Seven Deep State Agendas

On Feb 29, 2020, James Corbett details 5 major reasons HERE, explaining why the Coronavirus panic is a giant boost for the globalist agenda.

As James explains, a bioweapon attack (real or manmade, false flag or otherwise) is the perfect cover for a slew of agenda items on the globalist checklist. And the more the population panics, the more they play into the globalists' hands.

Most of James's reasons for all the 'shock and awe' (fear porn), corresponds with what I listed two weeks ago:


1- Crisis Capitalism via Martial Law:
Lock-down of core freedoms as
  begun with the 9-11 Patriot Act.
Citizens of the United States Are
Going Under Medical Martial Law

 2- Cover for Global Economic Reset:
   Providing a scapegoat to blame for
    burst of the hyper-bubble economy.
The Fed Created A Monster Bubble
It Can No Longer Control

  3- Conversion to Paperless Currency:
 Eliminating viruses on dirty money
    by normalizing safe cryptocurrency.
   Mapping Out The Banking Elite's Goal
For A Cashless Monetary System
Part Two HERE.
 4- Diversion from 5G Health Danger:
   Ignoring the proven role of 5G in
  weakening the immune system.
Trillions of dollars are at stake as
5G stakes out Big Tech's future.

 5- Censorship via Big Tech Tyranny:
Is Chinese-style censorship
advancing in the West?

  6- Mandatory Vaccines - Pharmacide:
Making a killing on creation and
  management of public sickness.
  UK Considers Making Vaccines Mandatory
 and Criminalizing Criticism of Vaccines

7- Depopulation of 'useless eaters':
Eliminating mostly the elderly while
 reducing pension and welfare costs