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Fake Pandemic is OVER - Final Analysis
Feb 28, 2020 / Robert David Steele's


 ROBERT STEELE: China is back; the fake pandemic is over.
Twelve different general managers in China have confirmed 
 that all workers have returned after the normal Chinese New
Year's prolonged break. Factories are resuming production. 

What's left of the Coronvirus in the rest of the world
  is a fear-driven agenda of Big Pharma that is deeply
  embedded in the CDC and the Fed-Gov Deep State
 with an agenda for mandatory vaccines; see below.

Exposing the Whole Truth to witness
the Big Lie disintegrate and dissipate
like darkness at the dawn of daylight.

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What's the REAL Operation Behind Pandemic
Fears, Plunging Stocks and Quarantines?

March 1, 2020 / Jon Rappoport

Exposing the Larger Psy-Op:
Operation Disclosure

We’ve got EIGHT MONTHS before
the November Presidential election
and it’s interesting to note that the
Deep State plans new disease
Feb 28, 2020 / VIDEO / X22Report
The video above begins at 20:50 minutes
as does this same link:
Every election year has a disease:

SARS ------ 2004
AVIAN ----- 2008
SWINE ---- 2010
MERS ----- 2012
EBOLA ---- 2014
ZIKA ------- 2016
EBOLA ---- 2018
CORONA - 2020

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Keep in mind that the Deep State feeds off fear and all its dark-side off-spring. The only thing to fear is flu fear itself. Why? Simply because fear is a negative frequency that weakens the immune system, bringing sickness upon us, one way or another.

Think about it. We all have cancer viruses in our bodies, but the immune system keeps them in check. It’s the same with cold and flu viruses.

When people get sick with ‘flu fear’, their own viruses are activated because the immune system is weakened. And then all the fear-mongers say, “I told you so – you had something to fear!”

So you nurse your sickness as a hapless victim, perhaps buying drugs for whatever ails you… not realizing that the same fakestream media pushing the panic button gets 70% of its ad revenue from Big Pharma.

Did you know that six of the ‘Big Ten’ most profitable companies on Wall Street are drug companies?

Were you aware that the Big Pharma lobby-collusion with congress critters involves twice as much money as the Big Oil lobby and military-industrial lobby COMBINED?

Do you really believe that the trillion
dollar cancer industry is seriously
searching for a cancer cure that
will put them out of business?


Common sense says that it’s better
to prevent disease, but the big $'s
for Big Pharma is in treatment of
disease, NOT in its prevention.

When profits are at stake, Corporate Law puts stockholders before the public. So the medical-industrial complex makes a killing creating and treating disease – from cradle to grave – by prescribing vaccines and drugs with side effects that weaken the immune system for more disease side effects to treat with more drugs.

 That downward spiral of disease and death
 is the demise of health – a plot out of hell -
 via gross deception as 'public health care'.

If you want to know how these 'ethical' drug pushers are 'making a killling' - and with government protection against liability for harm - then you'll want to see this video:


Feb 27, 2020 / The HighWire with Del Bigtree
 Del lays out a path to defeating the 2020 push
   for vaccine mandates. Skip to 1 hour 7 minutes
for Del's incisive comments on Coronavirus.  

Just as higher frequencies of faith, love and joy raise the standard of living a happy, healthy and holy life, so does fear, anger and depression weaken the immune system.

The mainstream-fakestream media is pushing as much depressing fear as they can without losing even more credibility and trust than they already have.

But they're shooting themselves in the foot.

To the extent that mass media abuses its power to enlighten the masses – pushing fear porn for profit and power – to that extent will enlightened Netizens worldwide rally around a new Net reality with an upgrade of Five Core Internet Freedoms, and holistic Aquarian networking solutions like Global TeLeComm and TeLeCare.

Things are different now. We’re in Aquarian Spring. Frequencies are shifting. Consciousness is wising up and rising up to counterbalance the lower frequencies of fear and anger.

"One individual who lives and vibrates to the energy of pure love and reverence for all of life will counterbalance the negativity of 750,000 individuals who calibrate at the lower weakening levels." ~ from the decade-long research with millions of tests utilizing behavioral kinesiology, documented in POWER VS. FORCE: The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior by Dr. David R. Hawkins , M.D., PhD in Psychology


"Every loving or compassionate thought outweighs many thousands of negative thoughts held by others. We change the world not by what we say or do but as a consequence of what we have become.
Thus, every spiritual aspirant
serves the world."

David Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D.,
The Eye of the I: From Which Nothing Is Hidden

  For those who identify with high frequencies
of pure love and reverence for all life…      
you can help hold the balance for all souls 
who are struggling to come to grips with     
very important revelations now unveiled as
Feb 27, 2020
Video Series Parts 1-10
on ‘Fall of the Cabal’
This is shocking stuff folks, and is NOT for
immature audiences or those who already
 suffer from ‘COGNITIVE DISSONANCE’.   
To quote from part 5 at 16:40 minutes:

“Sometimes people hold a core belief that is very strong. When they are presented with evidence that works against that belief, the new evidence cannot be accepted. It creates a feeling that is extremely uncomfortable, called Cognitive Dissonance. And because it is so important to protect the core belief, they will rationalize, ignore and even deny anything that does not fit with that core belief.”

Bottom Line:
About Operation Disclosure

 If you were disturbed by fakestream media
  fear-mongering over Coronavirus, you may
 now realize that we were being ‘played’ by
dark-side Deep State agendas that many 
 kind-hearted people don’t want to believe,
  and prefer to ignore as ‘conspiracy theory’.

  Without general enlightenment...

 So Keep Your Fearless Faith
 To Neutralize Faithless Fear.

All Ways , Always
PS: Please forward this widely.
    The faster this goes viral
   and trumps the dis-info
   (excuse these 2 puns),
   the sooner the healing.



March 3, 2020 / EraOfPeace.org
Alchemy to Deactivate Coronavirus

Feb 27, 2020 / HeartsCenter.org