2020s Global Co-Creation Series

Christ mass Gift for 'Initiates'
Who would Initiate Aquarius

We Are the Media ~ Mediating Reality

As the light of Aquarius surges,
the ICCC (Deep State) purges
and a New Media emerges
with response ability for
self governance of '
 United Sovereigns of Earth.

Truth and Love is the Mediation Message.

Heartware is the Mediation Modality.

 And is the Key to Unity
via mediation 'synergy' (alchemy)

We shape our public-social common sense with
interactive social media communications
- mediating collective conscience
for wisdom of the crowd -
and then that modality of ‘community’
- for coming into unity -
shapes us…

“The Media Is The Message”
~ Marshall McLuhan

Mediating How We Think About
(gathering the tribes of IS REAL)

Host of the Cosmic , 12th year

If you think about it, all social, political & economic
 problems are basically communication problems;
 inability to come-into-unity (commune) or otherwise
  communicate REAL solutions for REAL community.

Conceive ‘IT’ and believe ‘IT’ to achieve ‘IT’;
Internet Telecommunity with ‘heartware’.

The problem and challenge for REAL community-building in social networks is unity building that resolves the divisive dialectic which creates and manages cognitive dissonace and social dystopia in 'virtual' or 'pseudo' community networks - Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc. - that don't welcome REAL solutions nor REAL community.

Those social media networks are compromised.
  They compromised core Constitutional freedoms
   with wide ranging censorship and digital tyranny.

The solution is always ‘more light’ in terms of what the problem is – a conscientious whole systems analysis – as recognizes common patterns for a common sense of HOW we can empower the wisdom of at the heart of ‘smart’ for optimal, holistic and systemic TLC solutions.

By bringing conscious 'light' to dark places,
we naturally neutralize systemic 'DUH'
 (Dense, Unconscious & Heartless).

The language of consciousness is the ‘Language of Light’ as an exquisite metaphor for a universal language that involves and evolves our individual and collective consciousness of HOW we are conscious – the creative learning process at the heart of conscientious evolutionary ascent; the Creative Ascent Process.

This is the CAPstone of Self Realization
and Social Conscience.

Light language is biometric biomimicry of the natural processes of consciousness as corresponds to the quadrants of one’s 3D brain field - THE COSMIC CUBE HOLODECK - from upper pituitary brain to lower reptilian brain, from left brain linear logic to right brain intuitive knowing, and from forebrain (foresight) to hind brain (hindsight).
This is the 'Universal Heartware Interface' with 3 numbers in sequence creating a 3-D x-y-z coordinate axis, and creating a dot in the 'crowd field' of dots that represent collective consciousness of those responding at any one point of VISION context.

This CUBE thus corresponds to ‘cosmic’ Conscience:
a unified field adjudicated by cosmic law coordinates
that utilize light language evaluation criteria to involve
and evolve our individual/collective social conscience
ranging from ‘upright I’ (Individuality) – dimension
- inear, ogical, eft-brain, etter of the aw -
to ‘horizontal US’ (Unified State) – dimension      
- nonlinear ‘spherical’ spirit of the 'Law of One' -
for individual~collective ‘co-creation’ dimension
synergy in the ~~ trinity -

and timely
mediation of past & future dimension
- where hindsight meets foresight -
ALL integrated in the Creative Ascent Process
  with CAPstone
VISION in all quads of the

   A high state of TLC is our divine destiny,
and the higher the concept of
 at the heart of our interactive interface,
the greater the results for the whole,   
holistic and otherwise holy spirit of      

  This healthy-holy spirit is what defines and
 refines Web 3.0 heartware cyberEthics at
the heart of a realtime 'voting' process of
creating and managing consensus in a   
 process of origination and evaluation that
   recycles general knowledge for more 'light'
 as focuses specific wisdom with
for wisdom of the crowd 'cloud'.   

The wisdom of is the wisdom of the ‘crowd’ or dot-pattern ‘cloud’ of real-time -in-action whereby a thousand or million people can respond to the same video at the same time with light language as represents collective conscience through a universal interface for global interaction; Heartware CyberEthics.

  Culturing general enlightenment for our ascension
by optimizing 'consent of the governed' intention
and a 'Universal Interface' for collective attention
that involves & evolves cosmic retention
 for our kind comprehension of the 5th dimension.

For those who know my story - from personal initiation 'On the Path'... to Ascended Master confirmation of 'The Lost Symbol'... you will more likely appreciate the organizing intelligence in the first principles of cosmic law that frames the Universal Interface.

Some of you know the history of 'heartware' development - how I coined that term back when the Internet was going mainstream in 1997... but I first introduced the interactive interface to ten agencies of Fed-gov on Capitol Hill in 1974.

Since then, I've been‘hiding’ the components to G.O.D.~ VISION right out in the open... knowing that in God's time, enough good people will assemble the components to the CAPstone to conceive, believe and achieve the Power of Love that initiates Aquarian Spring with a thrust of purpose for establishing the Aquarian Dispensation of Freedom-in-...

Initiating the Age of Aquarius with quantum reality;
the whole-holistic-holy spirit VISION of virtue and  
valor for the victory of 5D
TLC -in-action.

  Heartware thus cultures social consciousness with
natural laws of visible light as corresponds to
the natural processes of consciousness
at the quintessential foundation of
sovereign self-governance for
United Sovereigns of Earth.

Consider heartware as an interactive application that centers heart coherence via biofeedback resonance with the Language of the Angels of Love while culturing mind congruence aligned with the Law of the Angles of as ‘G.O.D.’ (Geometric Ordered Divinity).

By positioning participatory represention through interactive at the heart of local and global social networks, the golden rule of -in-action naturally 'rules' collective CONSCIENCE from Internet to InnerNet; the portal from cyberspace to inner space as a unity state of universal sovereignty for all of 'US' as United Sovereigns of Earth.

That’s the ‘gift’ this Christmas.
So hold fast to this vision of
Christ mass mediation
with a High State of
5D Conscience.

(I AM RACE anagram)

by Christos Lightweaver

This is the 5th Ray MEDIA SOLUTION introduced to 10 Fed-gov agencies on Capitol Hill in 1974 - and now upgraded online as Global TeLeComm.
This is the New Media vision of MEDIATION as a communication process of 'information's ecology' - the recycling of general knowledge in the way that generates specific wisdom of the crowd.
This is a process that cultures sovereignty in terms of self-correcting, self-determined, self-governing Self-elevation via Natural Law 'Light Language' in a 'universal interactive interface' (holodeck) for real-time, mass-to-mass, local/global communication - the next phase of the computer/Internet revolution after hardware (IBM), software (Microsoft) and netware (Netscape): with heartware (Web 3.0  cyberEthics).
Interactive TeLeComm is an integral function of the global holistic healing model I introduced almost 5 years ago at a Global TeLeCare seminar with Dr. Kathy Forti. These solutions are very timely now, and could provide a 5th ray 'sequence of persuasion' with exquisite cosmic law metaphors for integrative healing that preps Aquarian 5D perception - Effective Sensory Perception (ESP) with CAPstone Conscience.
This is how we win the info-war that is raging in global media now. And by winning the info-war, we prevent a physical war. When global Netizens know better - smart with a heart - they invariably do better.

 As the light of Aquarius surges,
 the old paradigm purges and a
  new order of the ages emerges.

Aquarian Vision for Establishing

Full Spectrum (5D) TLC
  with pure geometry thoughtforms
G.O.D.~ Constitution) for
   Effective Sense Perception (ESP)
 via enlightened
TeLeComm for TeLeCommunity,
TeLeConscience, TeLeCare 
global co-Creation via

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