2020s Global Co-Creation Series

Christmas Spirit for a World in Despair

Lots of in many 'packages' for you.
I'll unpack them in this new compendium.
Food for thought for the truly thoughtful.

Dec 14, 2020 / Christos
 New Moon Solar Eclipse

Skip to the bottom for five TLC 'gifts' of 'Christ mass'
and a message from the Queen of Light.

First, some 'ornaments' for your Christ mass 'tree'.

is for giving... not for getting.

For the gift that keeps on giving,
Christ-like loving kindness is
 the reason for the season.

Christ mass awakening to
a 5D Aquarian High State 
 naturally neutralizes global
'3D Deep State Despair'
('Stuck In Negativity).

"When I despair, I remember that all through history
the way of truth and love has always won.
       There have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time,
  they seem invincible but in the end, they always fall;
think of it... ALWAYS."
 ~ 'Mahatma' (Great Soul) Gandhi,
    Father of India's Independence 

Time for a 'Pink Pill' Reality Report
to empower
JOY as will neutralize
fear porn's 'dark side of the force' 
 (pharmacidal plandemic pandemonium).

 In the larger scheme of one's soul evolution,
    spiritual laws govern - pure intent's resolution.
     Relations of relevance and ultimate reverence
     will thin the veil or by default mean severance.
  "To understand the nature of God, it is necessary only
to know the nature of love itself.  To truly know love
is to know and understand God; and to know God
is to understand love."

~ Dr. David R. Hawkins, "
The Eye of the I" (pg. 88)
Pure intention is like the will of '
(Geometric Ordered Divinity)

This determination - the will for divine love
is well served by affirmation & confirmation
of the
first principles for holistic integration:

There are rules whereby Creator's intention… 
self-evident to those who focus attention
within 'as above' - with
great joy retention
up to rise up; conscious ascension… 
in a 
Unity State; co-Creation's dimension...  Image88

     In good faith, there's comprehension.
Heaven's blessings flow from this intention 
as focuses attention with retention
  for conscious ascension in 5D+ dimensions  
(many 'mansions' of the Lord)
beyond "I'm only human" reprehension.     
is the key to our Aquarian destiny.
"For millennia...
mankind had wandered in the darkness...
but now, as had been prophesied,
there was a change coming.
After hurtling blindly through history,
 mankind has reached a crossroads.
 This moment had been predicted long ago,
prophesied by the ancient texts,
by the primeval calendars,
and even by the stars themselves.
The date was specific, its arrival imminent.
 It would be preceded by a brilliant
explosion of knowledge...
a flash of clarity to illuminate the darkness

      and give mankind a final chance to veer away
     from the abyss and take the path of wisdom."
~ Dan Brown, The Lost Symbol
The "explosion of knowledge" with the Internet
has opened the Aquarian portal - the InnerNet
for a 'New Common Sense' - a Unity State
with instant-everywhere and interactive
Holy Spirit (TLC) -in-action.
The 'Lost Symbol' is a 2-D representation
of a 3-D 'Cosmic Cube' as frames the
Constitution of Cosmic Law at the
  heart of 4D temporal coherence
for 5D mental congruence.

"The most powerful thoughtform in the universe,
and key to ascension of the planet."

~ Universal Interface for Global Interaction
(historical context)

The Christ mass 'gift of discernment'
- G.O.D.~ VISION -
is fulfillment of the 'Prime Directive'
to integrate the 'Four Directions' in
the 5D Vision of/for the 'CAPstone'
 (Creative Ascent Process)
in the 'pyra-mid' (fire in the middle)
of 'Self' and 'Civilization-at-large'.   

This Vision of Victory is
Dedicated to the
 One Eye


Look to SEE ~ Know to BE
eometric Ordered Divinity

    The ockdown ockstep PROBLEM with inear
     ogic and eft-brain etter of the Great Law.
     (compartmentalized closed systems in excess)
   - The 'spherical' (-nonlinear)
SOLUTION as social
         conscience - conscientious common sense in the
           Spirit of the Great Law. (interactive open systems)
   - The synergy in the trinity for
      'mediation' from -
   with balance in the 3-fold flame of ~ ~ .
- The key to whole systems integrity is integration
   of the lost symbol key to universal sovereignty
      with 5D
TLC; Effective Sense Perception as the
       Aquarian destiny for
United Sovereigns of Earth.

Co-Creating the Aquarian

Full Spectrum (5D) TLC
  with pure geometry thoughtforms
G.O.D.~ Constitution) for
   Effective Sense Perception (ESP)
 via enlightened
TeLeComm for TeLeCommunity,
TeLeConscience, TeLeCare 
global co-Creation via

The Five TLC Gifts of Christ Mass That Are
Going Global During Aquarian Spring:

1- A Universal Interface for Global Community:
The gift of Global TeLeComm for making
 public media accountable to the purpose
 it was created to serve - 'We the People'.

2- Heartware's Wisdom of the 'Crowd' (Cloud):
 The gift of TeLeConscience (discernment)
   by understanding that We Are The Media
  mediating via Law One for wise dominion.

3- Universal Self Care for Health Assurance:    
The gift of TeLeCare (well informed choice)
      for holistic health via personalized analysis,
  prevention and management of dis-ease.

 4- Global Constitution of Five Core Freedoms:
  The gift of TeLeCommerce (Next Economy)
      that follows from an abundance of freedom
    and opportunity via 4-way

   5- Creative Ascent Process - Heartware Project:
The gift of TeLeCommunion (unified field)
     for unity in diversity as integrates
TLC keys
    at the heart of
G.O.D.~ co-Creation.

Raising the standard of living for all of 'US'
in a Unity State of Universal Solidarity of,
by and for United Sovereigns of Earth.

Peace on Earth ~ Good Will of Mankind.
Rise of the Divine Feminine


All Ways ... Always,
PS: Bonus for those who have read this far:
The Queen of Light Initiates Us with Light (video)

(click on image for video replay)