2020s Global Co-Creation Series

Strengthening Your Immune System
Both Prevents and Heals Disease

  The future of Aquarian health care is
  the rise of quantum healing and the
  end of 'medicine' as we've known it.
 The first part of this health treatise  
explores our optimal health future.

The second part compares current
   paradigm paralysis in health care to
  the new holistic paradigm standard
 that is maturing as a new common
 sense with 'Wisdom of the Crowd'.

    The third part is a holistic synopsis of
    the Coronavirus 'Psy-Op' (false flag)
    to further the agenda of technocrats
 and bureaucrats serving power elite
  plutocrats who lack TLC principles.

   A clear vision for holistic healing by
   strengthening your immune system
 will give you fearless faith in ways
 to optimize your health, and thus,
  nothing to fear from coronvirus flu
 other than faithless fear itself. 
March 9, 2020 / Full Moon
Skip to the bottom for an inspirational video
that helps overcome fear and doubt.



  Prime Directive for Global Healing:
Do No Harm.

The pure intention is optimal health;
 building a strong immune system to
  prevent, cure and manage dis-ease.
It begins with a new understanding

 of how the body's immune system
  is a process of checks & balances
   in the biological terrain microbiome
of fungus, bacteria & viruses that
     are known to outnumber cells in the
body by a factor of ten to one!    
A strong immune systems keeps
   both cancer virus and coronavirus

 The keys to optimal holistic health
of body, mind & spirit are known,
  but the medical-industrial complex
profits from disease treatment...  
NOT disease prevention.
    Our Aquarian Spring 10-year future
   will naturally transform the current
     medical matrix with healing models
 that provide Universal Self Care;
well-informed sovereign choice.

with 'Wisdom of the Crowd'

(Global TeLeCare)
This process could happen much  
   faster if there weren't so many huge
    special interests with vested interest
   in the same old 'paradigm paralysis'
   (drug-pushing medical malpractice)

that denies well-informed choice. 

  The Aquarian Spring paradigm shift
     has already occurred among leading
luminaries who conceive, believe
     and achieve along more enlightened
   lines of holistic-healthy-holy TLC...
the heart of universal .    

   There is indeed a global framework
of universal law language as will 
involve and evolve our individual
  and collective consciousness with
not only a universal interface for
 global interaction, but also a free
online TeLeCare service for the 
holistic analysis, prevention and
management of known disease 
- results-based data analytics -
that shows what works best to
   build health and prevent disease.


The Old versus New Health Paradigms

Old Paradigm                   New Paradigm

PRIVATIZED                     SOVEREIGNTY
Corp law warrants              Constitutional Law;
  'stockholders 1st'                'public health 1st'    

ECONOMICS                     ECONOMICS   
 care is 'rigged'                   care is optimized
for corp profits                   for public health

EMPHASIS ON                   EMPHASIS ON
disease treatment;              disease prevention;
   allopathic medicine              holistic TeLeCare      
BASED ON                          BASED ON
  doctor prescribed              well-informed choice;
  drugs per symptom            wisdom of the crowd
SIDE EFFECT                     SIDE EFFECT
  drug toxicity and                  cellular rejuvination
   weakened immunity            and strong immunity

AGENDA                            AGENDA
mandatory vaccines;               own your own life;
            NO CHOICE                 your body - your choice
BOTTOM LINE                    BOTTOM LINE
'making a killing'                 'making a healing'
health apocalypse               health renaissance

U.S. health care ranking globally is plummeting.
It's the worst among major industrialized nations
with a plague of birth defects, auto-immune
 disease, and negative population growth.

New standards for holistic health are emerging.
But the economics and politics of disease care
are far more complex - and compromised -
 than the science for optimizing health.

