2020s Global Co-Creation Series

UltraMedics to the Rescue!
The Coronavirus crisis is worse than
we are told... for millions of humans.

Two Models of Health Care:
Part One is the 'reactive' model
which creates & manages disease
for profit and power over people;
the disease treatment intention
that is adverse to prevention.
Part Two is the 'proactive' model
which creates & sustains health
for profit and power publicly;
health optimizing intention
focusing on prevention.

This compendium has several videos

and articles making it obvious WHO
 created Coronavirus, their intent and
 motive, and WHY strong immunity is
 the key to our surviving and thriving.
  The problem is that modern medicine
  is preoccupied with treating disease,
  not preventing disease with a strong
 immune system for optimal health. 
    That's because the medical-industrial
   complex is a business first, and has
    been privatized and weaponized for
    profit and population control, as this
   compendium makes rather evident.
    The solution is as self-evident as
    common sense, which the more
       uncommon, the greater it's value.

   An ounce of health-optimizing prevention
   is still worth a pound of drug treatment
  which weakens the immune system
    with side-effects that kill too many.
    Feb 14, 2020 ~ Big Love Heals All


Two Paradigms of Public Health are at Odds Here:
    1st -
The paradigm of disease care for health;
      corporate profit from treating, NOT preventing;
      weakening the immune system via toxic drugs
  with side effects that kill millions worldwide.
This is the disease profiteering model
exposed in PART ONE:
The Coronavirus Cover-Up
2nd - The paradigm of holistic health care;
  public profit from prevention of all disease;
  strengthening the immune system with a   
 learning system - wisdom of the crowd;
    global results-based data on best practices
  for your body type and health condition.   
This is the disease prevention model
featured in PART TWO:
 UltraMedics to the Rescue
 Skip to Part Two for the UltraMedics resolution of
Part One's serious health care system crisis.

The Coronavirus Cover-Up

Common Sense - Fearless Wisdom
Neutralizes Pandemic BioTerror
   The new Coronavirus Flu is either 
   underestimated or overblown by  
  most of highly polarized media.   
  It depends on your news source.
Fakestream Deep State media 
won't tell you 'It is NOT the Flu',
   and actually is weaponized virus.
 Independent media sources are
 documenting the true history as
   a genetic engineered bioweapon
 with severity that I reported at:  
 The Truth About Coronavirus.

 (recommended for Initiates with
   fearless faith in wise dominion).

  By contrast, the highly controlled

     corporate media in the West have
   gone into spin mode just as they
    have done in China, flooding their
       stock markets with equity to assure
       the world that their economy is OK.
     No problem here - nothing to see.


EXCERPT: It's clear that the narrative about the coronavirus is being carefully managed globally to minimize the impact on global sentiment and markets. In pushing this narrative - "It's being contained" -authorities around the world share the same goal: limit the damage to consumer confidence and markets.

This strain of coronvirus is a plague that could cause a global depression if we don't become proactive with prevention measures that build immunity to the disease.
In China, there are now more people under quarantine than the population of the U.S., and they are arresting people who break the Martial Law lock down or expose fake news. Freedom of speech is the first thing to go.

Chinese citizen journalist Chen Qiushi, who has been reporting on the coronavirus outbreak from ground zero in Wuhan, disappeared on Thursday just as public outrage was mounting over the death of whistleblower doctor Li Wenliang.

And on the Internet, the tech giants are disappearing those high profile truth-tellers who expose the lies of mass propaganda BOTH EAST AND WEST.

Twitter Bans Zerohedge For Investigative
Journalism About the Coronavirus

Feb 9, 2020 / Russia-Insider.com
First it was Facebook, then all of New Zealand;  
 now Twitter has decided to suspend Zero Hedge.

If we don't know better, how can we do better?

There is a huge Coronavirus cover-up
 and humanity is going to pay the price

Here's my story, and I'm sticking to it!

