virus. "THESE are the times that try men's souls" as citizen journalist Tom Paine said in his treatise, Common Sense that sparked the American Revolution.

But now it's a global affair. This dis-ease in the body and mind of the Family of Mankind is THE CRISIS that wants systemic-holistic healing.

The global mind is waking up with long-
prophesied rEVOLUTION Revelations

If you’ve been reading 2020s Co-Creation, then you know that a lot of fear-porn propaganda is being pushed heavily in mainstream media… and for reasons other than coronavirus.

A few days ago, I provided a short video in my Equinox blog - The Pandemic Panic Purges - that explains how Covid-19 is a FRAGILE virus that you can easily prevent or neutralize at home in several ways.

That excellent independent media video was blocked by YouTube which you may have noticed if you viewed the blog last night or this morning before I caught it and uploaded the same video from BitChute.

YouTube-Google is definitely messing with truth-tellers that blow the cover on Deep State ‘BS’ (Belief System) that would have us surrender health freedom for ‘safety and security’ until we have neither health nor security.
As a practicing MetaPhysician, I’ve had my finger on the pulse of this HEALING CRISIS long enough to get a reading on the cause and cure.

Here are my thirteen conclusive observations:

1- The Wuhan China epicenter of this ‘plague’ was under central government edict to have everyone vaccinated before the end of 2019… and there were biologically toxic components in those mandatory vaccines as would weaken the immune system.

2- Wuhan China was also under government orders to have 5G fully installed throughout the city of 21 million by the end of 2019… saturating the population with biologically toxic 60 millimeter radiation that disrupts oxygen uptake in the lungs and cells - weakening the immune system.

3- Millions of people in Wuhan China already had respiratory disease. They have extremely toxic air pollution which had them wearing masks to protect their lungs BEFORE the Coronavirus. Their immune systems were already compromised from toxic air.

4- Wuhan was a perfect storm of combined immune-whacking influences. Whether Covid-19 was released by accident or intent from a Wuhan bio-war lab – or not – the contagion in Wuhan was a perfect storm of toxic influences weakening the immune system of everyone… causing a mass contagion among those with the weakest immune systems.

5- Global elite organizations at the highest level ran Event 201 pandemic simulations right before the Wuhan outbreak – see the video at the bottom. Is it coincidence that Wuhan hosted a Military World Game with 9,308 athletes from 140 nations participating, and also right before the outbreak? Did they take home something that took two weeks to incubate?

6- Pure intention focuses attention on Strengthening Your Immune System… for health retention with disease prevention.

7- Who profits from a weak immune system? Does Big Media, Big Pharma and the medical-insurance complex profit from fear-porn and medical martial law? Of course they do! They stand to make a killing – literally. And they are using the same old play-book:

Click on image for article by Robert David Steele

The difference now? Aquarian Spring:
Global rEVOLUTION challenges the
'Big Lie' with the 'Whole Truth'.

8- Most of the income from Big Media comes from Big Pharma. TV ads in the U.S. push drugs for whatever ails you – a policy outlawed in all but two industrialized countries on Earth. Six of the ten most profitable Wall Street companies are Pharma companies. They OWN Big Media. He who pays the piper calls the tune, and Big Media won’t bite the Big Pharma hand that feeds it.

9- The biggest lobby in Fed-Gov is Big Pharma. It’s twice the size of Big Oil and Big Military lobbies COMBINED. The Pharma Lobby finances the re-election of Congress critters whom we now see voting for a trillion dollar boost to the medical-industrial complex. This is virtually a 'bail-out' for Big Pharma while the rest of the economy implodes.

10- The Big Tech lobby is in powerful collusion with Big Pharma. Google has purchased a Big Pharma company and is redirecting search traffic to their Pharma ads. YouTube is censoring natural healing websites, viewing them with the same disdain as John D. “Competition is a sin” Rockefeller who founded the Big Pharma industry with his Big Oil profits, financing 1,100 US medical schools with pharmacology at the core of the curriculum, creating ‘ethical’ drug pushers while financing legislation that created the FDA as the policing arm of, by and for Big Pharma.

11- The cure for Coronavirus and the cancer virus is a strong immune system. Toxic drugs weaken the immune system. Chemo for cancer virtually wipes out the immune system. So WHY does Trump’s Coronavirus experts sound like Big Pharma sales reps? Why don’t they remind us of the simple yet powerful ways to BUILD A STRONG IMMUNE SYSTEM? Either we end the toxic disease profiteering ‘pharmacide’ or that pathology will end us.

12- The higher the Aquarian VISION of TLC virtue at the heart of a universal interface for global TeLeComm… the greater the results of, by and for a global rEVOLUTION in higher conscience and holistic health. This is the 2020s Co-Creation of peace, joy and ‘Universal Self Care’ for global holistic healing of ‘US’ as United Sovereigns of Earth.

13- There are only spiritual solutions to human problems. We can’t legislate morality – nor health. The best we can do is to co-create open-transparent systems of global TeLeComm infrastructure – The Heartware Project - that upgrades Five Core Internet Freedoms and empowers collective wisdom with ethical conscience at the heart of whole systems health in our ubiquitous social network communities.

Claim the VISION of Virtue
and Valor for the Victory!

Full Spectrum
 TeLeComm for

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March 19, 2020 /
London Real

"The issue today is the same as it's been
throughout all history, whether man
  shall be allowed to govern himself
or be ruled by a small elite."

~ Thomas Jefferson

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