Why the Coronavirus Psy-Op is BUSTED!
Videos and Articles of the Week
The Whole Truth of the 'Coronavirus Psy-Op'
has exposed the Big Lie of Big Pharma's
agenda for 'Medical Martial Law with
'mandatory vaccines' (tyranny).
  Is it true that fakestream media is NOT telling us
 that there is a combination of seven Deep State
agendas behind this HUGE false-flag Psy-Op?
Seven Reasons - None Dare Call It Treason
Are you aware that Wuhan China was a major
5G roll-out center which whacked the immune
    system even worse than the respiratory disease
 caused by Wuhan's severe toxic air pollution?
  Would you agree that Wuhan's bio-warfare lab
  could have released a unique coronavirus that
- by accident or Deep State intent -
   took advantage of existing respiratory disease?


March 3, 2020 / Bitchute.com
This is what really happened in Wuhan China
- the set up and execution of this psy-op -
from the perspective of an intelligent
and credible Chinese insider who
escaped to the West to report
what is REALLY going on.

Six Ways Why Coronavirus
Fails the Sniff Test

March 4, 2020 / TheBurningPlatform.com
 Given how Coronavirus has been reported, coupled with how
it's been handled, its dubious origins, the alleged number of
   infected and deceased, as well as the age and general health
of those who are reported to have died... something stinks. 
"As I indicated in my last article, it seems Coronavirus has,  
become the new Terrorism.  Dark powers
want the panic.  
need the hysteria. Why? For diversion, control, or      
all the above.

"Overblown, Press-Created Hysteria"

David Drew Pinsky, otherwise known as 'Dr Drew', has slammed the media for over-hyping the coronavirus, saying "Let me frame it this way: we have in the United States 24 million cases of flu-like illness, 180,000 hospitalizations, 16,000 dead from influenza. Why is that not being reported? Why isn't the message: get your flu shot?" he added.
Medical Martial Law?
  There's a reason you separate the military and health care.
  One fights the enemies of the state, the other serves and
protects public health. But when the military runs both,
enemies of the state then tend to become the people.
Be aware of the danger here folks.
You will know that this new variation on the endless
  war on terror has gone domestic when the push for
 mandatory vaccines and mandatory quarantine has
gone viral - excuse the pun.

You create a problem - or the illusion of one,
and after telling the public the version of the
 problem you want them to believe - and with
  compelling fear so they will comply willingly -
 you then provide the solution to the problem
you covertly created and programmed with 
mainstream media in lock-step complicity.  

Feb 28, 2020 / David Icke

David Icke gives an insightful overview
of this coronavirus psy-op false flag...
  referring to the Deep State behind it as
a 'cult' (cabal, corporatocracy, etc.): 
"There's no borders with the cult...
   just a world they want to control".
(power elite 'cult' as the plutocrats,
oligarchs, Illuminati, NWO, etc.)
It's the same old terror-for-tyranny tactic
of false flags used to create wars that
we've seen over and over with the
military-industrial complex.
But now the medical-industrial complex
is utilizing fear-based tactics to
compel medical tyranny.
And as usual we can count on lots of
"BS" (Belief System) programming
from Deep State mass media
that is virtually owned by
 Big Pharma interests.
creating & managing war & disease  
for power elite profit and control.

 Aquarian Spring has sprung. The shift is on.
 Patriarchal paradigm paralysis is panicking,
 having lost control of our hearts and minds.
  Their time is short and fear is great, wanting
everyone as miserable-fearful as they are.
 Fearless faith in holistic Aquarian solutions
is the best antidote for faithless fear-porn. 
Is it true that you can 'follow the money' - who profits - to see who is REALLY behind the pandemic pandemonium?
Are you aware that
TWO MONTHS before the real pandemic started, the globalists held a pandemic exercise called 'Event 201' which simulated a coronavirus outbreak killing 65 million people?

Johnson & Johnson Advised Coronavirus
Simulation And Now Stands To Gain
Financially With New Vaccine

Jan 27, 2020 /
Spiro Skouras
Yes they ran a simulation of exactly what we see
unfolding right now, before it happened!