Many readers may remember when I was the Communications Director for Dr. Leonard Horowitz, and reported the well-documented findings in his best seller, EMERGING VIRUSES (1996), which detailed how AIDS was created out of U.S. biowar labs and injected into homosexual and black communities via Hepatitis B vaccines... and that millions of Africans died from AIDS after the World Health Organization sponsored an African health campaign with the same vaccine.
Of course, this is beyond insane. It's racist and sexist genocide. But it's politically incorrect to say that, and Big Media and Big Tech have disappeared that truth the best they can, condemning any exposure of cover-up complicity as 'conspiracy theory'. I'll let you decide:
Biological Weapons:
A Useful and Timely Factual Overview

  Feb 7, 2020 / GlobalResearch.ca
US government agencies and institutions have
 for many decades conducted extensive biowar
 research, developing race-specific pathogens.
Following is a recent article with shocking videos from the same Dr. Leonard Horowitz I worked with. Watch it and you'll see why I've long said that Len is a world-class health rights activist... blowing the cover on the cover-up.
CoronaVirus Predictive Programming
 by Dr Leonard Horowitz (w/Video)

Feb 3, 2020 / Revolution Television

Note from CR: Dr. Horowitz has a Masters in Public Health from Harvard University, and is an award-winning film-maker working in association with Medical Veritas International Inc.


Leading lab virus expert Horowitz slams international 'crisis capitalists' in this video production, claiming coronavirus 'predictive programmers' are accountable for neglecting, downplaying, and misdirecting the media and governments' responses to the expanding coronavirus pandemic, thus risking millions of lives.

Shocking revelations in this video include the solid science proving that the 2019 coronavirus outbreak in China includes the AIDS-virus envelop gene weaponizing this mutant bioweapon against the human immune system.

In addition, detailed analysis of the 'Event 201' coronavirus preparedness conference sponsored by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Johns Hopkins University, and the World Economic Forum, provides 'probable cause' for officials to investigate 'industrial espionage' and 'commercial bioterrorism' as motive for the intentional release of the mutant virus.

Dr. Horowitz provides stark evidence of the purposeful release of the 'coronaHIV lab virus' by Deep State special interests leveraging BOTH governments of the U.S. and China.

Is this the long anticipated 'Big One' Bill Gates has promoted in the media? Otherwise, why are corporate-controlled news services and the networks censoring all of these most important details? ###

Waking Up to the Cover-up

Deep State truth-suppression has become rampant. Anyone who is paying attention to independent media KNOWS that Big Tech censorship is in our face these days. Google has become a pimp for Big Pharma, directing searches to drug-pushing websites. And Big Media is embedded with Big Pharma interests - 70% of their ad revenue.
This rather sinister agenda of a self-serving pharma-industrial complex is committing 'pharmacide' on Western civilization. According to modern medicine's official narrative, drugs-per-symptom medicine is the 'community standard', alternatives are suppressed, and vaccines are the only way to prevent infectious disease. NOT!
New quantum healing science has proven the efficacy of advanced energy technologies for healing without drugs. Somehow the Chinese were on to this thousands of years ago via accupuncture tweaking of energy in the meridians of the nervous system. Now it's much more advanced. See: Quantum Healing Advances.
No one in the fakestream media will tell you that vaccines are laced with toxic adjuvants and live retroviruses that often cause pathologies for a shortened life-time on drugs for whatever then ails you.
We live in a world where everyone knows that mercury is highly toxic, yet we inject it into children in absurd quantities. This is biologically insane.

Who will tell you that half of Hitler's flight capital (gold) went into Merck Pharmaceutical for rise of the Fourth Reich? And who would believe that if they hadn't read Horowitz's EMERGING VIRUSES? (which has been virtually banned from mainstream media discussions).
This insanity has become systemic and truly symptomatic of Deep State pathology. Vaccines are their holy grail - a huge profit center that is protected from liability for harm. That's right. Big Pharma lobbied Congress who authorized legislation to provide indemnity for unproven vaccines that have NO safety studies showing more benefit than harm.
Where is the morality in loading up babies and children with dozens of prescribed vaccines when there has been NO studies showing safety in combining so much toxicity and burden on the immune system.
Study: CDC's Vaccine Schedule
May Be Harmful To Children

(3 minute video)

Jan 21, 2020 / Ben Swann
A new study regarding CDC's
vaccine schedule,
a guide detailing vaccines to get and when to
get them,
may have harmful effects.
Top medical experts tell us that vaccines are 'safe' while secret vaccine courts pay out billions of taxpayer dollars for vaccine harm and death. No liability - no responsibility for harm.
 These government hypocrites  
   make a mockery of Hippocrates
   - the Father of Medicine whose
    1st principle was DO NO HARM.

I realize that the U.S. Government is trying to save face for their part in the biowar lab creation of this 'New Flu'. The Chinese government is lying to their public also.
If this coronavirus did not come out of the 'wet markets', and actually was man-made in a biowar lab, then the elite behind this 'accident' are responsible and trying to cover their tracks through media control.

 Information control is population control
because knowledge is power.
The control of information is something
the elite always does, particularly in a 
despotic form of government that will 
create and manage terror and war to  
  control the population via fear of death.
~ paraphrased from the article:

"Terrorism is the best political weapon
for nothing drives people harder
than a fear of sudden death."
- Adolf Hitler

So it appears we have a weaponized virus with HIV spliced into it. And it seems to specifically target the elderly and those with weak immune systems. Is it by plan and intent as detailed in the article HERE?  Or is 'the virus' a cover-story for an entirely different reality?

Did you know that Wuhan China's 11 million population has extremely toxic air pollution and was a major roll-out center for 5G installation? Those millions already had sick lungs. Did 5G exacerbate it with pneumonia symptoms - the 'marker' for corononirus? Are you aware that Switzerland recently stopped rollout of 5G over health concerns? Article HERE.

Investigate journalist Jon Rappoport has a 30 year career investigating medical misinformation, specifically on vaccines. See his recent articles on coronavirus HERE.

Feb 6, 2020
Jon Rappoport - NoMoreFakeNews.com
Here's what Jon believes the Chinese gov't
 is REALLY doing, and its NOT coronovirus.

There are three other videos on what is REALLY happening with the 'Coronavirus PsyOp' HERE. The video on coming MANDATORY vaccines by Del Bigtree - at 15:20 minutes - can be seen HERE.

"If you don't have control over what they
inject into your body, you are not in a  
Republic, you are not in a democrarcy,
 you are in Nazi Germany."
~ Del Bigtree

WHY they LIE - and the W.H.O. behind it - is definitely part of the story. It's an embarrassment to 'Big Government' (UN globalists and their Deep State minions), who value population reduction as well as public control.
  When their nefarious agenda is exposed and they lose control of the narrative that THEY are the authorities and KNOW BETTER than the rest of us, they lose control of the hearts and minds of the masses.
That ship has sailed. There is no moral high ground for biowar industries that create and manage disease for profit... just as there is no morality in war industries that wanted to foment WWIII by assassinating Iran's top military leader.
This pathological paradigm paralysis
- call it moral insanity -
purges as Aquarian Spring
Common sense may be uncommon, but most people would probably agree that a world without plague and war is better than the insane policies that create them for profit and population reduction.
In the meantime...
Coronavirus found to have up to 24-day incubation period; CCD releasing Wuhan evacuees in Texas, Nebraska and California after just 14 days
Feb 11, 2020 / NaturalNews.com

If this coronavirus outbreak is not a serious threat, then why is the U.S. government preparing to quarantine victims all over America?  Here are 11 U.S. military bases located close to major airports that are being converted into "quarantine camps".
CDC warns new coronavirus test kits
don't work

Feb 12, 2020 / Natural News / Mike Adams
The new coronavirus test kits just sent out to all 50 states suffer from horrible failures, producing both false positive and false negatives (i.e. missed infections). This is the new warning directly from the CDC. It means we're in more trouble than we thought.

Feb 9, 2020 / Peak Prosperity
EXCERPT: "The findings suggest that it is difficult to contain the illness simply by isolation." Nishiura said. "We need to put more emphasis on prevention of infection for people with high risks such as the elderly." (at 15 minutes). Why this is NOT like the Flu at 25 minutes. (1/2 million views in one day)

UltraMedics to the Rescue!