The 'great fix' suggested at 'Event 201' is to form a 'global financial authority' (INF) - and global health authority (UN's World Health Organization) - to manage the response.
Think about that!  The globalists actually planned this 'Event 201' as a kind of 'predictive programming for a perverse self-fulfilling prophecy that would usurp American health freedoms under globalist tyranny.
So who profits? How will Congress allocate the $8 billion dollars they just approved for US Governmental agencies dealing with the virus. The inept CDC - which hasn't provided test kits - gets $2.2 billion.
Why are other countries able to test for coronavirus and we aren't?
When the coronavirus epidemic started late last year in China, the World Health Organization (WHO), with help from German researchers, quickly developed a test for coronavirus. This is the test used by every other country except the US. "The CDC insisted that only its test - and not the one developed by the WHO, for example - could be used on suspected cases, and even CDC tests would [only] be administered under limited circumstances."
The CDC produced a series of test kits that produced wildly random results, positive or negative, followed by instructions to discard the test kits as unreliable. (1) Several U.S. states said the new coronavirus test kits did not work, while others said they were totally unreliable. (2) New York City reported the government-issued tests are faulty and "cannot be relied upon to provide an accurate result". Those faulty kits were also shipped all over the world, but to my knowledge the CDC have relayed that information to no one outside the US.
Is this unmitigated disaster gross ineptness
or by plan with motive and intent?

Will mandatory vaccines be funded to include the Bill Gates patent on the coronavirus? And will that vaccine include a microchip to track everyone? (for contagion containment, of course).
Could the mandatory vaccine have side effects
that actually make the contagion worse?


Covid-19 Coronavirus Vaccine Could Kill
 8-16 Times More Senior Americans
Compared to No Vaccine at All

March 11, 2020 / LewRockwell.com
[update added 3-13-2020]

Vaccines Cause Autism? Who Profits?

CDC Admits In Federal Court
They Have No Evidence That
“Vaccines Don’t Cause Autism”

March 8, 2020 / Collective-Evolution.com
What a racket. Big Pharma pushes unsafe vaccines,
Congress critters gives them a liability pass, and
CDC gets billions to provide cover for both.

Feb 10, 2020 / The HighWire with Del Bigtree
As detailed in The Highwire video above, in January 2020, Dr. Julie Gerberding -- director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention from 2002 until 2009, who after leaving the CDC became president of Merck's vaccine division -- sold half her Merck stock options for $9.11 million.
So Dr. Julie gets megabucks for covering up vaccine harm as head of the CDC, plus becomes President of the major vacine producer doing the harm. Looks like a quid pro quo vaccine scam payoff to me.
If you don't think this unabashed corruption in public health care is part of a "monolithic conspiracy" - in the words of JFK - then watch this video clip in his own words HERE (at 24 min).
Take Responsibility for Your Health;
Build Your Immune System

My experience over 40 years with 4 holistic health centers has been that an optimal immune system is assisted with vitamins A, C, D as well as SPX 'royal jelly' which is available orally as well as in nutritional IVs used by immunologists worldwide.
Not only do these supplements help to prevent infections, but they also help to recover from them. I suggest working with a holistic doctor who is skilled at muscle testing or EAV biofeedback testing of optimal levels of supplementation for your unique biological individuality.
On February 13, another clinical trial involving IV vitamin C was announced within China. In this study, the plan is to give 6,000 mg per day for moderate cases and 12,000 mg per day for more severe cases.

The Full Story on Coronavirus

From Cause to Cure

Here are five blog compendiums on the
coronavirus event over the last month.
It progresses from 'cause' to 'cure',
including 26 recent videos plus many 
new articles from leading luminaries. 
Feb 8, 2020
Coronavirus - Urgent Alert!

Feb 14, 2020
UltraMedics to the Rescue
Cosmic Love Show podcast HERE
Healing Codes - Revelations Unveiled
Feb 26, 2020
Cure for Coronavirus Announced
The Oxygen Connection to
5G and Coronavirus

March 1, 2020
Fake Pandemic is OVER - Final Analysis
Cosmic Love Show podcast HERE.

Bottom Line:
Your Spiritual Health Above All


March 9, 2020 / HeartsCenter.org
Be the peace, love and joy you want to see.


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