Co-Creating Holistic Health Worldwide:
  - A Website Portal for Universal Self Care;
- A Global Wisdom of the Crowd Co-op;
- Self-Correcting Learning System for All.
 Emphasis on prevention & management of
 disease by supporting the immune system.

UltraMedics is an Aquarian modality
 of holistic health care as represents
 wisdom of the crowd - an interactive
results-based learning system that 
 provides empirical evidence of what
works best for one's metabolic type
and specific health parameters.      
 A full description of this model is at
Global TeLeCare:
Free, online, universal self care
 for building the immune system
to prevent and heal holistically.

 Compare this to Obamacare that
   designated 'Navigators' to help us
 navigate the health care options.
Those options are limited by the
allopathic 'community standard'
  of 'drugs-per-symptom medicine'

   (Big Pharma medicine monopoly)
    plus those middlemen companies
   (Big Insurance protection racket)
   that want a fraction of the action.
   No one in drug-pushing Big Media
- 70% of their ad revenue -
  will tell you how corrupt all this is,
  why this sick system is killing us,
and what free-online, universal-
holistic health care will look like
 on a self-care level - TeLeCare,
 and 'others care' - UltraMedics.
The Whole System is the Solution:
Universal health care globally with
holistic healing standards for both
Self Care and Physician Care.

UltraMedics Navigators are not mercenaries paid by the government to prescribe the narrow constraints of medical monopoly under the Affordable Care Act. For most people, the ACA is neither affordable nor cares for health freedom... just as the Patriot Act has eroded core sovereign rights... and the 'Federal Reserve Bank' is not federal and has no reserves.
UltraMedics Navigation champions Aquarian principles of personal and planetary sovereignty... to 'Do It Yourself' with free TeLeCare access to an interactive database system that learns from feedback - 'Wisdom of the Crowd' - to organize all of one's core health information IN FORMATION with self-evident pattern recognition - common patterns for 'common sense' self care; TLC-in-action.
UltraMedics Navigators are thus CONSULTANTS who help navigate the TeLeCare database from any modality's perspective - their comparative efficacy as a stand alone modality or in symbiotic synergy with other modalities. These consultants are contacted in the UltraMedics 'Green Pages' when a TeLeCare user is interested in their local or global product or service.
UltraMedics Navigators are certified TeLeCare facilitators who utilize more advanced search tools for navigating an interactive, self-correcting database as defines and refines holistic STANDARDS for the analysis, prevention and management of disease - utilizing the new capabilities of infomatics - automated information processes that show what modalities of holistic health care will most likely work for your unique health condition and budget - your choice.

This is what well-informed
Self Care will look like.
If you want to change the world,
start by improving your health
 and the health of your family.
 The higher the concept of global standards for
the analysis, prevention and management of
 all disease - the Global TeLeCare model -     
The UltraMedics Advantage:
Common Sense Holistic Care

  Creating Optimal Public Health

This is how the
Aquarian Spring will upgrade
global public health with tools & processes
that organize all TeLeCare information
IN FORMATION, with real
care for
building optimal holistic health.
This is also how the coronovirus plague   
can best be countered - with an optimal  
 immune system - a holistic SOLUTION    
 that builds health, prevents illness and    
  reverses the disease process involved.    
  The Chinese are rapidly building hospitals
  to treat the mass contagion among them.
If common sense health freedom was   
    alive and well in American, we would be    
rapidly building the Global TeLeCare     
infrastructure for free online, universal  
self care that serves our optimal health.

Rapid deployment of this common sense
approach to global holistic healing will
ideally provide global translation
capabilities to assist Chinese
and all peoples of Earth.

"We the People"
(Family of Mankind)
now means all 'US'
United Sovereigns
of Earth.

Full Spectrum
via TeLeComm for

Biomimicry Energetically:
Natural Laws of Healing
with Full Spectrum


Supporting 2020's Global Co-Creation
  with full spectrum holistic health:

 Advanced holistic modalities
 for personal/collective health